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What the contractor says is true, but with proper sealing and proper care it would last forever. We had one in our kitchen for 13 years with no real problems, but we were careful. Any scratches can be easily sanded out by the homeowner if you desire. I know this is an older thread but thought it would be good for just general clarification. I myself prefer granite for counter tops, soapstone has an appeal as well. I have had three contractors tell me not to use marble in my circa 1902 kitchen. I am okay with them having a patina (like the rest of the house). We’ve lived in the house 8 years and the marble still looks great. I may be on the wrong track altogether in thinking marble is cheaper than granite. You are correct that marble costs less than granite and honing costs even more as it it an extra step to tale the polished surface off. Marble is, in my estimation, too soft and prone to staining to make a good countertop material. You are correct that marble costs less than granite and honing costs even more as it it an extra step to take the polished surface off. Marble tops are used extesively in europe for hundreds of years. Vistorian house of the era mine was bult often had marble and maple counters. I have green marble countertops that are shot through with white quartz and are absolutely gorgeous. I never have done anything to my counters except polish them once in a while. A friend of mine who just renovated her 1950’s kitchen has white marble on her baking center with a dropped counter for rolling out dough, etc., and soapstone for the rest.

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They also used marble for facades and flooring because of its ability to withstand large amounts of traffic and exposure to moisture. White marble is versatile – it can be used for nearly every surface, functional or decorative. A bathroom vanity with a properly sealed, marble countertop provides not only an aesthetically brilliant surface but also a top that can hold up to the constant barrage of splashes from the washing of hands and faces. Consider an area exposed to tons of moisture: the shower or tub surround. While these materials do offer some durability, they also come with a few pitfalls as well. It’s also impact resistant when installed properly – more so than ceramic tile. Rather than using those industrial metal strips or a piece of wood that scratches and fades over time, a durable, marble saddle can add a very nice transition from marble tile to whatever flooring it abuts. Since they are typically intended for quick visits and not entertaining guests, bathrooms tend to be one the smallest rooms in a home or business. Darker surfaces absorb light and generate the appearance of a cave. Couple a marble countertop with white marble tiles, and the illusion becomes even more effective. Having white marble countertops and floor tiles allows for more variation in the co lor schemes that can be used. With white marble, the bathroom can not only be a functional and clean room, but also a beautiful room people talk about. Monuments from both the past and present serve as a testament to the beauty and durability of white marble. The bathroom endures all kinds of traffic throughout the day and, without a doubt, exposure to moisture. However, the use of the natural stone doesn’t have to stop with marble countertops. Some popular materials in these applications have included ceramic, porcelain, or a one-piece wrap. Ceramic and porcelain are typically installed with eighth-inch grout lines that stain or develop mold and mildew. There is no easy way to restore the sheen once it’s lost on these surfaces. Whether it be excessive splashing from the vanity, bath, or shower or an overflowing toilet, a marble floor will hold up. The threshold between the bathroom and any other room is another great application for marble. But that doesn’t mean that they can’t have the illusion of being larger. Just changing to white marble vanities can brighten the room and give the appearance of more space. This creates a block effect in which the aesthetic beauty of the marble is highlighted.

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Be aware that marble is a porous material that can scratch and stain easily. Marble countertops can be sealed to protect the stone’s surface, but hard water deposits can stain even sealed marble surfaces. Although sealing the marble will protect the surface from stains, it will not prevent etching. Marble is an ideal surface for bakers, especially for those who work with pie and bread dough. In addition to the countertops, marble can be used for vanities, tile flooring, and bathtub and shower surrounds. Because marble is a natural substance, expect color variations and veining irregularities throughout the stone. If you are including a sink in your countertop, include the measurement of where the sink will mount into the counter. Marble counters that are 3 cm are more expensive, but are stronger. Because marble is a porous material that stains and scratches easily, most contractors will seal marble countertops. For larger projects, it may be best to hire a local contractor. If you are handling the project yourself, ask your friends or neighbors for a referral or recommendation. The more choices you have to compare qualifications and price, the better. This will help you compare various bids for the finished price total. Ask if there have been any complaints or judgements entered against the contractor. It is a long-lasting stone that provides an elegant look in any room. Small scratches can be polished out of the stone, but larger chips cannot be repaired. Sealed marble may need to resealed periodically to protect the stone. If the marble comes in contact with acid, etching will occur, which is a process that breaks down the polish and leaves a dull, lightly colored spot in the stone. Marble also is easily scratched, which can make it a challenging work surface. If you use your kitchen as an entertaining area and would like to incorporate marble into the d cor, consider a marble slab instead of entire marble countertop. A small marble baking surface can add an elegant element to your kitchen while providing a functional application. Because most people typically don’t use serrated knives or salad dressings in the bathroom, marble countertops are a more practical choice for a bathroom than a kitchen. A sample stone viewed at a marble contractor will represent the product, but will not be identical to the actual countertop you purchase. The contractor wi ll cut the stone to fit the sink into the marble countertop. Marble counters that are 2 cm typically require wood supports. Most contractors offer a range of styles for the finished edges of the marble countertops. Sealant products can break down after time, so it is recommended to reseal marble countertops annually to protect the stone. Do you only need a small bathroom vanity, or is this a major remodel? If not, you may want to consider hiring a qualified professional. This is by far the most effective way to find qualified suppliers, fabricators and installers. There are always small pieces left over from previous projects, which can help you save money. This protects your property against suppliers who do not pay sub-contractors. There may be a particular vein or pattern you wish to feature or avoid. You can avoid costly problems by being there to make sure the correct material and details were installed. This will help to avoid future staining and help you enjoy your new countertop for years.

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That said there are many material in the market from metal, glass, stones to what not. Ask these questions before making a choice, if possible test. They may need metal rods installed for insulation – the solution however doesn’t help the mess the usage creates. Marble usually is very porous, and this is not really the kind of mark you want to make in your kitchen. Go for a hard and inert material, with a built with minimum seams. And the variety assures that there is a material in every range. If you want to go for marble, do find the material that fits the criteria. General usage shows that we typically let the food be in touch with the counter and hence it also affects our health, apart from affecting the aesthetics of our kitchen. And its hence imperative to understand how to compare while making a choice. The idea is that your counter must be ready for the hot utensils and dishes. Nor would it make sense if you wanted it to survive over a decade.


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