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Marble Bathrooms We’Re Swooning Over

However, when we’re talking marble in the bathroom, it’s hard to find any marble haters out there. And if your budget allows for it, it’s honestly hard to go wrong when using marble in your space. There are, however, a number of ways to use this material in your bathroom, and we’ve rounded up 10 of our faves. Much like granite, marble comes in many different colors and styles.
Refinish Your Countertops And Tile To Look Like Granite | Duration 4 Minutes 27 Seconds Wicker baskets add a nice texture and provide extra organized storage. You could use the tile in a smaller spot such as a backsplash above the sink, or in a larger space in the bathroom as in this space. A contemporary bathtub and pendant light offer fresh, stylish touches. The wall creates dramatic movement and interest without straying from the room’s calm color palette of rich grays, soft blacks and crisp whites. It’s easy to stain it, and is not necessarily simple to care for and maintain. It’s a gorgeous, classic choice for almost any style bathroom. If you’re looking to bring some marble into your bathroom, here are some ideas to steal. A glass-enclosed shower with detachable shower nozzles completes the opulent look. Brown tiles line the walls that surround the tub, which has a lip on which is a small vase filled with white flowers and green foliage. Black hexagon tiles create a sharp contrast to the white surroundings. Even if you simply have a tub/shower combo, you can use marble on the front of the tub surround to create a similar look. Marble wainscoting and tile floors give the space a luxurious, classic look. It also balances perfectly with the darker materials of the floor and shower in the space. It held up for many years and was still in great shape when we sold that trailer in the 80’s. Isn’t it just amazing that a simple trick holds up so well! We have ised it for almost 7 months in the kids bathroom now and is holding up very well.

Turn Plywood Into Marble Countertops, Diy Epoxy Countertops | Duration 31 Minutes 10 Seconds You will just have to be super careful about using a good trivet for hot pots though. It comes with a sealing product and they now manufacture another sealant which can be purchased separately. The adhesive on the contact paper is pretty strong by itself. However if you want, you can add clear caulking where it meets the sink to seal it better. How did you hide the seams, where the pieces come together? Using common sense (don’t cut on it or set hot pans/bowls on it ) it holds up well. Takes some time to make sure no wrinkles or bubbles left behind but quite satisfying for the smaller cost of “new ” look. A couple hours of work and we have beautiful new counters! Since it is a rental, everything is temporary and removable and needed only 2 tiny holes in the wall! Do you think that would work on old kitchen countertops? It has been on for over 2 months now and still looks great! It is only 3 weeks but it is standing up well but we do not cut without a board and we use trivets.

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Saving time and money are the primary reasons homeowners, as well as hotel and property managers, choose professional refinishing. Refinishing always wins when compared to the total costs of tear out, plumbers, tile setters, and the time and mess involved with replacement. The countertop or vanity surface is cleaned using a special two-step process to remove any dirt, grease or other substance that may interfere with the refinishing process. It provides superior adhesion and greater durability, and is safe to use and handle. Old, ugly surfaces are repaired and then restored by applying a new finish using hi-tech acrylic coatings. Cost savings are as high as 50% over replacement and the process usually takes a few days, not weeks. Redecorating and makeovers are the latest reasons people are using refinishing. Refinishing is a cost effective decorating alternative for those who want a total makeover look for their kitchen or bathroom without the mess and hassle of removal and replacement remodeling! All chips and knife marks are filled and sanded until smooth and level. The key to professional refinishing results is getting the new finish to stick to the old surface. It is a technologically advanced coating that is not only beautiful, but also affordable and durable.

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This is a finish that will leave your marble countertops looking very natural and adding a wow factor in a subtle manner. The honed finish is great for high traffic areas such as your kitchen countertops or bathroom vanities. To convert the marble into the brushed look, the stone is brushed until it becomes textured. A small change in the techniques alters the look and quality of the stone; some finishes look better in high trafficking areas while some look great in low crowd areas. There is another benefit of this finish, the polished finish helps seal the pores in the material making it less suseceptible to stains, bacteria and germs. This satin finish is created by removing very small bits from the surface of the slab. This sealer is the best in the industry and there is no other product on the market with this amazing warranty. The brushed finish is more porous and needs to be sealed frequently to avoid staining. The buffing processes leave a silky smooth finish on marble surfaces. These finishes are outstanding ways to make a room stand out. If you would like to experience these finishes first hand stop by one of our locations and feel the difference!

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Fortunately, there are a number of great options for getting the luxurious look of granite in your bathroom without breaking the bank. Pay a pro to cut and install your countertops, or (if you’re handy) save even more on your bath upgrade by doing the work yourself. Using granite remnants is a great way to reduce the amount of stone left unused, which is great for the environment too! Some online retailers offer their stone direct and do all the fabrication in-house, passing the savings on to customers. In a couple of weeks, the finished product is delivered to your home. What you’ll save compared to buying a slab and having it professionally installed can be considerable. While each project varies depending on the size of the space, installation generally takes one to two days. There will be seams in your granite tile vanity top, although you can minimize their appearance by laying tiles closely together and using a tinted grout. Engineered quartz is less costly than a granite slab and can be customized into integrated sinks and backsplashes in just about any hue and pattern you desire. Along with the stunning patterns and color choices, the satisf action you’ll gain from telling guests that your ​vanity top is made from old beer bottles can be well worth the extra investment. The results can be subtle or eye-popping depending on the mix. Over the ensuing decades, granite somehow shape-shifted into a mandatory upgrade for homeowners. It goes without saying that the work involved in wrangling a massive granite slab can send prices into the stratosphere. She recommends purchasing a remnant — an unused piece of stone left over from another installation — from a fabricator or stone yard. The choices are not huge, and you’ll need to install the counter and sink yourself. The product is permanently sealed, stain and scratch resistant, and comes in more than 50 color options. You’ll find an enormous range of options, from solid colors in a rainbow of brights and neutrals to styles that mimic the veining and tonal variations of real stone. Recycled glass countertops are manufactured from jars, bottles, windows, seashells and other natural materials that are crushed and combined with pigments and resins or cement.

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When it comes to renovating your home, it’s often the subtle tweaks and turns in interior decor style that have the ability to make the biggest impact. A dining room table with a touch of personalized paint can turn a space from standard to stunning in no time at all. They can speak volumes about how your granite countertops are used and act as a testament to your personal taste and style. They are easy to maintain, don’t catch and create a sleek look in any kitchen. Slightly slanted, giving the countertop edge a little more depth, this type of edging can be the answer to a look that’s more modern and less standard. If you love the look of beveled edging, but are looking for something a little more unique and personalized, an inverted beveled edge can be crafted for your kitchen as well! If this is the scenario you’re seeking, then a rounded or “bullnose” edge cold be the perfect solution. Ogee edging can be customized upon request to include more curves if you so desire. Between picking colors, sealing products, size and location in your home, granite countertops are an exciting investment full of some big choices! The idea is the same when you set out to change the face of your kitchen. While it may not be referred to in the same terms store-to-store, beveled edges are normally offered in varying degrees and dimensions, giving homeowners the opportunity to customize their edging to their preferred depth in their own kitchens. Gently sloping and smoothed down to perfection, rounded edges allow for a curvature that is inviting and seamlessly incorporated into your granite countertop.

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My fireplace is made out of old limestone slabs that had mortar which been repaired in the past, but new cracks have appeared and worsened over time. This has a medium grit sand in it that allows you to match the texture of the stucco. Don’t skip the wet sponge float step if you want it to match. I had some issues with the floor that was put in about a year ago. Despite having the contractor come back and repair it twice the same thing would happen. We just bought a house with a new full tile shower in the master bath. Installer said a pint would be more than enough and he was right! We bought it thinking it would cover 1000sq ft of grout, however on the inner chart that came with it, it was only 200sq ft for grout 1000 sq ft was for non-porous tile. Check out coverage details by material before buying to estimate quantity. I watched the demo of this product on youtube and decided to give it a try. I had an issue with grout cracking on my newly-installed floor. Let it set for about an hour and then used the green side of a kitchen sponge to remove the excess paint.

Turn Laminate Into Marble Epoxy Countertop Diy | Duration 30 Minutes 14 Seconds I used the little rubber brush and dumped some of the product on a plate for dipping. Changing the colour of the grout helped to bring out different colors in the tile, and changed the look of the tile. I bought both a sprayer and roller applicator (for the grout), and the sealer worked great in both. It is not change the color of the grout on the floor or the backsplash. It took three coats on my floor grout, but that may be due to super porous grout. The current grout was a mix of white, something close to white and terra cota. This is super easy and covers the darkest of stains! When wanting to fill settling, stress or other cracks or missing pieces of grout fallen out this is not the one. We had our time professionally cleaned and were totally disappointed. I wouldn’t use this grout with opaque tiles but with glass tile that has translucence, oh wow! I used it with an iridescent tile backsplash & it turned out beautiful. I looked and looked for a product to fix the cracks in the mortar of my surface fireplace stones that would mimic the appearance of the original mortar. Some of the grout had cracked and started to come out of the floor in my hallway. I took a shower and was impressed that the water beads up! Wear good eye and hand protection and try not to breathe in fumes. We have bought other sealants, and they do not perform anywhere near this product. I tried to get a professional to repair the shower but was not successful. I was so proud of myself and extremely impressed with the product. I think the product is fantastic and will use it for any similar projects that may come up. My floor was not sufficiently rigid for regular grout to work. Removal of grout haze can be very difficult after the epoxy sets. I didn’t wipe it off right away because it took too much of the grout color with it. The stone was so well protected that a second coat actually beaded up and rolled off of the already sealed areas. Remove the straw and let the bottle dry before using a small funnel to pour in the sealer. I read the reviews on this product and none stated how well the application or the outcome was. My project was bath tub tile walls that were grouted by a less than professional. There is a tad bit of over lay with the paint but since the grout is deep, gently wiping off the excess with a wet cloth only wipes off the excess and not in the grooves. Preparation is key — you need to remove all the crumbly old grout to ensure the new grout will set properly and stay in good shape. It was very white but more like a paint or cover and not a grout filler we wanted. It would be excellent for very light filling and restoring a white grout coverage. I have white tile with small blue accents and the grout was an unfortunate gray-yellow color. Being the grout was 20 years old, just impossible to get cleaned to new. Takes a toothbrush, a paper towel and some patience, but the difference is unbelievable. I believe it has finely ground glass which gives it the translucent feel. Also wear safety glasses or at least some glasses because if it splashes, (& it will splash) you don’t want it in your eyes or you can forget finishing the project. I used the grout on the mosaic and it matched perfectly to the bright, white, “painted” tiles.


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