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And plenty of comfortable seating – because sharing it all with your favorite people is the best part. The flexibility that two, three layers of curtains give you, it’s well-being. Or, just make you feel a sense of balance at the end of a super-busy day. So our living room furniture helps you do that – with lots of ways to show off the things you’ve done and the places you’ve been.
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A versatile space that sees families come together after a long day, friends reminisce after months apart and individuals snuggle up with a book, the living room must be adaptable for any occasion. To bring it all to life, nature knows best – this doesn’t always mean pot plants but can be anything from a massive hunk of tree as a coffee table to a bamboo hanging chair! The sofa is simple and modern (not to mention comfortable, which is essential!). Add tons of natural light from the many windows, and you’ve got my dream living room. I continually tweak and change my own living room decor, and the end wall with the over mantle mirror has become my trademark look – it is my most pinned photo. This room houses my collections of textiles, travels and art. I think the most important aspect is a comfy sofa and extra seats for guests, but a large rug, accent cushions, and lighting can quickly brighten up the dullest of rooms. The additional fireplace and wall art is the cherry on top! There are so many contrasts throughout this living room decor which create a very interesting and inspiring picture. Not to mention the playful touches like the climb rope, the iconic rocking chair and mix-matched cushions on the couch – and to finish it all, a movable palette with greens. The key to a successful living space is comfort, texture and dynamism – created through contrast and focus on white space. While the palette of blue, tan leather, grey and black is striking and sophisticated with an urban, metropolitan feel. From the natural timber floor to the plain white shutters at the window everything has been kept simple & is therefore easy on the eye making the whole space very relaxed. This space is all about exotic travels so loved by the owners of this apartment. Rich textures and exotic woods add sophistication and refinement to the space.

Inspirational Living Room | Marble Effect | Duration 50 Seconds The room uses wonderful bright, bold colours which have been added via accent accessories. This space has several different sources of lighting which will work to create a wonderful ambience on dark nights. Natural light flooding in, combined with exposed bricks makes it the perfect blank canvas to decorate around. I love the mixture of textures, the rug, the canvas on the wall and the different type of woods – they all add to the contemporary feel of the room. Coordinate your living room with clean-lined wood furniture and sleek plants. These wall murals can be repositioned and don’t leave any residue when removed – perfect for a rented property. Perfect for people looking for an affordable, stylish and tasteful wall decor, and easy to change when you want a new look for your living room. It’s a warm, personal space filled with furniture, art and objects that tell a story of the owners’ interests, passions and personalities. It is embracing idiosyncrasy and finding those interesting touches that make a room unique that is part of the joy of decorating. I love the geometric wallpaper, the natural wooden floor and the colour scheme. The log burner is a great addition to create a truly cosy element on a cold day. The scheme brings together all my favourite things – the walls are a deep version of my favourite colour, there’s tons of texture, colour and a hint of luxe and sparkle with the gold accessories. The windows were dressed in the most stylish pooling curtains with that natural crunch and fullness only taffeta fabric can give, just like a swirling ball gown! We always encourage our clients to buy a large rug and let the furniture legs sit on it. What’s great is that it not only looks really good, but it also solves the whole moving rug problem as the furniture helps keep the rug in place. It focuses on symmetry, a simple colour palette and texture. The fabulous splash of gorgeous orange adds the detail that makes this room work so well. Use large greenery to emphasise the ceiling heights and always add a swivel chair for fun – all together my perfect room. The comfortable rattan sofa and linen upholstery are ideal for sunny locations, creating a relaxed holiday look. It is also the room where you reflect and invite people over for a drink and a great conversation. Don’t be afraid to play with colours – here we used a pink mirror on one side and a mint green steel shelf on the opposite wall. Wood naturally brings a cosy feeling against materials like concrete which do the opposite. The coffee table we used here folds away, so when a little extra space is needed, it can be stored elsewhere. They have created interest by putting three-dimensional things on the walls, such as antlers and created differing heights by standing pictures on surfaces. If you use a colour or shape in one area, try to pick it up subtly elsewhere, to create a visual thread to draw your eye around and beyond the room.

5 Diy Room Decor Ideas For 2017 | Marble | Tumblr Inspired | Duration 3 Minutes 54 Seconds Velvets have a luxurious softening effect on harder materials like wood and marble. We sourced an elegant marble fireplace to give the room a feeling of luxury, and added the mirror whose impressive height draws the eye up to the stunning vaulted ceiling. With a beautiful accent coffee table, she doesn’t need any added decor to make it stand out. Another layer of interest and personalisation comes from mixing old and new materials together, along with bold artwork, to make the space feel unique and connected to the owner. I love how light from the beautiful sash windows fills the room from both sides with heavy, floor length curtains framing the garden view perfectly. Using a large throw over the sofa not only looks cosy but also is a great practical solution for families with small children. Dining chairs are useful to pull up to conversation areas as and when. Make sure the sound system is not belting out next to a seating area – conversation should be easy not strained. Mixing and matching textiles are a very easy way to restyle any living room – for example by changing cushions, sheepskins or rugs. Whether you use it for formal entertaining or everyday living, it should be a reflection of your unique personality and style. At first glance, it appears very simple, but given a closer look, it holds many decorating and styling tips that can be applied to any space. Through incorporating key elements and decor styles, you can create a living space that suits your unique lifestyle, whether you enjoy relaxing or entertaining guests. To inject some bohemian elements into your living room decor, layer it with plenty of books, curiosities from your travels and things that just make you happy – the perfect decorative accessories! We love the space for the way it balances clean, white furniture and walls with vibrant pops of colour. Moroccan-inspired coffee table and bright, stripy rug, gives the space personality and style. It is very personal to me but that is why it is my dream space. Raw and soft go hand in hand with dark colours and light accents. This living room is a striking example of masculinity meeting femininity to create a warm and clean living room. This space is all about the mood, with dark, rich tones and individually selected pieces that make a real statement. The combination of textures such as the concrete coffee table, leather sofa and soft velvet punch-button chair create an edgy juxtaposition. The shelves provide storage for books & other objects of interest & these are framed perfectly with th e art on the wall above. The combination of warm hues – orange, brown, yellow creates a very inviting and cozy atmosphere.

Diy Marble Room Decor Easy & Affordable! | Duration 10 Minutes 8 Seconds The blue and yellow accessories really dress the living room and give it a very feminine look, it’s luxurious yet comfortable and has a homely feel. Using elements and colours from your chosen murals in your soft furnishings and accessories will tie the scheme in together. The warm copper tones, mixed with the burnt oranges and teal rug are very on-trend for autumn this year and they evoke a feeling of warmth into the room. By wallpapering and laying down a rug, the area is well defined and beckons you to sit down and relax. I chose the rounded coffee table to add a retro feel with a handy opening to keep our magazines in easy reach. You can either place all the furniture legs on or just the front legs of the sofa and chairs. Hidden curtains and automated louvres were used to allow light shading to the spaces. Subtly different greys create the all-important layering effect, with the natural textures of wood and greenery softening the look. The white walls and neutral floor act as the perfect canvas for the furniture, emphasising it. The yellow lacquer media cabinet acts as a focal point and adds a splash of cheerful colour to the interior. No matter what your style, it is the perfect opportunity to show your personality. Consider comfortable modular pieces that can be moved around and adapted to your needs (the combo sofa ottoman is great to be used as a coffee table or to put your feet up). Incorporating reflecting materials like mirrored objects can also increase the space of the room. Using a mixture of materials in a living room can also work really well. Multifunctional furniture allows you to utilise the space effectively. We just bought a mid-century masterpiece and with that comes a lot of responsibility and a huge renovating project. The stark white walls paired with darker furniture and pops of colour in the accessories make this space flawless.

Marble Look Surfaces For Elegant Living | Duration 38 Seconds Its rustic nature compliments the base of the coffee table and gives an otherwise neutral room a real edge and personality – and the splash of green is the perfect colour pop! Her furniture choices are simple and classic, yet durable for little hands and feet. Her girls even have a space their own with a craft desk and storage unit for all of their gear. This stunning living room works with a few colours as the main colour palette but then adds interest with an injection of colour and texture. Of singular importance in any living room is a sumptuous sofa that one can sink into, and the cream linen one here is deliciously inviting. Rich patinas, lush gilding, and carved woods add just the right finishing touches, while the fur throw and overstuffed pillows ensure comfort and a desire to linger. The walls are a warm neutral colour and work beautifully with the mix of vintage inspired faded floral and gingham fabric which creates a very relaxed and inviting feeling. A stack of good books and magazines on a coffee table or footstool is a great idea it adds to the relaxed feel of this room. Initially, it was an odd trapezium shape which meant that storage and a comfortable furniture layout was very tricky. I like homes filled with personal touches, which can quickly be achieved by creating your own gallery wall composed of prints, photographs and paintings. First, the room has beautiful touches of lilac which pairs effortlessly with the gold accents.

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These easy yet impressive decor projects each have five steps or less — and the results will leave guests gasping. Salvage a vintage wooden ladder by placing books, floral arrangements, and framed pictures on each rung to create an industrial bedside table. Coat benches in latex semigloss paint before stacking to harmonize with the hues of your home. After drilling small holes into your entryway, screw hanger bolts into each knob and subsequently, the wall. After sanding your stool top, spread construction adhesive on the surface before spiraling rope around the center of the stool. A reclaimed door sanded, painted, and mounted to suit your bedroom facade replicates the appearance of an attached headboard without the strenuous effort. Try your hand at aesthetic trickery by mounting a trompe l’oeil image onto a simple bureau using spray-mount adhesive and decoupage glue.

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Diy Marble Letter // Diy Tumblr Room Decor Inspired | Duration 3 Minutes 36 Seconds Recommended acclamation period for reclaimed wood is 3-5 days. Here is a sculptural piece that brings warmth and entertains the eye. Creating a dynamic and beautiful three dimensional piece for the exterior of this home. Realstone introduces natural stone tempered with the sleek polished look of glazed tile and rich leather. Realstone introduces natural stone tempered with the sleek polished look of glazed tile and rich leather. The unique stone cleft of every piece brings depth of color and texture for an incredibly impactful look. As authentic as the sturdy vessels from which it came, our reclaimed boatwood is infused with the spirit of the sea. Hand-selected hardwood pieces, each as different as the stories they could tell, are meticulously crafted into panels that blend perfectly and create an effect that is unique and compelling. Stately mansions in hidden hillsides with sumptuous grounds. The second-floor living area consists of a double volume great room, kitchen, library, and bedroom suite. The outdoor oasis backyard is accessed by an open riser staircase from the second-floor balcony down to the pool deck where a shear waterfall spills into the pool.


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