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I asked him lots of questions about why he did certain things and he had good answers for all of it. Keith is responsible for working with architectural firms, specialty builders and general contractors as well as directly with homeowners. Every cabinet is engineered to last and backed by a lifetime warranty. Medallion uses high-performance materials and the best construction techniques. And, because our firm continually seeks out and add the latest in ergonomic and functional hardware, as well as the latest organizational accessories, our clients can rest assured that their kitchen will be as functional as it is beautiful.It was named, quite simply, for the cabinets they made – plain ones and fancy ones. The company has evolved from a converted chicken coop to a competitive manufacturer of residential cabinetry in a 200, 000 sq. The advantage of using these surface types for kitchen countertops is their non-porous structure which is non-staining and heat resistant. Every rock pulled from the earth has its own mineral color, veining and speckles brought vividly to life by stoneworkers’ saws and polishing wheels. Like composite stones, natural stone countertops are unaffected by hot pans or water and a stone countertop will last as long as your house—maybe even longer. You can also visit our showroom to help visualize making your new kitchen a reality.And have to interface with a variety of appliances and fixtures and finishes. The owner’s bathroom is the retreat and it must be stunning and spacious. My clients feel involved, educated and informed, and are always happy with their kitchen. We added a pass-through that was carefully sized and placed because it impacted the whole first level of the townhouse. Getting to the final plans was definitely the rate-limiting step in the kitchen remodel process. I went with everything he recommended, with a couple of minor exceptions. While we do not install our projects, we can supply you with highly-recommended licensed and insured contractors that you can hire independently. Bobby has 50 years of experience in the kitchen and bath industry selling cabinets and appliances. Donna’s residential work includes complete new home plans or space evaluation for renovation and additions. Salma specializes in customer service and managing client projects. Elgin’s strengths include custom millwork, custom trim and cabinetry work. Montgomery Kitchen and Bath Installer Houston Tx Leedo produces more than 400, 000 cabinets per year and more than 100 miles of countertops in their three factories. This cabinet line features standard plywood boxes and solid wood fronts and dovetailed drawers with under-mount, soft-close and full access slides. Composites/quartz materials are a mixture of both natural stone and acrylic resin with added pigments to create a very natural looking or vibrantly colorful countertop. So whether you select a classic white marble, sky-blue granite or a beige travertine-embedded with fossilized seashells, your countertop will stand up to the rigors of everyday use and be as distinctive as an original work of art. It is the perfect accent material to create that furniture look. This truly separates them from many other kitchen places where they do not see projects through, they try to charge for solving problems and in general try to avoid blame. The kitchen is the heart of the house and it must be spectacular yet functional. Along with this they bring a high level of service that is present every step of the way – from initial schematic layouts to final installation.

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If you are looking for shiny new pennies, you’ll have to live in a 400 unit property and park in a parking garage. This may seem like the same thing to a layman but if you have ever sunk your teeth into a 100 yr old building, you understand the difference. So many landlords buy these great old buildings and “remodel” the history and charm right out of them. In any creative endeavor you are only as good as your crew (a blessing and a curse). They cut holes in my (new) roof about 3x larger than they needed to be–then never even bothered to flash or foam up those holes (big enough to put your arm through). Meaning that 51% of the block and contol the the property (and property values) of the other 49%. I was not notified of the application nor allowed to vote on it. So, currently the structure is basically just a brick shell, with interior framing and a roof (that leaks)… I bought the property the building had been owned by the same family since it was built in the late 1940s. Fortunately for me she had no interest in restoring the building. My goal was to make it the best house on the street (at that time)… Since then there has been quite a bit of new construction and some other renovations on the block / adjacent blocks.

Shop Countertop Materials | Houston Countertops Installation From Vimeo | Duration 56 Seconds This allowed me to tweak the scope & look of each unit, improving the functionality and aesthetics of each as we moved through the building. For me the trade-offs have always been worth it: aged wood floors, wavy window glass, rich soil under your feet. Others are better suited for shiny new econobox apartment living with carpet, vinyl, and plastic. The entire street used to have many similar properties on it; all but this one have been torn down over the years. I just did what needed to be done–and used materials and processes that would last a lifetime. The two upper units are all hardwood floors with nice private decks off the kitchen (in the back). Two closets in the back bedroom with double hanging in both.

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Epoxy Countertops Houston Tx | Duration 1 Minutes 14 Seconds The wisest approach to getting started in handloading is to learn from an experienced handloader who has no bad habits. Each handloader assumes the responsibility of safe reloading practices and accepts the risk for failure to apply good judgment and knowledge. Understand what you are doing and why it must be done in a specific way. Never smoke while handloading or near combustibles and explosives. Keep everything locked up and out of the reach of small children. Never try to dislodge a loaded cartridge that has become stuck in the chamber by impacting it with a cleaning rod. Start loading with the minimum powder charge given for your cartridge. Excess pressures caused by excessive loads could severely damage a firearm and cause serious injury or death. Never attempt to disassemble a cartridge unless you are absolutely sure the bullet non-explosive or non-incendiary. It burns with much greater energy and pressure than blackpowder. If you throw or measure powder charges by volume, check-weigh the charges every time you begin loading, occasionally during loading and when you finish.After charging cases with powder, check each and every case before seating a bullet. The best method to do this is to use a loading block so that all cases are together and all can be visually compared to ensure that they contain the same amount of powder. Have only one kind of powder on the loading bench at a time. Clean up spilled powder with brush and dust pan; do not use a vacuum cleaner because fire or explosion may result. Handle lead bullets or lead shot only in a well ventilated area. Hot lead on skin takes a long time to cool — severe burns will invariably result.

Real Art Countertops Epoxy Countertop Resurfacing!! | Duration 4 Minutes 42 Seconds Start with the minimum powder charge and work up in small increments to no more than the maximum listed in your reloading manual watching for indications of excessive pressure. Seating depth of the bullet is extremely important in handgun loads. Accumulation of lead or grease in the bullet seating tool may force the bullet in too far. Observe the powder level of cases placed in the loading tray. Take care to operate progressive loaders as the manufacturer recommends. Don’t use a shell to catch the residue when cleaning out the powder train. Instead, it makes use of an anvil formed in the case itself. An electronic device used to measure the weight of powder in grains or grams. The term itself is a relative one based on a comparison with other powders. A bullet with a diameter of. 308 inches is called 30 caliber (not. 30 caliber). These grooves, usually one to a bullet, provide the best means of securely crimping the case mouth into the bullet. Metallic cases stretch after extensive reloading and firing because the brass flows forward. Handloading should be approached with the same degree of caution as an experimental science.I recommend that handloaders always begin load development only by reference to a reputable reloading manual. Never handload when under the influence of alcohol or drugs (legal or illegal). Don’t substitute components for those listed in your manual. When using an inertial bullet puller, use short, light taps instead of a single heavy blow. Weigh the powder charge in at least 10% of your loads to make sure you are dropping the proper amount of powder. Look for the proper amount of powder and also ensure that there actually is powder in every case. A double charge of a fast burning pistol powder may not fully fill the case, so look carefully! Empty the powder measure back into the original powder container when through with a handloading session. Wrap several towels around the die in case it detonates, then slowly ease it out with your reloading press. High temperature, such as in a summer attic, causes them to deteriorate. This is no activity for children — not even to watch! Wear eye protection and heavy clothing including leather gloves, a heavy apron, heavy jeans, and high-top leather boots. The smoke and fumes from fluxing also caries dangerous lead fumes. The melting pot must have a steady base — a lap full of hot lead would surely take all the fun out of casting and handloading. If you are using a single stage press, do each step to the lot you are reloading before moving on to the next step. Handgun powders must burn very quickly because of the short barrel. Check the overall length of the cartridge to be sure the bullet is seated properly. If the bullet isn’t seated deeply enough, it may engage the lands of the barrel when loaded. If you cast your own bullets, remember their hardness, diameter and lubrication affect the ballistics.

Granite Countertops Houston | Granite Houston | Duration 55 Seconds This is a way to discover any cases with missing or double powder charges. The blow from the firing pin crushes the priming mixture against the anvil causing ignition. Represents the projectiles ability to overcome air resistance in flight. A groove (or grooves) cut around the circumference of a bullet or case. In a case, the cannelure is used as a stop for an inserted bullet.

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The 22″ deep shelves actually measure 21-3/4″ deep and will fit cabinets that are 22″ to 24″ deep, and the 20″ deep shelves actually measure 19-3/4″ deep and will fit cabinets that are 20″ to 22″ deep. I would recommend these to anyone looking for more storage capacity ion their cabinets. The sides and front can be stained or just lacquered if you want to have the light colored wood. When fitting the shelf the brackets made the opening to narrow. Note: the rear drawer guide sockets screw to the back of the cabinet. I saved a lot of time by using these trays vs building my own and am happy with the overall looks and quality. A good bit of work is required, with some 40 small screws for each drawer. These sliding drawers make everything so much more accessible. The installation was easy and both cabinets were completed in an hour. A miter saw or radial arm saw along with a table saw will make this look like a professional install. The shelves are well machined, assembled easily and nicely took our finish without much preparation. They have made a real difference in how accessible my pots and pans are in a very inefficiently laid out old kitchen. In my case, the rails were attached only on the front and rear of the cabinet and care had to be taken to ensure correct alignment. They are bottom mount to existing full depth shelves or the floor of a kitchen cabinet. All kits come 30″ wide and can be sized down to fit cabinet openings from 6″ to 32-1/2″ wide. Great instructions on how to measure, cut, assemble and install. I took a chance on the finish and with the doors open you can’t tell them from the original. I purchased two sets, one for my master bathroom the other for my kitchen. After built they are strong and sturdy and can hold some good weight. Caution when screwing bottom onto the assembled sides to not get too far from edge or screw will come on the good side.They say they are unfinished but the bottom of the shelf is a smooth white laminate that will be easy to keep clean. It’s so much better than having to practically crawl into a floor cabinet to get to what’s at the back. Nothing special needed but a good saw for square cuts is a definite plus. I do have the saws needed to cut it down which made as simple as possible. In my opening the shelf should have been made 1/2″ smaller than the opening not 1″. I set up my portable tablesaw and cut the fronts, backs and bottoms all the same width as the directions showed. The trays went together beautifully and they installed into the cabinet easy. If your cabinet back won’t hold a screw you need to use a strip of plywood or something as a secondary back to ensure the sockets will stay put. It was a chore to use any of the items on the bottom shelf of the lower cabinets. The slide out shelves arrived in good time and my husband said the measurements were right on the money. Now we are using pots and pans that had been hidden from view. My only criticism is the directions were a bit vague and confusing but after carefully studying it all was ok.

Cabinets Angleton Houston Tx C&D Cabinets & Countertops | Duration 25 Seconds These cut to fit shelves were a perfect solution for my none standard cabinet size. You need to be handy to put them together but with the right “handy man” they make all the difference in the world!

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Turns out they ran out of materials so they couldn’t finish by closing day. The shower wasn’t done and they completely forgot about it (although at the day of closing they made it seem very urgent to them). They kept having their flooring contractor come and look at it, curse under their breath a bit about how bad it was and then “forget” something needed to be fixed. Clearly something unethical and unprofessional is going on behind the scenes. The leaking water damaged the carpet, kitchen cabinet and brand new furniture downstairs. They brought 5 big electric fans to dry the big ceiling opening. I was getting a home built and wanted to add washer and dryer hookups to the basement. They built so many homes that all they wanna do is get them finished so they can sell them. I feel like they put ours on the back burner and all they care about is building and making money–forget about those of us who have already spent thousands of dollars and are still waiting to get things fixed. The contractors are not consistent and the work between each home in the same development varies. Instead they wait hoping the homeowners do not see or report any water leak issues. I have major issues with the subfloor and hardwoods and the hardwood inspector, hardwood installer, and framing company are pointing fingers at each other and they will not fix it. This warranty is costing me a lot of time off of work, headaches, and my issues are still not fixed. We were not shown any of the standard gallery options offered by the builder, however, the standards we were told in the model home were not the case. Richmond homes come with a high price, but they are not quality homes. They cut every corner they think they can get away with! Lied to countless times, communication is terrible, and things still un-repaired for closing day.Have major electrical problems in the home that has not been addressed. He has been lied to, jacked around, made a fool of and has been discriminated against due to his health status. He told her she would be put at the bottom of the list if she became a problem. Their solution was to cut those areas out and refill it back in because that is an industry practice and standard. This doesn’t include all of the dismissive responses to questions (not ever had a house built before) and then the sarcasm when we seek out our own answers to questions they refuse to answer. I purchased a townhouse after seeing a demo home that looked nice. When the house was finished, they left some things unfinished.Half a year went by with me living in a house with the master bathroom incomplete. Starting about a foot from the sliding door out to a balcony, my floor is curved upwards about half an inch at the very end. This went on for two years until finally, they don’t even respond to me. Their inspector passes things a regular inspector hired by you, the buyer, would fail with good reason. The fans made big noise day and night that drove everybody crazy! Christmas party that was to celebrate both holidays and moving into the new home. We thought it wouldn’t last long and expected that the issue would be fixed in a few days. The nightmare was getting worse at night because of the never-ending noise of five fans that annoyed us and we couldn’t sleep! She then suggested that we could but the dryer vent through the window. Had a company come out and they told us the ductwork in the attic was not up to code. When they came out to fix the unit and the ductwork it was not fixed properly then. It’s sad that they don’t care about the jokes they build once they’ve been sold. We are now at month six with nothing resolved from when we moved in! I have multiple neighbors who have experienced the same issue and we’ve all had it. They initially said it would be returned within two weeks, now two weeks later and they say they just started the process to wait another 30 days. The builder came across consistent issues with multiple door leaks and did not correct them in all the homes. I have standing water on my roof which in their warranty says they will fix and they have not. Said the only reason he ever helped me was to cover his butt! When we went to gallery, the options we thought were standard were not, and was we selected the things we wanted, they were extremely overpriced. After conveying our thoughts to the sales rep, we were told they’d see what they could do for us. Montgomery Kitchen and Bath Installer Houston Tx I have had most of my brand new home upgraded by private, quality contractors. About 3 months before closing they cut a vent hole on the wrong side of the room in which the superintendent said he will patch up. To make things worse, the carpet guys laid carpet right over the hole! The only time they will contact me back is when they are around in the area and will just swing by randomly when they want to! I recommend highly that you run far away from these people as they cannot be trusted. First the site superintendent insulted my wife by saying he “knew her kind” when questioned about warranty work should it need to be done.
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