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The distinctive wood wallpaper has gold flecks that create a subtle tie-in with the brass shelving and kitchen hardware. The natural tones of the beautiful ledgestone bar and granite counter top work handsomely with the espresso, woven wicker barstools and stunning glass tile backsplash. A wood island base matches the cabinetry and adds to the bright look of the room. Built in walnut cabinetry frames the stove and range adding a warm toned element. Granite countertops extend to the backsplash and island, creating a cohesive palette.To the right, a masquerade mask is displayed in a niche with a colorful mosaic tile backdrop. Stainless steel drum-style pendant lights hang above the granite island. A large dark-finished island complements the neutral tones in the space. Warm wood cabinets, stacked stone and stainless steel appliances provide a look that is both soothing and sophisticated. Glass tiles fill the back wall and sandblasted glass highlights select cabinet fronts. The chef is never far from the grill or the company while cooking in this luxurious outdoor kitchen.
Kitchen Design Tips Choosing Your Countertop & Backsplash Materials | Duration 3 Minutes 26 Seconds Collections of flowers add fresh and vibrant color to liven up the room.

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That way you don’t have a bunch of odd size pieces all in one place. Then, unscrew the screws that are holding the little metal flange (top and bottom) pieces in place. Now, re-attach your wall plate and admire your work! Firstly, the house is over 100 years old, and half the kitchen is an addition. In some areas the gap between the counter and the wall was upwards of 1″. I don’t know that it’s a great way to install like the whole bottom row or something. If you look closely at the picture above, where the counter and stone meet you can see my sweet caulking skills. I used gray sanded caulk from the tile and grout section for this job because of the tile and countertop color. The sandy texture makes it blend much better with the stone. Rachael you are so fun to read, you make me smile, and laugh out loud. I am a “fudger” also…if it works and looks good…go for it! I like the idea that it’s more “forgiving” than subway tile, etc. My question, did you elect not to use a corner box on the corners? Typically they go through the metal flanges and into a blue box with a threaded hole in it. But be prepared to call in a pro when doing electrical work! I already demonstrated that a little bit with my tub, but this backsplash really put it to the test. The floor is not level and the walls are not square which led to a major gap problem behind the countertops. So you can see how installing, say, perfectly spaced white subway tile would be ummmmm a nightmare, yes? We applied adhesive to 3 small pieces, slapped them on the wall, and let them dry. But it worked like a charm for this one tile, and you can’t even tell we did it! Airstone makes corner pieces, but there was just one iiiitty biiittty spot that would require the corner blocks, and we didn’t want to have to buy a whole box for 8 pieces! Generally when you grout tile, the grout has a matching caulk to go from the tile to the counter. Photos and Backsplash Picture You don’t want to use bright white acrylic here, folks. The over-lap works, but curious why not set corners? You’ll find everything here from simple home improvement tutorials to recipes.
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