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The countertop that you choose must be durable, stain-resistant, easy to clean, attractive and fit your budget. Built-in ovens do not have exterior side panels, so they must be installed in a cabinet, in a wall opening or under a counter. Drop-in and slide-in ranges have up front controls and extend over the countertop. A true convection cooking system utilizes both a rear element and a rear fan to circulate preheated air around the oven for faster and more even cooking results than conventional cooking. Engineered stone is the most durable surface material, combining the hardness and durability of quartz with the exceptional low maintenance qualities of man-made materials (resin).It is present in nearly every geological environment and is a component of almost every rock type and exists in an impressive range of varieties and colors. Only the diamond (at 10), topaz and sapphire (at 9) are harder than quartz. Super-strong, hygienic and resistant to water and heat, stainless steel has long been considered an ideal surface for food preparation. Smooth stainless steel shows watermarks and fingerprints, and needs more cleaning than a brushed finish. Not only will the surface scratch, but the metal will dull knives. Surface textures range from smooth or grained to shiny or matte.
Dakoda Mahoghany Granite Countertop Installation Demonstration Dakoda Mahaghony Alan Su | Duration 3 Minutes 19 Seconds Cooktops are installed in a countertop opening and offer you a choice of porcelain coated, painted steel, stainless steel, brushed chrome or glass tops. Lastly, a freestanding range consists of an oven with a cooktop. A new feature to ovens that you might be interested in is convection. Some convection ovens allow you simply to enter your conventional cooking time and temperature, and the oven makes the precise conversion itself. Soapstone is popular for its’ ability to withstand intense heat and thermal shock, making it an ideal choice for fireplaces and cookware. If properly maintained, this unique material can last several lifetimes. Unlike granite, which can be permanently stained by cooking oils and grease, or which can be etched by the acids in such common household products as hairspray and other toiletries, engineered stone is impervious to these hazards. It provides nearly all of the benefits of natural stone but with few of the drawbacks. Above all other materials, it identifies the owner as someone who takes cooking seriously. When preparing food, use a cutting board rather than the top.

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We specialize in custom countertop fabrication and installation using natural stone, such as granite, marble, and soapstone. In kitchens and baths, the lasting elegance of granite and marble is beyond compare. We strive to give you the best natural stone products and services. Choose us for your natural stone counters or projects and let our ability, service and competitive prices meet your projects needs. Once a deposit is received for stock slabs, your slabs will be tagged as sold. Our desire to be a superior presence in the natural stone fabricating business has won us a reputation of quality and dependability. You have the option of selecting natural stone slabs from our extensive inventory.

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Our showroom features hands-on displays, with kitchen and bath cabinets from today’s most popular manufacturers. Remodeling is an expensive process, we are here to ensure you get the best bang for the buck! Kitchens, baths, home office, media and entertainment rooms are just some of the many exciting spaces you’ll find we model. Our expert staff will help you every step of the way. Since 1985, we are repeatedly complimented by our long list of satisfied clients “as being the absolute best at what we do”. We offer full interior and exterior renovations and improvements plus construction of new room additions. We will provide you with the best quality of the stone you choose, within your financial needs. This was good to know that we were hiring the right company for our granite install. From hot water dispenser installations to sewer line cleaning, we do all work according to local, state, and city codes. Our plumbing trucks are practically a fully stocked plumbing warehouse so no extra trips should be required. Our company has been successfully completing home remodeling/renovations projects for kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms, and other areas for more than 12 years. Our team consists of licensed plumbers, electricians, skilled workers, and carpenters.

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When it comes to creating a seam, other fabricators can not compete, because of the seam preparation and the technology we use comes together with an exclusive technique of triple milling the seam edges for the tightest possible seam. See our current inventory of granite, marble, soapstone, and quartzite slabs and know that we have a dedicated quartz selection center like none other in the region. When it comes to price and value, we offer packages for granite countertops that include a sink and faucet.

Colonial Marble & Granite Countertops For Philadelphia | Duration 1 Minutes 23 Seconds All of our stone is on display in our well lit indoor stone yard! The price only depends upon the pattern and options you choose. The names of granites are frequently changed by the importers processors and fabricators. When redoing a bathroom a granite vanity is a great choice of materials and adds value to any home. There are bigger and there are cheaper fabricators, but there are none better. That is why granite has been the most popular choice year after year. We offer tile bundles for back-splash which are priced as a “flat rate” per kitchen back-splash. Granite also makes the ideal material for a bar counter-top and is very popular for a basement bar.

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As a result, you might find exotic countertops in the higher income neighborhoods and commercial-grade granites and quartz countertop products in lower income areas. The cost of living is slightly higher than the national average, mainly because the price of housing is higher than the national average. No need for upfront home visits, appointments, or waiting for hours or days to receive a price quote for your custom countertop job. We only partner with vetted, experienced, established fabricators and installers- many times these are the same companies that provide services at the big box retail shops. It is forecasted that 100, 000 residents and 40, 000 jobs will be added in 2035, so there should be an increase in new home construction and remodel projects that would require countertop installation projects. There may also be additional city mandated license or certification requirements.

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We are also distributors for top lines of commercial hardware, as well as for washroom partitions and accessories. We can supply gorgeous granite countertops in a variety of colors and patterns. Along with high-pressure decorative laminate counter surfaces, it produces custom edges, kitchen sinks and vanity bowls, and solid surfacing – beautiful products at very affordable prices.With our on-site welding and fabrication capacity, we can supply you with doors and frames for any job, big or small. They’re every bit as beautiful yet much more durable and easier to maintain than natural stone. Their knowledgeable sales staff bring a personal touch to doing business there— they even know me by name. You can’t get this kind of professional and personal service anywhere else.

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Granite Countertops Philadelphia From Dailymotion | Duration 45 Seconds I was told that the dent must have been there prior to installation. These people are crooks and don’t care about their customers. Save your money and dignity and go somewhere where you will receive quality customer service. The granite is a show piece of my office and has made an amazing difference. I called asking for a quote and the woman refused and hung up on me. We have remodeled a few kitchens to know what the real deadline can be if you have effective suppliers. Once we selected what we wanted the templating was scheduled around our schedule and the install team was excellent. The lady in the showroom that helped me was extremely helpful and really knew her stuff. Staff at the show room was very nice and lucy seems very nice. The stove wasnt new and had one chip on a draw far away from their damage. I called two more times, and left messages since she was no longer aval for any of my calls. Its such a shame, since the stone is so nice and fits so well, to have the owner have such a lack of integrity will only bring it down in time. The prices are excellent and their work is superior! My contractor vouched for me that the dent was not there prior to installation. He just plays games and has people write fake good reviews to make his crap company look better. No one should have to wait with bare cabinets and no sink during the holidays and a busy school year. They gave us a run around, we felt like we were in a three stooges movie. Carolyn did a great job showing us some style of granite and quartz for our condo. She helped me pick out a color for the countertop that worked with everything else in the kitchen. The template guy was very nice and shared a lot of his knowledge as well. Love the stone, the guy that did the templet was great, the stone fits wonderfully. Although, when the three young men installed the countertop they chipped the enamel paint in one small area to the front corner of my stove. So in other words i was now dirt in there eyes since they had my money. Will never use again esp since they dont care about damage they may cause in my home.

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Your requirements will be automatically forwarded to a number of local companies to help ensure you get the lowest possible cost.

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We also offer total bathroom remodels and portions of your kitchen including back splashes and flooring. We are energetic and ready to help you plan your dream remodel. Remodeling’s 550 is a list of the largest home improvement companies in the nation. We can truly bring your tile and grout back to life; change your grout color, or restore it to its original vitality. Our showroom features over 500 stone slabs, sinks, faucets and tile for backsplash.

Hockessin Waterfall Countertop Installation | Duration 57 Seconds Our team consists of licensed plumbers, electricians, skilled workers, and carpenters. Just real people with real solutions who are ready to make your remodeling dreams come true! They then sent us a fairly lengthy contract which went into great detail about our and their obligations. When we pay to have something fixed our most important goal is to get it fixed, even if it might cost more. After several weeks of no work on our project we verbally agreed to part ways. The job was very reasonably priced, particularly given the quality of their work. I would, and plan to, hire them again & recommend them highly. We knew we wanted to change/ remodel it but were not sure how. After hearing horror stories about contractors that disappear and renovations that take forever, we contacted a few firms. They were professional and prompt, unlike a few others we interviewed. His team works for him, so no outside contractors showing up. I was home a lot during the construction and everyone stayed on task. They completed the work on time and we are very happy with the final results. In three short weeks our kitchen was complete and it is awesome. They are so good we can’t imagine any one able to be better. We worked with him for several years and he was the main contractor on site, overseeing everything from plumbing, electricity, installation of appliances and windows and so forth. It’s because when some things didn’t work out, there was absolutely no way that we would get an apology, and no way that he would take responsibility for it. This supporting wall with the condenser is wood that has been wire meshed and stuccoed. Let us help you see how beautiful new hard surfaces can be in your home. We have one of the highest numbers of review records among our remodeling competitors. Eric came out on the day he was supposed to and called us beforehand to give us a better idea of when he would get there. I really can’t say if would have been possible to get the job done at less expense. The bathroom looks beautiful and we are enjoying it very much. Within days of the start of our project, the project manager over construction left the company and took the entire construction crew with him. They showed up every day, left my home as clean as possible given the task and worked with me and my ideas while offering their experienced advice. After those boards, we met in person and she walked us through their showroom.She gave us cabinet suggestions that we didn’t know existed but really helped us use our smaller space more efficiently. They covered everything to help prevent dust and used tarps to ensure that our hardwood floors remained clean. It sounds kind of weird, but they are eager to show off their work and their progress. It was an extensive project, but they made it much easier to deal with and seem manageable. The contract included a detailed timeline and a breakdown of labor and options costs. They patiently worked with us and we purchased exactly what we wanted in our finished kitchen. They truly cared about our home and treated as if it were their own. Close attention was paid to every detail and our kitchen looks and feels like it cost so much more than it actually did. In many ways he is a wonderful craftsman and was very helpful to us in as much as assis us choose materials for our job. We have a case in point which is still ongoing, 4 years after completion. The manual does say that the condenser has to be placed on something that prevents vibration and it is currently located on a wall that is wood with wire mesh covered with stucco. From him we hear that it is our fault that it is cracking as we decided it should be put in this spot.

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Besides the durability, the color selection ranges from classic to multi-color to vivid color blends and everything in between. You are sure to find something to match your upgraded kitchen.

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Every vanity cabinet features a sturdy construction with slab doors equipped with soft-close hinges and decorated with beautiful frosted tempered glass. Every vanity cabinet features a sturdy construction with slab drawers equipped with quality rails and decorated with beautiful handles. Every vanity cabinet features a sturdy construction with slab doors equipped with soft-close hinges and decorated with sleek handles. All doors and drawer fronts have pre-drilled holes for installing pull handles (included with cabinet). Also wheat granite has crystalized stones that makes the granite look elegant and rich. The crystal particles and the glossy surface makes granite shine during any light changes. Every model comes with a premium soft-close toilet seat for your convenience. For fast and easy installation we have included all essential mounting accessories: mounting bolts, wax ring. Simple and elegant shapes of this toilet will fit in style of any bathroom. For fast and convenient installation all mounting accessories are included in the box. Reach out to store to have an insight into our immense kitchen accessories selection. Choose from our world-class handles and knobs assortment right now! The shower panel is equipped with 6 adjustable brass massage jets for exclusive comfort you deserve. Every unit is equipped with a spacious drawer area at the bottom of the vanity cabinet. You will be amazed with a look and feel of a natural marble stone. Our complete package features a siphon flushing action and 12 in rough in as a standard for easy installation.All essential accessories are included: mounting bolts and a wax ring. This water efficient toilet model has great features and comes with an amazing slim premium soft-close toilet seat.

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The process of getting a solid surface countertop is simple. A large slab of material is cut to size; the edges are polished; holes are cut for sinks, faucets, cooktops, etc.; and then the final product is installed in your home. Large format tiles are desirable for the reduced number of total grout joints in your installation. You can install them yourself to reduce costs or hire a contractor.Which type you can use on your countertop depends upon the expected wear you’ll put it through. Remember: use a stone-friendly cleaner on your natural stone countertops. Granite is one of the most durable natural stones, and is one of the most popular countertop materials. We always recommend sealing natural stone to protect it from staining. Slate and quartzite tiles are highly variegated with a vast selection of colors. Most slate and quartzite tiles have a natural, clefted finish and can vary in depth. We recommend a honed or polished slate or quartzite for a smooth, level surface. Some metallic tiles will patina when wet or show smudges and fingerprints. Once you choose the material you like, our fabricators measure your cabinets and start fabrication. This is by far the most expensive countertop solution; but you have no grout joints to worry about, the final product looks clean and seamless, it’s installed for you (no extra mess or contractors to coordinate), and it will add to the resale value of your home. As a strong, dense material that never needs sealing, porcelain is a great product for countertops. They tend to cost a little more per square foot than smaller tiles, but far less than a solid surface countertop. A well-used kitchen countertop with hot, heavy pots and pans requires a more durable tile, while a master bathroom countertop can have more delicate ceramic tiles. However, the durability of the different types of natural stone affects where they can be used. While not as susceptible to acid damage as marble or limestone, slate is still softer and easier to scratch than granite. This variation makes it hard to create a level surface, which can be problematic if you plan to set things on your counter. With mosaics, you’ll have a lot of grout, which can be hard to keep clean.

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We spend much of our time in this hub of the home, and cabinet and countertop trends change with every passing decade. We describe the pros and cons of each so that you can make an informed decision for your home. It is composed mainly of quartz and feldspar with a mixture of other minerals. This means that your countertops will inevitably have some variation in color and pattern . Granite tends to be dark , and that defines your decorating choices for as long as you keep these countertops. This process makes it possible to create a countertop in any shape and color . Objects such as colored glass or seashells can be embedded in the slab for additional visual interest. The process from selecting the slabs to completed installation may take up to two weeks. A mold for your counters is created, including all cut-outs and built-ins 1. It is recommended that you always use a trivet to protect your concrete countertop. You may not even notice this as it can develop under the surface. Even when properly sealed and maintained, concrete develops an irregular patina 2 from spills and regular wear. Granite is also a porous material, but it does not require as much ongoing effort to maintain a sealed surface. It should be cleaned with only soap and water, and spills should be wiped up promptly to prevent staining.
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