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We definitely think that, regardless of the product, what other customers have to say should impact your purchasing decisions. Much like wine, food, or anything else we eat or drink, what constitutes your perfect cup of coffee depends almost wholly on personal preference. Are you a coffee newbie, or a longstanding aficionado? I called about this and was told that this is a common defect. I tried cleaning this thing again and guess what, the clean light finally went out but still only gives coffee for 3 seconds before beeping 5 times.I like the reusable filter as well, it’s easy to clean and no need to buy filters every month. Boiling water steams, it’s basic physics, simply don’t keep it under your cupboard. After making three or four pots of coffee, it needs cleaning. The clean button comes on for practically every other pot and will not let you make a pot of coffee until you run the clean cycle. I like the idea of having my ice coffee, single cup holder and a full pot all in the same coffee maker. I know it has a warmer button but, it still doesn’t keep the coffee hot for me.
Magic Chef 27 Lbs Portable Counter Top Ice Maker For Your Rv Review And Demonstration | Duration 7 Minutes 18 Seconds You’ll also be able to dial up the flavor for any size or style of coffee, at any time, from the comfort of your own home. In many instances, celebrities don’t even use the products they’re endorsing. What you find to be perfectly brewed, your neighbor might find disgusting. Rep said hers does the same thing and her daughter just puts a sticky over it. No cup or travel mug is big enough as it constantly over brews. I would recommend purchasing a coffee maker from a store where it can be returned, and from a manufacturer that stands behind their product. If you try, it will just give you about a half cup of coffee even though it is set at a pot. We gave it a chance, but now it is time for a new one. I have to microwave every cup after my first cup of coffee in my microwave. I need to heat up my second cup of coffee, thanks for listening. I used a descaling agent as indicated and the light went off. Neither white vinegar nor descaling solution have any effects.

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It was a great assortment of sizes and types, looking forward to trying each one out. The glass container is kind of heavy, not everyone will be able to handle it. Perfect for wet dog feet coming inside the house from outdoors! Groupon can’t help with the actual work (sorry), but we can keep your kitchen stocked with plenty of glass and plastic storage containers for the leftovers. Would have been a 5 star if they made it more clear that 24 pieces means the lids and the actual container equal that 24, not an actual 24 containers. Take it as the compliment it is and keep your cabinets stocked with a full suite of kitchenware—from gadgets and utensils that simplify slicing a pineapple or pitting an avocado to toasters, blenders, wafflemakers, and other appliances. Whatever you’re cooking, keep the mood light with a flirty apron or some whimsical kitchen towels. Zanzibar glazed earthenware pitcher or a three-tiered dessert stand. There’s no better outlet for your sense of humor than drinkware.

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But after applying a simple fix, placing a small plastic ring into the center to lift the filter slightly, it works fine. Also had issues a couple times with the water overflowing in the filter basket causing a big mess because the pot didn’t seat properly to push up the valve to allow the water to flow (other reviews made this complaint as well). But then, just a few weeks later, it stopped working completely. Very frustrating, and caused overflows and coffee grounds dripping into the pot when the water overflowed the paper filter. The coffee maker worked fine for about 5 weeks, but then it suddenly stopped working.
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