Our floors and countertops were restored to like new condition.

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Easy to clean, heat, scratch and acid resistant this is a low maintenance material selection for any countertop application. Marble can require regular maintenance but its unique elegant appearance makes it a top choice for many projects. Because it is formed from sandstone most quartzites have a fine grained soft and elegant appearance. Quartzites are scratch and acid resistant so they will not etch. Acid resistance with a soft elegant appearance makes quartzite a popular material selection with our clients. Specialty stones are heat resistant and are typically more stain, scratch and etch resistant than marbles or limestone’s. When your project calls for bold colors and patterns specialty natural stone may be your answer. Limestone continues to be a popular choice for those clients seeking a more subtle tone. As with most natural stones the durability of limestone spans a wide range. Sophisticated and timeless, limestone remains a classic material selection. Classic and luxurious marble is a top material selection when you are looking for that “wow” factor. Today’s sealers are quite advanced and can provide great protection from staining. Most of the selections are in the grey and white tones but certain minerals cast a spectrum of colors into the material. The hardness level can vary greatly; we recommend the material be sealed per your contractors direction. Specialty offers a wide variety of colors and patterns, many of these providing a bold look that is sure to make a statement. More resistant does not mean “proof” for that reason care should still be taken to avoid scratching and house hold acids that can result in etching. Pending the end users tolerance for normal wear and tear, regular maintenance should be expected over time. It is heat resistant but care should be taken to avoid scratching and house hold acids as it can etch.

How To Clean Granite, Marble & Other Natural Stones | Marble.Com | Duration 1 Minutes 49 Seconds Pending the end users tolerance for normal wear and tear, regular care and maintenance should be expected over time. The quarry’s 25 acre footprint and 1-1/2 mile depth offers capacity of 180, 000 cubic feet per year offering the ability to accommodate the needs of almost any size project. Today the legend becomes a reality and with the availability of these collections.

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Can be easily applied to any non-porous surface with only a heat gun and squeegee. Use our vinyl to protect or update countertops, tables & floors. Simply use a hot air gun and spatula to easily apply to any non-porous surface. Use our vinyl protection or update countertops, tables and floors. High quality and crisp brown prints allows you to update the decoration. I want to say that the gloss finish is absolutely beautiful. It is worth the money and worth bringing life back to your kitchen, home, etc. This gives it textures and removes t he bubbles, which again, makes it more realistic. I would premeasure the paper and cut the pieces in advance before applying and make sure you have a card or scrapper to lay it down flat so you won’t get any air bubbles. Just as a tip be conservative when applying if used correctly 3 to 4 rolls should cover an entire kitchen counter top. Make sure the surface must be flat and without any engraving. Acrylic-based gas release adhesives can be repositioned and removed, making any packaging project a breeze. It looks so realistic on the countertops and made my kitchen look completely different. I did take the advice of other reviewers and applied heat to the contact paper so that it could stick better and shrink. The finish is a high-gloss and it does look similar to a natural stone. Took about 45 minutues to do entire counter and 2 rolls of the brown marble.


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