Nano Crystallized Glass

It is also quickly becoming known as an excellent substitute for white marble. The cutting of nano-crystallized glass is usually accomplished with continuous blade saws, but it can also be honed, chiseled or sandblasted. The material does not need to be sealed, but a sealer may be added for additional protection. Have you had any experience with working with nano-glass?
How To Mix White Countertop Concrete | Duration 3 Minutes 8 Seconds You may also be interested in this video on tooling and fabrication of nano-crystallized glass. We did relief cuts to release any internal pressure the slab may have had. On the second try we cored out the corners of the cook top per the suppliers instructions. We started saw cutting at a very slow rate to connect the cored out corners the entire slab broke into 4 pieces at the same places. Which one does the generic nano-crystallized glass being discussed refer to? No article is able to cover every variation of a product, and as such, this one speaks in broad terms. I have never seen anything like this in 14 years of doing this line of work. It is just too hard on the tools for me to work with it profitably. As a fabricator, restoration & maintenance or retail sales in a showroom. I say enjoy it while it’s popular or moving strong but be prepared to move on to the next trend. I find it much different than other types of crystallized glass. I woull apreciate anyone can share their experience on these things. The 3 slabs we tried broke pretty much identically splitting both horizontally and vertically quartering the slabs. As the manufacture states that the max traverse seed is 25″/min. You are probably cutting on a wood bed and the blade is glazing. I dont know why anyone would use white quartz…especially since they are within 15% of each other in price.

Learn To Make Epoxy Countertops, Color Recipe | Duration 16 Minutes 14 Seconds I need see your nanoglass photo firstly, i need know which type or generation of nanoglass you use. Could any one help us in providing consultancy and also project details. This product is commonly referred to as nano-crystallized glass, but it is also known as nano-crystal stone or nonporous marmoglass. Consumers have stated that nano-crystallized glass is a preferred surfacing material because of its nearly pure white color, which is a natural byproduct of its manufacturing process. The high temperatures and the length of time align the molecules of the glass on a nanoscopic scale, which it retains upon cooling and hardening. Installation of nano-crystallized glass is a simple process. Glassos brand products, but we wanted to know your take on the subject. We had an island countertop about 4′ x 8′ that needed a simple cook top cutout. When we cut lamination strips for one of the perimeter countertops some of those shattered too. Glassos is their trade name for generic nano-crystallized glass or is it their own proprietary version? Logic would say it is likely a proprietary version (as most providers probably have their own specific process and ingredient variations for making the material), but you would have to contact the company for specifics. They all had large flats where there should have been nice sharp points, maybe 30% of the crystal was gone on some of them. Eventually some issue will arise and sway consumers away from it but there can be issues with any product. Looking for nano crystallized from a commercial company is taking some risk, because they are not manufacturers and avoiding complain while the trouble come. And also which is better step cutting or just running it through. Try different blades, different speeds and adjust depth s of the blade to achieve minimal chipping. Is there a trick or repair kit that anyone is aware? The products can be recycled, in line with the global trend of environmental protection and energy saving. It has uniform structure, no slight cracking lines on the surface. Very loose specifications and the factory was having a huge failure rate on sink cut-outs. Is there another product in the white glass family that is workable that be recommend to me along with the supplier. It took us time to find the right supplier who manufactures slabs which are easy to work with. The work is there if anyone’s interested, we have no confidence in the original fabricator.

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So that’s mistake #3. and unfortunately, that dent shows on the finished edge of the countertop.

Kitchen Renovation | Concrete Countertops | Duration 2 Minutes 33 Seconds She tried her hardest to live up to it at every opportunity. I showed my husband what you are doing and (of course) he said “how much? ”. They do look like tumbled travertine (where you want them to). Look forward to reading how you resolve the little imperfections that are bugging you. But those things are just physically tiring, but anyone can do it. Curious about the color-on my computer it looks a grayish white-which just may be my computer distorting the color. Will you put a sealer on it and if so will it have any sheen to it or be matte? It’s definitely more of a warm white, but it also has some very subtle grayish streaks (but not really streaks…it’s more subtle than a streak) through it. As the concrete has cured, it has turned more and more white, and now they almost blend perfectly with the white subway tile. If that tile will match your room, then this concrete will also. I still was never able to picture the room as a whole because we’ve only seen photos of each individual wall. And so many of us are total strangers, we’ve just been lit on fire by your inspirational posts and great ideas. I could swear it has become some sort of self-fulfilling prophecy. She didn’t appreciate that one bit (you know…cats…baths…they don’t really mix), and she dug her claws into my shoulder trying to get away, so that wasn’t pleasant. Back then people were using wood to edge it out or leaving it blocked. If you (or someone you know) can cut mitered corners with a miter saw, you’ll have no problem. The actual mixing and pouring of the concrete is physically challenging in that it’s very messy, and the buckets of concrete are quite heavy. I couldn’t have done it myself, and if he had done it himself it would have worn him out quickly since he was also doing the mixing. Obviously carrying and dumping out buckets of concrete doesn’t really require any special skills. That’s what happened on that one countertop (the one by the refrigerator) that ended up with two rough areas on it. But at the same time, it’s not a difficult process at all as long as you know what to expect. Just think-you are so close to getting to enjoy all of your hard work!

3d Metallic Marble Countertop | Duration 14 Minutes 45 Seconds They gray isn’t an “in your face” gray, and from far away, it’s not even noticeable. As time has gone by, the gray has diminished considerably, and the white has gotten brighter, but its still a warm white. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen those, but they’re not a bright, pure white. Anyway, right after we poured the concrete, the countertop looked gray (very gray) compared to the tile. The peninsula still has quite a bit of gray in it, but that’s to be expected since it was poured a day later. I like that you included a couple shots of the full kitchen from standing in t he breakfast room (on this post and the last one). But seeing the full room from the breakfast room really helped me understand how the three “areas” work together and how incredible your kitchen is going to look when it’s all done! Out of the hundreds and thousands there are online, your blog is unequaled in personality, originality and fun. You kindly reply to the same questions that you have already answered multiple numbers of times and don’t get annoyed. I sure hope the people who are lucky enough to live close to you and get to visit and enjoy you in person realize how beloved you are. Sorry this is so long, your counter top (kitty feet!) experiences sent me ‘over the top’!

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It is non-allergenic, machine machine washable, latex free and fits most standard pillow cases. Both sides will allow your head and neck to be fully supported throughout the night. Furthermore, it prevents tossing and turning by keeping the head and neck in proper alignment to allow the muscles to further relax. An easy-to-fill pouch provides gentle, responsive support all night long. I have used mine for over 35 years and wouldn’t be without it.

Make Amazing Epoxy Countertops, White With Black. | Duration 9 Minutes 8 Seconds Do you have an exact brand name or the company who makes it? The pillow hugs your shoulder and neck when you sleep on your side for better alignment and support. This curve-hugging quality relieves pressure on the neck and shoulders to improve blood circulation. This spinal alignment may even alleviate snoring and insomnia. Thermal insulator surrounds the water layer to prevent heat loss. The result is a more sound sleep and less tendency to wake with pain, stiffness and many of the symptoms resulting from lack of support. The waterbase responds to your head movement automatically as you sleep to maintain proper support for your neck. This top 10 list was derived from the top 40 best selling pillows for neck and shoulder pain relief. We did the work for you by sorting through the top rave reviews and actual pricing.

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You need to take caution as some chemicals create toxic fumes and are hazardous to you and the environment. These products remove the stubborn carpet glue from the concrete but cost more money and have to be applied several times. They are the size of a broom but at one end is a large sharp razor blade. Simply boil some water and pour it carefully over the carpet glue in sections. The heat will soften the glue and as it is doing so, scrape it off using your handy razor blade scraper. Hose off or mop the area well when finished using this method. The methods below are easy ways for preparing your concrete floors for laminate tile or hardwood. Most of the “good for the environment” glue removers are soy based products. Remove the carpet glue by scraping it using some good old elbow grease. Dip the scrubber brush into the mixture and scrub the concrete vigorously.

Modern Countertops | Duration 6 Minutes 27 Seconds You may need to do this many times until all of the glue is removed. These professional power tools can make the job faster but will cost you more money so weigh out the options when choosing your best glue removal method.

22 Airbnb Rentals With Incredible Kitchens by

Sleek black appliances, wooden cabinets, quality countertops and the beautiful tile backsplash will set the mood. You’ll wish it was your own when you see the conservatory dining room that looks out into a landscaped garden. Adjacent to the scenic space is a well-equipped kit chen, where guests can watch their dinner come together, courtesy of a provided cook. Marble countertops, stainless steel appliances, pine floors and gorgeous overhead lighting might even inspire you to do a kitchen renovation when you get home. Greenery is weaved into rooms throughout the home, and the kitchen is no exception, with it’s marble island and subtle tree motif on the walls. What family wouldn’t want to gather around in the open-layout kitchen or sit down to eat together on the cozy bench seat with views of the city below. Cook in the cozy nook, then take in views of the bay and surrounding mountains from the outdoor patio. A soaring, bamboo-shingled roof sits overhead the cooking station where you can get meals catered while you enjoy the lush greenery outdoors. The kitchen with hardwood floors, a marble-topped island and clean, white cabinetry is the stuff of dreams, no matter where you live. If that and the top-notch appliances don’t inspire you to cook up something fresh, nothing will.

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The standing white volume stands as a beacon of light, and offers a cool vertical garden and a few small regular containers to provide on-demand herbs for cooking. Nearby, a green rug and a wild vertical garden bring color to this dark and sophisticated style. Here, muted tones contribute a natural aesthetic without breaking away from the greyscale color theme used throughout. This one uses an all-white kitchen island setup, but makes a dramatic impression with black chairs and pendant lights at the dining room table. The greyscale canvas really helps to tie the space together. It’s at just the right height to enjoy from the breakfast stools or even the sofas on the other side of the room. While this space would likely look wonderful year-round, the winter colors are a perfect complement for the palette used here. Here, just switching the color of the chairs would make an incredible difference yet would remain easy to alter later. The spherical brass chandelier underscores the warmth of the wood floors. While the living room remains casual and classic, it’s hard to ignore the luxurious materials in the background. Even the floor tiles are huge and contribute to its uncomplicated aesthetic. The motivational phrase on the wall is worth remembering if your recipes don’t always go as planned. They’re bold, versatile, and perhaps most importantly, they always allow the interesting architectural elements and fixtures to stand at center stage. Here you’ll see a range of texture and decor options that take their minimalistic palettes to the next level – and there are plenty of great furniture and lighting ideas to consider too. This one uses creatively-routed pendant lights as both a decoration and a functional enhancement to the island. Despite the modern theme and construction, brass and marble imbue it with plenty of classic luxury. Black and white both show dirt quite easily, but grey is a little more forgiving. Many of the decorative vases and bowls reside on the greyscale spectrum to match. Here, the residents could easily change out the black stools and pendant lights for a different accent color if they so wished. This one uses a variety of textures, tones, and decorations to create a memorable aesthetic overall. The chalkboard wall to the right allows space to play with color and decoration. This chalkboard features a little weekly plan template to make life easier, but grocery lists and recipe instructions are fun ideas as well. It makes sense to choose a neutral color theme since the larger elements are so difficult to change later on. The unique dining pendant light also helps to anchor the space. This post covers 40 amazing kitchens that use greyscale to their best advantage.


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