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How To Paint Faux Carrera Marble~Super Easy! | Duration 8 Minutes 26 Seconds Get free remodeling quotes on top of this page (savings up to 78% today) which means you can relax and feel safe because your home is your fortress. Experts get back to you today and answer any of your questions.

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In this house, the living room, dining area, and kitchen are all in one big space. The bathroom vanity was sort of a trial run for my bigger project — my kitchen cabinets. You know when you know how something should go, it’s just a matter of getting there? If all the varnish is not washed off, it will seep through the enamel and give it a brown tinge. I didn’t even use half the quart of polycrylic for the final coats. I wouldn’t suggest making your painted tile a focal point or accent color, just because it won’t look the same as tile and will show off any brush strokes. Paint at least two coats with an oil-based paint in your color of choice. It’s stickier than the dickens as it begins to dry, so try not to get it all over your fingers or you’ll leave your mark on everything you touch. Instagram (especially in stories) that don’t develop into full posts here. I was also thinking about repainting to white cabinets and charcoal gray wall! However, i have this ugly blue gray tile for countertops and backsplash that need a rescue worse than the cabinets. Do you know anyone who has painted their countertops? The fact that what’s supposed to be tike and grout happens to be the identical shade of the walls gives the trick away at first glance. This is not our forever house and the plan is to update it over the next year or so and then possibly sell it. The fact that you only spent a few hundred though is very appealing. How do you think your painted cabinets look compared to those that are taken off and sprayed etc? But neither option is a factory f inish at the end of the day. I think this has to do with 1) buying the right products, 2) using a polycrylic finish and 3) taking your time while painting. I used vinegar mixed with water to strip any extra grease or dirt off. But it went so much faster than the paint because it’s texture is much thinner. Painting the backsplash the same color as the wall helps it blend into the background. Be sure to get all the grease splatters and food off before you paint. Now having said that, it took quite a bit of time and patience. We painted our cabinets in 2009 and it needs a few touch ups? Most places held up great, but the silverware drawer will need a little help. You can see occasional brush strokes on my cabinets and with a sprayer you wouldn’t. What if you painted just a couple tiles and tested them out? It will turnjr laminate into a top that looks and wears like real marble! I really wanted to find a way to transforme it without loosing its soul. Explaining each step will be very useful for my own kitchen. We can use multinamel resurfacing technique which is a commercial grade enamel that lasts for long time. Our kitchen (not even talking about the bathrooms) are awful. I noticed you just used the oil based paint, no priming?

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Regardless, it’s really not that messy so it’s a big win in my book and we do it often. He’s always so excited to lift the lid and see what his art looks like. I then turned them into a bunting for a bit of decoration! Scooping is a great skill for my preschoolers with special needs to work on to help them become more independent with self-feeding! I think it’s because he can get his whole body into it with the shaking and all. Put your shamrock, the marbles and a few squirts of paint into the container and then put the lid on. Then have the kids scoop the marbles out with a plastic spoon and put them onto the picture (in the box).

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I could have painted them with zebra stripes and thought it was trés chic! I know on floors there are self leveling paint to make things level and smooth but don’t know if that would work. I don’t know if a lite concrete finish on the rough counter top would help? You could easily use the sanding tool they recommend for these projects and rough up the surface evenly and then apply. This is my favorite way to get tips and tricks from people who have actually used the product. We have remodeled nearly every single part of our home inside and out and we’ve only purchased a few things over the years from a mobile home parts store. I have this dream of changing the roof line, add a loft and roof that will extend over the deck? This process worked very well for us and the cabinets never chipped in the 5 or 6 years we left them that way before tearing them out and putting new ones in. We would love to know and our visitors always appreciate when people share their experiences! Sine we are saving up to do a little at a time its a slow process, of course. We were going to go through sears to get it done but they refuse to do it since it is a mobile home, saying in the past, the appliances have actually gone through the floors yikes! S o, what would be your advice on where it go from here? We have standard appliances and cabinets that would go in a stick built house and we have no problems. We have plenty of heavy furniture in our home and it isn’t an issue. I hate when people spread the myth that you can’t have standard cabinets or appliances or anything else for that matter in a manufactured home. It was only 4 yrs old and they had shined it up with new white paint throughout and carpet. I painted the vanities a dark espresso paint and replaced the counters with marble vanity tops. My bro in law (a contractor in another state) showed me how to make them look like solid wood shaker style cabinets by sanding all the way down past the paper and adding 2″ lattice moulding all the way around. Just make sure to use quality products when you make changes and upgrade the cheap stuff whenever you can. That cabinet could be holding up the wall that’s holding up the ceiling. A can of paint and a day off can change your whole outlook on your home. It didn’t come out until we got all of our flooring replaced. Replaced most of the carpet with the luxury vinyl planks, and tile (in bathrooms), and we’re about to replace some counters, and sink in kitchen plus more of the vinyl planks in kitchen and living room. My mother-in-law had a water heater burst while she was out of state. We don’t know really how long water was running into the house. Good luck to you as you move through your to-do list! In the coming posts, we’ll detail our project for you from start to finish. I even love to just stand in it and look at how beautiful it is. I have saw concrete counter tops that have a finished beautiful look. When applying anything smooth overtop another surface, you are almost always instructed to scuff up or roughen up the surface before applying any product. You can read all of the reviews for more info than is offered in the product description. Thank you for sharing your post, your kitchen is beautiful! They are particle board with a paper over the top that looks like wood grain and my sweet granddaughter showed me a few months ago how much fun it is to peel the paper off…eek! I are wondering about, and it’s a biggie…does anyone know if it is possible to build up on these homes? We scuffed them a bit and smoothed over where any peeling paper was. We have put new flooring in 2 of the bedrooms and in process of doing the last one. Next thing we were going to do is a kitchen upgrade but have run into a problem. If you don’t feel confident enough, find a local contractor who will do it for a reasonable price. I know people who have had waterbeds in single wide trailers that were built in the 70s for crying out loud. I first did some easy fixes and cosmetic upgrades like changing out the lighting and cabinet hardware. Other than a new water heater and putting in shut offs and replacing most of the faucets it really hasnt needed much more. Like most single wides you have to walk through it at some point to get to somewhere else. I had purchased a front loading washer and dryer with the intention of adding a nice pantry for much needed kitchen storage space. Try to keep it to only cosmetic changes because these places are engineered to and built to kinda hold themselves up. The floorplan is something you either have to like or get used to. We did use it in my mother-in-law’s house in her bathrooms and kitchen and it really came out great. With 2 young boys in the house it makes it interesting to do the work lol. The more you can plan and predict before you get started, the more pitfalls you can avoid once you begin working on a project.

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I nearly hyperventilated trying to get the bubbles out, finally resorted to my hairdryer, then decided to give up, let it dry and sand them out before the next coat. Just check periodically to correct any sagging until it begins to set. I would recommend getting the round sponge wheel for corners.

Painting Kitchen Countertops | How To Avoid Painting Kitchen Countertops | Backsplashes | Duration 29 Seconds You can be much more creative and end up with more natural results. Remember, you can put water based stuff over oil but you cannot put oil based over water. I have sold paint for 10 years and have yet to find a “paint” that is great for counter top durability. Some of the suggestions from others may be a better alternative to just painting the laminate. If they fall out of the cabinet, it will chip your finish and you will have to do touch up in those spots! As a public service, all paint manufacturers have placed notices on their cans to warn consumers if they are removing old house paint to make sure the old house paint does not contain lead. The fellow who posted advice about using stains instead of paint was right. Some is opaque, some is more transparent depending on the application, just like granite. This was done by unscrewing from underneath then using two 2 x 4s cut a little higher that the distance from the floor to the bottom of the sink and wedging them in. It says on the can that “normal walking” can be done after 3 days. Scratches tend to show very easily on a smooth painted surface, so your counters will need to be painted quite often to maintain their appearance. There is one problem – the marblizing colors are coming off. My other suggestion, from experience it when you paint the counter tops, be very careful with canned goods. Note, as with all countertop surfaces, all cutting and chopping food preparation should be done on a cutting board.

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They were 26 year old laminate countertops with plenty of little dings and scratches. I had actually purchased a white oil based enamel and was planing on using it! I already had latex white and black paint on hand, so there’s that. I think it would work on the countertop in a bathroom, maybe not the sink it’s self. But with using latex, it was also possible to add water and use a spray bottle to achieve my desired effect. It was my absolute cheapest option and seemed like the least messy option! They love staying active as a family and going on trips in their vintage camper. Thanks for sharing your talent and expertise with us minions.


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