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We take the time to understand your vision and make it a reality so you can think happy thoughts of us for years and years to come. We do things on purpose with a purpose and that’s you! By knowing what you want the most and what our company does best we can then focus on where those two meet. Often, the original structure of the carbonate rocks are modified during the metamorphism to render the marble unrecognizable from its original state. You often see engineered stone being used in commercial setting or contemporary ones. Soapstone is a metamorphic rock composed of talc, quartz, mica, calcite & iron oxides. Composed of 85% recycled glass and a binder of cement, recycled glass surfaces are smooth just like polished granite. A great environmentally sustainable choice for your countertop. Hey working with stone doesn’t mean being stuck in the stone ages by using antiquated methods! The swirling and veins in marble often result from mineral impurities which are in layers in the original limestone or dolomite. Granite is normally a coarse grained igneous rock that is comprised of quartz, feldspars and micas. Now with the advent of resined slabs that advantage is gone. You get to decide which look is best for your project. Soapstone’s unique colour palette and artistic veining patterns give it a unique quality. Recycled glass slabs are truly a work of art with a sophisticated colour palette. At the end of the day, a quick spray and wipe of the most heavily used areas with our stone cleaner will adequately clean, disinfect, and protect your countertops.

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The recent heavy rains have washed out soil and gravel fill. You can use our handy material calculator on the webpage or you can call us and we can serve you further. I was told that 4″ of pea gravel covered by either masonry sand or road base with really fine pieces could work. Can you call us so we can discuss the specific sizes so we can quote you a price? You mentioned 35 dollars per yard but not sure what that would give us. What would be the difference between using decomposed granite vs crushed limestone over my gravel base? That might be good for you or just give us a call and we can discuss all the options. What would you suggest for remedial fill on this downslope? Another remedy would be to hardscape that area with a decorative gravel. Give us a call and we can try to help you more with the specifics. Good prices and helpful staff–they’ll never make you feel stupid for asking questions. Marcos has always been helpful and even advocated on my behalf once when their sod supplier delivered a pallet of sod that wasn’t the usual quality. Thanks for your high level customer service and making a small landscape crew feel welcome.

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What we ended up with is another excellent album from this groundbreaking band, this time with a lot more diversity and unique sounding songs. With the dual guitars now added to the band, we get to hear how much more depth has been added to their sound. The combination of the two creates an almost trance-like effect without any drums. It’s all the minor nuances in this track that make it interesting, but the melody is nice too. The cool effects established in the previous track are built upon in this track. This is also a groundbreaking album where electronics and organics are both used and they compliment each other quite well. Anyway, this is an essential album for lovers of jazz, instrumental and boundary stretching music. The various segments all flow together effortlessly, and this multi-part piece is full of warmth and carries a quietly powerful beauty. Just when the disc seems like it’s settling into a song-driven format where the tune is the priority, the band break out a gorgeous instrumental passage, or subtly incorporate everything from electronic, spacerock and ambient styles into different corners of the album. Just pull away from the 70’s sounds and keep stretching creatively! The band has moved on to major progressive status which was proved in the albums released after their 10 year hiatus. Now the music focuses more on the long form and development over a mostly repetitive nature, it is more akin to a rock orchestra. Again, it builds itself over the passage of time, but the intensity ebbs and flows, diminishes and grows. Swans early music was based off of one chord blues rock, it was just really loud and hard to listen to. The slight variation represents the growing of the track as a brighter keyboard pattern is added before the verse comes in. After singing mostly a n unchanging note against the quick processional beat, it changes, and a thick orchestral style drone starts that contains what sounds like a brass and synth orchestra. The next track, however, is a study in excess that goes on too long. This is a wall of sound with a beat that almost makes you think your needle is in a locked track. At 7 minutes, you can hear intensity start to build as the drums get more excited and other sounds start getting louder. Now all the drones and everything are gone, and were left with tinkling guitars and various other instrumental noises. There are some strange instrumental effects that continue on here and a heavy sounding drone has also developed and after a few attempts, takes things over all together in another wall of noise, picking things up like a tornado. Now things turn psychedelic as sounds swirl around, and a voice starts shouting out the title to the 2nd section of the track. After 30 minutes, the wall of noise returns as everything gets swirled together again and continues to the end. At 4 minutes, the hook and the vocals stop leaving things free floating with a modulating drone and cool effects. After 5 minutes, a thumping drum starts to move things forward and sustained bells and chimes continue to play. This time, at over 10 minutes, things finally stop and fade making this track the perfect length. Everything builds off of this hook as instruments get added in. Spoken vocals (probably field recordings) come in for a short time. The same basic pattern continues for the remainder of the 10 minute track until the last minute when things get really quiet, but this time around the track just flies by because it is so much better. There are a lot more instruments of every kind added in here now, but things can still be just as unsettling, but at least it is much, much better than those early albums. Gutters’ opens with a mellow jazz guitar solo before kicking in with an almost tropical vibe in the upbeat percussion. After some nice effects, a processed piano effect comes in playing the main thematic material. There is not a lot of development to this song, but it’s okay because it is pleasant enough the way it is. Later, violin joins in along with accordion and light percussion. This one is less interesting, but at least it is fairly short. It starts out rather thick, but lightens up as it continues as a more accessible beat starts up and a nice bass generated melody picks up among tonal percussion. The last part of it goes into a minimal and free floating jam. This track is also trip-hop with some nice jazz elements including both guitars playing solos to the complex electronic beat. Everytime you hear it, you pick up on something you missed the last time you heard it. The last part is narrated with the same serenity of the beginning, as the end of a fable, which however bitter must be accepted knowing that life is a circle where it is destroyed to rebuild. Tunes are mostly instrumental and arranged well in a 70’s way. The fact that it is repetitive is hardly noticeable, as the attention is directed to the development of the music. This time, it is so much more mature and that actually makes it give a bigger impact with the use of dynamics instead of being played at one very loud volume all the way through. After two minutes of this, things calm as the percussion and bass and most everything except for a drone and bits of atmospheric accompaniment drops out. After 20 minutes, it all breaks down again to minimal sounds and a soft thumping bass. It’s quite a journey if you make it through, but honestly, it is far too long. It starts with an infectious hook with a lot of various percussion. Instruments get added back in, including drums pounding in a non- rhythmic pattern. At around 15 minutes, things get chaotic as everything falls apart and you are left with layers of drone-like vocals before the instruments come in to close everything off in a dramatic fashion. Moaning guitars start to come in building intensity until they create a modulating drone. This time the vocals don’t seem as annoying as they seem more natural here. Soon the instruments and vocals match each other in rhythm and sound, everything stops, and starts again with brassy sounds added to the mix making things more unsettling until several instrumental hits finally close it out at 8 minutes. Other traditional instruments get added in slowly swirling around in a psychedelic haze. At 3 minutes, a rhythmic hook comes in and things intensify quickly before singing vocals begin. After the mid way point after four minutes, things suddenly get loud and heavy with unrelenting pounding drums and screaming instruments that stop and start a few times. The album is also not in the same vein of progressive ingenuity as it does seem to veer more towards the post-punk sound. The two behemoth tracks on here go on way too long, and end up bringing the overall score down lower than the last few albums which were ingenious. Their history started almost a decade ago, unfortunately the musical plans didn’t work out and the band disbanded. This was almost 6 months longer than planned, due to the collapse of the communist regime in 1991.

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Transparent blue beryl is the very popular gemstone known as “aquamarine”. Brecciated jasper consists of jasper fragments cemented together with agate or jasper. The stones shown here have a bright orange color and a very bright polish. It often forms in intimate association with quartz or chalcedony to yield a durable gemstone. Its name makes some people think that it is composed of cinnabar and quartz, but that is incorrect. It occurs in a variety of colors which include: white, cream, pink, brown and gray. The result can be a beautiful stone that can be polished to display cross and lateral sections through the coral fossil. The heat treatment produces fractures in the stone that facilitate the penetration of dyes. It exhibits a lace-like pattern of curves and eyes and is a popular material for tumbled stones, cabochons and beads. It can be polished to a high luster and is one of just a few blue minerals that are hard enough to be used as a gemstone. Many specimens of gneiss can be brightly polished in a rock tumbler if they do not contain very much mica. Flat faces of the crystals catch and reflect light to give the stone a glittering appearance. When green jasper is marked with red splotches, the rock is then known as “bloodstone”. It accepts a bright polish which sometimes reveals zones and bands of a phenomena that seems transitional between chatoyance and play-of-color. Kambamba is also known as “crocodile stone” because the markings on it remind some people of crocodile skin. The stones shown here are tumbled quartz pebbles that have enough lepidolite inclusions to yield pink and lavender gemstones. When it has a soft purple color it is often called “lilac amethyst”. It might be considered a “tiger’s eye breccia” because the tiger’s eye fragments are angular in shape. It usually has a white or gray color and is sometimes marked with gray to black veins. It accepts a very bright polish and is very popular because of that polish. If you hold them up to the light you will see that they are a translucent to transparent glass. It is a beautiful material with bands of whites, creams, yellows, oranges and pinks. It often forms in alternating bands with white to clear quartz. The black to gray bodycolor is visible from most directions, but when the angle of light or angle of observation is just right, a flash of silver adularescence is produced. The most common tourmaline color is a material that is so black that it is essentially opaque. The abundance of the inclusions causes color variation within the stone and some intense blue bands where the inclusions are most abundant. Its eye-catching appearance makes it an interesting gem material for making cabochons, tumbled stones and other items. These stones can be called “confusionite” to reduce embarrassment. This type of fossilization often preserves the structure of the coral individual or colony. When heat treated and exposed to dye, the porous zones absorb more dye than the less porous, producing a stone that is banded with various color intensities. Sometimes eye agate has concentric or “bull’s eye” color zones. It usually contains an abundance of feldspar minerals and quartz. The glittering is triggered by moving the stone, moving the light, or changing the angle of observation. Although the minerals in granite have various hardnesses, it can easily be tumbled into attractive stones. It is often a very very dark green – so dark that at first glance you think that it is black. It is has a specific gravity that is about double that of the typical gemstone – thus it feels very heavy. This phenomenon is unique to the mineral and has been named “labradorescence”. They are beautiful red, brown and often crystal-centered agates. It often contains white calcite veins and sparkles of gold pyrite. It is a cream to tan to pink rhyolite with black, white, red, or tan markings in a color pattern that resembles the fur of a leopard. Many of the breccia fragments display the chatoyance that gives tiger’s eye its name. It has a silver metallic luster and is a variety of the iron ore magnetite. It is porous and its white color allows it to accept dye with very predictable color results. It ranges from a “black obsidian with brown markings” to a solid brown material. It often displays swirled and banded patterns in shades of light through dark green.

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Come visit our beautiful showroom to view our wide variety of material and colors. We also provide small samples to take and match against your existing cabinetry or to check against the decor and surroundings in the areas you are looking to upgrade or finish. You will have no problems finding what you are looking for. Top notch quality, price, and doing what we say we’re going to do when we say we’re going to do it with no hidden costs. We treat every customer like our only customer and provide the highest level of customer service and quality products. Most importantly, you will view and approve each and every slab before fabrication is started.


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