Dryers – Buy Or DIY? Plastic Bag Dryer

The thought of purchasing a plastic bag drying contraption for ourselves seems like a waste of money and resources. Drying the bags usually entails propping them around utensils in the dish rack or over chopsticks in a jar. Pictured are a few different ways to dry bags, including solutions you can purchase and those you can make yourself.

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I mean why would you buy a new bag every time you go shopping instead of using the one you have just bought ? This tool is made of wood and you can use it for drying plastic bags or even cups. It’s not being cheap, but saving money, which is a very good feature, especially now when the economical crisis takes out the worst in people?

Counter Top Bag Dryer Plastic Bag Dryer Ziploc Bag Dryer by etsy.com

With the amount of plastic bags you’ll save, it will pay for itself in no time at all. All my plastic stuff is no longer spread all over my counter drying!

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The Bag Tree Kitchen Countertop Dryer | Duration 3 Minutes 30 Seconds There’s no denying that single use plastics are a large problem concerning global waste managment. Perfect for re-using everything from sandwich bags to grocery bags. While only 5% of plastics are being recycled worldwide, as many as one trillion plastic bags are being used each year. Since reusing plastic baggies saves money and natural resources, our plastic bag dryer pays for itself over time. Even though it doesn’t take up much space on the counter, it seems like it would be better with a wider base. When not in use, the drying stems collapse nicely inward for easy storage. Can be used on countertop or hanging, and folds for easy storage. Simply wash sandwich and lunch baggies with soap and water and then air dry up to 8 of them at the same time. Plus you’d help save precious non-renewable resources by consuming nearly 1, 000 fewer bags. The bottom seems like it should screw into the base, but it doesn’t. As noted by others, it topples fairly easily, because of its rather narrow and light base. Dryers   Buy or DIY? Plastic Bag Dryer Regardless, it sure is nicer and neater than trying to dry bags in a “collapsed” state, in the dish drainer or hanging them via laundry pins. My previous method of draping bags over serving spoons in my dish rack did not do the trick and it was frustrating trying to wash and reuse bags. It easily dried flimsy “one-use” bags as well as the more durable reusable zip-up bags.

Cleaning Melted Plastic From A Smooth Cooktop Range by thriftyfun.com

Soup was all over after melting bottom of container, which was cleaned up with paper towels as best we could. I now have a clean stove top and am no longer in despair! Will any of the solutions offered here be best to try? An entire base of a kettle melted on to the ceramic stove top, and got it off in minutes. I have been lamenting for a week and then decided to google the problem. Just don’t let any spill stay and don’t cook until you wipe it off if you do have a spill. I had been told to scrape it off with a razor, heat it back up, and even to try ice. Any suggestions on how to clean the burnt plastic from my smooth top stove? A tortilla bag melted completely to my cook-top (turned on the wrong burner). Dryers   Buy or DIY? Plastic Bag Dryer I used the razor blade and spray bottle of water to get off the large top layer but was left with a colored film. I thought we were going to have to fork out money to buy them another one.

Repairing Bubbles In Formica Countertop by thriftyfun.com

You should be able to solve the problem with heat and a heavy, flat object to weigh it down. If that doesn’t work, you can iron the area through a towel to heat it up, then put the weight on. Where the bubbles are, the glue is no longer adhering to the formica. First you can try using a blow dryer to heat (but not scorch) the area, then while it is still hot, lay the weight on top for several hours. I would use as a backsplash to provide a look that would be nice.

How To Remove Stains From Plastic Laminate Countertops by familyhandyman.com

Stubborn stains on countertops can be frustrating, but they don’t have to be permanent.

Countertop Bag Dryer | Design Gallery From Kuudesign.Com Check the label and make sure any product you use is recommended for laminate countertops. Most solvents won’t harm or discolor plastic laminate, but play it safe and test them on an inconspicuous spot first. They may remove stains, but they may also leave micro-scratches in the surface, making future stains more likely. Since you may not know what brand of laminate you have, test bleach before using it. Check the spot for discoloration before you use bleach on a stain. Spray or wipe on a product meant for countertops and wipe off the excess. Apply the paste to the stain and lay a wet paper towel over the paste to keep it moist. The secret to success with these products is patience; let the cleaner work for five minutes or so before you wipe off the countertop. Just let the paste work for one to two hours and then wipe it off gently. It can seep under the laminate, weaken the adhesive and damage the particleboard substrate. Use white rags to avoid staining the countertop with fabric dye. These solvents are flammable and give off nasty fumes, so the best way to use them is to apply a small amount to a soft rag or cotton ball. Some laminate manufacturers suggest using it undiluted on stains, while others warn against using any product that contains bleach. The best way to prevent stains is to wipe up messes immediately; the longer something sits, the more likely it is to leave a stain. But years of wear leave the surface more porous and stain-prone; that’s when these protective coatings can make a big difference. Any coating product will wear off and should be reapplied every few weeks.

How To Hide Appliances On The Counter by homeguides.sfgate.com

You can also make appliance covers tailored to your kitchen appliances in the fabric of your choice. Smaller appliances, such as toasters or blenders, can be hidden behind other kitchen decor.The eye will go to the decoration in front of the appliance rather than the appliance itself, even if it is not completely covered. Appliance garages are roll-up doors that give space for small appliances. Flip-up or sliding doors on the cubbies can keep the appliances hidden, and the cubby can be moved to accommodate the need for more counter space. Large sliding doors built to match the kitchen cabinets can house the countertop appliances. However, appliances on the counter can take away from the overall look of your kitchen. When you use appliances frequently, you may not want to take them out and put them away every day.

Coolcare Curling Iron Holder Countertop Model | Duration 2 Minutes 43 Seconds Hiding your appliances on the counter will keep them handy for use and keep your kitchen looking attractive. Dirty appliances, even when disguised or camouflaged, can draw unwanted attention. Appliance covers made in fabrics that coordinate with your kitchen decor can hide the appliances and make them look like part of the decor. Repurpose embroidered tea towels or patterned pieces of cloth to cover your appliances. Put your toaster in the corner of the counter and place a vase of flowers or a small picture on an easel in front of it. Keep small appliances in vintage storage pieces, such as bread boxes or decorative chests. Build appliance garages or cubbies on your countertop to house your appliances. A stand-alone cubby can be built to fit a specific appliance. The doors can be opened to create access to the appliances, then closed to create a simple, clean look in the kitchen. These will not draw as much attention when they are not hidden. Allow the appliance to cool down before covering them with cloth.

An Inexpensive DIY Laundry Countertop Welsh Design Studio by welshdesignstudio.com

We initially considered just a painted plywood top, but, we wanted something with a little more pizazz. We cut out a plywood base, and installed the vinyl tiles directly on top of the plywood, using 1/8″ spacers to make sure the tiles were evenly spaced. I have big “someday” plans for our laundry room, but unfortunately, limited funds to make it happen right now. Next, we used some pre-mixed gray grout to give the laundry countertop a more realistic look. Once the grout was properly shoved into all the cracks, we started to sponge off the excess. You will also want to be careful not to remove the grout from the cracks, so be sure not to push too hard with the sponge. We made sure the cleats were all level and at the same height so they could evenly carry the weight of the countertop.

FloWorks Design Plastic Bag and Bottle Dryer by amazon.co.uk

Use our wooden plastic bag dryer to reuse your plastic bags and save money. Our wooden plastic bag dryer is a great way to recycle plastic bags and save money. It works fine for drying the bags – it’s just the right size for the one gallon bags. Presumably it’s so that you can bring the sticks together by sliding the ring up to the top, making it easier to store. But wait–this really is a good product and worth the money. This holder doesn’t take up much space, it’s nicely made and it’s low tech. Those zip-top bags aren’t free, you know, and reusing them saves real money. I tried the trick another reviewer mentioned about using straws in a glass instead of a dryer like this and even though it worked it looked pretty tacky. Still, it’s an alternative for somebody who doesn’t really want to buy something like this. Plastic bags have their place and while not biodegradable, they can be reused many times saving you money and less trash in our landfills. Simply wash bags with a bit of soap and warm water (if ziplock, we fill half way with water, seal and swish around) and rinse well. Probably good for drying plastic bags but not great for baby bottles. But the center ring only stays up if the rack is on its side. A weighted bottom could be inserted underneath the wooden foot, the center stick could be made longer than the others, and a notch could be made on the top of some of the outer sticks so that the center ring would stay up if desired. Wash the bag, hang it on the wooden dryer and you’ve just saved a plastic bag from a landfill for as many times as the bag holds up. I have not had it long enough to be able to tell you if the wood becomes discolored from moisture, or if there are any other long-time-usage problems.

Plastic Bag Drying Rack by jamaicacottageshop.com

Each dowel of the plastic bag rack is topped by a 1” wooden ball. With a rustic, wooden look, it will fit in well in you cabin, farmhouse or cottage. Treat this plastic bag dryer with a wood preservative before use. Quit wasting money buying plastic snack bags and just rinse and reuse them instead. Dryers   Buy or DIY? Plastic Bag Dryer

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