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It removes dust efficiently and doesn’t dry out the surface. It cleans and shines with just a little wiping using a cloth. I do like this product as it is such a multi use product and does work. It is convenient to use one cloth and one product instead of carrying around an armload of supplies.
Cleaning Tips How To Clean Granite Countertops | Duration 1 Minutes 26 Seconds I even spray a little on our laminate floor after sweeping to give them a nice shine. I used the rest of the product only as a substitute for my “regular” pledge. It’s a great idea (multi-tasking product), but this one just doesn’t do all of it’s job well enough. It cleans different kinds of surfaces so it makes it easy to just get multiple jobs done with one spray cleaner. I can carry this around to many rooms in the house and it will do the job that it says it does without damaging anything. It has a nice scent to it making your house smell fresh and clean. I think it does it’s job well and it is nice to know that it is fighting germs at the same time. I tried it on wood and was not satisfied with how the wood table looked afterwards. I was also afraid to use it on my television but it worked well removing dust from it. It did a good job removing food and fingerprints off of my stainless steel dishwasher and refrigerator. It is much easier than using a glass cleaner and a wood cleaner on one piece of furniture. I also really like using it for computer equipments and keyboards. I was able to clean my tv stand which is black glass and some sort of painted black steel or some type of metal. I have always had to buy so many different products for different types of furniture. From mirrors to countertops to cupboards to furniture, it really gets the job done. Takes away all smudges left on your countertops and even fingerprints left on your stainless steel appliances.

Pledge Electronics Cleaning Spray For Cleaning Keyboards, Screens, Mobile Phones, Tablets | Duration 3 Minutes 28 Seconds It does a very nice job on some tasks, and falls a little short on others. It is also nice that this not only cleans but has the power to fight germs as well. I have also heard of people using this inside of a car to clean. Other wood cleaners leave wood looking a lot more conditioned and richer than this product. The spray comes out quickly and the cleaner is a good consistency. It can be easy to use too much, which can leave a residue and buildup. My countertops were clean with no issues, my windows were streak free and my computer desk was clean. It was nice finally being able to just buy one item and be able to use it for so many different things.

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The stuff has to wear off, otherwise they wouldn’t make money selling more of it. I obviously put it on a surface that it wasn’t supposed to go on. Generally any store with a well stock tile section will have a neutral cleaner. Tom’s comment was just to warn you that if the floor is dirty, the grit may scratch the floor when you rub it. If there’s no grit or dirt on the floor, the cloth shouldn’t scratch the marble, but be carefull. A micro fiber cloth is a soft absorbent cloth that may help remove some of the pledge without chemicals but if you are going to use a cleaner, it doesn’t matter. Don’t be too concerned because the pledge will wear off even if you just leave it but it may be a safety hazard if it’s slippery. The cloth would trap any grit and the grit would scratch the marble. Main thing was to try to catch you before you trie d something that might make it worse.

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I love being able to clean and wipe everything with this wipes. I use them to clean my wooden cabinets in the bathroom and kitchen. Probably one of the best cleaning products out there because you can use on literally everything. Super convenient to have around the house when you have a 4 year old. The pledge whiles are great because you can use them anywhere. It is also nice to not have to switch out cleaning rags or go through a half of a roll of paper towels to get my basic cleaning done. Who said, “pledge is only for wood furniture” it works amazing on just about any surface. I usually buy the spray, but have purchased these a few times. It is nice to not have worry about pulling out a bunch of cleaning products when your doing a light cleaning. I would not personally use these for heavy cleaning, but work good for the basics. I use them in my office at work and the wipes are able to trap and hold on to dust, lint, etc. The dust stays away for a few days longer than using other furniture polishes. These are very effective at removing dust and other loose dirt on surfaces. Who said pledge was just for wood furniture?

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