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We offer the largest selection of properties for any travel occasion and every budget. Watch your kids splash around in the sparkling pool as you sip cocktails under the delightfully comfortable patio. As night falls, gather around the granite-topped outdoor dining tables and savor an alfresco dinner right off the grill. Turn on the game, sit around the table with your family and friends and you will not miss the noisy casinos one bit!
How To Keep Dogs Off Of Any Couch! (Actually Works) | Duration 2 Minutes 3 Seconds We are sure someone in your group will want to take advantage of this great kitchen and all its amenities! We can tell you what is open and would love to chat with you about a possible stay. Everyone who visits falls in love with the home and wants to stay! Everyone should spend some time sitting in this spot — it is good for the soul. Many people share with us that they arrive and just stay in the house! This is our home that we are sharing with you — and we gladly invite our guest to enjoy the awesome facilities, but we cannot allow events or parties. Villa that is open for longer term rental, if that is an interest to you. Multiple private getaways over two floors with five bedrooms and three bathrooms with plenty of seating for poolside dining or just relaxing in multiple over-sized lounging sofas. The pool wasn’t used because it was chilly but the spa was amazing! You did not call and ask how to use it and we wish you would have! Because we keep the rates low and the house immaculate, there is a cleaning fee. We really just wanted to hang out there and enjoy being on vacation. The pool, spa and fire pit was thoroughly enjoyed by us all and the kitchen and family room are to die for! If you are interested in a smaller villa or for a longer period of time. We’re committed to helping families and friends find a perfect vacation rental to create unforgettable travel experiences together. We will work with you on the price — we know the longer stays are expensive!

The Solution To Keep Dogs Off Of Couches And Furniture | Duration 1 Minutes 31 Seconds But the real showstopper is the backyard oasis—the perfect retreat from the summer heat. Our nearby fire pit adds a hint of romance and luxury to the already resort-like ambiance. Give yourself the vacation you truly deserve by booking our magical villa today! Danish soccer team or the world dodge ball champions, not to mention the dozens of other families and friends who have made our house their home away from home? The airport’s rental car facility is also within walking distance. We have a beautiful, smaller location for longer stays as well. The spa is included in the rental – just turn it off when you are not using it. With no more than 12 people at the house, parking should never be a problem. The spa is included in the rental – just turn it off when you are done. We look forwarding to hearing from you and to getting to know you! The house was very well appointed, clean and very comfortable. We loved it so much our party of six adults and two children can’t wait to come back! We agree – sitting in the spa with a glass of wine and the fire-pit on is a wonderful way to spend the evening! We really wanted the pool heated but were told not an option. All in all it was lovely but would have been phenomenal if everything was kept up to have that regal lifestyle feel to it. The pool is not heated and we are clear about that throughout our listing. The firepit also works great, but we ask that you call us so we can walk you through how to use it for safety reasons. The fountains work as well, the entire system is on a timer and they come on during the day for a lovely ambiance. The work put in to keep the house looking great is a lot more than on the surface and we take pride in offering that to our guests. We do hope that if an issue or two arises, our guests would reach out to us and let us help rather than just complaining later.


Surely, something comes from a life with savage winds; his temper is like that of his subjects. What herbs and what medicines did my nurse not bring to me, applying them with bold hand to drive forth entirely from my bosom – this was the only secret we kept from you – the burden that was increasing there! As the sea is set a-trembling when a light breeze passes o’er, as the ashen branch is shaken by the tepid breeze from the south, so might you have seen my blanching members quiver; the couch was a-quake with the body that lay upon it. Myself in my confusion did naught but pour forth tears; my tongue had grown dumb with the icy chill of fear.

Dog Training Tips Keeping Dogs Off The Couch | Duration 2 Minutes 22 Seconds The hapless babe broke forth in wailings – you would have thought he understood – and with what utterance he could entreated his grandsire. Hymenaeus, they wedding-torches, and fly with frightened foot from these nefarious halls! If it could be he deserved his death, let it be judged he did – ah, wretched child, it is my fault he suffers for! Then was the time when the sisters who pay out the fated thread of mortal life should have unwound for aye my spindle. Not only were you noble to look upon, but my fates were dragging me to doom; your eyes had robbed mine of their power to see. Meanwhile the condition is imposed that you press the hard necks of the fierce bulls at the unaccustomed plow. Besides this, you are bidden to scatter with obedient hand over the wide fields the seeds that should beget peoples to assail you with weapons born with themselves; a baneful harvest, that, to its own husbandman. Aeëtes has spoken; in gloom you all rise up, and the high table is removed from the purple-spread couches. To have power to ruin is enough, if anyone delight in power for itself; but to save me will be greater glory. I saw even tears – or was there in the tears, too, part of your deceit? You yoke together the bronze-footed bulls with your body unharmed by their fire, and cleave the solid mould with the share as you were bid. I closed the lids of the flame-like eyes in slumber wrought by my drug, and gave into your hand the fleece to steal away unharmed. Of the deed my right hand was bold enough to do,4 it is not bold enough to write. Haemonia’s towns, and the golden fleece is laid before your fathers’ gods. I counted it out – that field which you had to plough before you could bear away the fleece. I care not now to let my hair be dressed, nor does it pleasure me to be arrayed in robes of gold. I to wear new apparel while my lord wears hard and heavy arms? Menelaus, who dost grieve o’ermuch for the stolen one, ah me, how many shall shed tears for thy revenge! My right hand holds the pen, a drawn blade the other holds, and the paper lies unrolled in my lap. And presently there grew apace the burden of my wayward bosom, and my weakened frame felt the weight of its secret load. I repress my groans, and try to take back the words that slip from me, and force myself to drink my very tears. He rushes in and with cries makes known my shame to all, and scarce restrains his hand from my wretched face.

Dog Care & Training How To Train Dogs To Stay Off Furniture | Duration 1 Minutes 57 Seconds Erinyes dark, and let my funeral pyre blaze bright from the fires ye give! What crime could the babe commit, with so few hours of life? O my son, miserable pledge of my unhallowed love – this was the first of days for thee, and this for thee the last. Greedy wilds beasts are rending in pieces the child my womb put forth. The eyes of the guardian that know not yielding to sleep – by some art to elude them is your final task. On the one hand was love, on the other, fear; and fear increased my very love. There is a grove, sombre with pine-trees and the fronds of the ilex; into it scarce can the rays of the sun find way. The ploughed fields you sow full with envenomed teeth in place of seed; and there rises out of the earth, with sword and shield, a warrior band. Let the penalty that is our due overtake us on the deep – you for your treachery, me for my trustfulness! My slaves turned away and wept, seeking to hide their tears – who would be willing messenger of tidings so ill? I take no pleasure in the day; my nights are watches of bitterness, and gentle sleep is far departed from my wretched soul. Perhaps, too, when you wish to make boast to your stupid mate and say what will pleasure her unjust ears, you will fashion strange slanders against my face and against my ways. Tyrian purple – she shall weep, and the flames7 that consume her will surpass my own! But if it chance my entreaties touch a heart of iron, list now to words – words too humble for my proud soul! Be that the concern of the god who now embroils my heart! Creusa and her father will really be consumed in the fire, with the palace. Ah, when you were leaving me behind, where then was this wind?

Teach Your Dog To Stay Off The Furniture | Duration 2 Minutes 16 Seconds I to dress my hair, while his head is weighed down by the helm? Taenarian wife, of she had taken no pleasure in thine!

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The spa also offers a fitness facility, exercise room and salon. Guests will be asked to fill out a dog registration form during check-in. Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times when not in the room. This may result in additional authorizations should your charges exceed the originally approved amount. The living room has a couch, two chairs and a small table with seating for two. There is a convenient sitting area with a frosted glass-top desk and a sophisticated entertainment center. The bathroom offers a marble vanity and a separate tub/shower. The décor is inspired by nature and features plush furnishings. The living and dining room area has a couch, two chairs, dining table with seating for four and a wet bar. Dogs are not allowed to stay in public areas unless they are service animals. There will be a an extra person fee for each guest over two. This fee is not included in your reservation and will be collected by the hotel. Mood lighting, individual climate controls and individually controlled reading lights offer comfort and convenience. Other amenities include mood lighting and individual climate control.

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A feature that they share in common with many other mammals. Our human ancestors were hunter gatherers and were heavily dependent on their excellent visual acuity.

Ask A Dog Trainer How Do I Keep My Dog Off The Furniture? | Duration 2 Minutes 40 Seconds And of course, if you need to be awake during the day, sleeping at night is a pretty good plan. So their ancestors could hunt both by day and by night, if necessary. It is easier to creep up on your victim under the cover of darkness. Instead, they have acquired the useful ability to get as much sleep as possible. Though they may wake and move around brief ly during this period of time. And studies of guard dogs have shown that dogs are not disadvantaged by being woken up frequently or working in changing shifts. But how many hours sleep does a dog need overall, during the course of each 24 hour period? Dogs naturally sleep for far longer periods of time each day, than people do. Sometimes when fast asleep, your dog will make twitching and running movements with his paws, and some dogs will give little yips and barks. Studies have also shown that if the part of the brain that de-activates movement during sleep in humans, is removed from a dog, the sleeping dog will actually carry out the behaviors that he is dreaming about. So it is important to make sure your dog is permitted to sleep deeply when he wants to and not repeatedly interrupted whenever he starts dreaming. If you are worried that your dog may be ill because he is sleeping so much, ask yourself what has changed. But if your dog’s sleeping patterns have changed recently, and especially if he seems lacking in energy or his appetite is poor, do pop in to your vet and get him checked over. However, constantly interrupting his sleep is not a good idea. It needs to be free of draughts and comfortable, and preferably lined with a cosy mat or blanket. It is here, in his special space, that your dog can relax fully and sleep deeply. This helps to prevent toddlers climbing on the dog when he is trying to sleep, and makes sure older children don’t trip over him. He will sleep on and off for hours during the day too! Apart from her excellent 8 hours at night, she sleeps for only 2 or 3 hours at the most during the day – at least when we’re in. After she “check’s them out with her nose” and finds that their all ok … she gets in on whatever activity their doing and they all romp til they drop ! . Her favorite place to sleep (besides our bed and hers) is in the hallway, where she can see every move we make and still be out of the way and in a darker, quiet place ? . When he’s free to roam around the house, he just wants to play and doesn’t ever stop and lay down on his own. I usually keep him in the crate for about 1/2 hour and then let him out and he plays again, even if just for a short time, then becomes all worked up and can’t calm down, so back into the crate he goes. She sleeps a lot on and off during the day (my toddler and her play fetch a lot so they both tire each other out, along with that they have tea parties etc). He sleeps right by me at night on the floor, and btw he loves small places. She loves playing football and we usually take her to the playground in the evenings when it’s not raining. Even though she has her own space to sleep, she rarely sleeps there except when she has received a scolding. In the evening, she eats (a lot) and then snoozes or goes out to bark at the cows in the field for a bit. She has been on my bed since around 7:30pm and it’s now 11pm. When he was a puppy he liked to snuggle under the living room coffee table as it was enclosed, until he got too big for it. If he’s not in his bed (or mine) on hot days he will first dunk his head fully into his water and gets on the outside table to catch any breeze about. This is known as monophasic sleep and it is a sleeping arrangement that we share in common with other apes and some monkeys. This means that they have multiple periods of sleep scattered throughout the day and night. The reasons for these differences may be partly due to our different lifestyles. In fact hunting at night may have given them some advantages. Sleeping all night had no advantage to your dog, and dogs have not evolved a natural tendency to sleep for a single long stretch of time like we do. Often in short stretches, whenever there is nothing much going on. And living with humans means that most dogs do learn to sleep the night away without disturbing their human family. So while we can’t say for certain that dogs drea m just like we do, it seems quite likely. And some elderly dogs will tend to sleep more than they did when they were young. Whilst many confident dogs will sleep pretty much anywhere, it is important that every dog has his own sleeping space. Even if your dog shares your bed at night, he should still have a bed somewhere in the house, that he can call his own. But, because me and the wife aren’t busy every day, she has picked up on that and we 3 will sometimes sleep the day and night away ! . And the more we play, the more hyper he gets to the point that we have to make him nap. I ask if he wants to go out, which 90% of the time he doesn’t, he just lays down and watches me. I tell him its time to cook dinner, he puts the ball down and in we go. She has become our clock and sharp at 7 am and 5 pm she is ready with her leash in her mouth. We play fetch everyday, but other than outings and playing she pretty much sleeps on her planet onthecouch or her fluffy bed! She often sleeps with her head on the back of the sofa, so that when she wakes, she can look out of the window 🙂 and at night, all three of them curl up on the bed with us! He used to sleep during the day a lot, which was fine, since he would always, wake up at around 5 in the evening. He is used to being an outside dog and we have brought him in our home. We are not strict on sleeping places, he’ll roam has a few favorite spots, but always end up back there. I just bought him an awesome bed that ‘s 8 inches thick & made of memory foam & shearling! Small little naps, playtime with her blankets interspersed with more naps, if dad is hone she demands more walks! He loves his sleep i reckon he could sleep on a bed of nails. Oh and he has his own pillow that he carts with him and uses it like we do, i often remind him that he’s not human like he thinks he is. He’s well trained but out on a walk he seems to have no get up and go.

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Finally, she obtained a script that gives a clue to the artefact’s location – deep in the jungles, far from any present day civilisation. Laura abseils down into the subterranean chamber of the temple, the last fifty feet spent unfortunately swinging in and out of a falling plume of water, that pours smoothly from the giant granite penis of a huge fertility idol high in the domed ceiling. Submerged for a moment, in the dim light she sees below her in the clear water a dense tangle of black roots, with here and there a glimmer of white. No doubt the remains of barbaric human sacrifices, she thinks, as she surfaces, and looks around to get her bearings. All around, roots from the jungle far above have intruded into the masonry, both cracking and supporting it. It is strangely warm in here too; somehow the water is almost at body temperature, and the chamber is very humid. But now, with its being soaked, and the humidity, she is finding it quite uncomfortable. Letting her horniness flare up now could make her lose concentration. She intends to change into the safari shirt and shorts she naturally brought, and which will dry faster, and won’t constrict her movements. Once again, her impatience to discover the ancient has cost her discomfort in the present. Luckily it was so hot – everyone was sweating like pigs, so as the day wore on and the crotch of her shorts became thoroughly soaked, no one seemed to notice anything unusual – everyone’s clothes were equally soaked. The night had been a torment of frustrated desire, an overstimulated clit stubbornly refusing to soften of its own accord. With her wet equipment and clothes (and holstered pistols) spread out beside the pool, she stands, naked, and looks across to the altar. Her naughty little pun makes her smile for a moment, before she thinks that she really must get her mind off such things, and get down to business. This place is so open, and the roots have bound everything so tightly over the ages, surely there can be no working traps left here, among all this shifted and split stonework. Reaching the altar, she is intrigued to find that its cultural influences seem quite unique. Some records of the ceremonies, on which to base another paper on these primitive idolaters. Totally out of character with the richness of the surviving decorations throughout the rest of this temple. The cone is also almost wider at its base than it is high, making it more of a cylindrical pyramid than a column. Very skilfully carved too, in a realism style most unusual for this class of artefact. The sculptor has portrayed an erect clitoris that puts even her own to shame. A blunt finger of stone, it points up and out, almost a little penis, inches out from the fold of its hood stretched tight around its base. Hopefully _something_ about this find will be suitable for general publication. Through the viewfinder, the stone genitalia seem even more lifelike and erotic. True, it has an ovoid thickening at its tip, vaguely suggestive of a glans. These seem to be fairly deep, perhaps even joining up inside. She has been kneeling at the base of the cone, leaning forward with her hands higher on the cone, to examine the carving. It was a diabolically formed, oversize dildo, intended solely for use on asylum inmates, by the medical staff. Listening acutely for sounds of footsteps in the silent storeroom, she flips pages rapidly, finding numerous illustrations detailing the various methods of restraint, all allowing convenient access to the patient’s vagina. Any such use would be morally unacceptable, being the sin of masturbation and wholly lacking in any redeeming medical benefit. Below that, it recommends that even in the case of long term inmates (judged to be cases of hopeless addiction to unacceptable habits and so requiring permanent chastity restraint), episodes of ‘tension relief’ prescribed for good behaviour should be administered by qualified staff. Though in these hopeless cases, for maximum effectiveness of the reward the treatment should be administered vigorously, and with the objective of inducing numerous seizures over at least a full day of application. She finds she has been kneeling there, holding the gold shaft, and daydreaming. She shakes herself, and tries giving the gold a seriously hard twist. She twists it the other way, and it gives again, though in an odd, sluggish manner. But finds that she can only stand above the golden object if she straddles the cone with her feet. It would be fair to expect that the ceremonial maiden would have been ‘prepared’ for her act. It is all she can do to restrain her hands from touching herself, her clit that is now so hard she can feel it pulsating with her rapid heartbeat. She might need them for reference in her own studies of the object, or perhaps tracing figure outlines from them, for illustrating the ‘hypothetical’ means of usage by the native culture. Setting the timer that will take each shot, and wind the film, she considers how many frames this will take. But some instinct she doesn’t care to closely examine prompts her to load a fresh, extra long roll of film in the camera anyway. How long would they have kept (left?) her there? , she wonders. She has told no one of this expedition, or its objective, lest some uneducated villain attempt to beat her to the treasure. Even from a distance, she can see that perhaps the legends did not exaggerate after all. Laura considers the dim chamber around her, soaking up its air of age and mystery. Fortunately she always keeps her photographic equipment in waterproof containers. She had worn a full body leather jumpsuit for this subterranean foray, imagining dusty crawlspaces, spiders and scorpions. It has started to shrink a little, and is chafing her as she moves, particularly around the crotch. Not something she wanted to be reminded of just now, not when she was so close to achieving her goal. But the dammed wet leather keeps shrinking, and is even starting to pull into her slit, the seam abrading her clit, which is developing an awkward swelling. Never one to hesitate, she spends some moments struggling to strip off the jumpsuit, having much difficulty with the straining zippers as the leather shrinks even more. She ‘humpfh’s’ at it, thinking she really should have made the time to wash some underwear, and put it on, before coming in here today. Without knickers, even her loose shorts will torment her clit with every step. Forced to endure a constant, inescapable stimulation of her oversized most sensitive part, with no opportunity to get away from the group, and her underwear all packed deep in the porter’s burdens. That was also the last time she made the mistake of planning a ‘light’ expedition, in which only one shared tent kept them all from the vicious mosquitoes. Both her own refined upbringing, and the proximity of her academic peers sleeping lightly on uncomfortable narrow fold up cots either side of hers, had kept her from resorting to an act she considered distasteful yet sometimes sadly necessary for peace of mind. Perhaps she can skip the clothes for now, till she is leaving. She steps carefully, barefoot across the root criss-crossed paving, avoiding stepping on the rough, sinewy plants. The dark, almost flowing members are near invisible in the semi-gloom. But strangely, disappointingly, the whole arrangement seems plain, almost utilitarian. A wide flat, bare stone dais is raised just a foot above the floor of the wider chamber. But it is held barely even waist high, hardly a fitting presentation for such a totem. Why, even the fine anatomical detail is accurate, if one neglects the exaggeration inherent in the grossly unlifelike diameter of the golden shaft around which the stone labia are contorted. With both the outer and inner labia well spread, the clit stands proud. The golden phallic symbol though, that seems to be far less an attempt to depict, even symbolically, an actual penis. But rather than one urethral aperture, as in life, it has multiple small openings spread over its surface. There are even a few similar holes down the sides of the thing – not a common feature in working penises. The set is complete, in an ornate wooden box, with a quaintly phrased booklet of instructions, and assorted accessories. It warns of the extreme risks to patient wellbeing associated with self-administration of the treatment, absent of qualified supervision. For best effect and in consideration of staffing costs, such episodes should be very infrequent; no more often than biannually. Sometimes she imagines herself a nurse, but somehow more often to her puzzlement, she sees herself as the patient. Which is not helping quell the maddening arousal in her belly one bit. She tries lifting it straight up but there is barely any give that way at all. But the legends suggest it must be removable, since it was used as a totem in various ceremonies. It is an odd position, not something she would do if anyone else were present. Lingam, she must stand with her legs spread at fully forty five degrees, either side of the cone base. So that the phallus is now very convenient indeed to grip, being just in front of her pubis. After all, although the thing is frighteningly thick, most of it seems to be down in the hole in the stone. Perhaps would have been in ‘preparation’ for weeks beforehand – which she admits, is not unlike her own condition of overheated deprivation. The thought of setting up her camera tripod, on timed release to capture the historic procedure, crosses her mind. Most definitely of no use in her official documentation of this find. What _else_ would they do to her, and how did this all relate to those bones in the pond?

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If your dog is urinating on the furniture, it’s essential to correct this behavior as soon as possible. You need to know how long after drinking he typically relieves himself, how long after waking he typically relieves himself, what behaviors come immediately before inappropriate urination and what stimuli are present at this time. For example, if he pees on the couch immediately after drinking, it may be a simple case of his having a weak bladder. By giving him fewer opportunities to urinate on the furniture, you give yourself more opportunities to reinforce the desired behavior of urinating outside. This makes him realize that urinating outside has a positive consequence. If he cocks his leg, or otherwise behaves as if he is about to urinate on the couch, distract him with sound. Left unchecked, it will become a routine that is hard to break. If he does it only after a visitor or dog has been near the couch, it is likely to be territorial marking. For example, if he circles or scratches the floor before peeing on the couch, as soon as you see him do this you should gently take him outside. As soon as he urinates outside, give him a treat or make a fuss over him, whatever floats his boat. Once she leaves, observe the dog from as far away as possible. Either call his name, stamp your foot, clap or jangle your keys. This teaches him that there are better things to do than urinate on the couch after a guest has left. By introducing a positive stimulus in response to his coming over to you, you are showing him that his immediate environment improves when he has the urge, but abstains from urinating. In fact, he may think that he is being scolded for something else, such as approaching you or coming when called.

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For some dogs, simply having a mat or round bed is comfortable enough, while other dogs enjoy being surrounded by fabric and snuggling in a high cornered bed. It’s important not to physically force a dog off a resting area, because it’s possible that he will react with aggression. This can be practiced by saying “on” and putting a piece of food in front of the dog’s nose and moving it upward onto the furniture to get his body onto the elevated area. Rather than treating him for getting on the furniture, immediately use the word “off” and put a treat in front of your dog’s nose and slowly pull it out and down away from the furniture. It’s unfair to allow the dog to come onto the furniture at certain times and not at others — this creates confusion. If your dog does make a mistake and gets on the furniture, simply use the “off” cue and direct him to the appropriate resting spot. Vetstreet does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Dogs like to get on furniture, because just like us, they enjoy comfortable resting areas. Dogs also enjoy being higher up because it enables them to see what’s going on around them (like other dogs passing by outside) and to get away from commotion on the floor (such as children playing). For instance, the living room, office and bedroom will all likely require separate resting areas. For dogs who enjoy being elevated, there are specific dog beds that are similar to human furniture, like a couch or bed. Your dog can also be taught to go to his mat or resting area on command. The “off” cue is taught in advance for better control should your canine mistakenly get up on the furniture and need to be removed. Once the dog gets on the furniture, he can be taught the “off” command. As soon as your dog moves toward the treat and gets off the furniture, respond with praise and a food reward. Consistency is key in keeping your dog off the furniture; he needs to understand that there is no situation when it is acceptable for him to get on the furniture. When your dog is not supervised, block access to furniture by using a crate or gated area.

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I didn’t want the bedroom to be the first thing you see when you walk in, so it seemed like the right fit. I like having the bedroom on this corner of the room to keep it separate from the rest of the apartment. I don’t spend much time in this area of my home, so that’s pretty much it. I have an irregular obsession with dogs, an oversized sweet tooth, and am so not a morning person. I didn’t know that studio apartments could be so nice! I went with white textured pillows to create my cozy, bohemian vibe and added this wooden coffee table to keep the look rustic. I love this little nook and the small bay window that brings in loads of light! The way you’ve decorated it makes it look a lot bigger than it is, and a lot more open!

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Put the dog’s comfiest bed by the couch and teach ‘bed’ and reward the dog heavily for going there. If pup does jump up, just lift down and encourage back to t he kong and mat. Start with a low platform that you are happy for the dog to get on. It’s big enough for 2 or 3 people, plus him, so it was a good fit. Ok, the dog is allowed in the house, but only in certain rooms.-3. Ok, the dog is allowed on the bed, but only by invitation.-7. The dog can sleep under the covers but by invitation only.-9. Humans must ask permission to sleep under the covers with the dog”. I kept trying to tell her when you are big enough to get on by yourself you can come up here. We put a treat on the bed (which we already knew she could jump up to) and said “come”, gave treat. Put empty cardboard boxes on the seats to stop pup from jumping up. Tie a filled kong to the leg of nearby furniture so your dog wants to hang out on the bed. Use a piece of chicken held under your thumb by the dog’s nose and lure her up on to the platform. No one can sit in those spots either or they get very upset. When shopping for a couch, we took into consideration the size of our dog. The dog is allowed in certain rooms, but has to stay off the furniture.-4. Fine, the dog is allowed on all the furniture, but is not allowed to sleep in the beds with the humans.-6. The dog can sleep on the bed whenever he wants, but not under the covers.-8. Then for off we put the treat on the floor and said “come”, gave treat.

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My dog also realized that it could be moved out of the way easily. Hope she doesn’t “wake up” one day and find out that the tin foil is harmless. Plus, it’s a one time buy, so it seems like it would save you money in the long run! You can put your dog in it when you are gone, and when you are at home you can let them out and enforce the rules. I think, personally, that the kennel is the best way to solve this problem. He raises his head then lays it down as though he is daring me to move him. If that provides the same results, it might keep the dogs from moving it to the side as well as make it more durable and easy to put on / take off. We did the plastic floor mats and they are effective but a big pain to put on and talk off constantly. I couldn’t do it to my dog myself, but man is it funny to visualize someone else doing that. She also peed on the couch the other day, 30 minutes after she went outside, on a day when we were “cracking down” on her discipline. Seems like the only effective solution is to keep her in our second bedroom while we’re away. We wouldn’t mind him on the couch except that we have a micro suede couch and every little mark shows up. This is effective, however not super appealing when you have friends over after dinner or whatever. Bed bath and beyond has this throw blanket with foil on the back of it that u can just take on and off. To add insult to injury, he’s deaf, so no loud noise will deter him; he can’t even tell it’s happening. He is now used to the smell and pushes the bowl out of the way. The blanket sounded interesting, but my dog can lay on anything, no matter how uncomfortable. The only way to do this is to scare him when you are not there. Therefore only mousetraps or automatic blow horn (with motion detector) will solve the problem once and for all. My dog is crated while im away from home, so hes only on my couch @ nite or while im out the living room for awhile. She is well behaved while we are in the house b esides when we go upstairs to sleep at night, when she jumps on the couches. Run the wire under the front of the couch cushion (complete the loop under the couch out of sight). Works just as effectively as the tin foil only you can then roll it up and use it for a pillow. You can use the soft side and when leaving the room turn to the foil side. I can move all the furniture around and he still knows his place from the rest. A bit cheaper than the foil options because most people have used plastic sacks. It wouldn’t cut your foot if you stepped on it, and a dogs pad is tougher than your foot. We gave up and bought a big wollen blanket to cover the couch. Your dog will not differentiate between a couch that he is allowed on and one that is off limits. I really liked the idea of the tin foil, but the mouse traps and stair runners made me a little nervous. I won’t mind her sitting on the couch if the shedding is reduced. They’re much lighter and easier for me to move than the oak snack trays! My husband thinks she did it to show dominance, but there are differing theories on that. We finally just gave up on it and figured since he only lays on one side of the couch, we would just cover that cushion with a blanket. Now for some reason he likes to push the blanket out of the way, thus scratching the bejesus out of the cushions. I went the route of theater chairs hoping the that the smaller space will be uncomfortable. Today was the last straw: he’d vomited on my 6-month old dream couch. He has his own chair in the living room, so no ideas on deterring him. I would succumb to letting him lay there, but the shedding is unbearable (only reason he’s not allowed on the couch). I think it is back in the crate for our sheltie, he just figures out anything we do to deter him anyway! I am not wanting to scare her with any loud noises or with anything that will hurt her since she was abused/neglected. So next step is to get baby barriers to block her from getting onto the couches. This is a semi permanent solution that will work when you aren’t there.

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There are also these low voltage “scat mat” things which lay across the cushions and give the animal a light shock if he tries to jump up there. Far simpler solutions are to keep the animal crated or outside in a secured area when not home, or to cover the sofa with a sheet when not there. You can teach anything to your puppy, dogs get trained easily with some good instructions. It’s important that they also get gestures and whistles as voice may not be sufficient over long distances and under certain circumstances. Or just lay an old blanket on the couch and let him sleep in comfort. I have also heard put a big trash bag on it as some dogs dislike the crinkly sound they make? I was speaking to someone who says a dog should drink water with no minearls. The dog training academy also has as an excellent home training course. As soon as you leave the room she’s up there looking out the picture window. Allegedly, after a few times of being shocked, the animal will shy away from the object entirely. Is it okay to train a puppy to use a pad when the weather is bad?


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