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It is non-toxic, contains no phosphates, solvents or any other harsh chemicals. This environmentally preferable formula is great for cleaning a multitude of hard surfaces, from floors to countertops to refrigerators. Reduces dust accumulation to help preserve the beauty of the surface. This product is formulated with corrosion inhibiting agents providing complete corrosion protection to sensitive components fabricated from nickel and tin.
How To Remove Stains From Marble Tile | Duration 4 Minutes 26 Seconds This product is completely water soluble and can be diluted to any useful concentration. Contains special inhibitors to minimize corrosion, while effectively cleaning scale from all metal surfaces. Removes built-up lime scale eliminating the cause of equipment jamming and improves ice quality and capacity. Cleans engines enabling them to run cooler, look better and last longer. The wall mounted dispenser allows for quick convenient individual use. The handy dispenser may be mounted to the wall with towels dispensing up or down. It penetrates, dissolves and flushes away dirt, grease, oil and food stains. When used in drain lines and grease traps it effectively prevents build-up of grease and organic matter which cause clogs and odors. Use in restaurants, hospitals, hotels, schools and nursing homes. They quickly and effectively break down organic matter and the odors associated with decomposition. Contains a pleasant odor neutralizer, formulated to kill malodors at their source. The powerful thick foam clings to vertical surfaces to increase dwell time and penetrate through dirt for easy removal. Restore contains special additives that protect surfaces from sun damage, fading, drying and cracking. It preserves high luster and is a non-abrasive product that forms a protective coating. Contains no chlorinated solvents, acids, alkalis, abrasives or heavy creams. It effectively removes grease, dirt and grime and leaves no sticky residue behind! .

How To Remove Stains Or Burn Marks From Cultured Marble Countertops Counter Top | Duration 2 Minutes 48 Seconds It effectively removes grease, dirt and grime and leaves no sticky residue behind! This enzyme fortified product is easily rinsed off, even in the hardest water, leaving the surface clean and sparkling. Dense foam allows product to cling to vertical surface allowing for longer contact time. Laundry 130 works in hot or cold and in hard or soft water. It is great for cleaning wool, silk, and delicate synthetics. The bacteria quickly and effectively controls odors anywhere, even pet odors in carpet and sewage odors from overflow. It digests carpet urine stains and removes blood, food and grass stains from laundry, too. It is manufactured for today’s client’s high expectation for performance products. The rise and fall of the water level cleans and degreases the vertical surfaces of lift stations, wet wells, and other treatment facilities, reducing the need for physical cleaning. Different dilution ratios allow this product to be a very versatile cleaner, and it may be used anywhere water is safe to use. Ideally suited for most cleaning and degreasing applications. Quickly removes grease, oil, tar, adhesives and more from most surfaces. This product is specially formulated to remove soap scum and hard water stains from virtually all restroom surfaces. It is a highly concentrated product allowing the user the ability to mix to the desired performance level required by the task at hand.


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