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How do you clean watermarks on marble shower walls? I was told by the installer that because the stone is porous, these stains would eventually evaporate out. Marble contains calcium carbonate, a chemical substance, which reacts to acids. Once a year, call us to hone (sand to remove scratches and etch marks), polish and seal the marble.
Cleaning Paint Off Floors Easy | Duration 8 Minutes 34 Seconds If the water came from the surface (from flooding for example), the discoloration and lack of shine is most likely from debris. However, in certain cases, some stains may be too deep to remove. In this case, you need to look into replacing your marble floor. Unfortunately, you have used an acid cleaner that etched, or burned, the marble. I have a new marble floor, vanities, and shower in my master bathroom. The removal of shine and the discoloration indicates to me that you have water damage. We can also use the poultice method to remove deeper stains. If the water came from underneath the marble, that is a more damaging problem as it has penetrated throughout the stone from the bottom up. As you discovered, acids etch (burn) marble and remove the shine. These sealers are meant to protect the stones against non-acid liquids and grease. The only way to remove the etch marks is to “hone” (sand) and repolish the marble. I would like to clean my family’s marble tombstones, but there is no electrical outlet in the cemetery. Can you advise me on how to resolve these problems?

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Apply the paste to the stain and allow it to stand overnight. For fresh water-based paint, use a cloth dampened with warm water and a mild household detergent like dishwashing liquid. Allow the detergent solution to stand on the affected area to act on the soil load. What methods do you usually use to clean your porcelain tile? Only other thing could be a strong acid and it is a white stain. You can try a grout release product to lift the dried grout. You may need to use an acid cleaner to bring up all the stains and then make sure that the tile you installed already has been sealed. Nothing but water has been down the drain, with the exception of possible laundry detergent or bleach in the water (like if possibly the washing machine leaked). Leave it on the area for about 10 minutes, then take the rough side of a sponge to try to rub the stain off. I asked the cleaning group what products were used and they showed me the products. So we now have a trail of basically lighter than usual (not white, just whiter color of tile – very noticeable!) drops, circles, and streaks leading from the bathroom to the doorway through the whole entire home. Unfortunately, there probably isn’t a product that prevents or reverses the damage caused by sun exposure that we know of. The only real option you have is to replace them, unfortunately. If the tile is unglazed, then it could have soaked into the tile and stained from within, which is pretty much impossible to remove. As soon as finished the sealant the tiles become darker and it creates stain marks on the tiles. If the sulfamic acid cleaner doesn’t work your only option would be to take up the tile and replace it. This product is great at removing almost anything from tile. It would cost a mini fortune to replace all 2230 sq ft of tile. It doesn’t happen all the time, but becomes evident near the fridge and other workstations. If it is a through body porcelain tile it may have absorbed some of the chemicals from the cleaning products. If you have a natural stone tile be sure to seal it after cleaning to prevent further stains. I tested baking soda in an area and that seems to have worked. Rinse with water and then wash with a solution of 3 tablespoons laundry bleach in 1 quart of warm water. If the mildew remains, use a commercial mildew remover that contains sodium hypochlorite and sodium carbonate. Higher concentrations of detergent in the cleaning solution may make it difficult to rinse. Rinse thoroughly with clean, clear water to remove the dirty detergent solution and stain. If a dirty detergent solution is not removed and is allowed to dry on the surface, a coating will form which is very difficult to remove. If this does not work you will have to replace the tiles because they have absorbed the stains. If not, you will need to seal the tile to avoid stains and make sure to maintain the sealant over time. We have tried everything and nothing is getting the stain off! If this doesn’t work they you may need to look into getting different tiles. It could be something that came up from the sewer and stained the tile from below. Looks like drops that dropped along as someone walked and then streaked when they tried to clean it. The only thing we’ve concluded is that a product containing bleach was used in the upstairs bathroom and that a sponge that was wet with the product may have dripped along the floor as they left the bathroom area and went outside to put it in their vehicle. Im afraid to use anything strong in fear or damaging the shiny coating. This will be strong enough to remove them without damaging the tile. The reason for this is because it’s not just a stain on the surface that can be cleaned off, it’s actually altered the colour of the tile. Tilelab’s grout haze remover, which is heavy duty tile cleaner. I then decide to spray down all of the tile and wipe it all down so that all of the tiles were evenly wet. Depending on the type of tile the ink could have been absorbed, if it is a natural stone or a through-body porcelain tile it might be absorbed. If this doesn’t work unfortunately you may need to replace the tile. I tried sourcing planet earth to replace, but these particular tiles are no longer made. Have you considered updating on your kitchen so that you have a fresh new flooring at a minimal cost of replacement? It easily came off the ceramic tile, brick, metal and wood, but the grey porcelain tile is a bit more challenging.

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The previous owners painted it a cream and it was yellow, dirty, and ugly. It is still chemical in nature but smells like citrus and has far fewer fumes than the alternatives. As slate is soft you will be able to sand it off the slate before you reseal. I thought the slate may have been damaged, but it is shaping up nicely, and in good condition. I don’t know why anyone would have painted these tiles! Just be sure any residual chemicals are off before adding more (sorry to state the obvious).


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