LG 86UK6570AUA – 86 Inch Class 4K HDR Smart LED UHD TV W Magic Cleaner Uk

Because it is so new, there are yet to be any posted customer reviews. Every drawer, shelf and bin is perfectly engineered to be optimally useful.

12 Oz. Quick ‘N Brite Paste by simplygoodstuff.com

It is a solid pink substance that is super concentrated, and it does not contain any harsh chemicals or phosphates. This allows it to power through and break apart dirt and stains, but then lift them off the surface so they can be easily removed.Instead it breaks it down through a natural process and then floats it just above the surface you are cleaning. Because it won’t harm anything you use it on, it is safe for virtually any type of dirt or stain, and you can use it to clean almost any surface type without worry. It is super effective, yet totally safe, harsh chemical-free, and 100% biodegradable. You will no longer have to purchase a special cleaner for every job around the house because this one is able to replace all others while making the work safer and easier. It is strong enough for all of your toughest cleaning chores, yet completely safe for the environment. Unlike other green cleaning products, this one can actually produce the results to easily back up all the claims.Tough ones will require full strength paste or liquid, while tasks like cleaning windows require just a single teaspoon mixed into a quart of water. Spot clean furniture and carpets or pre-treat laundry stains. With so many spots, stains and other dirtiness easily cleaned by this remarkable product, it is an ideal choice for every home. Many people are able to eliminate stains that several other products have failed with, and almost everyone that uses it is surprised by how effective it is. You can feel safe using it anywhere in your home because it will not irritate skin, aggravate asthma, contaminate kitchen surfaces, or discolor fabrics. I have asthma so having a non toxic, no oder product is appreciated. I had sat on a nice big glob of silly putty (in neon green, of all things!)while wearing a black cashmere sweater! I would recommend this and am looking forward to using it for more cleaning chores! Orange silly putty that had melted into the carpet fibers & had been there for over a year. Stains were even gone in the white shirts (3 applications)! If you need to do it a second time or third, do it, but after you use this each time, you’ll only need to do it once. Prepare to be amazed though, because this little container holds more than enough paste to prove how amazing and tough this natural cleaning wonder really is. Try it in other areas of your home, and you will begin to realize just how versatile and effective it really is, so you will want to continue on, and use it for everything else too! It is called a paste, but it has more of a gel, or waxy sort of texture. It is a natural solvent type cleaner that also contains a surfactant as well. There are literally hundreds of different ways you can use it, and it works on everything from windows and mirrors to tough oil stains on your driveway. It is simple to use, incredibly versatile, and it will out clean traditional cleansers and more eco-friendly ones too. You will dilute it down based on the job you are doing. Remove mold, mildew and soap scum from porcelain, fiberglass, marble granite and grout. Clean your barbeque and oven, or remove grease and oil stains from your driveway. Use in a steam cleaner to remove dirt without leaving a soapy residue. Clean kitchen cabinets to remove food, grease and other dirt. You will have the satisfaction that comes from using a safer product that has no harsh smell or toxic ingredients, and that feeling of satisfaction will only grow as you begin to see the results. Stop choosing a different spray for every mess, and stick to a single cleaner that can tackle them all. What it will do is power through tough dirt, and lift up stubborn stains. For a more comprehensive list of it’s abilities, check out the cleaning guide. I kind of massaged it into the glob of silly putty – and slowly but surely, the pink paste turned green, and after three applications, my sweater was completely clean! No little bits of green, no pulled yarn, no stickiness! I bought this specifically to remove magic putty that my kids had gotten stuck onto several items–bedsheets, their clothes, and a rather expensive article of my clothing! However, we bought this to help remove soot from a stucco wall. After 2 applications, we had filthy black rags, but the stone looked the same. It removed the armpit sweat and deodorant stains in all the shirts! I soaked the armpit areas with a spray bottle, scrubbed in the concentrated product paste, and let the shirts soak over night.
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