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The second floor features two large bedrooms great closets and an updated bath. The unfinished basement even has massive potential with a little creativity for more useable space or storage if desired. This one of a kind apartment has tons of extra closet space , high ceilings and lots of natural light. The lower level affords space for home office and rec room . Additional 472 sf basement family room with door to yard not included in total square footage. First floor has a guest suite, large mudroom off garage . This property features breathtaking grounds that are meticulously landscaped with a luxurious shoreline pool and hot tub surrounded by a large deck. Soaring vaulted and cathedral ceilings with skylights fill this home with the most magnificent light. Beyond the pretty formal rooms, an expansive new kitchen and breakfast room open to a new family room with vaulted ceiling and fireplace. Up a few stairs to the oversized master bedroom high ceilings and ensuite bath. Main floor master suite for easy living and the large open flow with high ceiling makes perfect for year round entertaining and memorable family moments. Magnificent gourmet kitchen is perfect to entertain family & friends. New driveway, blue stone walkway and blue stone backyard patio . Beautiful high ceilings in the very open living room with sun pouring in from every direction. Adjoining sunroom setup for casual evenings with friends and family. This affordable and charming unit features lots of closets and hardwood floors throughout. This open and airy floor plan includes a 2-sided stone fireplace, a bright eat-in kitchen with a large family room with doors to pool deck, first floor guest suite or maid’s room with full bath and separate entrance. A new mud room with built ins off the drive way provides access to both the first floor and down to a fresh new lower level rec room, abundant storage and access to the new 2 car garage. Chef’s kitchen and breakfast room also with covered porch and patio. A chef’s dream, the gourmet kitchen with expansive island , breakfast area, and adjacent family room is the perfect focal point of the home.

Granite Countertops Without The High Cost | Duration 1 Minutes 56 Seconds Additionally, the stunning master suite includes a bright and spacious bedroom, a private office and luxurious master bath.

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The kitchen includes full size stainless steel appliances including a big dishwasher midnight stone counter tops textured slate floors and a grigio marble subway tile backsplash. The building features an elevator live in super laundry and more. A split 2 bedroom, 2 bath, south facing home with storage unit ? Exceptional amenities include a fitness center optional housekeeping concierge doorman laundry service private car service and a live in building manager. There are beautiful hardwood herringbone floors throughout, large windows, exceptional closet space and a spacious semi-private elevator landing. Also included in the sale is a 31 square foot storage room with 7′ ceilings. Other features include a landscaped rooftop terrace and bicycle storage . The large north facing bedroom provides exceptional closet space and sunlight throughout the day. Master bedroom has substantial closet space whi ch leads you to a windowed master bath with freestanding tub over sized shower and separate water closet both enclosed with frame less glass doors.

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If you don’t mind sharing, about how much did it cost you to completely reno your kitchen? No major structural changes like moving walls or replacing windows. It is costing much more than expected and the stress is constant. Now we are remodelling and even though it is not a high end kitchen we chose everything and have a layout that works for us and will love it when it is done. Aim for spending the same amount monthly on your mortgage/insurance/etc that you spend on renting, assuming it is a comfortable amount for you and still allows for some savings, plus a cushion for house upkeep costs down the road. That’s probably where you would get your best real estate deal. Spend several months or more on this site to learn all you can before you make any reno decisions. I see here a lot of people have given you an idea of what you can do for more money. In my current home, we are just finishing a first floor remodel that included the kitchen. They know their field inside out, they take direction, they say no when they must, and they get things done that can be left alone as good enough. Other trades / professionals need to have an end in sight (an end to “the whole thing”) or else they get discouraged and can be sloppy, or worse. Unless you are paying them full pay no questions asked just to have them show up and find out what new thing you want, each day. Reading up in advance is good for the process, but talking about what you just learned is bad for the process. Details (mostly in the finishing) can cost more than all the other stuff, which means they can take more than half of the total budget once all is said and done. We are pretty bare bones on the labor already, and couldn’t have cut much more there since we have an old house where things needed to be updated per code. Our house had been well-maintained over the years and was generally in good shape, but had some dated features. We did take it down to the studs because we had to put in reinforcements for the stacked cabinets. However, it may give you a very basic idea âÂÂifâ you do not include labor. The cost of the renovation was very much factored into the purchase price of the house, because it was desperately needed, and not just for aesthetic reasons. I would look for something you can live with for now, but has some room for improvement. It looked ok, but the layout was horrible and made no sense. Would have saved us a lot of time and money in the long run. The kitchen is in two parts – the 9×10 “working” part and the 9×12 eat in, hallway passthru part. I know the amount we spent is outside recommendations but the kitchen and appliances were 45 years old, nonstandard in size and the floor plan was so bad the house was most likely unsellable. We bought ours because of the lot, which still remains a fabulous lot. Unless we had bulldozed the entire thing from the beginning, we had no choice but to accept and live with incredible awkwardnesses and now they’re embedded within the structure irrevocably. Buying a home that needs a lot of work, put down the minimum, keeping most of our savings for reno. Gutted the old one down to studs, new electrical, did not move plumbing, and retained vinyl floor. Also ask about area of country because costs vary considerably. Life is much easier if you find something that you do not need to reinvent. We were in a rush and figured we could always fix it up and make it our way. We could not find a house with a kitchen we liked enough to make it worthwhile to move. As far as renovating an older house, the cost and effort depends on what you need to do. If it’s a not-that-old house that simply has outdated decor, then you can either touch it up yourself for not much money (paint, cabinet hardware) or live with it. It really depends on your taste in decor and your tolerance for upheaval and dust.

Granite Countertops Largest Showroom In Bangalore For Buying Granite Countertops | Duration 2 Minutes 48 Seconds You’ll be surprised how much you’ll learn, and your finished kitchen will be much better for it. It wasn’t high end, but it was by far the nicest kitchen in my neighborhood of old homes with old kitchens. In my opinion, the kitchen looks phenomenal for this level of house. Plumbers and electricians are professionals who can and usually do work well with homeowners. Other trades / professionals handle stuff that could be called “things you want done”. But then you’ve turned them into paid listeners and discussants, who won’t have much to show for it at the end of 5 or 10 supposedly productive work hours. It is normal human nature to reevaluate what you want during the process. A lot of people on here are into elaborate style kitchens for high use. This was the kitchen and adjacent laundry room, gutting everything and using what was, for us, nice materials. We could have cut out another big chunk by not going with a stone counter, too. One thing to remember is that even homes in move-in condition need maintenance, some of which can be costly. Even after the most thorough inspection, any home can throw expensive surprises at you. It just means (hopefully) that nothing has to be replaced, right away. If the layout of the kitchen works, and you are just fixing it cosmetically to meet your taste, it will cost much less than if you do like us and completely rearrange the whole thing. I looked at a ranch today with a friend which had it’s original knotty pine kitchen, original (high end) appliances, etc. It was in good shape, but hadn’t been updated in a long time. Now she has the dream kitchen and a beautiful home that could be in a magazine.

Granite Overlay Countertops | Duration 1 Minutes 1 Seconds The house, however, will always be a stupid house, even with all the good things we’ve done to it since 1972. If you have money, guard it and don’t neglect your savings programs.

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And in just about 3 minutes, the etch and water mark will be mechanically removed and repolished back to the original factory finish! I was in the middle of a remodel and loved the look of white granite (quartzite) which is stronger. I used the etch remover per instructions and within 5 minutes, the etching was gone! I am sure the sample was not sealed, but sealing only helps with staining. The trick with this product is to keep adding water and rub in a circular motion for several minutes. However, when people walk in the first thing they mention is how beautiful the island is. It’s a bit messy with the abrasive sand material, ensuring it stays “moist” (not sure to what degree it should be), and cleaning off the residue afterwards. A subcontractor from my local stone supply shop even said there wasn’t anything that could be done to remove the stains, and just to start applying a sealer to prevent further marks from developing, or just replace the vanity top. I left a vinegar cleaning solution and cloth on the counter and now have a ring and a dull splotch that need to be rubbed out. Unfortunately for me this product was not ineffective – instead added to the etching spot on my counter causing the blemish to be larger and more noticeable (see outer ring in pic). I was in the middle of a remodel and loved the look of white granite (quartzite) which is stronger than marble but etches just as bad. You end up with 4 possibilities – scratchy looking surface because the abrasive material wasn’t moist enough, cloudy surface because the chem ical residue didn’t fully come off, etch marks remain, or etch marks almost fully gone but you can tell slightly where the etch marks were. I can say and try this product first in a corner where some items usually sit.

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While natural slab can be useful for certain specialized projects, it is not always as cost-effective. Our sales rep can help determine what the job calls for, but typically, prefabricated stone countertop is the way to go. Lower grades may crack or have muddy, inconsistent coloring.

#1 Kitchen Upgrade Granite Countertops | Duration 1 Minutes 49 Seconds By ensuring that each of these surfaces came from the same stone block, homeowners can rest assured that color and pattern is consistent and uniform. For backsplashes, we offer both 4” and 7” sizes, suitable for covering rough areas of the wall exposed during demolition of your old tile or backsplash. Granite is a popular choice for kitchen and bathroom counters. This differs from natural slab stone, which does not have its edging and finishing applied until after it is purchased. Quality, style and selection for our prefabricated stone countertop is equivalent to natural slab stone. Our countertops are ¾” thick, which is thicker than most prefabricated countertops on the market. We are proud to label the origins of our stone products, providing you with a greater assurance of its quality and manufacturing. We also carry longer kitchen islands than most of our competitors, who may only carry up to 30 to 36” x 96” lengths. The longer, wider sizes mean fewer seams in your countertop surface.

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Depending on where you get your granite and how much area you need to cover, it can get a bit pricey. With a counter size of, say, 50 or 60 feet, that can turn into a fair amount of money. A standard granite slab is about one and a quarter inches thick. Another way to reduce the cost is to use granite tiles instead of a granite slab. But as compared to a heftier price tag attached to granite slabs, tile costs up to 60 percent less. While it does increase your home’s resale value, you still don’t want to spend an exorbitant amount. One major factor in the cost of granite countertops is the thickness of the granite. But if you get a thinner slab of three quarters of an inch, it will still be long-lasting and easy to clean, but at a cheaper price. With fine enough grout lines, granite tiles can blend together so seamlessly that it looks like a single piece.

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Buy the top that is the next size up from the width of the cabinet. If the intention is to replace only the countertop and keep the faucet, be sure to measure the current faucet center and buy a new vanity top with a similar measure. Cultured marble is also known as laminated marble or cultured onyx. If the cabinet is not level, purchase shims along with the vanity top to level off the new installation. The tension created by a tightly installed plumbing fixture and drain assembly is enough to hold the vanity in place without worry of moving or shifting. Modern bathroom cabinets are topped by one-piece countertops with precast sinks. Replacing the vanity countertop is a rather easy job that can be completed in the space of a few hours. The distance from the middle of the far left hole to the middle of the far right hole is called the faucet center. One of the largest specialty bath brands in the world makes faucets with centers that measure 8 to 16 inches. Vanity tops can also be constructed from granite and quartz. Depending on the material, the top may be heavy enough to prevent shifting or movement.

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Learn about different types of countertops so you can find a surface that’s right for your home and budget. It resists heat, water, bacteria and stains without sealing, making it very easy to maintain. Visually rich and dynamic, they’re highly heat-resistant and can stand up to stains and bacteria when properly sealed. These countertops are made of nonporous, acrylic material and create a seamless appearance. Solid-surface countertops are susceptible to scratching and are less heat-resistant than other types of countertops. Laminate countertops sometimes have visible seams and edges and are susceptible to cuts and scratches. Butcher block typically comes in sections which must be cut to shape, sanded and finished before installation. Wood is naturally porous, so you must properly treat it to prevent the growth of germs and bacteria. Applying butcher block oil or conditioner often requires multiple coats and may change the color of the wood slightly. These countertops come in a variety of colors and patterns and are heat, stain and scratch resistant. Because recycled glass countertops are made from repurposed materials, the final product may vary slightly from manufacturer-provided samples. Also, you must use special care as these surfaces may chip or scratch — especially around the edges — if you drop heavy objects on them or scrape sharp objects such as knives along them. These countertops are made from minerals such as feldspar or clay fused with pigments. Sintered stone countertops have seams and since they’re made with natural materials, you can expect to see color and pattern variations across different pieces. It’s a good idea to use hot pads and trivets for hot pots and pans and to protect the surfaces from countertop cooking appliances. Quartz countertops are simple to clean, offer a wide range of tones and have consistent colors and patterns. And, thanks to its ultra-smooth texture, granite is phenomenal for baking preparations like rolling dough. Use caution around any stress points, as the granite can split. Solid-surface countertops resist water, bacteria and stains, providing a low-maintenance option for your kitchen. The countertops consist of laminate sheets glued to plywood or particleboard substrate. Heat can damage laminate countertops, so be sure to protect them from hot pots, pans, etc. The name is derived from the fact that this style of countertop was traditionally seen in butcher shops. Although butcher block can provide a long-lasting, visually appealing work surface, there are several maintenance considerations. Seal the surfaces or treat them with a food-safe mineral oil or conditioner to prevent cracking, water damage, and to maintain sanitation standards. Natural blemishes will occur over time, especially if you use the surface for cutting and these are part of the rustic charm of the product. Sanding and refinishing the surface can restore the look of butcher block countertops. The glass shards are held together using either a resin-based binder, which requires no sealing, or a cement-based binder, which you must reseal annually. Resin-based varieties are completely non-porous, so they resist mold and mildew. They’re non-porous, helping prevent germ and bacteria growth and making them easy to clean. While the sintered stone is scratch-resistant, it’s best to use cutting boards with knives since the surface can dull the blades. For example, stone surfaces work nicely near the range, while solid surfaces are perfect for use around the sink for easy cleaning. Speak with a kitchen project specialist about your budget or needs to find the perfect countertop options for your kitchen.

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Our goal is to make it easy for you to measure the square footage of your existing kitchen countertops or bathroom vanity tops for an estimation. You will most likely find a kitchen that is similar to your own in the diagrams below, and you will be able to easily measure your countertops with a tape measure. These measurements are for estimation purposes only, we will not cut your new countertops according to these measurements! We will send a measuring professional with a digital measuring device to take the final measurements that we use for fabricating your new granite countertops. This is about ½” longer than the conventional overhang used with laminate countertops.

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Costs will vary depending on the type or color of marble chosen along with many installation variables detailed below. Carrara marble) based on the background color (is it more gray or white) and the veining (is it scattered and dense or defined and dramatic). Vein structure also varies quite a bit from a brushed or striated pattern to heavy marbling. To do this it’s best to find a reputable countertop fabricator to help you through the process and get specific quotes. So, a marble tile countertop can cost 25% – 50% less, but a tile countertop is not as durable and you have the same maintenance issues as with a marble slab plus the grout to maintain. And quartz countertop slabs aren’t all the same price either. At the high-end, marble countertop prices far exceed quartz countertop costs. Often quartzite colors look like white marble so homeowners opt for quartzite kitchen countertops instead of marble since quartzite will etch (dull spots from acidic foods) like marble does making quartz easier to maintain. Point #2 above leads us into a good question every homeowner should ask when considering marble kitchen countertops. Staining is not really a problem, but etching and scratching is and this could be an added cost. Getting quotes from trusted marble countertop fabricators and shopping around stone suppliers is a must to get a quality installation and the only way for you to pinpoint the marble countertops costs for your particular project. Of course, the budget is always a concern so the cost of marble countertops is a key consideration vs. Marble countertops are gorgeous but can get pretty expensive for certain colors as we’ll see in a second. Yes, it is all basically “white” marble with blue-gray veining but can range from a darker dusty-gray background with dense undefined veining to nearly white with clean blue veining. Calacatta is a bright white marble with lots of contrast between the background and the bold and sometimes very wide gray veins formed in dramatic patterns. This marble can have a bright white background with light veining or a mottled gray. Buying the slab is just the start, but it will still be the largest expenditure of the project. Mainly this is because the amount of marble used to make tiles is far less tha n needed for a slab. So, comparing which type of countertop is cheaper or more expensive than the other will depend on the specific colors of granite or quartz and marble you are comparing. The cost of marble can be just as much depending on which marble slab color you choose, but on average, marble is cheaper than quartzite. The quartzite color palette is more limited than other stones leaning heavily toward white and gray patterns. So, just read up on marble repair and maintenance so you fully understand what you’re in for if you choose marble kitchen countertops. You may love living with marble countertops living with marble countertops even with the extra care and caution required. The particular marble color, how rare or common, and the quality of the slab along with a variety of installation items like sink cutouts and edge styles will affect the total cost of marble countertops.

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Gorgeous remodeled master bath presents a frameless shower enclosure and a separate soaker tub with fabulous window views . Features include updated center island kitchen with granite counters , stainless steel appliances, 3 fireplaces, high ceilings and wet bar. Upstairs features a huge bonus room currently used as a movie theatre, plus three additional bedrooms including the master suite, which features a tiled floor to ceiling fireplace and huge outdoor deck that overlooks the entire backyard. Dble dr entry leads one into an elegant foyer & formal lr w/ professionally mirrored wall, recessed lighting, plantation shutters & an open concept, allowing a natural flow into the dr. Spacious open floor plan with vaulted ceiling living and dining rooms . Association features include: resort style pool and spa , tennis court, serene landscaping with numerous mature trees. Enter into the living room with romantic stone fireplace . The property is set against a picturesque setting with multiple outdoor spaces including a pool area with spa, new stainless steel barbecue with refrigerator, and flat yard with herb garden , fruit trees and a 10 x 12 shed. Spacious living room with gas burning fireplace, formal dining room with ceiling to floor windows, family room with built-in entertainment center, gourmet kitchen with custom cabinetry. Custom hardwood flooring, plantation shutters, double pane windows, two car garage with direct access . Functional downstairs bedrooms with adjacent bathroom offer a home office and maids quarter option . The home features an open room concept leading to the living room with a fabulous gas fireplace and tons of recess lighting. Large dining room with oak hardwood flooring and a marble wet bar. The luxurious master suite has a walk in closet with custom built-ins and wall safe and a gorgeous master bathroom with granite counter , double sink vanity, soaking tub and oversized shower with stone floors and subway stone walls. Formal dining room with fireplace; large living room with wood floors , built-in ceiling speakers, & glass sliding doors that open to the backyard. A two-story entry leads into the chef? s center island kitchen featuring stainless steel appliances, granite counters, walk-in pantry, & breakfast nook. Double automatic gates with intercom system open to a large front yard with mature trees and grand circular driveway plus additional driveway that leads to a detached 3-car garage (could be converted to guest house). Other features include; laminate/wood style flooring throughout, new tile floors (kitchen and master bath ), included full size washer dryer in hallway closet, new central heating & air and water heater. Expansive travertine and granite kitchen full of light , pool access and large eat-in area with breakfast bar. Master features a huge walk in closet together with dual closets. The white kitchen boasts new quartz counter tops , stainless steel refrigerator, and new wide plank tile. The backyard has a custom built deck with breathtaking views of the city. Also, certain costs are not reflected in this calculation, for example any fuel surcharg e that may be applicable at the time of your move and valuation costs.


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