Losch worked on his first engine for five years before it was finally completed. The engine is claimed to be superior to any gasoline engine in the country. Sweet, the eminent specialist, who has since died, and was told that there was no help for him but that a film or seal of some sort had formed over the eye. Shollenberger was astonished to find that he was able to see objects about the room.
Epoxy Countertop Durability Test. Wow! | Duration 6 Minutes 38 Seconds French plate glass with glass receptacles for the stationery. Florida, he saved money but although he had a considerable sum in his pockets he walked all the way home, except as stated when he received lifts in autos. Thursday was reported favorable and it is believed she will recover. Pennsylvania freight station, when a noise of some kind caused them to take fright and they made a dash to get away. Bressler has chosen a program of splendid numbers of the classic and of the sacred character. Sunday morning, on every side were heard expressions of absolute satisfaction and predictions of most excellent results from his elevation to the bar bench. Governor and his party were scheduled to arrive in town at 12:40 o’clock and as is the usual rule, arrivals of this kind are always later rather than earlier then the scheduled hour. Boltz’s knitting mill where a fifteen horse power engine of the new patent was placed yesterday. Thursday morning prompted his father to summon state and state highway police aid and shortly after two o’clock the dragging of the lake was begun. Fenstermacher kitchen at the time as the tongue of the wagon struck the stove pipe and knocked it down. Berger accepts the appointment of judge at a great personal sacrifice. Berger immediately upon his appointment began to adjust his private practice. November 1917, he will most surely be elected for a full and complete ten year term. Lautenbacher in a few words extended the official welcome of the citizenry and town. Governor took occasion to remark that the town had become well known and prominent in official circles because of its industries and manufacturing achievements. Bast, son of the proprietor of the mill, jumped on the rear of the wagon as the horses started and tried to check their mad speed but without effect. Bast took a leap to the ground and while in the act of jumping several of the heavy cases, weighing between 250 and 300 pounds fell from the wagon, striking and felling him to the ground.


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