Marble Machine 4.0

Any comments, questions, clarifications and improvements will then be shared with the world and hopefully save myself a lot of effort in the future. Every effort is made to ensure that the parts cut cleanly but you may occasionally need to run a scalpel around the edges of the cuts. Take the two semi circular track pieces and glue them on to the underside of the track, there are notches in the edge of the track to show where they should go. The axle should be built up with cams and spacers and care should be taken to ensure that the cams alternate above and below the axle. Remove the tab on the bottom of the motor, this can be done with a pair of cutters or a sharp knife. It is easiest to align these first and then rotate the panel into place through the top two notches. There is a small fence piece which is also inserted onto the base plate, this is used to hold the battery box. If they are stiff then you may want to sand the sides of the steps slightly. It works best with 3x 10mm marbles running round the track, this allows there to be 2 on the staircase and 1 running round the track. I do actually sell the full kit of parts cheaper than you could get them cut at one of the online cutting services. Only tweaks were to trim the ends of the rails so it was then perfectly smooth. It looks like this one is not shared on your site right? Many instructables use unique parts that you can not purchase. Once the glue has dried, remove the central spacer and you are left with 2 rails evenly spaced which the marbles will run over. Each layer is marginally taller than the last so the three pieces form a step with a slope on the top. A long flat section of mdf forms the axle and rectanglur holes in each of the spacers helps ensure that the cams are all aligned correctly. The notched end of the axle should go into the spacers with the non rectangular holes, this provide a recess for the the optional motor upgrade. The two handle pieces can be glued together at this stage but will be fixed to the shaft in a later step. If you have just a manual machine then skip this step and move onto the next one. The machine works in either direction so it doesn’t matter which way round the motor is connected. Attach the motor to the taller of the two upright panels using the screws provided. There is a notch halfway down which should be secured tightly. Place the axle with all the cams into the frame work, aligning the end of the axle with the motor shaft. Place the second vertical panel onto the sides, ensuring that the cam shaft fits through the hole in the middle. Insert the 4 steps onto the cam shaft, they should be free to rise and fall. Starting at the top of the staircase, slot the two track pieces into their mating halves. Gently bend the bottom of the track down towards the bottom of the staircase and hook them into the other slots.

LA Tiles Granite and Marble Design by

This is a super place to get your granite, marble, quartz, etc. I will definitely use t hem in the future and recommend them to others! They have great selection, good prices, and excellent service. I will definitely use them in the future and recommend them to others! The owners are very nice – and patient – and the workers that come do the installation know what they are doing and are very courteous and conscientious. Nicole was extremely patient and kind in answering my hundreds of questions. The men that came out to the installation were very kind, professional, funny, and quick ! Was not impressed with the installation and communication after deposit was placed. No measurement of where in the stone to cut out hole for sink was considered just the outside, requiring additional work on site, and now additional plumbing work.

Pink Marble Design Choices by

You may also find some pink granites, limestones and travertines that may work for you. You just don’t find many granites with a light, washed out palette. Of course, you cannot expect to find a granite that looks similar to your marble. Even among the same color name of any granite or marble the actual color and pattern can change and vary over time depending on what part of the quarry the slab is extracted from. Marble and granite just do not look similar, but you can find a color/pattern that will compliment the pink marble.

Countertops Metro Detroit by

The guiding philosophy of our business approach is simple, and that is to treat each customer exactly as we would our friends or family. One option – granite – is a popular choice as it is an exceptionally damage-resistant stone that requires only minimal maintenance. A second option is marble, a much sought-after natural stone that features distinctive veining patterns accompanied by a characteristic gleam capable of making a room feel larger and look brighter. They are durable, nonporous, and resistant to not just staining but also bacteria and viruses. We are steadfast in our goal of making each installation a truly first-class experience for the customer. Granite countertop slabs come in nearly every color and no two granite countertops look exactly alike. Marble countertops provide subtle beauty and timeless elegance. Quartz countertops are engineered surfaces that allow for a much broader range of colors than what you will find with countertops made of marble or granite.

Marble Run: Engineering and Design by

We played a marble maze app where students needed to place ramps in a maze and could see how it worked. We went back to work and tried the run a second time. Generate and compare multiple possible solutions to a problem based on how well each is likely to meet the criteria and constraints of the problem. Plan and carry out fair tests in which variables are controlled and failure points are considered to identify aspects of a model or prototype that can be improved. Students define a problem using criteria for success and constraints or limits of possible solutions. They will take notes and use the vocabulary to post their proposed model on line.


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