Warmers Pizza Display Case

By using a pizza merchandiser, you’ll not only keep hot pizzas warm and out of the danger zone, but you’ll also increase impulse sales since guests will be able to see and smell tantalizing pizza pies. Select styles also have features like an illuminated interior or humidity control. You can even present focaccia, paninis, fresh breads, and other bakery items on the shelves. Our selection includes cabinets with different numbers of tiers, so you can set out multiple pizza flavors and styles. You’ll also appreciate that every pizza merchandiser features bold lettering or decorative decals that are visually-appealing to your customers.For an even more impressive display, we offer warmers with rotating racks to give customers a 360 degree view of your delicious cuisine.

Sneeze Guards For Restaurant Display Cases by kitchenall.com

Sneeze guards are an essential health code requirement in most areas. Call us at 917-525-2066 to find the right sneeze shield for your needs! Kitchenall delivers a massive variety regular, pizza display, salad bar, and self serve canopy sneeze shields. Smaller sizes are ideal for community fairs and market stalls because they are lighter and more portable.
Hot Food Warmer Glass Counter Top Pizza Food Warmer Display Case Pizza Pastry Hot Case | Duration 2 Minutes 16 Seconds They offer a clear view through while at the same time keeping your food treats safe and healthy. Browse our extensive selection and choose a mobile sneeze guard that is perfect for your establishment.
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