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The homeowner chose to go with a large double vanity and a nice shower with custom features and a shower seat and decided to forgo the typical big soaking tub. The mirrors were cased out with the matching woodwork and crown detail. Can you provide any advice or guidance on care and maintenance? It was purchased about 4 years ago, so not sure if they still have it.
Marble Bathroom Vanity Changing The Color | Duration 2 Minutes We will also be taking a tub out and putting in a walk in shower. My husband likes this look better as he thinks you won’t feel like you’re in a cave. What tile would compliment this vanity and walls for a stall shower? In this bath, the upper cabinets do not line up with the lower drawer units. The vanity area shown in this photo has plenty of storage within the mirrored wall cabinets and the large drawers below. Other metal details were done in the oil rubbed bronze to work with the theme through out the home. The bronze and crystal chandelier also adds to the dramatic glamour of the bath. What size breakdown would you recommend for the towers and 2 sinks? What style of doors would you recommend and what flooring for the shower? We were planning on tiling our newl, yet to be framed, walk in shower all the way up on the outside wall. In your experience, is a wall fully tiled all the way up with a moderately priced tile a more economical way to go or doing this half wall with the tempered glass? I stumbled upon someone else’s question and are very thankful you answered. They do line up on the far right and far left where they connect to the wall. Many cabinetry companies with modify heights, widths and depths to be more fitting for your space.

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Likewise, a mirror is not technically part of a bathroom vanity.

Diy Painted Marble How To Paint Your Bathroom Vanity | Duration 1 Minutes 14 Seconds What makes a great bathroom vanity for a half-bath will not be the same qualities that are ideal for a master bathroom. That is why we have put together a list of the 10 best bathroom vanities, highlighting what each one fits best. As far as the top components of the bathroom vanity – the countertop and sinks – you can rest easy. The absence of pores will prevent the accumulation of bacterial and will also help prevent staining. If you have a master bathroom in need of a vanity, you may want to keep looking since this bathroom vanity comes in only a single size. These benefits are multiple because the integrated sink is made out of vitreous china. Still, going further, the porcelain is then coated in a protective enamel. Since the entire vanity comes pre-assembled, it is fairly easy to install. To top it all off, this bathroom vanity also features slow close drawers and doors for added safety. Still, if you are looking for a bathroom vanity that will wow your guests as well as withstand years of use, then this should definitely be a product on your radar. This provides them a degree of specialized experience to help provide one of the best products that we saw. These two qualities also help accent the beautiful antique style flourishes carved into the solid hardwood frame of this bathroom vanity. This is actually one of the better bathroom vanities for storage space, though it would be nice to see more drawers. In fact, sometimes the most utilitarian and inexpensive bathroom vanity is specifically what you need. Specifically, they accomplish this by catering to a specific type of bathroom vanity – the vessel sink. Because the vessel sink is not actually set into the countertop of the cabinet, there is no basin occupying the storage space within the cabinet. That said, it is important to keep in mind that natural stone is inherently more porous than man-made materials like quartz and is more prone to scratches, scuffs, and stains. The frame itself, out of which the various antique embellishments are carved, is made out of solid hardwood. Established in 1989, this is one of the older companies on our list that specializes exclusively in bathroom vanities which should provide some comfort in regards to their quality and standards of excellence. The countertop is made from white marble which provides a lightening effect for the light distressed blue finish of the cabinet. The sink is made from porcelain rather than ceramic – though not vitreous china. One odd detail which may add to the rustic feel but is truly just a bit annoying is that the drawers use wood tracks which can make them difficult to open and close. First, granite is one of the hardest stones in existence which means you should not have to worry about its durability as much as you might with marble. The only issue is that the oak cabinet combined with the quartz countertop make this one of the heaviest bathroom vanities we saw as well. At the same time, there are also a number of materials that are considered “prestige” materials.

Cultured Marble Vanity Change Color | Duration 1 Minutes 39 Seconds Both granite and marble are natural stone with granite being the more durable of the two. A common middle ground is for the manufacturer to make the cabinet frame out of solid hardwood and use some form of processed wood for the paneling. For instance, the material the sink is made from can add a touch of elegance and will determine how durable it is. A more modern approach is the vessel sink which actually sits like a bowl on top of the countertop, providing more storage in the cabinet below. The three most common are ceramic, porcelain, and vitreous china. Porcelain is the hardest type of clay and is far more resistant to scratching or scuffing. Despite the general arrangement of most bathrooms, the vanity may not actually be what you think it is. Some bathroom vanities include the faucet with purchase, but many do not. Instead, a bathroom vanity is strictly the cabinet, countertop, and sink. That said, materials are often a good way of judging a bathroom vanity. Then we provide a helpful buyer’s guide, so you can find the best bathroom vanity for your needs. On top of the sink arrangements, this bathroom vanity also comes in 6 different sizes – the most on our list – which generally increase by 6” each step. The countertop is made from a quartz marble that is both durable as well as non-porous. Likewise, the vitreous china sink is durable and the vitreous enamel coating will help prevent stains and keep the porcelain shining. That said, this is still an excellent option for a half-bathroom as its 2’ width will still provide plenty of room for the requisite toilet and even a small shelving unit or dresser if need be. Since the basin is connected, this means that the limited countertop space shares in the benefits of the sink’s manufacturing as well. This means that the sink itself is made from porcelain, a high-quality material in its own right. This enamel not only provides additional strength to the porcelain, it also prevents staining and ensures a lustrous shine. Of course, those high-quality materials do not come cheaply, and that makes this bathroom vanity one of the more expensive we saw. This does mean that the countertop will need to be cared for and is likely not suitable for homes with children. On top of that, this countertop will harbor bacteria unless it is kept rigorously clean. With drawers that run the entire height of the vanity as well as a set of cabinets, you should have no problem storing all of your bathroom amenities.

Marble Bathroom Vanity Changing The Color | Duration 2 Minutes In fact, this brand goes a step further than most and manufactures bathroom vanities exclusively. That said, their specialization and high-quality also necessitates a similarly high price tag. One issue though may be that only the frame of this bathroom vanity is made out of solid hardwood. Normally, this would be clearly inferior to actual hardwood, but in a bathroom, there may be some justification for its use. This means that the sink is incredibly resistant to scratches as well as staining. This provides a bit more room for comfort without occupying it for mobility. Eclife is one of the few brands that we saw which has taken this idea and run with it by providing a wide number of modular bathroom vanities. While the vessel sink is worthy of interest on its own, its modular capacity is arguably more valuable. While this would necessarily entail you to make further purchases, it does still offer some variability that the other bathroom vanities lack. The biggest benefit of the vessel sink has to be its space-saving function. The other advantage of this arrangement is that plumbing is fairly easy to hook up as well. While that is on display with this bathroom vanity, it is the style which stands out most. Of course, this does mean that the countertop is especially prone to staining since it is not only a porous, natural stone material but a white colored one at that. This can make the plumbing installation a bit awkward – especially since you may have to modify the back panel, which again is made from solid hardwood birch. Their larger than normal size means that you often need a bathroom vanity that is a bit larger than normal as well or else it may look a bit odd with various points where large openings of space sit awkwardly. While this product actually comes in the common 4’, 5’ and 6’ varieties, it also comes in a 7’ model – the largest of any bathroom vanity we reviewed. Also, as a man-made, non-porous material, the quartz countertop is easy to keep disinfected.

Bathroom Vanity Colors | Duration 2 Minutes 48 Seconds For one, it is made entirely out of solid hardwood without the use of any processed wood for the paneling. That said, the prestige materials, while beautiful, are generally not as durable nor as hygienic as other man-made materials – especially when it comes to the countertop. Quartz is man-made, but it is also one of the more durable being resistant to scratches, scuffs, and stains as well as providing an easier cleaning experience due to its non-porous nature. Though, granite is also far denser than marble which will ultimately make it much heavier and more difficult to carry. Whether undermount, drop in or integrated, all of these sinks will ultimately occupy space in the cabinet. Ceramic is the basic material and is reasonably durable but can get scratched or scuffed. Of course, you can still find a solid bathroom vanity made out of luxurious materials at a reasonable price, but it can be difficult. Aside from the fact that this bathroom vanity comes in 6 different sizes – ranging from compact to large enough for a master bathroom – it is also the only bathroom vanity we reviewed which features both left and right offset sink arrangements.

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But after years of being considered a classic, this minimalist palette can leave many people wanting more. They’ll be easy to clean and aren’t blighted by the occasional splash of water. The valance, upholstered ottoman, and bath towel carry the straw color around the room. To find the right balance, choose a light-to-medium shade like this one and balance it with white on floors and woodwork. A single, bold work of art looks stunning against the colorful backdrop. Ample use of white keeps the dark color from overpowering the small space. The narrow band of green tiles around the room adds a pleasing accent. The sophisticated appeal of this color family is apparent in this master bath, where light-gray walls set the tone. Fresh flowers—especially an arrangement that coordinates with the colors in the room—are always a pretty touch in a bath. The color also complements the old-fashioned details of the room, including the fixtures, subway tile , and marble-topped wooden vanity. Choosing a pale tan marble pattern for the vanity and tub surround continues the room’s monochromatic look.

Changing The Color Of Old 1960’S Marble Vanity Top | Duration 1 Minutes 57 Seconds A dash of color can enrich the space with energy, and—depending on the shades you choose—your bathroom paint colors can help invigorate you in the morning, relax you in the evening, or simply make you smile at any time of day. A blue bathroom that pulls from hues of the sea and sky will feel tranquil, while a stately navy blue or a steel gray bathroom promotes a sense of stability. No matter your color choice, a paint with a semi-gloss finish will be your best bet to lay down the color; as a matter of practicality, these work best in the high-moisture environment of the bathroom. While you’re at it, use an especially durable paint on trim work, as windows and doors in the small space of a bathroom take extra abuse. To inspire you, we’ve gathered images of 11 bathroom color schemes that range in hues from pale and ethereal to dark and dramatic—and really make their mark. Elegant details in this serene setting include thick ceiling molding, glass knobs on the vanity, and a corner cabinet. The beadboard and clawfoot tub underscore this room’s cottage charm. The striated marble vanity top and tiny tile pattern on the floor add texture to the scene. A pedestal sink and brass accessories keep the look simple, allowing the walls to command full attention. White tiles and warm wooden floors complement the color of the walls.


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