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Indirect under-cabinet lighting illuminates the work area of this contemporary kitchen. Laminate countertops are one of the most cost efficient countertop options. The cost of a these countertop will, of course, depend on the size of the surface area. In addition, the cost will depend not just on surface area, but also on how thick you want the slab to be. On the other end of the price spectrum are stone countertops, including granite and marble.Less costly options include ceramic tiles and recycled glass.

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We include a single picture with each countertop just so you can have a reference point for that material. We think you might enjoy using them for your project as well. They are constructed by applying a printed veneer surface to a manufactured wood substrate. While laminate countertops are no less functionally capable than more expensive options, most home buyers consider the surface to be “builder’s grade” and wouldn’t view it as particularly desirable.Buyers should keep that in mind when they’re looking at samples. Long countertops will often have seams because continuous pieces over 10′ long are difficult to find and they carry a higher price. Granite is formed in extreme heat making it very unlikely to crack or discolor from hot pots and pans. Fortunately, these imperfections can be fixed with a granite dust and epoxy. Seal your countertop as recommended to prevent discoloration. It’s important to keep these countertops dry and clean, and a good steel scraper can help remove most of the moisture. Every few weeks you should oil the surface to act as a moisture barrier. Joints are welded, blended and polished to invisibility providing a lot of versatile layout options. Hi grade stainless steel is a tough material that will stand up to high heat and won’t ever stain or rust. Even deep scratches can be sanded and buffed but you’ll never really reclaim the manufactured finish. Seams in these countertops can be usually be completely hidden, as the artificial surface can be chemically melted together. The finish on a solid surface is subject to scratching, but can usually be removed with buffing and sanding. You can tackle tough stains with a liquid abrasive cleanser and a sponge. There are a lot of colors to chose from, and these surfaces are heat and scratch resistant. If you can embrace grout lines, you can have a beautiful stone countertop for much less. You should also consider a waterproof membrane in the sub-layer. Creative installations can even include custom molds and edge forms. On top of that, it’s easy to incorporate fly ash that would otherwise end up in a landfill. While concrete is somewhat stain and heat resistant, it really depends on what type of sealer is applied. Cutting boards should be used to prevent marring the surface. When you clean concrete countertops, avoid abrasive soaps or cleansers. It’s often described as very sophisticated because of the depth and variation evident in each piece, similar to marble. Limestone will usually scratch very easily, acid can mar the surface and the hardness depends on the variety chosen. Surfaces are often a mosaic of glass pieces with as many (or few) colors as desired. Kitchen Countertops Prices Price Compare Recycled glass countertops can also benefit from regular waxing for additional protection. To remove difficult stains, one manufacturer recommends placing a cloth saturated with non-chlorine bleach overtop the stain until it clears. I otherwise really like the cold feel of real stone and we just couldn’t afford solid granite. Add black grout, and it stays looking really clean– which is a pro and con. Anything else like the fake stones or laminates actually decrease the value of the kitchen for me, no matter how expensive they were new! We are slowly thinking about new kitchen counter tops. Corian slabs are only 30 inches wide so anything wider than that… do not use the new colors. This article covers kitchen countertop materials–everything from laminates to stainless steel. We hope you enjoy the article and find it a useful reference. We’ve attempted to provide some discussion of each of these elements in the pros and cons listed with each material below. Laminates are still appropriate for trailers and less expensive town homes and single family homes.

Countertop Comparison Comps | Duration 5 Minutes 6 Seconds Granite features a vast number of colors and veining with no two stones being exactly identical. Blocks are cut into slabs and treated with a resin before they are polished to a high sheen. You can minimize the visibility of seems by selecting a darker and more uniform color. As a natural product, granite has pores that can absorb liquids and stain. You can cut directly on the surface, and some people feel the wear and tear adds character. End grain blocks are formed into the classic checkerboard pattern creating a very durable surface- great for cutting and chopping because the end grains better absorb impact keeping blades sharper. Stainless is also an attractive choice for the low maintenance required, but it comes with a steep price point. The biggest challenge for stainless steel countertops is avoiding scratches which are highly visible. Solid surfaces countertops are non-porous, meaning you won’t need to seal (and reseal) them to protect against stains; the sealing also makes the surface resistant to bacteria growth. Cleaning requires minimal effort; use a mild soap and water. There’s no worry about stains or bacteria because these countertops are non-porous. It’s not recommended but cutting directly on these countertops will actually dull the knives! While slabs are large (5′ x 10′), if you’re kitchen does require two adjacent pieces, seams will be visible. Currently, you’ll need to pick an over- or under-mount sink. So how do they pack all these great features into one surface? Tiled countertops are not mainstream even though they offer a lot of versatility in material, color and style. Concrete-specific waxes can also be used as a second line of defense, repelling liquids and protecting the sealer. Even with the perfect installation, concrete will shrink and may result in hairline cracks. Acidic substances can stain so clean up things like wine, lemon juice and ketchup immediately.Marble is very porous resulting in poor stain resistance even with regular sealing. Combined with high prices, it doesn’t seem like a good investment. This glass is placed in a matrix of concrete, and therefore feature some of the same properties. Also like concrete, it’s easy to incorporate fly ash to make this an even greener choice and there are several edge styles to chose from. You should always use a cutting board and hot pads to protect the surface. On the one hand, it’s great that it always looks good; on the other, it’s hard to know that you’ve cleaned it all until you put a hand on there and end up knuckle deep in raspberry jam! Our builder grade laminate is a very forgiving workhorse. Does anyone know of a way to clean it now to restore the smoothness and shine? There are so many options, no wonder people get overwhelmed.

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The prefinished butcher block countertops on this page are edge grain, featuring full length strips. You should also apply one coat of mineral oil to the sides, edges and any exposed areas underneath on this same schedule. Use this tool to compare prefinished butcher block countertop pricing for our different wood choices. After you receive your butcher block, you should apply one coat of mineral oil to the top surface daily for one week, and monthly thereafter. Frequency of application can vary, but it is important to keep the butcher block well oiled. This is appropriate if the butcher block may be used for food preparation. This is not appropriate if the butcher block may be used for food preparation.
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