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It happens when acidic substances come into contact with countertops, floors, walls, or anywhere you may have natural stone that contains calcium carbonate. Starting its life as sandstone, quartzite forms when sandstone and quartz are together, under tremendous amounts of heat and pressure. Quartzite is a very strong and durable material that possesses a high resistance to heat and stains. But, in some quartzite slabs, there can be traces of calcium carbonate—a substance that reacts very easily to acid. Mild etching still feels smooth and can be removed with a polishing powder.You’ll want to contact a stone restoration professional to address these etches. Sandstone commonly contains calcium carbonate, which is the basic chemistry of marble. Your article is clear and concise, using basic reference to geology that the layman can understand and apply to practical use. This causes the empty grains of sandstone to become filled with quartz—a process that actually makes the quartzite harder than quartz. Since it’s made primarily of silica, quartzite actually has a very high resistance to anything acidic (which is the culprit of etching). If these areas come into contact with acids, this can cause localized etching.
Granite Countertops Toronto | Duration 51 Seconds So even if quartzite does come into contact with acidic materials, it will give you more time to clean up before it starts to etch. Many quartzite colors come in shades of light grey and white, which are stylistically very popular today. All quartzite was once a sandstone that went through a change of intense pressure, heat and movement. Therefore it is possible for some calcium carbonate to remain in the quartzite which could lead to etching. Sealing your counters will only assist in repelling stains but does not protect from etching. I have them sealed again, now that they have been installed? We will be sure to share with our sales team and clients!

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