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In fact, we spcialize in bathrooms that are beautifully crafted to bring glory to your throne room. We offer durable countertops in a variety of styles so you’ll have lots of options from which to choose.

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As a result, properties that have quartz countertops have a higher value than properties without countertops. Any space where they are installed gets to work perfectly and be a center of attraction.Caesarstone countertops are high-performance materials that improve the aesthetics and functions of a space. So, they are best used as kitchen countertops, bathroom tops, and fireplace surrounds. They are beautiful home improvement materials that add to a property’s beauty. There is 100% satisfaction guarantee on all products and services we offer. A great family owned and operated business with very friendly staff that works to meet all of your expectations. When used as kitchen countertops, they withstand heat and make the kitchen appealing.
St. Petersburg Kitchen Remodeling , Kitchen Cabinets, Granite Countertops | Duration 32 Seconds Buyers and real estate professionals place a high priority and good prices on properties with quartz countertops. They give a touch of class, elegance, and luxury to any space. Whatever the color of your existing décor, there is a wide range of colors and hues. They have a surface that is harder than the surface of marble and granite countertops. They are the best to complement properties with modern décor or theme. Installing countertops add to the resale value of a property. Are you looking for a company to hire for purchase and installation of high-quality countertops?

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We offer free estimates within 20 miles of our location. We are passionate about what we do, and we take pride in providing you with the most beautiful job possible. Our jobs normally take 7 to 10 days from template to install. Kitchen Design Custom Cabinets by HIS Cabinetry and Countertops in St Petersburg We have the perfect solution for your granite kitchens and more. His work is excellent and he added a few extras which made our flooring look really good. Christine wonderful people and was nice getting to know them. We need to be safe and comfortable for a few more years. It will probably become an income investment to take advantage of city planning. We have two uninstalled cabinets that have to be installed as well. There was a tile ribbon that ran underneath the cabinets that would have to be replaced with something. The technician was able to access the problem and then fix it in what appeared to be relative ease. We did raised panel wood doors and laminate countertops. Were looking for someone who is licensed and insured to give us a quote.

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We have kitchen, bar tops and bathroom vanity tops in 19 colors in stock. We make it our business to give you the best! Kitchen Design Custom Cabinets by HIS Cabinetry and Countertops in St Petersburg A countertop should be durable, stain-resistant, easy to clean and attractive.

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Each ingredient has been carefully selected for the benefits it imparts to the end product, which is a countertop surface that is incredibly dense, and ready for anything your kitchen can throw at it. I have lived with concrete countertops, furniture and sinks in my home for the last 7 years. This helps me to understand how best to handle situations should they occur. Ultra fine aggregate creates a high surface area in the slab which leads to denser, more stain resistance from the start with the end goal being a countertop that grows so dense, there is no need for sealers. It’s important to note that ‘fully cured’ usually means 28 days. How often do concrete countertops need to be resealed? One is a penetrating, reactive sealer that can be finished anywhere between satin and gloss sheens. This micro crystal structure allows the countertops to breath while still protecting it from stains and acids. Not everyone who produces concrete countertops uses the same sealers as us and that is a matter of preference.

Concrete Countertops With Glass | Duration 2 Minutes 35 Seconds You will dull your knives, and if you are at all serious about cooking, you know that a dull knife is a dangerous knife. With concrete, we have the unique ability to shape it any way we like. Historically, putting hot pans/pots on a concrete countertop has been a problem because some fabricators use acrylic and other topical sealers for protection from acid and stains. A better option would be to embed some steel trivets so you can score some style points while getting a little separation between the countertop and the hot pan. I believe the best way to experience what to expect is for me personally to live with it daily and let my kids wreck things as only kids can. We use recycled industrial by-products to lessen the impact our concrete countertops make on the environment. My concrete reaches 5, 000 psi in 24 hours , with an ultimate compressive strength in excess of 9, 000psi. If you try to do any of these things before the concrete has reached 3, 000 psi, the cement hasn’t developed enough to hold the aggregates in, which will make them pop out of the surface leaving big holes.

Kitchen Remodeling Clearwater, Kitchen Cabinets, Granite Countertops | Duration 4 Minutes 8 Seconds It basically fills up the pore structure of the concrete and chemically reacts with it to grow a micro crystal structure, or basically glass. With this type of sealer, the manufacturer recommends sprucing it up every 3-5 years for residential kitchens and yearly for commercial settings. We use two sealers that we believe offer the best protection from stains and acids. Topical sealers, especially acrylic (think plastic), can melt and cause serious problems.


We’re committed to helping families and friends find a perfect vacation rental to create unforgettable travel experiences together. Petersburg is the most blissed-out vacation spot you didn’t think to book. The extra windows also provide more natural light in the not only to the living room but also for the kitchen and eating areas. This option also gives you a chance to enjoy the sounds of the waves. I take great pride in the cleanliness of my condo and the updates to my condo. The master bathroom now features a beautiful walk-in shower along with everything else new in both bathrooms.

Kitchen Countertops In Tampa Bay Florida Tampa Bay Marble & Granite (727)545 6500 | Duration 35 Seconds The new renovations includes new upgraded kitchen appliances, refinished kitchen cabinets, a double sink and with a granite countertop as well as a tiled floor in the master bedroom and newly tiled floors in both bathrooms. New light fixtures were installed in both bedrooms and safety bars were installed in both bathroom tub/showers. The living room sofa and chairs were replaced as well as mattresses and two of the televisions. Staying in my condo with a fully equipped kitchen gives you options for meal preparation plus the option of using one of the building’s outdoor grills. I rent to a maximum of 4 persons no matter the age, per stay. Each balcony is furnished with two chairs, and a side table. There is also a messaging machine so you will not miss any incoming calls while you are out. An advantage to my floor plan is my washer and dryer are in a closet in the hallway, unlike the majority of other condos in the building that have them either in the guest room, or in the living area, so running them in mine should not disturb anyone. My guest room has amble hanging and storage space for guests. An on-site office is open daily, with some exceptions, to pick up your key and address any questions or concerns you might have during your stay. In another room in the onsite office is a large selection of reading material and games that you may borrow during your stay. I also wanted to make sure that no one would ever be able to block my beachfront view no matter what future development occurs on either side of the building. Being on an end unit means extra windows in the condo with more natural light throughout the condo and sea breezes.Of course you would never have to leave the condo to watch the dolphins or the sunset. Now my guests have additional storage in the kitchen as with the two new custom built bedroom storage and closet areas as well as a desk area in the living room. I believe this condo is comfortable with either two adults plus 2 children or four adults. I replaced the queen mattress and box springs, the bedroom carpeting and have personally added many amenities that will make this feel more like a vacation home, than just a rental condo. Your review and the fact that you have returned to my condo so many times will help potential renters make a decision. I wanted a walk in shower with a rain shower and hand held shower in the master bath. I am anxious to learn my guests reactions, especially the ones who stayed there before. We are a repeat guest of unit 503 and always plan our next visit as soon as we get home. We never bother with a car as shopping and services are a short walk away. We love walking the beach and hanging out on the balcony. I will pass your compliments on to the staff and housekeeping. One will feature a walk in shower and both will be completely remodeled. Condo 503 offers beachfront, not just in a condo in a beachfront building where you look between buildings from the balcony to the beach. It’s sunny 361 days of the year here (yes, really), but there’s plenty else to do besides work on your tan. I had a screen added to the patio door to give you an opportunity to turn the air conditioner off and enjoy the wonderful tropical breezes. This corner condo provides you a second private balcony for you to enjoy. My condo itself is far enough from the elevator to not be bothered by elevator noise throughout the day and night. The most recent updates has been remodeling of both bathrooms providing more convenience and safety for my guests and the refinishing of the kitchen cabinetry and desk cabinets. The entire condo was recently painted and professional cleaned. Custom built in cabinetry was added to the two bedrooms as well as a desk area in the living room for those of you who need space for your computers and electronic equipment. I am constantly updating to make the condo safer and better for my guests. It is such a relief not to have to go out for every meal and yet if you choose, you will find a wide variety of restaurants within walking distance. The living room balcony has a lounge chair and the balcony is large enough to move the furniture from the second balcony if you need additional seating on the living room balcony. Having a washer and dryer is in the condo means you do not have to pack as many clothes or go anywhere else to do your laundry or pay for the use of my washer and dryer. There is an ironing board and iron are in a separate closet in the hallway. The condominium association provides free internet access and service throughout your stay. Arrangements for keys for late arrivals can be made allowing you to pick up the keys from a lock box on the property. At the pool, there is a large container of beach toys that children may use during their stay. They will require a deposit that is returned when you return the beach towels at the end of your stay. I knew there would be something about overlooking the water that soothes my soul. I also wanted to be able to walk along the beach to somewhere for breakfast or an afternoon beer. Another criteria was to be away from the main public access to the beach so the beachfront would not be crowded and in a smaller building so there aren’t long waits at the elevator. When you rent my condo directly through me you will not be charged a resort fee or a non refundable damage waiver fee and you will have my reserved parking space under the building directly next to the elevator at no extra charge. The views are breathtaking and because this is not a large hotel so you will not be crowded on the beach in front of the condo. I recently updated the kitchen, both bathrooms and built in storage in both bedrooms. There is limited parking and therefore each condo is only permitted one parking space. I have provided rubber bath mats for additional safety along with two safety bars in each shower/tub area. During 2014 the living room and bedroom televisions with new flat screen were purchased as well as two new telephones and new balcony furniture. I even replaced the tub in the guest bathroom because the slanted sides seemed awkward. This unit enjoys spectacular beach and sunset views and is lovingly maintained and updated by the owners. We would definitely recommend to anybody looking for a outstanding beach getaway! It is very important that any potential guests have an opportunity to know your experience. We absolutely love this area and especially this condo. I hope you will return next year to enjoy the remodeling of both bathrooms that will take place this fall. Kitchen Design Custom Cabinets by HIS Cabinetry and Countertops in St Petersburg
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