Laminated DIY Bathroom Shower Tub Wall Panels And Kits

Don’t put up with ugly, cheap and boring wall panels (or a moldy tile shower, tub or kitchen backsplash) ever again. The wall panels and the visible ‘joint’ are both laminate – so you won’t be scrubbing joints any more. Since they come in 2’ wide sizes they are simple for one person to install (no bulky wall panels to nick up your walls and staircase as you try to get them into your second floor bathroom). On the back of the laminated panels is a vapor barrier backing. These showers are often called stand up showers because they are small in size. Whether you love the traditional look of tile, the depth of a slate finish, a contemporary high-gloss aesthetic, a modern minimalist look or the warmth of a modern farmhouse or shabby chic there is a choice for you. Note – you can also add sheets of plywood over your studs as well. Note – you will start by installing the wall panels from the corners of your shower outward. Place the ‘wood horizontal shower base furring strip’ over the flange of your shower pan. Apply sealant between the wall panels and the shower pan and the outside edges. Yes – these panels are waterproof and can be used in ‘wet areas’ (like showers, tubs, bathroom walls and kitchen backsplashes). These panels eliminate maintenance – yet look exactly like tile (that’s why they’re called the ‘no tile, tile wall) and are more durable and life-like than acrylic or fiberglass walls (which have a tendency to crack or yellow). In addition, our company is a professional installer and contractor in our local markets. Our option to repair or replace does not cover any labor or costs associated with the removal or installation. No – it is not recommended to use these panels in a sauna or steam room. Where you will want a ½” thick construction plywood backing is behind the walls with your plumbing fixtures, or where there is a wall mounted sink or wall mounted toilet. The panels should be stored flat for 3 days at room temperature prior to installation. Yes – these panels can be installed over drywall or stud partitions. In a kitchen backsplash – it is possible to go over the old tile. They are color matched based on the panel joints and have been tested with this system. Yes – the standard installation kit comes with any wall panel system. You’ll get a product guarantee which stands the test of time at an affordable price. With laminated wall panels you’ll get the benefit of the look of a tile wall without worrying about dirty grout joints. High style and grout free wall panels are not mutually exclusive. Your shower and tub walls will not look generic anymore! We can help you choose the best shower pan and accessories for your wall panels as well. For the ‘decorative tile’ walls the ‘faux grout joint’ is milled out for a 1/16” or 1/8” spacing. The high-pressure laminate surface is applied on a 7-layer marine grade birch plywood backing for a durable 3/8” total thickness. Combine modern farmhouse and shabby chic walls with some candles and a freestanding bathtub and take your worries away. Create an easy to clean, fresh look (without spending a ton of money) with these popular high gloss shower, tub and bathroom wall collections. Starting from the left hand side place the wall panel into the corner. Use the rubber cleaning tool to rub off excess sealant and clean the walls. Put screws through the the lip of the wall panels (not through the face of the panel) and continue to add screws 24” spaced apart until you get the top of the panel. There are options for traditional or transitional bathrooms, for a minimalist look, shabby chic, modern farmhouse and even high gloss acrylic. We offer many other bathroom remodeling products (including shower bases and glass block shower wall systems) at wholesale direct prices. The materials you purchase from us are also the materials we install daily in our regional markets (we have qualified people to help with your questions!). This material has a full 15-year warranty covering water resistance, maintaining consistent product color and stain resistance. We will not be responsible for any other incidental or consequential damages attributed to a product defect or to the repair or exchange of a defective product. What are the size and thickness of these wall panels? The panels can be installed directly to horizontal furring strips attached to your studs. How should these panels be stored prior to installation? Can laminated panels be installed over drywall or stud partitions? Make sure the screws are long enough to properly grip the studs behind the drywall. Since it is not recommended to have more than one moisture barrier in a shower – it is recommended in a shower to remove the old tile before installing our panels. Can your system be placed over one-piece fiberglass or acrylic surrounds? Old fiberglass or acrylic walls will need to be removed and brought back to the studs before installing these 3/8” thick panels. Does an installation kit come with your tub and shower wall kit?

The 8 Best Benjamin Moore Paint COLOURS For Staging Selling by

Blue loves to lean either green or purple and this one leans slightly purple. Although you have to still be careful with green in a north facing room, it can be quite pretty for complementing wood features. Texture means that it’s not just a flat cotton – it should have a nice tactile feel or look to it. Then add those small river rocks to the bottom (you can get them from the dollar store in a bag) and some long straight or curly twigs. On a dresser you could add some wicker balls or a wicker basket with trinkets in it – it’s all about texture! So you like how it picks up the forest outside but it’s kind of clashing with the pine ceiling? This means that your orange and yellow aren’t happy together! Have a 42″ vanity that is the expresso color with white marble top. I need a paint color that will be light, airy, and go with the beachy, cottage feeling he rest of the house has. We just purchased a new home and the basement walls are white, it has a oak trim and built ins and the carpeting is longer with different shades of browns and creams. A lot of people find it too dark, so it may depend on your comfort zone. When placed next to your oak details the green will show more which is a good thing if you like green, but if you don’t you won’t be very happy….. It’s nice and warm and goes well with the hardwood which is a warm colour. It will be flanked on either end by deeper colours which will add depth and interest! Soleil, it certainly is, however it’s a great complement when you have rooms or walls in other, stronger colours. We’re looking for a paint colour that won’t clash with with our light pine floors and deep red couches. I am currently choosing a color for the living room that the kitchen is semi-open too. The colours that would best complement your mocha (pink)couches are colours that would not necessarily help to tone down the yellow in the kitchen. In fact, many homes sell faster and for more money because they resonate on an emotional level with buyers and look good with the house. It’s a medium toned charcoal gray with a decent blue undertone. But it is quite warm and lovely – something to look at anyways. So, if you like one of them but it’s a smidge dark, most paint companies can lighten things by 1/4. I am really in love with grey but am not sure if a grey color paint would look ok with all the browns? .. It’s the subtle yellow in this gray that will work so well with your oak trim and help to tie in with the warmer toned floors. It would likely lower the contrast between your carpet and your walls (which in fact can make a space look bigger) but you might find it too heavy overall…. So, if you are looking for a fresh and ‘definitively yellow’ look then you will really like it. So, once you’ve decide what your ‘yellow’ is going to be, then we can move on to the fun stuff! Our living room is super small, but it has a lot of light. You have a few choices, if you’re looking to ‘accent’ your red couches and pine floors you’d want to choose colours in the green-ish range. Well now that the entire kitchen is painted, the yellow in it has really come through and it is actually khaki most of the day and definately at night.


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