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Random Survey For Those Who Are Bored?

If you were a super hero, what powers would you have? If you were a super hero what powers would you have? Flying, being super strong, being invisible, being super hot 14) and what would your hero name be?

24 Fun and Easy Things To Draw When You Are Bored by

Well if you are in the former or at any other state of boredom, bring up your book, pen/pencil and tons of creativity! Spice things up and draw the professor himself/herself and mark the date and time. If you think these are elementary, look high and aim further. So, try sketching one of your classmates and ofcourse, spread a smile. Fill up your boredom with your kingdom that can be anything between ideal and lecture/bore-free.

Minecraft What I Do When I’M Bored | Duration 2 Minutes 15 Seconds While you have time to kill and boredom breathing hard upon your neck, sketch up a no-one you’ve never seen or a someone you would some good day like to meet. This could be a very deep gesture of making friends with the textbook! How great does it feel to just live your way without any planning; to live in the moment? The fact that you could make a cute cupcake out of an oval shape reinstates that abstract is art. It could vary from mere shapes to a simple tea cup and much more. Aliens have been an interesting topic for a long time now, infact as interesting as it was to know who all scored less than you in school. But it killed boredom and it is very important that we remember it. Here are some interesting, fun and easy things you can draw when bored. Not all of our eyes drawings would look so picture perfect and half of us would end up drawing zombie eyes but then that’s the whole point- you are bored and that justifies it all. Or you could think out of box and make one- who’s stopping you? If you’ve done this like umpteen times aim for a perfect rose. If there is a textbook you don’t wish to dream about, go grab it and sketch random pictures from it. No planning, no directions, just random lines that meet and intersect. If you wish to be modest, choose something that’s your favourite be it a film, person or thing. Draw out an environmental theme like air pollution, melting of the ice, deforestation etc. While there are multiple interpretations as to how the aliens look and even whether or not they exist, let your creativity roll and bring out your unique alien. Ofcourse as kids we used to even extend this into a game that suddenly turned cloudy with no exits. Batman or any other superhero, they definitely came out of the big screen to fill our paper and boredom.

Basic Concepts Of Probability by

There is a degree of randomness associated with the survey result.

A Random Marble Run On A Seat | Duration 1 Minutes If it is not particularly likely to be close to the population proportion, then we would perhaps not take the survey result too seriously. For that reason, we would like to be able to compute that likelihood. This section provides a framework for discussing probability problems, using the terms just mentioned. Construct a sample space for the situation that the coins are distinguishable, such as one a penny and the other a nickel. Since we can tell the coins apart, there are now two ways for the coins to differ: the penny heads and the nickel tails, or the penny tails and the nickel heads. In ordinary language probabilities are frequently expressed as percentages. Construct a sample space for the experiment of randomly drawing out, with replacement, two marbles in succession and noting the color each time. Construct a sample space for the experiment of randomly drawing out, with replacement, three marbles in succession and noting the color each time. The coin lands heads the same number of times as it lands tails. The person has a high school diploma and takes dietary supplements regularly. We would expect the proportion of the 1, 200 voters in the survey who are in favor to be close to the proportion of all voters who are in favor, but this need not be true. If the survey result is highly likely to be close to the true proportion, then we have confidence in the survey result. The likelihood that the survey proportion is close to the population proportion determines our confidence in the survey result. The task of computing it belongs to the realm of probability, which we study in this chapter. To learn the concept of an event associated with a random experiment. Construct a sample space for the situation that the coins are indistinguishable, such as two brand new pennies. We can label each outcome as a pair of letters, the first of which indicates how the penny landed and the second of which indicates how the nickel landed. A device that can be helpful in identifying all possible outcomes of a random experiment, particularly one that can be vie wed as proceeding in stages, is what is called a tree diagram . The right ending point of each branch is called a node . In some situations the individual outcomes of any sample space that represents the experiment are unavoidably unequally likely, in which case probabilities cannot be computed merely by counting, but the computational formula given in the definition of the probability of an event must be used. An event associated with a random experiment is a subset of the sample space. The person has no party affiliation and is undecided about the bond issue.

Marble Blast Cla Movie #1 (Random Custom Levels 9) | Duration 9 Minutes 57 Seconds The woman was in her twenties at her first marriage and had at least three children. The person has an undergraduate degree and takes dietary supplements regularly. Although it is tedious to list them all, it is not difficult to count them.


Here, various culture-specific poetic systems battle it out. Army blankets, items of apparel, cans of corned beef, pin-up blonds. Much of the power of these contradictions was caught up in their libidinal origins. For they double down on—and then double cross—personal and social anxieties. It arises, instead, from a practice that is simultaneously self-deprecating, violently assertive and socially interrogative. His subsequent work plays out another side of these gruesome castrative fantasies, bringing its repertoire of cuts up against a subtly blunted carnival of appropriations, memorials, excremental stand-ins and inter-cultural personae. The bands and vices are “gears” that conjoin the boxes as contradictions. Choi’s dialogue with the body without organs and the desiring machine is more complex. Such symptoms are not reducible to the legible traces of a particular unhealthy body, nor are they simply the sum or system of traces left by a particular disease. Lodged at the gallery’s edges, these horizontal beams look like outsized military decorations or giant, psychedelic barcodes. The fertile thought slowly elaborates itself within his brain. In art-world terms, the flatulence of abjection might be considered the agonistic opposite of masquerade’s dressing-up. The weave of collaborations and revisions thus engendered are leashed to the technical apertures opened and closed by a prefabricated palate, the exigencies of printing and its supports, and the fixed, multi-combinant regimen of morphological permutations pre-set in the system.

Bored Dot Com | Duration 6 Minutes 4 Seconds Now, near the end of the second decade of the 21st century, he stares himself down as it creates him back. I would assume then that this is what the viewer on either side of the ocean will discern: that these paintings are views of an unstable world – a dyspeptic universe. Now, near the end of the second decade of the 21st century, he stares himself down as it creates him back. Totems of human surplus, they add specific forms of manufactured value to a singular warrior, at the same time standing-in for the mass replication of the larger force. He was seduced, compelled, even enraptured; but at the same time disaffected and appalled. Nor does it in any way depend on the multi-cultural fairy-tale of happy assimilation and hyphenated identity. Choi’s discarded cotton socks, accompanied by a hidden tape loop of lascivious male laughter, and wafted by drafts from an industrial fan. Weaving wickedly in and out of art and history, such severances run along the technical edge of a hyper-collage of promiscuous substitutions whose filament is the artist’s self.

Phillipsburg USD 325 by

They’ve been learning a lot, getting stronger, and growing as a team! The managers learned how to take stats, and the cheerleaders debuted their mat-side. They’ve been learning a lot and having fun with their teammates. Ford’s students had to be sculptures and pose their partner into an aggressive stance. It was hot, but they got to experience many conserv ation and wildlife-related activities and had a delicious lunch. It was a fun activity to do as a school for such a good cause. They are working hard to improve their skills and are having some fun too! They made many promises, cracked some jokes, and kept us entertained. Remember to get “caught” doing good things to be nominated by your teachers for this honor! Hopefully you smiled pretty so your parents get a frame-worthy photo! King says he has 7 runners out, and they start practice at the track and run through town, in the country, and lots of other places.

Marble Blast Gold Random Levels 2 | Duration 4 Minutes 7 Seconds Beckman’s 7th graders have been having fun with the speed lab in his class! They learned a lot, and got some tips for their next matches. Molzahn has a new crop of students ready to take pics and bring you the news! There were some pretty snazzy, sparkly, ugly, and crazy ones! The graph to the right shows how the votes turned out! The band did a fantastic job, and the fifth graders are learning the spirit yell! We asked some students what they are thankful for this year. Look thought it would be a good chance for parents to visit with the. It felt really good to do good deeds to honor those who lost. Blank’s 6th graders had fun completing a tools lab in science class! The volleyball and football teams scrimmaged, and the cross country team ran laps to prepare for the new sports season. We asked some fifth graders what they like about being in a new building. They noticed cool new posters on the walls and noise reduction panels in the.

Web Original Nightmare Fuel by

The between-round intermission texts become progressively more psychotic and demented; eventually even the music (such as it was) vanishes, replaced by a series of loud beeps. But you can also choose to let the man live; by waiting around on the final stage for long enough, the fetus-in-fetu realizes that two wrongs don’t make a right and reduces itself to a quiet existence as a benign tumor. When you can play the game, it’s basically you playing a guest trying to escape an incredibly freaky hotel which is full of dark and demonic forces. And when you do finally escape , you get a cool down moment where the guest sits in his car and starts to pull out of the driveway while calming music plays. You’re locked in and have to find a way out before the monster that abducted you comes back to eat you. When you pick it up, the most creepy voice imaginable informs you that he’ll be there soon to kill you, at which point the background music changes from its usual soft rhythm to being incredibly frantic. The second game has you and your friend trying to escape from the house itself, which has a zombified family living in it. If you don’t freeze time, the game will end as you’re killed from behind by a chainsaw. Most of the soundtracks and background noises for the entire series are creepy, but this one in particular stands out. What’s more is that these games were apparently intended for children. But the game is most infamously known for displaying horrifying real images of people being mutilated — without warning — at certain intervals. There’s an interactive web animation about how chocolate bunnies are made and you’re given the choice of something to throw at the poor helpless bunny. Hospital” is a game in which you visit interactive photgraphs of an “abandoned hospital”. Unfortunately, for every cute yukkuri fanart on the internet, there’s always one where the poor things are tortured and killed, among other atrocities. Due to them not having any law protections because of them not being natural animals, they are frequently shown getting subjected to some of the most gruesome and nausea-inducing forms of torture and death that are beyond what one can imagine. This could be standard for fantasies, but later on in the story, some guy hides an aerosol can that causes breast growth and high libido in the girls’ locker room. It’s a fun game in spite of it though, with a great gameplay mechanic. Before looking in the rearview mirror and seeing a corpse-like creature in the back seat. You do, however, have to make a decision on who to kill at the end. But it’s never explained how or why you die, which somehow makes it ten times worse. To be more specific, the entire premise is that your character heard your friend screaming, only to be knocked out and wake up in a creepy, dark basement. Among various creepy delights, there’s the man in the kitchen calmly ripping apart a dead monster for dinner and pictures in the living room that change in the dark. If you have a certain item, you can freeze time and see that one of the “pictures” is actually another zombie person, who was attempting to kill you from behind. Open the locker, and you’re treated to a huge, writhing orange thing with bulging eyes, a gaping mouth and vestigial limbs constantly wiggling. From shadowy demons who suddenly leap offscreen to taunting messages written in blood, it’s quite the departure from the previous games. Also, while many of the locations look like they’ve been abandoned for a very long time, some places look as though people were there recently and had to leave in a hurry — and every now and then you’ll go someplace you’ve been before that has apparently been visited in your absence by someone or something who likes to break things. Although the hamster’s snarky remarks and exaggerated southern accent somehow softened the blow. Not something to be viewed alone in a darkened room at night. The moment you mention it’s name, it appears, in the form of everyone around you saying his words in his voice. This story about how a little girl saw a horrifying demon in her window that had blood-dripping fangs. A villain who seeks to refine evil as an artform abducts her, physically and mentally breaks her, and then presents her as his masterpiece to the rest of the cast. Kinetic probes find that the planet’s substance is mostly magnesium. That’s weird enough, but the protagonist ends up with one, then spends several weeks with her infected cousin and infected botanist aunt, whose greenhouse spawned the parasites in the first place.

Batman 2 Script By Sam Hamm by

Beneath its pristine white blanket, the city looks uncharacteristically serene — almost inviting. Beneath his array jacket is a grubby sweatshirt with the familiar yellow-and-black logo. The drifts are two feet deep and the streets are all but empty of cars. Several squad cars are now massed at the entrance to the park — but there’s one problem. He’s just spotted fresh quarry: snowmobiles three and four, whizzing over a rolling white pasture in the distance. The left front tire takes a sudden dip — and worse yet, the car is sliding forward. He approaches the edge of the park, negotiating his way through a maze of rocky outcroppings. As it is, he’s barely managing to stay ahead of the flamethrower. Unbothered by the weather, they walk the street singing, spreading cheer and goodwill to the few passersby. These guys are obviously going to get away clean — unless. .. A couple of them are trying to scale the stone walls of the park. The trees are too closely spaced for the torpedo to maneuver; it strikes the nearest tree trunk and explodes harmlessly. Smiling, they rev their engines and set out over the surface of the lake. They’re obviously members of the same club — just like the guys we saw in the park.

Collected Essays By Rudy Rucker by

Immortality, artificial intelligence, and the birth of a universal mind? Transrealism tries to treat not only immediate reality, but also the higher reality in which life is embedded. What makes standard genre fiction so insipid is that the characters are so obviously puppets of the author’s will. In real life, the people you meet almost never say what you want or expect them to. These simulations are imposed on you from without; they do not react to imagined situations as you might desire. It is essential that the characters be in some sense out of control, as are real people—for what can anyone learn by reading about made-up people? The author can only choose characters and setting, introduce this or that particular fantastic element, and aim for certain key scenes. If the author knows precisely how his or her book will develop, then the reader will divine this. A successful novel of any sort should drag the reader through it. In drawing a maze, one has a start (characters and setting) and certain goals (key scenes). Later you bend strands of the ramifying narrative back to hook into these nodes. A major tool in mass thought-control is the myth of consensus reality. As long as you labor under the feeling that you are the only weirdo, then you feel weak and apologetic. Actual people are weird and unpredictable, this is why it is so important to use them as characters instead of the impossibly good and bad paperdolls of mass-culture. As long as people can be tricked into believing the reality of the 6:30 news, they can be herded about like sheep. The audience watches with the raptness of children gazing at television, and everyone has a good time. Back in the ‘60s—now safe and cozy under a twenty-year blanket of consensus history—the basic social division was straight vs. The country was as close to civil war as it’s been in modern times. If you’re young, you want to come up with something new—that’s how the race grows. Of course that was all eight years ago (which, these exponential days, is a long time). But a lot of basically conventional people slid through the ‘70s thinking of themselves as avant-garde, when in fact they were brain-dead. Shannon has shown that any channel, such as easy-to-read writing, admits of efficient encoding schemes. Thus one sees cyberpunks reading a lot: a lot of science, and a lot of fiction. One of the nice things about publishing ebooks is that you’re not faced with the same length constraints as with printed books. Any literature which is not about actual reality is weak and enervated. By using fantastic devices it is actually possible to manipulate subtext. The “realism” aspect has to do with the fact that a valid work of art should deal with the world the way it actually is. Actions become predictable, and in dialogue it is difficult to tell which character is supposed to be talking. From long and bruising contact, you carry simulations of your acquaintances around in your head. By letting these simulations run your characters, you can avoid turning out mechanical wish-fulfillments. If, indeed, you are writing about immediate perceptions, then what point of view other than your own is possible? And a book with no readers is not a fully effective work of art. How is it possible to write such a book without an outline? Yet conventional fiction very commonly shows us normal people in a normal world. But there is no reason to let this severely limited and reactionary mode condition all our writing. It was a clear, simple gap that sparked and sputtered like a high-voltage carbon arc. News commentators sometimes speak of this as a negative thing—burning cities, correct revolutionary actions, police riots—but there was a lot of energy there. But during the ‘70s times got tough, and all the ‘60s people got older. The gap between hip and straight is still there, but it’s faded, the jags have rubbed off. Some ‘80s youngsters may want to be straights—our country will always need sports fans and prison guards—but the smart ones, the ones who ask hard questions, the same kids who would have been hippies in the ‘60s—these people needed some kind of stance that would bug all old people. What’s good about punk is that it makes all of us question our comfortable assumptions and attitudes. Two bits is enough to distinguish among four possibilities: 00 , 01 , 10 , and 11. Twenty bits distinguishes among 220 possibilities—about a million. This quantity, also known as algorithmic complexity , can be defined quite precisely and rigorously. Now you can see where cyber and punk tie together to make cyberpunk. This is fine for now, though in the long run it’s not the point. Inefficient writers waste a lot of page-space in posing, repeating clichés, and telling stupid jokes.

Birthday Freebies 🎂 🎁 🎉 • Free Stuff From Over 200 Restaurants and Stores! by

We definitely appreciate the hard work and time you put into this list. A bundtlet is a personal size bundt cake, about 6 inches in diameter. In the place near me, they feature a flavor of the day and have a free sample of that flavor to help you choose. My hair stylist used to send a card to her clients in the mail for 20% off so maybe ask around about that. Hopefully some people can help you out for all to share like you did. And remember, all offers are subject to location participation. Only one of those is true, but it makes my biography look much fuller. We realize there may be some mistakes or mis-understanding on some items, so we will check the ones we want to use from your list and call the local establishments about it. That is completely stupid and ignorant of anyone who does do that. I always ask for one of their loafs of bread instead which is an equivalent value. There should be a forum of witty persons who wit-check your business name. Or perhaps, an overly-attentive manager of questionable moral! You get free jewelry for your bday and several other times during the year. You can’t just walk into a place you’ve never been to before and ask them for a free dinner.

The Cost Of Collecting by

Anynofunblogger, marketers like to sell us stuff in volume — it’s good for business, right? They don’t have to be branded, numbered collectibles that are part of a special set. The cost can include the price paid for buying the crap, or the fees surrendered for storing the stuff. Me, the guy who laughs at women with a closet filled with clothing. I freed up one entire bookcase and inflicted a lot of good reading on friends and their teenagers. There’s a clock ticking on both piles that expires in another 6 months or so. But, unlike your husband, most of my technology is relatively new and used on and off. I should tackle it by stuffing them in a suitcase and keep it travel-ready instead of taking up valuable space in the closet. We have a lot of random junk lying around, but nothing substantial enough to be called a “collection”. Two things we do collect: glass jars, for canning/jamming with, and cooking things. I have over 10 different sets of dishes and countless serving pieces, it is scary and overwhelming lots and lots of storage boxes in the garage that drive my husband crazy. May seem boring, but there are so many different stamps in the world that the collection will always have room for expansion and hold an interest for me. So instead of fighting it, my advice is to try to find a healthier outlet for that collecting bug. I just donated a huge box of those, to clear out an entire drawer in my supply cupboard of my home office. So really, a collection could be anything you’ve amassed over time. Over the years my weight has fluctuated (what, your’s hasn’t?), styles have changed, and washes have worn. There must be three boxes of wires, cables, cords, and other coiled doodads stockpiled in the man’s closet. A collection can really be anything you’ve stockpiled over time. If you don’t own a family barn then you’ll need to own a bigger house or rent a storage locker off-site to contain the crappy costly situation. You could save a little (or a lot) of money by knowing your spending triggers and reducing your stockpiling habits. The next pass was to sort them into “useful” (reference books) and “other” (fiction) and then take a hard look at each category. There may come a time when photos of the objects put into a scrapbook will give the same sense of history and family as actually handling them, but not yet. We had a dish tub full of rocks we “collected” under our bed. She had all kinds of craft projects for “some day” and many of them never got done.


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