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Introduction—where you meet my kitchen and have wine and cheese with the current layout. On the other hand, if you compare them to what other people expect from cabinets? Except it was really just us ripping it off and moving it to the center of the floor. Is the addition going to join with the kitchen to form a super kitchen?
Choosing The Best Granite Kitchen Counter Tops | Duration 1 Minutes 1 Seconds That brick pillar could be really neat, and you’ve already made huge improvements. The short answer to the hood is that we needed storage space. Also, your kitchen is going to look amazing after you finish obsessing about it. You will need to put your hand over the text accompanying the photos… or else your husband will say things like—that woman is out of her mind, we cannot take her advice on anything. Just getting my head around all the options for layouts and trying to decide what’s “best” is driving me crazy already. When you look at the current kitchen at a glance it’s really not that bad… but the close-up of those cabinets and the funky drawer sizes is a hoot! He told me last night he was sick of living in an unfinished house and it was time to wrap it up! We were originally hiring contractors but now my dad, uncle, friend and husband are doing the work. You’re looking at the entrance to the dining room, which is the only room in the house the kitchen connects to. Also, it looks like a workable layout, so hopefully you won’t need to change any of the plumbing. We’re lucky that structurally our house is fine, but the wood floor in the kitchen is worn, and uneven. Maybe you will make some big money auctioning that thing off. I asked him if he wanted to hire someone and he about strangled me. I look forward to adding my “two cents” to you kitchen post. I lived with the ideas for so long, they became not that special anymore.

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Complete Kitchen Remodel In 1 Day | Duration 6 Minutes 13 Seconds Do you have an outdated kitchen that requires a total overhaul? Once you’ve identified the problems in your kitchen, determine what your budget is and decide if you’re going to do the work yourself or hire a contractor. Before starting a kitchen remodel, or any other type of big project in your home, be informed about things like building codes and permits and watch out for these 10 things not to do. The good news is that paint color is easily changeable so if you want a bold statement wall then paint is a better way to do that than tile (which is more expensive and harder to swap out). Choosing a monochromatic color palette, where you base the whole color scheme off of one main color, is another popular option. Nearly every material comes in white (and white appliances are now updated and back in style) and look through our favorite 50 white kitchen ideas for inspiration. Though replacing all of your cabinetry can deliver a large return on investment, doing so can be extremely expensive. From refacing to replacing we’ve collected different kitchen cabinet ideas for budget-friendly ways to breath life into old cabinetry to more modern styles. Hardwood floors are desirable and provide a classic look, but can be replicated by laminate which is a much cheaper alternative. According to a recent survey, 70% of buyers want an island in their kitchen, and of those, 50% consider it a must-have item. If you’re not sure what you want, look through our 30 favorite modern takes on kitchen islands. There are many different options but here are 14 of our favorite kitchen backsplash ideas. Luckily there are many places to sneak functional storage space into your kitchen pantry, ways to make kitchen storage more efficient and ideas for laying out a kitchen for the be st workflow. There are many ways to decorate on a tight budget and create a luxury kitchen for a fraction of the price by doing things like using stylish ceramic tile in place of marble. Another cheap way to make a noticeable difference is to switch out the hardware on drawers and cabinets, like changing out old tarnished pulls and knocks with modern brass fixtures. Not all are large and flooded with natural light and original hardwood floors, but some of the same guiding principles apply regardless of what your space looks like. A good place to start when approaching a kitchen renovation is to ask yourself what you want out of the room and why you want to change it in the first place. We’ve broken down all the elements of a renovation and pulled together our top kitchen ideas into the ultimate guide that will help you create your best kitchen yet. Warmer colors like red are thought to stimulate appetite while white offers a clean, fresh aesthetic. If you’re on the fence about an all white kitchen browse through our list of quick tips to impress when using the color white in your space. There are other ways to revamp cabinets whether that’s by adding lighting, new hardware or a fresh coat of paint. Consider our tips for selecting a material for your floors, which will help you choose what works best for your space. There are a number of different pros and cons to consider when deciding between laminate and hardwoods, the main advantage being that laminate costs up to 50% less than hardwood. Tile can also be used in different places–from the backsplash to the floor to the counter–and we have 6 tips for choosing the perfect tile application for your kitchen. There are many advantages to having a kitchen island, from extra seating and food prep area to additional storage space.

Complete Kitchen Diy Remodel With Ikea Cabinets | Duration 3 Minutes 1 Seconds A good rule of thumb is to allow for at least 36-48 inches between the perimeter of the island the surrounding cabinets so there’s enough room for people to move around. Almost any type of material can work for a backsplash as long as it’s properly sealed from the classic and versatile subway tile to modern stainless steel and solid glass to natural stone. And sometimes the easiest way to make the room more spacious is to keep countertops organized and clutter-free so you have a usable space for food prep. Other creative options to revamp your kitchen include displaying personal decorative items like cookbooks and photos or opening up the space by knocking down a wall or two. Browse through our five favorite wall decoration ideas, from chalkboard walls to open shelving, for inspiration that you can apply to your own space. So from outdoor kitchen ideas to new kitchen innovations, we’ve got everything you need to imagine your dream space.

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I love, love, love it (5 month remodel wrapped up one month ago). I made the mistake of assuming “super white” prefab quartz was, well – super white. After it was installed on the white shaker cabinets, it looked dingy and yellowish. And with that, we are one functional man down in our household. So take a deep breathe and remind yourself that things could always be worse, like life and limb. We are redoing our countertops and we have creamy white cabinets and subway tile. It’s so hard to make a commitment like that, but if you don’t love your quartz, go for it! I can’t wait for the full reveal and breakdown of what you chose. Where did you get that knife set in the marble block in the last picture? I felt like my new kitchen needed a new set, don’t you? I love the soft color on the cabinets and the marble and gold accents. Nothing life altering, just a means of cooking, baking and gathering. The marble and backsplash are in and now we’re awaiting paint. Maybe do a wood island for a dedicated messy workspace? Word of advice: make sure to see all your specific materials together, especially when using various whites (or a ny one color).

Kitchen Remodeling Countertops Granite | Duration 6 Minutes 49 Seconds In hindsight, it was so worth waiting for his return to have gorgeous marble all along the wall without plastic outlets. Here’s to hoping everything can be wrapped up quickly and thoroughly! I find making decisions for others is easier than myself! I was thrilled that it only took 7 weeks to get ours back to being functional, with about 9 weeks to have all the finishing touches done. I think this would brighten up the kitchen without it being too stark white.

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The first and most important part of a kitchen remodel, or any remodel for that matter, is knowing what the end goal is. Not only will this keep you sane when your house is seemingly destroyed, but it will also give you the advantage of having most of your decisions made before you ever start. See this post on one of the best first steps in building a remodeling vision. How much talent do you have to offer this project, and what will you give? The previous two steps will tell you who you need and can afford to bring in. It might just as easily be your spouse, your brother-in-law, and your dog. From there, you can figure out exactly who is responsible for what. You’re going to pay for all of that stuff eventually anyway, so you might as well get it out of the way. You’re past the turning back point, but you still have the chance to catch and avoid minor issues. All of the previous steps are part of planning and preparing. Now is the time to start swinging hammers and hauling old stuff away.

Kitchen Remodeling Timelapse Narrated | Duration 22 Minutes 9 Seconds Thanks for a thought provoking and informative post! It can be wonderful (it happens) or it can be a complete and total nightmare (it happens often). You need a perfect picture in mind of what you’re working toward. This is so key to making the experience enjoyable, and none of the three components can be left out. Be careful to keep in mind that it takes a lot of time to find a professional and to deal with one. The more solid your understanding of this step, the better off you’ll be. The point is that you need to create the team and share the appropriate parts of the vision and budget with them. Make an exact drawing (preferably on a computer) of what exists now! The most important part of creating an excellent set of remodeling plans (drawings) is creating an exact “as-built” drawing. They might say “no worries, we’ll have plenty of time to work that out, let’s just get moving on the permit, or the demo”. It’s tough on the wallet sometimes because you have to pay for so much in advance, but the situation that occurs when you tear out your kitchen and then sit for four weeks while you wait for the cabinets is really kind of a waste and is hell on your lifestyle. A pre-construction meeting with all of the key players involved is a great idea. Some of it involves actual work, such as building the cabinets, but it’s all in preparation for the time when your house becomes a construction zone, with your kitchen right in the middle of your home. If you’ve planned well, even a big kitchen project can be done in a few weeks time.

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I didn’t go with a dramatic color or bold wallpaper since this remodel is solely for resale and instead made choices that were appealing to a large market. Can you share what the total cost was to renovate this space? I am continually amazed by your ability to transform spaces. I agree that the contrast looks better against the floor than the grey vanity would have. My flooring is more of a beige colour with tiny white and grey streaks, lik e limed oak.

East Northport Kitchen Remodel With Granite Counters | Duration 1 Minutes 36 Seconds The whole bathroom is very spa like and the wall colour you picked definitely contributes to that feeling. Do you know if the vinyl planks that you used will tolerate radiant floor heating (recommended by our realtor). My concern is, we want to do laminate flooring in the bedroom. We are doing a very similar remodel: gray wood-looking tile floors, white vanity and marble top, and now due to the cost of glass tile we are looking at similar shower tile. Also, any tips when it comes to the frameless glass enclosure? It looks so elegant and expensive but is very budget friendly! I completed this bathroom makeover yesterday by painting the walls and hanging the new mirror. It also shares the same gray and white palette as the recent kitchen remodel. We have a shower that needs a door just like the one in this bathroom, but we are nervous about the cost. I think it is way better in a bathroom than tile, easier on the feet and softer if someone slips and falls. Thanks for posting all the great pictures of this bathroom! That vanity is a blessing in disguise and it is so unique and beautiful it fits the space like a glove! Any opinions or experiences would be greatly appreciated! Carpet would prob look better against it but we really want to switch to laminate. Also do you know the price difference between shower and tub/shower plans? If you were to have used tile for the floor vs a pan do you know what tile you would’ve used for this project? Luckily our landlords let us put in laminate flooring and paint the vanity white but it’s nothing like this. I tried to read through the comments to see if someone else already asked, but didn’t see it. I was wondering if you guys did the shower pan installation yourselves and if you had any helpful tips or insight to share. Also, thank you for sharing online, it’s been a great inspiration! Looking at a grayish floor like you see, off white cabinets (will paint current ones, slightly darker ceiling and a brighter wall. Do you have and suggestions for a light grey paint color that doesn’t have a blue tone? I was wondering if you changed the hardware knobs on the drawers in the vanity?

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Is it possible to replace kitchen flooring without completely removing the base cabinets? Also, cutting out wood flooring at the base of the cabinet and putting in new wood flooring isn’t too bad (or laminate). It doesn’t have to be perfect because you can always put in a new toe kick and some quarter round or shoe moulding to hide the gap. The big problem is when you have large differences in thickness between old and new. If you replace it with tile or stone it could be even worse! If you are replacing a lighter flooring like hardware with a heavier flooring like stone, you need to look at structural supports and get a builder or engineer involved to make sure that the weight bearing capacity of the subfloor and any applicable joists is up to the task. What are the options for replacing kitchen cabinets? How do you remove linoleum without damaging a wood floor? When you remodel a kitchen should the new flooring be installed before the cabinets or after the cabinets are installed? What kind of flooring can be done on existing marble flooring without removing the existing one? What can you use to protect kitchen cabinets from water? Here’s the easy one, you can put linoleum overtop of just about any flooring that is there already because it’s thing and light. It’s a bit more work because you have to get in there where the toe kick is and cut out carefully and with some difficulty to get a straight edge. If you replace vinyl with hardwood, your toekick distance shrinks quite a bit and your counter height is now different than what it was. Is there any tips to add additional kitchen cabinets? Is it possible to replace missing kitchen cabinet doors? Is it possible to remodel a small kitchen to traditional kitchen cabinets?

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Find a fabricator for your countertops they will install and cut the countertops. I have a similar size island (before) but looking to make it wider like the one you have (after). Hope that helps, best of luck to you on your remodel! This should give you a good ballpark on whether or not the price is reasonable. I would ask them what their cost is per sq ft to fabricate and what they charge for cutouts such as sinks and faucets. We had been in our house about a year when we decided to tackle remodeling the kitchen! Find someone to demo your kitchen – we chose to donate our cabinets to a non-profit organization for veterans. We are beyond happy with our remodel and wouldn’t change a thing! I have mainly drawers and double trash bin cabinet which is so handy! My fabricator gave me a quote today that was much higher then yours. I always say go direct buy your countertops separate from the installer or at least know the price of the slabs and what they are charging for install.

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I would love any tips you might have for getting rings off the counters. I would definitely try baking soda or comet, since it’s likely due to etching. Clean with a heavy duty sponge (like these), mild dish soap (my favorite dish soap), and water. Protect from etching with an absorbent drying mat (like this gray one or this red one). With all natural stone, though, it’s important to realize that there can be lots of variations. Sometimes, though not always, just a little abrasive material can lessen the effects of that. Your tips will be really helpful as we take care of them in the future.

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To survive the remodel, you’ll also need to figure out where you’ll stay during construction. One of the most important questions is if you have enough space. After settling on space, pick out the kitchen features you absolutely have to have. Most of the time, remodeling costs more than you’d expect, so you’ll need to alter your plans or budget. Electrical outlets, plumbing, and gas lines all affect the arrangement. Perhaps you want your kitchen to look modern instead of traditional. Picking a style means focusing on the overal l look of the kitchen rather than its parts. The appliances can be metallic and the furniture can look very sleek and minimal. For a farmhouse kitchen, wood flooring and furniture works well. It can feature warm colors with white or yellow walls and wood cabinets. Use the estimate to figure out if you need to change your plans to stay under budget. If you’re handy around the house, pull up the flooring and cabinets. If you haven’t hired a contractor yet, doing this on your own saves you some money. New spaces for windows and doors may need to be cut into the wall. It’s important to do this now so the cabinets are placed accurately. Hang the wall cabinets first so you have plenty of room to work. Cabinets tend to be the most expensive part of a remodel, so avoid brand names or repurpose old ones to save money. Granite countertops are beautiful, but laminate countertops are the cheapest option. Countertop slabs are heavy and require specific tools for shaping. Flooring should only be done after the cabinets and countertops are in place. Hardwood and linoleum flooring are two of the cheapest options. You may install wall-to-wall flooring in the kitchen, but there’s not much reason to put it under the cabinets and countertops. If you want to replace all of your appliances, consider doing it in stages. Shop around for stylish light fixtures that fit both within your kitchen and your budget. After installing the parts of the kitchen one at a time, you’ll have a kitchen to show off to everyone in the neighborhood. Take some time to come up with the ways you want to improve your current kitchen. For example, your dream kitchen may feature an island cooktop instead of a traditional stove. Use them to identify features you want in your ideal kitchen. Decide upon a maximum amount of money you’re willing to invest in the remodel. The biggest priority is getting the layout and utilities right. Figure out where you’ll put your refrigerator and other appliances. A complete sketch shows you how much space you have to work with. To save money, have the contractor keep them where they are now. Most likely you have an idea of how you want the kitchen to look. It could be all wood, or it could incorporate a color theme. For example, a kitchen with a modern style might have a black, gray, or white color scheme with a lot of reflective surfaces and marble walls. A cottage kitchen could have checkered light blue or yellow patterns, vintage or white appliances, wood floors, and colorful decorations. It might have hand-painted wall tiles, a chandelier, copper pots, or ceramic crafts on display. Construction contractors provide outlines for structural and utility work. Usually you can get one contractor to do everything you need. Consult your local government to figure out what permits you need. If your remodeling plan includes building or demolishing walls, window openings, or utility lines, you’ll most likely need a permit. You’ll have to decide where you’re going to live and eat while the construction happens. During the noisiest and dusty days, such as when walls and flooring are demolished, spend the day away from home. During warm weather, you can spend time outside and make food on a grill. Most of the things in your kitchen can be removed without a contractor’s help. You might want to keep some of the appliances until the new ones come in, or else you could be stuck without a refrigerator or stove for weeks. You’ll need storage space in your garage or house if they arrive before wall and flooring work is complete. Remember that they don’t all have to be replaced at the same time. Rough-in work is when your utilities are installed but not connected. You or your contractor can fix the violations before they become bigger issues. After your home passes inspection, the walls need to be finished. Once the space is finalized, install them along with any trim. Place ground cabinets afterwards according to your floor plan. Renovating a cabinet can include painting, changing the knobs, or removing the doors. Once your countertop is set, you or your contractor can install the sink. Other options, such as porcelain tiles and cork, can give your kitchen a unique look. It’ll impact your budget, yet you’ll never see that flooring. Refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers, and other appliances come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Hook them up to the utility lines and celebrate being able to make dinner in your kitchen again. For instance, start with a new stove, then replace the other appliances as your budget allows it. Attach them to the walls and ceiling as needed, then relax and enjoy your beautiful kitchen! Even if you can’t afford to install a new light fixture, have the contractors put in the electrical wires during the remodel.

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We saved money by picking these up and installing them ourselves. I love the “window” that you can place flowers and decorations onto. I don’t like the creamy look they have though and was wanting to paint them like you did. But is there any word of caution that you would like to give me? I can’t stop looking at the dining table and the slab you also used for the island. It takes a good little while to get them even, but that’s what we did. We had 9 foot ceilings, but you hang your uppers has high or low as you want from your cabinets and then put crown molding to make up the difference between the tops and the ceiling. Also, what brand is your double oven and do you like it? I love being able to use the top oven in a pinch or both at once for entertaining. Q did most of the work himself, we used an amazing contractor to help with our vision and for all of our framing, flooring, plumbing and electrical needs. Q did spray paint them bright white as they had a pink tint to them. I think that it was a good move to repaint the whole room and to add a bunch of space to the area. The quartz counter tops, lights, and wooden island all look great, too! It took about 2 coats each side and took 3 days to do them all. Or if you just hang the uppers accordingly to be the same height? You’ll want to probably get a crown molding that goes between your soffitt and the cabinets. Look at them in different light: day, night, lights on and off! Do you know what color stain was used on the island? I see that the countertops are quartz – would you mind sharing what quartz you used? You have made an amazing transformation to the kitchen and dining area.

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Choosing a manufactured home at half the cost per square foot of a site-built home allowed the couple an opportunity to create a retirement home of their dreams. Experience and contractor connections can reduce remodeling issues and make the process easier for homeowners in a new town. The rich gray island has ample room for prep work in and an overhang large enough for four bar stools. The gorgeous pendants cast an unexpected light show on the ceiling. It can both lighten a room and darken a room depending on what tone you choose. The selection of products went smoothly and the installation sailed along right on schedule. You can also ask them for suggestion as they are experienced and have innovative ideas. Their modern manufactured home kitchen remodel is gorgeous! Kitchen remodels are especially tricky as no one wants to deal without a functioning kitchen for long. It is topped with a quartz with some enticing movement to create a great focal point for the space. The glass and stone backsplash blends the gray and white cabinets with the quartz. Hope you enjoyed this great manufactured home remodel! Contractors and other professionals are more than welcome to share their projects with us – the more manufactured home inspiration we can share the better! When the professionals would ask you about your requirement, you have to clear everything that exists in your mind. You have to take forward the work in such a way that your primary objective of the improvement would be met.


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