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I really want to cut the nosing myself and fit the full length in total to protect the edge. Which of your products is appropriate – vinyl, rubber or metal? Unfortunately, the factory will not cut the product to less then 6ft. Our color tab is much more color accurate then the product images. Yes, we will have our sample department contact you in the morning.Perhaps cutting them with a saw would make them equal lengths with straight ends. I did call back yesterday and request more nails and hopefully they will be here today. Perfect for commercial or residential applications were strong nosing protection is important. I have an outdoor step that is in front of my front door that is made of wood and needs protection from wear/use. Are nails provided long enough to hold the nosing over the carpet? However they can be cut by yourself or any handyman with a metal cutting saw blade.
Retro Renovation’S Countertop & Metal Edging Design Tips From Vimeo | Duration 10 Minutes 25 Seconds The all of the metal nosings on this page are attached with nails which are included. Unfortunately, these are manufactured in 12′ lengths and we cut them in half and have to sell them as a pair. Unfortunately, there are no stair nosing products that we are aware of that have outside corners. We do include holes and screws for the nosing to be properly attached to the stairs. This will give you additional material to accommodate other stairs in the future. You can install this product outside on pressure treated wood, as it comes with tap in nails. It is our daily goal to strive for outstanding customer service and unfortunately this time we let you down. They were 12′ pieces cut near the middle with a shears making angled cuts and lengths that varied by over 1/4″. The two little packs of nails were not enough also some nails were loose in the main package and may have slipped out since the main package was not sealed at the ends fully. Perfect for commercial or residential applications where strong protection is important.

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The edging strip prevents water from penetrating into the countertop. The countertop has a modern expression thanks to the straight edging strip in metal.

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Take advantage of our custom shop and let us build your table, bar top, or kitchen countertop in any of these great styles. Now that you’ve picked out your retro laminate for your project, it’s time to choose from our line of real metal bandings. It will bend around most corners and really gives a table or counter that desired retro look.
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