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If you take a generic power and only allow the superhero to use it on some random category of material, that could probably feel fresher. He could also make the floor slippery, so that the hero will lose his footing. If your villain is very technically savvy, he could play around with gravity. Finally, you could look at what the hero is actually able to do when he’s superfast.
Lupus Chronicle #10 Bonnie The Vampire Slayer ) | Duration 3 Minutes 11 Seconds Generally, a superfast hero is only powerful when the enemy has exposed vulnerabilities. Then the hero has to improvise, which could be interesting and dramatic. I essentially like the power, the balance idea is very fresh. Do her powers come with a side-effect and can they be controlled/halted by wearing gloves. I think a good factor that she has is that she is essentially human with a superboost, this could lots of improvised scenes where she has to think on her feet, but this can also be bad, what if the villian is cross town and she doesn’t have any mode of super transportation to get to him? Draining has potential, because that could give her a boost by stealing their energy and ultimately make her feel stronger. Your point about the villain on the other side of town is a good one, but that’s part of the fun/challenge. Since it’s basically her minor power, it’s the first one she learns she has. For example, if she’s trying to find someone, she can see what they see, but she would have to know what she was looking at to determine where they were. For example, if your character was looking for a missing friend, and felt pain, that would increase the urgency of finding the person. Alsom she could be threatened with death if the other person dies while she’s in vision. The character in my book only survives because he has enough willpower to fuel a car. They have to improvise at all times, so that would make for alot of interesting scenes. If he doesn’t want to kill maybe a small tranquillizer gun or firing taser. Wayne’s powers seem very plant-based, which is a good start. I would reccommend changing her powers (maybe something more simple, like creating poisons in her body) or give her some sort of control over the gas.

The Halloween Tag | Duration 23 Minutes 20 Seconds Also, something about your description of her powers feels a little off to me. Depending on your origin story, how do you feel about a more psychic- or technological-based villain? I thought about having a guy who absorbs a lot of people’s abilities but can only retain one, which is okay… but when when he absorbs ability augmentation he can supercharge his ability so he can recall abilities he already absorbed and use them on a higher scale than anyone who originally had the ability. Ok, that sounds like it can work as long as there are more people with powers instead of the main characters. So basically, he was immune and they forced him to work in a mine. When he got injected with the embryo it took control of his body. Wallcrawling and web spinning is cool, but spider sense takes it over the egde (in a good way). For a while it was left undisturbed until population grew in these areas. Myths and legends were created around strange stories of people with extreme powers, or deformities. I also provide articles specifically about superhero stories. The villain could take advantage of that by building his lair so that there’s relatively little room for someone to dodge bullets and lasers. If you’d like to get more technical, speedy heroes would create a tremendous amount of friction when they ran. The villain might slick the floor with flammable oil so that the hero would set himself or bystanders on fire if he moved too quickly. It’s extremely difficult to move around in a no-gravity environment and a high-gravity environment would also be very tricky. For example, what he could he do against someone in a suit of armor? If he tries punching the armor, he’s more likely to injure himself than his enemy. The villain should try to remove any vulnerabilities he has, probably with armor or something similar. And these powers are always “switched on”, so if she grabs hold of somebody with her left hand she could seriously hurt them or even kill them if she held on for long enough – except the person was also in contact with her right hand, which goes back to the whole balance thingy. I can’t really think of any other limits/problems to this apart from exhaustion, but that’s a pretty abvious one. She has no control over her powers, so that would hurt you or. Can her destructive or healing powers be manifested into anything, like a ball oh healing energy? She can’t hear their thoughts, or hear what is going on around the person she’s seeing. I think this is a good minor power because it obviously has its limitations. Feeling would probably be better, because it offers more clues, is more dramatic, and seems more useful. Also, another potential weakness is that if the person she’s seeing through blacks out, she’ll either go temporarily blind (until she returns to her own perspective), or she’ll also go unconscious temporarily.

Vampires In Dragon Age 4!? | Duration 6 Minutes 21 Seconds He uses blunt objects he finds around, or chemicals he mixes. He feels like he’s ‘the only good guy in a sea of drugs and gangs and murder and he’s the only one that can save his city,’ that kind of thing. My recommendation would be not to kill off the girlfriend, but have her severely changed. It would seem this character has some strong connections and is very intelligent (burning drugs, putting gangs against each other). Or you could move into gun territory, but know your facts about guns before you use them. Alternatively, you could go with an opposite force of nature like fire and heat. Bre’anna, what can she contribute by having uncontrolllable noxious gas? Also, how would you describe this in a novel/show this in a comic book visual? Heck, they seem more likely to be a liability than anything. When he uses the power, it’s stronger than the person who originally controlled it. Until that is he copies the ability of superpower augmentation(ability supercharging) so he used it on himself allowing him to recall his abilities he’s absorbed. This gives you the opportunity to give them an exotic secondary power. Alternately, you could choose a primary power and edit it to make it more interesting or exotic.

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But what if you were limited to 1950’s-era retro science fiction? The rules of movement and capture seem to be very complex allowing hidden strategies and sudden reversals of fortune. Often, it is not the game being played itself which features, but references to it as an analogy of some plot situation. All in all, the master stars lay in his hand in this game and we had no comets to cut across the playing board to bring him down—except the zero stone. This was strictly for crewmen of the star freighters who could be speedily and expertly separated from a voyage’s pay in an evening. One of the players leaned forward and moved a pair of his blocks. He had played it till his adolescent limbs cracked from squatting and his eyes could hardly focus on the silver tokens. Meanwhile they do their best to sabotage their opponent’s universes.

Who Is Trocar The Vampire? The Character Jk Rowling Left Out Of The Books | Duration 4 Minutes 21 Seconds The movement and capture rules are a bit complicated, and depend upon the piece’s altitude and size. Enemy pieces are captured by moving one of your pieces into their space. You cannot draw a line crossing an existing line, and a given dot can only have a maximum of three lines attached to it. For a low number of initial dots, the results are a little preordained. Altogether, there are exactly twelve of these patterns—no more and no less. Each of these figures—they’re called pentominoes, by the way—is obviously the same size, since they’re all made from five identical squares. Grandma, after he had shuffled pieces around for a few minutes. It was easy enough to fit ten of the pieces into the frame—and once he had managed eleven. But it was possible that there might be—oh—a dozen different answers. Obviously, there was much more to this business than met the eye, and it would be safer not to commit himself. Intuition is a dangerous guide—though sometimes it’s the only one we have. There are more than one thousand distinct ways of putting these twelve pieces back into their box. A pattern of bright lines had appeared on the screen, showing the set of all twelve pentominoes fitted into the six-by-ten frame. What had at first seemed merely a childish game had opened endless vistas and horizons—though even the brightest of ten-year-olds could not begin to guess the full extent of the universe now opening up before him. For weeks he carried around with him the set of twelve pentominoes in their plastic box, playing with them at every odd moment. And once in a sort of geometrical trance or ecstasy which he was never able to repeat, he discovered five solutions in less than an hour. I know: playing video games and surfing the interplanetary internet for naughty pictures.

If Women’S Roles In Movies Were Played By Men | Duration 2 Minutes 1 Seconds Intellectual games similar to chess for intellectual crew, and gambling games for those less intellectual. Counters styled as either ‘stars’ or ‘comets’ move across the board taking opponents’ pieces. Its use helps to reinforce the alien culture being portrayed, and also gives the reader a sense of continuity between books portraying differing people and places. Very well, you have set up the stars in this game, but perhaps the comets lie in other hands. But there’s skill to it —real skill—and most of that lies in selecting the right opponents and knowing just how far they’re ready to plunge in answer to any bet you’re reckless enough to make. He felt like coughing; the smoke of a hebel stick was thick and cloying. When he reached the opposite end, he stopped and glanced over his shoulder at them. For long periods of his life, this game had exerted an almost uncanny attraction on him. I love the playing board, with a galaxy outlined in logarithmic spirals. They race to create solar system and planets, develop life, and strive to evolve the life forms to intelligence. It has a gorgeous game board and playing pieces, but is rather expensive. The number of spaces a piece can move is usually the same as the number of indicators it has (the exception is the “commander” or “king”, as in chess it can only move one space). Winning is by either capturing the enemy’s commander piece or by elimination all their non-commander pieces. You basically take turns drawing lines connecting two dots, and adding a dot to the new line. As a variant, the game can be played in misère fashion, where the last player who make a move loses. To play an interesting game, one has to start with a large number of dots. What can you do with five identical squares of white plastic, a couple of centimeters on a side? And there are twelve of them, so the total area is sixty squares. There might be no way of making the twelve pieces fit this rectangular box, even though it was the right size. Unfortunately, the hole then left in the jigsaw was not the same shape as the piece that remained in his hand—even though, of course, it was of exactly the same area.

Kzaiz Back Stage Trailer | Duration 2 Minutes 33 Seconds Thirty minutes later, he was fairly bursting with frustration. The twelve pieces had been perfectly fitted into the jigsaw. This time, however, she merely laughed and punched out some instructions to the computer. The game can be played with a standard deck of cards, or a special deck can be created.

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She still attracts attention, and some people still talk to her. When asked, locals can recall having witnessed or participated in any number of voodoo and vodoun-inspired rituals in their lifetime. A place where every wind smells of spicy resin, whispering in the voices of bare branches and dead leaves. Ward is a competent guide through confusing social customs of strange times in a strange locale, and she interprets the gaps as carefully as possible. She got a black cat tooth and a mojo bone, and anyone wouldn´t leave her alone. And in places deep within, where even the moonlight gets lost, it can be a lonely, haunting place.

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This period of confusion and discomfort is temporary, however, as it is soon drowned out by a fierce, intense craving for human blood. For one, joining an existing pack offers security, access to blood and protection from other packs. Of course, back in the distant past when vampire control was in a more primitive state, large vampire armies often rose up and spread by overwhelming entire towns like locusts. That said, this is the only area of their lives in which they are not mercenary. As a result, elder vampires are far from the dashing, handsome types so often seen in movies, as they’re likely to be heavily scarred with parts of their face missing. While some packs have no patience with slow learners, most fledglings are given a bit of time to get up to speed. Unsurprisingly, prostitutes and homeless always make up a disproportionate number of victims. Much like gangs and drug dealers, a given swath of real estate can only support so many vampires. The country is safer, but hunting opportunities may be few and far between. It is not enough to merely win the confrontation: to have a future, they must show their rivals just how merciless and sadistic they can be. If a pack finds a suitable new member, it will keep that person in their midst until transformation is complete. Interestingly, vampires of a more traditionalist mindset have been known to perform elaborate rituals based around transforming supportive civilians into one of their kind. Some consider this behavior as proof that vampires are cruel and monstrous, but in fact it is more a question of pragmatism. Plus, it is much easier to hide severed parts than a full corpse. Since they spend most of their waking hours out hunting, there is little need for creature comforts at home. Knowing that their lair may be discovered at any time, vampires always travel light. Even so much as bruising them can be detrimental, since the blood becomes trapped under the skin. Only during raids on their hideouts do they break out the big guns and body armor. Another 10 percent are females between the ages of 15 and 35. The racial and ethnic makeup of a pack will generally mirror that of the local populace. Despite the fact that they do not age on a genetic level, vampiric mortality rates have always been high. The leading causes of death have also changed with the times. Artery cutting and organ stabbing usually met with failure, while sun exposure was only moderately successful. The vast majority of this estimate (95 to 98 percent) are believed to be in the dormant phase. That does not mean the country is completely safe: in fact, many vampires find areas in the countryside—caves, cemetery crypts, abandoned mines—more suitable for a safe dormancy. Perhaps because they share with us a desire to make sense of the world, they have sought to put their bloodlust into some sort of context. Ultimately, this practice started to fall out of favor by the early 20th century, due to higher mortality rates and the confiscation of important documents and artifacts. By conducting extensive interviews with vampires, along with observing their behavior in the wild, scientists have been able to arrive at a reasonable understanding of their world. The first few days after coming out of a vampiric coma are especially difficult for the vampire: it awakens starved, dehydrated and disoriented, its judgement clouded by competing impulses and memories of its previous life. This growing hunger eventually snaps the vampire into focus, and it sets about finding a way to sate that hunger. In a successful pack, each member has its role, and there is little dissension. This tends to be the most ideal number: any more than that, not everyone always gets a chance to feed; any less and hunting becomes appreciably riskier. They are capable of developing loyalties and behaving selflessly to protect and serve their pack. Contrary-wise, stronger subordinates can rise up and become a threat to its position. They will hiss and growl, bare their fangs and claws, draw weapons and showcase their prodigious strength, speed and leaping ability to intimidate rivals. If one is cunning enough, they can command minions twice their size. Each new challenge from within the pack takes its toll; injuries pile up, including many of the permanently-disabling variety: they can lose an eye, have flesh and ligaments torn out, and shatter bones beyond repair. Vampires have also been known to kill or turn taxi drivers and use their vehicles to pick up additional victims. While an urban area may offer more hunting opportunities, it also increases their chances of running afoul of another pack. Therefore, hunting packs must be ruthless in defending their territory, making such battles almost unimaginably vicious. Of course, they have to make sure not to drain the body too much or the person will die. Once a pack size is set, vampires will usually tear their victims apart after feeding. Left intact, today’s bite victim could become tomorrow’s rival, however unlikely. Besides blood, other priorities demand avoiding detection and getting out of the sun, and their abodes reflect this transient nature of their lives. Music is one of their preferred indulgences—a conspicuous habit they’ve had to curtail in the face of nosy vampire hunters. When it comes to rival packs and lone investigators, vampires have no qualms using melee weapons and silenced firearms—anything that doesn’t give away their position. The remaining 10 are males and females past 35, with the absolute oldest case being 72. By the year 1800, a newly-turned vampire could expect to live 10 years on average. And then by 1960, life expectancy encompassed a couple years at most. Suicide rates are also much higher among vampires than humans. However, even that estimate is probably low, because many vampires who succumbed to malnutrition had made a conscious decision to stop feeding. They would fling themselves off buildings and in front of trains and trucks, light themselves on fire, take poison or shoot themselves in the head, among other dramatic methods. Historically, vampires see themselves as the antithesis of the prevailing religion in the land of their origin. In addition to reinforcing their cultural identity, learning this unique language also had the advantage of allowing vampires to secretly communicate even in the presence of other humans.

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Speaking of which, said wolves are always more civilised than their human counterparts. It seems to me that some light bedtime reading on wolves would not go astray. Yet, notice there are still only the alpha, beta and third in command to uphold the rules. This isn’t aimed at anybody in particular, just meant to be funny. This one, along with the next, offends me on a personal level. Maybe, if we’re lucky, they’ll throw us a bone (excuse the pun) and have an omega. I have to use italics writing that piece of overused stupidity. Why in the name of all that is chocolatey are they even there? It’s the main guy’s perspective, just after seeing the girl for the first time. Werewolves actually existing would actually seem probable compared to that working out. Rogues, in case you didn’t know, are wolves that go out on their own. There are so many special girls that a normal one would be a phenomenon.

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Vampires don’t really have any limits, other than the self-imposed guideline to keep their existence a secret. The skin is also remarkable because of the “purplish bruiselike shadows” beneath the eyes indicative of a lack of sleep. Sunlight marks vampires out for what they are, but does not harm them in any way. Vampires can be killed by decapitation, a wooden stake or a consecrated bullet through the heart. Crosses, garlic, holy water and similar items ward off vampires. Vampires can be killed, although only other vampires are strong enough to do it.

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One moment she’s cute & cuddly, the next she’s tearing your head off. I mean, apparently she even doesn’t need to drink blood and isn’t harmed by sunlight. I mean, apparently she even doesn’t need to drink blood and isn’t harmed by sunlight.< /p> In any case, there’s a lot of vampires in fiction that bend the rules of a stereotypical vampire. It also drives her species into a mindless homocidal rage when they do so. She uses the lion’s share of her power (70% at current and it’s only going to go up) simply to hold back her bloodlust. Arcueid holds herself in check very well (she sleeps most of the time, in the last 700 or so years she’s been awake all of about six months). He’s like most wise old wizard types, if you don’t meddle in his business, you’ll be fine). Their bloodlust is said to be stronger than that of other vampires in that universe, and they expend most of their power just to keep it in check.

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And it is possible that the vampires eyes are green, if an author wants something unique and not so common for her character, green is a good color to pick becasue it’s not often that you find a person who has real green eyes. The children of the millenia have marble like skin, so does the cullens -lestat says that to him (as a vampire), wine is like really bad medicine (he said it in a way better way), edward said that human food to vampires is like dirt and doesn’t carlisle (sp?) remind you of marius? She says she doesn’t like it when other people’s vampires are too similar or different from her own (which is incredibly self-centered).

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While this relates to martial accessories such as swords, bayonets and other edged weapons, it isn’t a big leap to more household items such as axes, kitchen knives and craft scalpels. Most vampires originate in Überwald, and those who are still powerful noble families in that region are still feuding with the werewolves. Also, they can violently suppress the townspeople if such an action actually becomes necessary. Though the term “vampire feudal families” is used, it is more common for one single vampire to be the lord of a feudal region; vampires generally do not raise families. Though they can be reduced to fine dust by sunlight or a small number of other means, simply dripping a little blood (human or otherwise) onto the pile will result in complete reanimation, and makes scattering remains mandatory. If so, this makes her a triple agent, poised amidst three powerful players, each of whom is pursuing an agenda of their own. As a generally nocturnal species, it can also be presumed that they do much work in the city at night in case say, someone wakes up in the wee hours, decides what he really needs at the moment is a hundred square feet of canvas or a dozen wooden chairs. Vampires usually look pale and skinny, but are in fact very fast and powerful. Those new blades, bright sparkling new from the foil packet, are very definitely hungry. Vampires are often powerful feudal lords because they are undead, so they have had plenty of time to accumulate wealth and political power. As with double agents everywhere, this offers her choices and chances for manipulation. One was even known to hunt in the form of a great black dog.

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I doubted his icy marble skin would smell anything like food. Her skin was marble white, the texture a million times smoother than human skin. His skin, white despite the faint flush from yesterday’s hunting trip, literally sparkled, like thousands of tiny diamonds were embedded in the surface. His glistening, pale lavender lids were shut, though of course he didn’t sleep. Browse other questions tagged vampire twilight or ask your own question. Why are “the first” vampires immune to all of the normal vampire weaknesses? How to describe skin colour, if “white” is not the point of reference? He lay perfectly still in the grass, his shirt open over his sculpted, incandescent chest, his scintillating arms bare. A perfect statue, carved in some unknown stone, smooth like marble, glittering like crystal. Is there a specific penalty for intentionally damaging chess pieces or the board?

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To me, the only /essential/ thing that must exist to define a vampire would be the thirst for blood. Also, the fact that you need a serious effort to even slow them down is vital, as is the idea that they don’t die by normal means. Really it can qualify as a vampire so long as it doesn’t glow like diamonds when exposed to sunlight. Also, they were bitten by another vampire and then fed their blood to become one. Bite people and turn them into either ghouls(zombies) or vampires. It’s not like we are criticising him, quite the opposite in fact! They are either infected by a non lethal feeding or are born to the condition. The invitation to enter is cool, but not necessary, as is the sunlight and holy symbols weaknesses, and shape shifting. The two defining traits of the vampire are a hunger for blood and rising from the dead. People have been playing with the myth for a long time, inventing and dropping aspects as they see fit. It’s standard romance fare, but with the pretense of being a vampire novel. Perhaps being stereotypical but having one or two gone as they were just superstitions. He just didn’t have access to all his abilities, and thus was stronger and more frightening at night. In some traditions, they can’t cross flowing water, or they have to count every grain of sand thrown at them. The pop view of the vampire differs wildly from the vampires of folklore. What bothered me about the books (especially after my sister, 8 years older than me and normally of sound taste, recommended them heartily), is the lack of characterization. Though the mythos is totally fake, it’s one we can all agree is what’s the baseline for our considerations. The latter is basically an excuse, ignorant´s explanation for epidemics, like the plague. They can be killed by piercing the heart or severing the head.


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