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Specifically, it’s the concern of marble etching on kitchen countertops that concerns homeowners, but knowing how etching occurs and how to care for marble countertops can make a difference in your final stone surface decision. Etching in marble countertops is caused by the same thing – acid. Acid and calcium carbonate react quickly to change the surface of the stone and can cause the dulling effect known as etching. If you absolutely do not think you can live with etching, marble countertops might not be the right choice for you in your kitchen. Are there ways to avoid etching on marble countertops? You might be as careful as possible, but if a friend places a wine bottle on your countertop at a party and wine drips down, it could leave a mark. Etching marks can still show, but they won’t be as obvious as they are on a polished surface. For reference – honed marble countertops are typically sealed, as well. Before you try anything, we highly advise that you speak with your natural stone fabricator to ensure the product is safe to use on your countertops. If you’re considering marble for home, it’s important to use a professional fabricator or installer – ensuring that the surface is professionally sealed upon installation will help to prevent damage. Diamond abrasives can be used to get rid of etch marks – much like sandpaper can get rid of marks on wood. Feel free to stop in or contact us at any time to discuss your needs. And while many people consider marble countertops for their home given it’s striking impact, it’s the maintenance consideration that often times deters them to select a seemingly more practical stone option. Because marble is a soft stone and made of calcium carbonate, it is very prone to marking and etching. What specifically causes etching on marble countertops? Some people can live with the natural dull spots that can appear on marble over time. Others find beauty in etching and consider the areas of use a part of the natural pattern of the stone. However, you might want to consider them for another application, such as your bathroom where there is lesser chance of etching. We could say to never use citrus or acid, but that’s just not realistic. The best thing you can do is purchase honed marble countertops, instead of polished, so your dull spots blend in.

Remove Stains And Etching From Marble | Duration 9 Minutes 44 Seconds It has a more matte appearance which is a modern trend and more casual look than highly polished marble. It etches the same, but it is much less noticeable because the marble is already dull. You certainly don’t want to make your situation worse! If you currently have marble countertops with etch marks, it’s time to bring in the professionals. If you’re on the fence and feel like you can deal with a bit of etching, then we advise considering them.

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Quite simply, if the affected area is darker than the natural stone’s colour, you have a stain. The most important thing to keep in mind about your natural stone is that it is absorbent. Marble staining occurs when a liquid is absorbed into the stone and is trapped beneath the surface. Stone etching is mostly caused by, but not limited to, acidic liquids. It only takes mere seconds after spilling for these deficiencies appear! Many make the mistake of using improper cleaning products for their stone floors or countertops. I sanded and polished my black marble hearth to remove etching and now there is a huge milky area with tiny bright white dots all over it. Alternatively, if the affected area is lighter than the natural stone’s colour, you have an etch. You can see the marks are lighter than the stone surf ace. You can see the marks are lighter than the stone surface. Okay, so now we can identify etches and stains, but what causes them? Like a sponge, your stone is porous – meaning that liquid spills can seep into the stone and cause these discolourations. It is essential you ensure your surfaces are always properly sealed! The acidic liquids corrode the stone surface, eating away at the finish, resulting in the etched look. Always be attentive about the make-up of the product, as many can lead to damaging the stone, sealer, and even making the affected areas worse.

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But when it has even the smallest speck of imperfection, that’s all you notice! This neutralizes the excess acidity/ alkalinity on the marble, and opens the porous layer for treatment. And the best part is that our personnel are well-equipped in using this cutting edge technology, ensuring we don’t do more harm than good.

The Easy Way To Remove Marble Etch Marks | Duration 1 Minutes 19 Seconds That’s not a good picture, and so we apply the same treatment all throughout when necessary. What we offer is an optional add on that provides a sealing layer on the surface, preventing any stain and spill from penetrating through the porous stone. This is a trait that our customers have noticed, that’s why we have a loyal consumer base behind us. But when it has a tiny etch mark, the attention is drawn to that imperfection and no longer on the big picture. Master offers its services, and you can be assured of desirable results. Such procedure is antiquated, and we have devised a new process that will greatly benefit our customers. Reach out to us today to see this process for yourself! Pair that with the quick rotation of our polishing machine and the heat hastens the process, achieving the desired results in half the time. We want you to continue seeing this effect for a long time by preserving it through our specially formulated stone protector. That means with the proper maintenance, you get to enjoy an etch-free marble surface for years. When we achieve our desired results, we further challenge ourselves to go above and beyond to deliver effects that will put as above our competitors. We don’t want that to diminish the appeal of your marble fixtures, right?


Overtime, these rings and spots will become a source of frustration. Some homeowners purchase homes not realizing until it is too late that the various prohibited substances listed above can damage their natural stone. The other is based on porosity and permeability of the stone, which plays a big part in helping to create a surface etch. However, permeability determines how fluids and air pass through the stone. It begins by being careful with the acids that are placed on your countertops and bath tubs.

Guinness Remove Etch Marks From Marble | Duration 1 Minutes 31 Seconds The need to watch how countertops, showers and floors are cleaned is very important. Make sure they are not using any acid based cleaners to remove calcium magnesium off showers and around sinks with natural stone. Homeowners are not aware of many of the substances that can create etching on their natural stone. Many will use home remedies to no avail and unfortunately these efforts can exacerbate their etching issue and cause additional chemical reactions. Sadly, there are few home remedies that can be formulated to address the issue. We can remove the etching for you or you can purchase an etch remover to tackle the damage yourself. Sublevel etching can only be removed with the process of restoration. Since most etching is sublevel etching you might need professional help. Be sure to check on the cleaning products the housekeeping service uses. Lastly, make sure no one uses vinegar based mopping solutions.


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