Quartz Countertop Care Simplified

For this reason, harsh cleaners like bleach aren’t required. And although quartz is fairly scratch resistant, it’s always smart to use cutting boards and avoid cutting directly on your countertop surface. However, quartz countertops really only require mild dish soap or a gentle cleaning spray such as water and vinegar, plus a soft damp cloth. Use trivets or potholders under hot pots and pans to avoid heat discoloration. So if you’re ready to explore more about these tough beauties, check out these room ideas with stain-resistant quartz countertops.

Tips On How To Clean Countertops by clorox.com

What about that pesky red wine stain on your kitchen tile that won’t go away? For stains that have been there a while, repeat use or leave the gel on for several minutes. For those messy puddles of cooking oil, first sprinkle a healthy measure of salt over the area and wait for it to soak up the oil (immediately wiping with a towel or sponge can simply spread the oil and increase the mess).


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