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Our original vision was to cut logs, hew them by hand, and build a rustic log cabin from scratch. As time passed and we grew older, the idea of building our own cabin from scratch changed to an idea of hiring it done. Over the years we got into showing dogs and that absorbed our summers. We would occasionally drive to the land for a picnic. There was about 18 inches of snow on the ground at the cabin site. We also spent this month working out the details of a modest solar power system. Since our needs for electricity are modest, they recommended a small system that will provide about 2000 watt-hours/day of electricity from 7 solar panels mounted on the roof of the cabin. An inverter will provide 117 volt electricity to switched electric plugs located throughout the house. We plan to put the batteries in a crawl space beneath the cabin, with the controls located in a utility closet. Hummingbirds are common, always seeking out the brightly colored items we bring with us on a picnic. We’ve had to make up detailed maps to show people how to find the cabin site.Sometime this month, we are to take the site manager to the site so he can get a sense of the grade of the land and be able to start staking and grading as soon as we can get equipment in there. It is not too bad and should go easily as long as we don’t hit any big rocks. He agreed to get someone to come up and look at the site and assess the ability to drill a productive well for fresh water. The photo to the left shows what the view from the front porch of the cabin will look like. We won’t know for sure until we visit on the weekend. In the foreground is the leach field for the septic system, in the background is the crawlspace for the cabin. We also bought a combination dresser and wardrobe which should work for the two of us for a while. It was made locally and if we need another we can have a duplicate made. While we will have some solar electricity, it may not be enough for electric appliances. A motorhome’s brakes burned catching the entire motor home on fire. Several people, including a local fire truck tried to put the blaze out. By late afternoon slurry bombers and a 20 person fire crew had the fire under control. We have a lot more “dirt” on the site than we had expected. Otherwise, we are likely to have a cabin floor covered in muddy dog paw prints! There is a lot of decomposed granite in the soil, so when it is spread out it is like gravel. It is cool and green in the bottom, and the dogs love to run along the road. So, we knew the association road that bisects our land had a name, but we didn’t know what it was. The cabin went up in about 7 hours once they got the logs onto the site, which was not easy. Next week we should see the rest of the roof put in place as well as the porch. To do that, we have to estimate the power consumed per hour for each appliance, then estimate the number of hours each day it will be used, and estimate the number of days each week it will be used. In the panel to the right is a list of the electrical appliances we have planned for. So, we will probably size the system a little bit larger than that. After buying a motor home in 1998, we would stay in it on the land over an occasional weekend. It will be interesting to see if the stakes have survived the snow we’ve received since then. Our Mountain Cabin in Colorado Spring We also have a generator we bought about 3 years ago that we can use to charge batteries or provide electricity if we deplete the solar system. The generator will probably be homed in a small storage shed located on a concrete pad behind the house. And, it has a wide variety of pines, firs, and spruce trees. There are many beautiful rock formations as well as two year around springs and a beaver pond. No matter which way you choose though, there are many miles of dirt roads which are often rough with washboard. The cabin is being built behind the group of trees on the upper-left part of the photo. Here is a photo of an unusual aspen tree — it has two distinct trunks that join into a single tree! The drawing below is of the front of the cabin that, despite what the drawing says, faces north-east. We also went back through our records to find the detailed meets-and-bounds descriptions. We hope there is not too much snow so we can get access to the site. There was a little mud and snow, but not much and we got to the site easily. Ron inspected the site and got elevations so we know how much grade there is. We’ll need to cut a road to the site — about 100 yards, but that seems to be no problem either. He seems confident that we will be able to put in a septic system for waste disposal. It snowed in the mountains last weekend and it is sure to be wet and muddy. We were at the site today for a picnic with 5 of the dogs. Ideally, we only want to pay the excavator to go up one time to do to road, the crawlspace, and the septic system. It seems that problem is getting someone qualified to do a perq test for the septic system to go there. Our pristine beautiful meadow is pretty ugly right now. But, the shopping is about done once we have a bed and a sofa. And, there is still a lot of work to do on finalizing the solar system. We will stain the exterior of the cabin a dark stain and the interior a medium-light stain. It was quickly consumed, and burned so hot with so many sparks that it caught the prairie on fire. But, it was too few people with too much wind and the fire spread up the mountainside. The terms “front” and “back” have caused a lot of confusion. However, to others the “front” is the door closest to the driveway and through which we always enter and leave. We’ve used native decomposed granite to form the road base for the new road, and to provide a base for most of the area around the cabin. Nevertheless, we still have some areas that are not covered by the decomposed granite and can justly be called “dirt”! We have discovered that the cabin has an address! The land owners’ association was asked by the county to name all internal roads this year.Someone else knew there was a secluded “hidden” meadow there! By this list, we need about 2500 watt-hours of electricity per day.

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Still, you’re better off parking in the unofficial field, which offers far quicker entry and exiting than the equally overpriced official parking lots that are east and north of the stadium. In an eight month period all that was bland about the stadium was enhanced, and many of the amenities it had always lacked were added.

How To Repair Cracks In Granite Countertops In Chester Springs | Duration 50 Seconds Many use the left field entrance gate, which is adjacent to one of the park’s two ticket booths. The lower level one is behind the stadium and completely covered. After long lacking space for an official team shop, in 2011 an air-conditioned walk-in one opened in a dedicated space near the home plate gate. The netting is comprised of thin squares that minimize obstruction. Netting that spans the dugout is free of any additional supports and is thus the best part of the screen to sit behind; the dugout sections are 107-110 and 116-119. Ushers are restrictive only when fans attempt to sit in the box seats behind home plate. The other booth is near the main entrance gate, which is directly behind home plate. The second-story concourse is partially covered and allows for unobstructed views of the field. To make sure you’re on the home side of the stadium, buy your tickets in sections 101-112 or 201-212. However, the extra rope supports used to hold up the screen in front of some sections can be distracting for fans, with those sitting in sections 104-106 and 120-122 having to deal with the distraction the ropes cause. Section 128 has 26 bistro tables spread out over four tiers plus a back row (#5) of drink rail seating. At the start of afternoon games the sun is behind the first base side of the grandstand and rows that are shaded are: 7 & up in sections 203-211 and 9 & up in sections 215-223. Strollers are permitted but discouraged, as you have to fold them up and keep the stroller clear of aisles and walkways, which isn’t an easy thing to do. Budweiser products are on tap on the first base side of the stadium. Home to many celebrities, great beaches and beautiful scenery, there’s plenty to do and plenty to enjoy, all a short drive from the stadium.

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