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ProII™ Stainless Steel Countertops Garage

Custom fabricated, ready to install countertops can be seamless up to 12 feet. Stainless steel and aluminum provide a heat resistant, anti-bacterial surface. Back and side splash guards standard with aluminum and stainless steel countertops.

How To Build A Countertop Garage Workbench by

Install a horizontal and vertical 1×2 cleats on the wall for support, attaching them to the wall studs.Attach 1x4s vertical cleats under the horizontal cleat every 16” on each stud. Cut the 24” wide by 8’ long countertop from 3/4″ particle board or plywood. Add a 1×2 band around the edge of the countertop to cover the raw edges and add strength. Runners can be added to the underside of the countertop for storing recycling bins or other storage containers. Cut triangular cleats for each end from 3/4″ particle board or plywood, and attach them to the cleats at each end of the countertop. Screw metal shelf brackets the cleats so they’re flush with the top of the vertical cleat.
Building Countertops For Garage Cabinets | Duration 13 Minutes 55 Seconds Attach the countertop to the brackets and triangular supports with screws.

Options For Appliance Garages by

Make sure to plan for multiple electrical outlets and have them installed prior to the cabinet installation. The disadvantage is that the doors can sometimes be slightly tricky to work. In most cases you’ll want to slide these appliances forward to use them so heat and steam dissipate into the kitchen rather than into the confined space of the garage. Plus, its height off the counter allows the door to open even when the space below is in use. This vintage-style toaster should be pulled out and away from the fabric before being used to avoid heat buildup and fire hazards. When you’re short on space, use these ideas to maximize every inch. Along with running electrical to the cabinet, be sure the microwave is able to vent properly. If the coffeemaker or coffee press are used every morning, store coffee beans and sugar close by. Take a look at how these appliance garages create storage solutions. ProII™ Stainless Steel Countertops Garage You’ll want to specify that the cabinet interiors of a garage be finished. The advantage of this type of door is that it takes up no counter space. Both sets of garage doors swing open and push back, allowing clearance in front of and around the cabinet. These conveniences can save steps and time on busy mornings.

Durable Garage Countertops by

Whether the garage countertop is part of a wall of cabinets or a stand-alone garage workbench , garage work surfaces take the most use (and abuse) in our garages. The butcher block tops are constructed of 1-1/4″ hardwood maple with a clear protective coating applied that will keep them looking beautiful for years. Deciding what to do is often the hardest part of getting organized. But when it comes to actually getting work done in our garages, we need heavy duty garage countertops. Maintain them by cleaning as needed with a mild soap and water.

Durable Countertops by

They’re great for hobbies, gardening, or light everyday use (such as household repairs or maintenance). No maintenance is required, other than an occasional cleaning. Whether part of an entire wall of cabinets or on a stand-alone workbench, your work surface is probably going to take the most use (and abuse) of anything in your garage.

Garage Workbenches by

Stationary workbenches are mounted on adjustable legs so you can adjust for uneven floors. Rolling workbenches have casters, allowing you to move your tools and supplies from one project directly to another. In addition, the 80” unit can contain a knee hole for sitting. Many of our customers prefer to integrate their workbench into an entire wall of garagegear cabinets. When you combine all the specialty cabinets, drawer combinations and add-ons, almost unlimited configurations are possible. Need more storage or additional ways to organize your tools or work items? A garage workbench can transform any garage into a great work area. A workbench is a great complement to our wall-hung cabinets. Add the heavy-duty hardware used on all of our cabinets, and you have a product that is functional, looks great, and will last you a lifetime.

How To Build A Countertop Garage Workbench From Today’S Homeowner Video Channel | Duration 1 Minutes 47 Seconds Now you have a place to complete your projects, work on your hobby, or a surface to spread out all the supplies for any given project. Our products are of much high quality than any you will find at your local big box store. The 80” width model can be built with a knee hole, allowing you to sit while working on a project. Large 6” rubber casters roll easily and quietly wherever you want and lock for stationary use. You may find that you will complete your projects more quickly and efficiently when you have a workbench with a durable work surface and great storage for your tools and supplies. The configurations, options and colors we offer are unmatched in the industry. These countertops can withstand just about anything you throw at them. You can work confidently on this surface knowing that your investment is protected from any accidental bangs or bruises that are more than likely to occur. Every garage storage solution that we build is custom built, so each detail gets our full attention. Mix and match components to create your perfect garage workbench.

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We offer a number of “standard” sized system configurations, which will fit the needs of many homeowners. If you need something more, or different, you can customize the b​est garage storage system until you have the exact setup you want. Once you’ve selected the cabinet configuration you want, you’re ready to make everything look great!

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