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Marble is cool to the touch, and is excellent for making pastry. Like granite, marble is porous and should be protected from even mild acids like citrus juices. This means it doesn’t need to be sealed like most natural stone. Minerals such as quartz, plagioclase and feldspar and plagioclase give bathroom and kitchen granite their distinctive beauty and many colors. Marble is a type of metamorphic rock, which means it was transformed over eons from one rock into another.Marble countertops are not only exceptionally beautiful, but are softer than those made of granite. To this end, it needs to be sealed every two or three years. When quartz is pure it is clear as glass, but impurities allow it to be a wealth of colors. This means that the quartz was ground to a powder and mixed with pigments and resins. Quartz countertops resist etching and scratches and can stand to have pots and pans straight from the stovetop or oven placed on top of them. Soapstone is so resistant to acids that it’s used in laboratories and doesn’t need to be sealed.
Granite Countertops Fairfax Va | Duration 1 Minutes 20 Seconds To watch him work is to see that he loves it — something we see seldom these days! The material is 2 3/8 inch thick maple butcher-block (light) with 1 3/4 inch “planks”.. It now has deteriorated and separated one side from the other and has some up and down motion.

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It comes with a variety of visual textures and also has three different surface finishes. We’ve learned to take our responsibility to deliver high quality at reasonable prices to our clients seriously. We have what you need to make your dreams come true. Granite is surprisingly low maintenance and it’s durability is legendary. Silestone includes built in anti-bacterial protection which gives it superior hygienic properties. From cabinets to fixtures, faucets to floor coverings, we have hundreds to choose from.
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