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I asked him lots of questions about why he did certain things and he had good answers for all of it. Keith is responsible for working with architectural firms, specialty builders and general contractors as well as directly with homeowners. Every cabinet is engineered to last and backed by a lifetime warranty. Medallion uses high-performance materials and the best construction techniques.

And, because our firm continually seeks out and add the latest in ergonomic and functional hardware, as well as the latest organizational accessories, our clients can rest assured that their kitchen will be as functional as it is beautiful. It was named, quite simply, for the cabinets they made – plain ones and fancy ones. The company has evolved from a converted chicken coop to a competitive manufacturer of residential cabinetry in a 200, 000 sq. The advantage of using these surface types for kitchen countertops is their non-porous structure which is non-staining and heat resistant. Every rock pulled from the earth has its own mineral color, veining and speckles brought vividly to life by stoneworkers’ saws and polishing wheels. Like composite stones, natural stone countertops are unaffected by hot pans or water and a stone countertop will last as long as your house—maybe even longer.

You can also visit our showroom to help visualize making your new kitchen a reality. And have to interface with a variety of appliances and fixtures and finishes. The owner’s bathroom is the retreat and it must be stunning and spacious. My clients feel involved, educated and informed, and are always happy with their kitchen. We added a pass-through that was carefully sized and placed because it impacted the whole first level of the townhouse. Getting to the final plans was definitely the rate-limiting step in the kitchen remodel process. I went with everything he recommended, with a couple of minor exceptions. While we do not install our projects, we can supply you with highly-recommended licensed and insured contractors that you can hire independently. Bobby has 50 years of experience in the kitchen and bath industry selling cabinets and appliances. Donna’s residential work includes complete new home plans or space evaluation for renovation and additions.

Salma specializes in customer service and managing client projects. Elgin’s strengths include custom millwork, custom trim and cabinetry work. Leedo produces more than 400, 000 cabinets per year and more than 100 miles of countertops in their three factories.

This cabinet line features standard plywood boxes and solid wood fronts and dovetailed drawers with under-mount, soft-close and full access slides. Composites/quartz materials are a mixture of both natural stone and acrylic resin with added pigments to create a very natural looking or vibrantly colorful countertop. So whether you select a classic white marble, sky-blue granite or a beige travertine-embedded with fossilized seashells, your countertop will stand up to the rigors of everyday use and be as distinctive as an original work of art. It is the perfect accent material to create that furniture look. This truly separates them from many other kitchen places where they do not see projects through, they try to charge for solving problems and in general try to avoid blame. The kitchen is the heart of the house and it must be spectacular yet functional. Along with this they bring a high level of service that is present every step of the way – from initial schematic layouts to final installation.

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That isn’t necessarily a weakness since beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The seams on engineered stone countertops are sometimes noticeable too, about like those with granite countertops, but this isn’t a deal breaker for most people. If you’re willing to live with those things, quartz countertops should meet or exceed your expectations. Also called engineered stone countertops, quartz countertops are here to stay.

However, some homeowners will prefer the more natural look of granite, marble, slate or wood for their home. Finally, quartz is not as resistant to heat as granite, crushed glassed or concrete, so caution will have to be used with hot pots and pans in the kitchen or hot hair tools in the bathroom.

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Compared to other natural stones like granite and quartzite, marble is a relatively soft stone and more porous – sealing is required. When chilled, a marble surface is ideal for keeping dough from sticking – particularly when you’re not keen on adding too much extra flour. Granite’s natural veining is part of the unique beauty of the material. In this case, the stone has been polished to add a brilliant reflective shine. Limestone is an extremely versatile natural stone and is commonly used both inside and outside the home. It performs well as a bathroom countertop but is not recommended as a kitchen countertop material. Being an inorganic material with high chemical stability, the surface of the product does not suffer damage such as color fading, loss of shine and solidity.

Perhaps one of the largest benefits of quartz surfaces is that they are stain- and heat-resistant, making them easy to maintain. The vein movement and softness of the stone is the most desired and far more superior than other stones. We’re here to put your mind at ease, and give you 5 solid reasons why you should make the commitment to a natural stone marble countertop. Cooks who work on marble countertops already know that marble is great for working with pastry and chocolate. These natural stone surfaces come in a wide range of colors and patterns, are extremely durable, and add a luxury “feel” to your home, while also improving resale value. Slabs come in light granite, dark granite, and many shades in between.

Onyx adds the perfect drama to a bathroom vanity or bar top.

It’s prized for its neutral creamy and soft earth tone colors which allow it to mix well with other stones and finishes.


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