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My Painted Shower Renovation Rustoleum

I wrote about the process has become one of my most popular, probably because (much like my paper bag flooring) it’s just an unusual concept. Adam is actually the shower scrubber in our house, he uses cleaner and one of those handheld bristle brushes (the same one he uses to clean our car tires) to scrub it. He fixed it all up, and also gave the cracked grout between the tub and the tiles a fresh layer. The reason being is the tub moves ever so slightly (like when you fill it with water) and this will cause grout to crack, where caulk is flexible. I think it’s a great (and cheap!) way to cover up outdated tile that is driving you crazy.Also, it turns out that my grandmother had painted tile in her bathroom.

I have used this product on two bathtubs in the past and it was a nightmare. I am looking at redoing one of the in the next couple of weeks and was looking for something a little easier. I agree with you it’s not a permanent fix, but it’s definitely a good “get you through” option until you can do a more involved upgrade. Any old silicone residue will cause your paint to not stick. I came across your page because i’m about to take this kinda thing on and wasn’t sure how to do it.

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This looks relatively easy and i’m looking forward to getting rid of the outdated hunter green and white checked tile.

We bought a house 11 years ago that was built in 1950 with five bathrooms. There was tile surrounding the tub, on the other walls and on the floor. A thick wire was nailed to the studs, then a layer of concrete was floated onto the wire, then another layer of concrete was floated onto that, then the tile was inbedded in the concrete. Currently have two guys with large hammer jacks working trying to remove the tile now. Last count they had carried out 66 buckets of tile and concrete. Rustoleum doesn’t recommend it, is it because it won’t withstand industrial strength wear?

I would love to be able to get rid of that heinous tile color until we can afford to do a full-on reno of the room. They have different coatings for use over any surface, including tile. Porch paint or acrylic with a polyurethane topcoat will work just fine. Do you happen to know if there any way to tint or add color to this to make it more gray?

Do you want to paint the tiles too, or just the grout?

This particular bath has hunter, plum, and a burgundy tile as accents. My only question would be, do you think that there is enough product in a 1qt box to do both the walls and the tub, or is it a project that definitely requires 2?

Also, curious if anyone was able to find out if the paint comes in any colors other than white?

The problem is that you should never put grout where the tub and the tiles meet, you always caulk instead. It remained in perfect condition until we moved several years later. For weeks, it stank (and this was during the summer when the window was open 24/7). My gma has since passed away and that bathroom still looks great 30 years later!

The tile held up really well, but the tub chipped in a few spots. My only tip is if you have old caulking, make sure to scrape it off and then scrub it off before you paint. Did you have any leftover or you used the entire batch?

I wanted it all gone as the tile was a mixture of dark blue, light blue, pink and yellow. There is 2 and 1/2 inches of concrete and tile that is being removed.

They are filling buckets with tile and concrete and hauling the stuff downstairs to the outside. That being said, if you’re planning to replace it in a few years anyway and just need a quick fix for now it might be worth a shot. The kink in the process might be the floor, and whether or not it should be painted (it’s ceramic tile). By that time we’d have the funds to tackle ripping all the tile out and starting new. So thank you for making it super super easy to pin your posts. Every time someone used the tub, the little chips grew and soon the whole bottom of the tub was an ugly, blue-and-white blotchy mess. I painted my bathroom walls and sink that were tiled pink, with this product and it has held up perfectly for three years now. I just couldn’t figure out a cheaper/faster/easier way to update the pink-tiled master bath. I really really don’t want it a stark white… can the mixture be tinted at all?

Any idea on how the paint would do over nasty, gross grout?

Do you know if you’d have to paint all one color or do you think you could tape off and create an accent?

Would you think it would be okay if this bath is rarely used?

How long before you used your shower after you finished painting it?

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I love your new plantation shutter and would love to have your tutorial on it. I too like vinyl flooring and prefer it in my bathrooms over hardwood or tile.

We had such a great time visiting with my husband’s brother and his wife. Let me know if you have any other questions after reading it!

I love the colors and the overall feel of the room!

The peel and stick tile looks very expensive and like real tile. Good for you using a tablecloth and shows us a gorgeous bathroom is possible without breaking bank.

You always do such a great job with your renos!

The countertops are the original ones–they are kind of cream-ish and are a cultured marble slab. I am planning on going with an espresso for my bathroom vanity. I say dreaded because my last home was a townhouse styled condo that was built in 1994. You’ve inspired me to do something interesting with our builder basic bathroom. I absolutely love the board and batten and can’t wait to try it this winter!

They are super expensive and yours looks sooo good for a fraction of the price!

Its so much easier to change out as your tastes change and of course holds up better to water than wood flooring. I love the board and batten and the long shower curtain!

I am going to replace the ugly linoleum in my laundry room and in our in-law kitchenette with something similar. The one you picked is one of the choices we are considering, and it looks so good!

I can’t wait to see your bathroom reno when it’s done!

I installed the top ledge first and then added the lattice trim every 11 inches. Just about to start my bathroom update as well and the tip about the deglosser will be helpful!

Cultured marble is an inexpensive, durable option if real marble isn’t in the budget.I love the colors and pattern and think it would look great as window treatments!

It had two bathrooms with oak cabinetry and a kitchen with oak cabinetry.

You did an incredible job, considering how much you spent. It’s always been a cream countertop but before all the warm undertones around it brought out the yellow in the cream.

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And one of the ways is by using trays to organize small spaces. Have an off-center light fixture that’s driving you crazy?

I made mine with a piece of plywood, upholstery foam, a drop cloth (used as the upholstery material), and some silver nailhead trim. Painted furniture isn’t for everyone, but if you’re on a tight budget, you can can really do a lot with some cheap furniture and a little paint. I know we’ve talked about this dresser approximately 5, 000 times, but he’s such an icon that he literally just goes by his first name. It takes a lot of effort, and you have to really train yourself how to see past what’s there. Update the hardware on your kitchen and bathroom cabinetry (and even on your furniture if it needs it!). Add architectural detail by adding paneling on half of a wall.But, here’s a closeup, nonetheless, in the hopes that it might at least give you a good cheap art idea. If you need some tips and ideas on how to make your own, these two posts (here and here) will get you started. Just don’t wash it in the dishwasher, or the paint will come off. I just re-assembled the office this week and it looks a lot different. Whether you’re dealing with handmedowns, a thrift store find, or something you literally scooped up off the side of the road, paint can work miracles. Reupholster an old piano bench and turn it into an upholstered bench for the foot of your bed. This is kinda similar to #12, but we’re just gonna roll with it. There’s a plant taking up temporary residence on my vanity today. If you’ve never read one of my thrift store posts, these two (here and here) will help you get started.

Our house had so much outdated cabinetry when we first moved in. It’s held up pretty well through the years, and mostly it just looks so much better and makes me feel better about life. Customize your kitchen cabinets by using chalkboard paint on the insides of the cabinet doors. With molding you can give the illusion of added depth and dimension to the walls. If you’re a paint hoarder like me, you probably have at least one junk drawer filled with paint chips. And you can make just about anything look good if you put it in a frame with a mat. I made my own with a few simple supplies from the dollar store. Make your old hangers new again by using gold spray paint, or add some pattern with decoupage and wrapping paper. Change the color and look of almost any decorative object with spray paint.

You can also use high gloss white spray paint on glass items to make them look like ceramic.

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