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We always do our best to ensure that you get the most for your money without sacrificing quality. We use quality home remodeling materials combined with our home remodeling knowledge, thus giving you exactly what you want every time. We specialize in custom requests and always strive to make your experience as pleasant as possible. Bring us your ideas and we will make that renovation yours! The kitchen is a part of your home that your guests remember. We spend a ton of time in the bathroom if you think about it. It is a crazy world out there, but even if you don’t want to get that extreme, it’s okay. Our selection is all about value mixed with quality to bring you energy savings. It’s not wrong to think about big windows facing wonderful views in even the most historically “correct” houses — you just have to pick your spots wisely. If your windows are consistent in the way they are treated — basic type, grille patterns, and trim — they can handle great variations in quantity and style. For instance, windows facing east and west accept the very low angle of spring and fall sunlight, which can often be blinding — especially troublesome in a room used for watching television or working on a computer. Similarly, if you know in which direction the prevailing wind blows, you can increase the amount of operable glass in that area, allowing for more passive ventilation and cutting down on air-conditioning bills. No matter how well insulated, large panes of glass will suck heat in winter and invite it in during summer. That’s why it’s important to maintain and upgrade this overlooked part of the house. We take care of all your door needs from start to finish. Their painters did an excellent job stuccoing the walls and then painting them in a suede faux finish. Beginning with the first appointment for the original estimate to all installment dates, all were planned in a way that was conducive to my schedule. They also cleaned up all debris after themselves and were extremely courteous. We needed our basement windows replaced, and we needed it done in a hurry. He also recommended other projects that would enhance the work that he was performing.
We constantly strive to update and improve our skills, knowledge and systems to achieve an unsurpassed degree of quality in our work. We provide you with the personalized attention and service you deserve on every project. These are but a few of the many reasons our customers keep coming back! By striving to be the best, we ensure the success of our company. We can set you up with plans and timelines, and help get your creative juices flowing at affordable home improvement prices. Chances are we can rebuild it, fix it, or just make it nicer to look at. We can make your dream home fix or remodel project a reality. We like to give you options that will be affordable, enhance your homes appearance and the proper fixes for those troubled areas that need attention. New kitchens are a win-win for improved lifestyle and resale value! Do you like a cozy cottage feel or a more cut-and-dried modern look? Now it goes with out saying that a new bathroom remodel will hold much of its value but you can also tweak your bathroom in many ways! We can do the smallest to the largest private and commercial remodel jobs out there. Do you like a cozy co ttage feel or a more cut-and-dried modern look? Should you express that feeling with warm reds, oranges and yellows? You might not think that fixtures make an impression, but an ill-placed fixture creates a jarring effect on your kitchen overall. Windows are one of the most important deseisions you can make in home upgrades. We do custom installs and aim to give you the best service and warranties in the business. New windows are a vital barrier to the elements and and can increase a homes value! Does that mean that only modern houses can feature large expanses of glass? In most traditional homes, that means away from the street-facing facade. For many people that means a traditional, symmetrical approach, especially in a neighborhood where existing homes set a style you would like to respect (or is mandated by code). For windows on those walls, you will need shades or curtains, or to set the sill more than 4 feet off the floor to reduce glare. For maximum comfort in cold climates, it may be necessary to have large areas of glass directly washed by a heat source, such as convective heat from a radiator or blown heat from a forced-air system (just know that this will raise your heating bill). It is not only the perfect accent for curb appeal, it can also save you money and keep bad guys out. We carry major brands that are weather resistant and affordable.

Diy It’S Faux Granite Countertop Time! Part 9 | Duration 4 Minutes 42 Seconds My decision was to have the whole kitchen gutted and everything replaced. We not only received the windows before their promised date, but installed them before the end of the year. They completed in a very timely manner and cleaned up after themselves. They were there on time and performed the work with no delay. We had very bad weather while they were doing the job, and they worked around it superbly well. Besides painting the house and deck, they also repaired a part of the deck and windows that were decayed and helped us in replacing our front storm door. As well, he customized our quotes to our needs after the scope of our project changed.

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I have to say that i absolutely love it and would definitely use it again. Whats are your thoughts or those from other readers? I do feel that the patina adds to the warmth of the kitchen. I did not see their kitchen until mine was almost complete, so similarities are coincidental. This post is a great education and nspiration for the many ways to use marble! The kitchen gets heavy use, and there has never been any problem whatsoever with stains, etc. Our home, if all goes according to plan, will be sold next year. I was so glad we were able to go with the white marble, but it’s a harder sell in the kitchen. We are currently building a house and doing the same thing in our kitchen with our marble. It is gray with white and black and a tiny pit of taupe veining. It looks like marble, but is supposed to have some of the tougher qualities of granite. And it appears to be very forgiving (we had it for a number of months now) and carefree. It has been quite touchy and does etch–which made me choose something else for the countertops in our city kitchen. It scratches and etches–which is ok for a rustic look kitchen in a log house, which ours is. I think it unfortunate that so many people are talked out of it by uninformed sales people. He is a chef by trade and keeps saying how over time the marble will become ruined with the all the messes of cooking. I am about to embark on a fairly major remodel and our kitchen is one of the areas we are re-doing. Our marble still looks as good as the day it was installed! We used the calacutta and it has been honed, it does look quite shiny in the photo. No staining, stands the test of time and only gets better looking with time. I bookmarked it too, so much great info along with serious eye candy. Yes, it has a couple of “imperfections” it has achieved over time. It has taken a beating and has really risen to the task and still looks magnificent. Well, not sooo different, but thinking of doing butcher block, maple or walnut tops. I have had my marble for almost 2 years and yes it does have a few “smudges” as you call them but have had no problems with staining. Rolling out pastry on the island is now a dream and the look seemed perfect for my situation. I have black granite on my counter tops and was thinking of a lighter color for the island which has not been built yet. Kids spilling drinks of all sorts and such on them made them a real pain. It doe not bother me and the etching shows up less on the honed marble. We talked to the owner about our concerns, and he said that to get honed marble finish is created by acid, so if our polished stone doesn’t look good in a few years to just rub vinegar over the finish and that will create the honed look? It has a marble like appearance but performs more like granite.

Diy Marble Countertop Transformation | How To Epoxy | Duration 9 Minutes 54 Seconds I believe you could take a pile of rubbish and make it look beautiful.

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When the poly wears, which it will do around the sink, you will need to refinish the area again by sanding, repainting and adding a new coat of poly trying to blend it in with the rest of the counter. Doing all these will be worth your time as they will give you confidence and answer any questions you may have about the best way to proceed. I use a cutting board and place anything hot on a trivet, never right on the counter. Creating the veins doesn’t take much time, but it does require a teeny bit of confidence to start painting them on. Giani recognizes this method to create marble, but does not recommend it for kitchen counters. If your counters have any damage, you will need to fix it first, then paint. For me, applying the topcoat was the scariest part since you cannot go back over the topcoat more than twice as you roll in on. You can use it as a guide to see what veins look like since when you are painting them you can create the most realistic look. When dry make sure there is no grease on the counter surface. When the counter is completely clean and dry, you can proceed to start the painting process. It is all marked by steps which makes knowing what layer is next easy. Tear up a piece of the sponge that comes with the kit into a small section. If you are painting to make the counter look like granite, you can apply the layers of the mineral paints one right after each other so you can blend them together. Dab over the just painted areas to make sure the paint is not being applied too thickly. After each layer of paint is dry, go over the surface with your hand to check for raised spots of paint. The veins go through the slab, they are not just on the top. If there are, go over them with the 660 sandpaper and wipe off the grit with a tack cloth. Use a tack cloth to make sure no dirt or dust is on the surface before each step.

The Pros And Cons Of A Granite Stone Countertop On Your Bathroom Vanity | Duration 2 Minutes 19 Seconds This will ensure good adhesion and smoothness while allowing the paint to dry in optimal time. Open the base cabinet doors to get the warm air in so the temps all arou nd the cabinets and counter is around 72 degrees. It still ma help you see the proper way way to prep the counter for the paint and a few tips on veining. I used both 220 and 660 grit sandpaper to smooth the paint after each coat of paint was dry. I plan to remove it and was wondering how with this apply to particle board? I used craft paint and paste wax to create a realistic marble look on the top of a dresser turned into a bathroom vanity that gets wet. I am very happy with it, but the roller does leave some stippling texture if you look closely. The other benefit of paste wax is that when it wears, you can simply rub and buff more paste wax over the surface and it will look like new. It can make or break how well the painted counters will hold up. To create real looking veins, spray or dab water over them with a soft paint brush after you paint them on. What takes time is you need to allow drying time between each step. If you have a slab or tile of real marble you can see that some of the veins look deeper that others, all are under the surface. The paint will not hide imperfections in the surface such as a seam in the laminate. The surface is smooth, but at certain angles you can see a slight texture in the rolled on topcoat sealer. Use painter’s tape to mask off the backsplash and around the sink or any section that will not be painted. Wash your counters with detergent and hot water a few times. Clean the surface well and rinse, rinse, rinse, with clear water and then let dry. Don’t roll on with too much pressure that you create roller lines. Dip the sponge into the paint and then dab once on an empty part of the paper plate to remove some of the paint. Move the sponge in different directions so you don’t create the same sponge print with each dab. Go over with 660 grit sandpaper and then a tack cloth to remove the sanding grit. Doing the veining while the paint is wet will allow it to soften the lines. To make your veining look as realistic as possible, draw out how you want to see the veins. Dip the tip of a fine-tipped paint brush into the the color vein you would like to create. You can also use the tip of a feather to paint the veins. Continue to add veins and soften them by pouncing the sponge with little or no paint on it over them. After the last coat is on you have to wait 24 hours before using the counters. Apply the paint and topcoat when the temperature in the room is around 72. If you have any questions leave them for me in the comments.

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A choice blend of materials is accented by the most intricate carvings and appliques. Illuminated hutch with mirrored back and glass shelves makes for gorgeous displays. For your reference, our upholstered products have a tag either under one of the seat cushions or beneath the unit itself. Clean only with water-based shampoo or foam upholstery cleaner. Expect that some marks will appear on the surface of your leather. By no means should they be considered a defect; nor will they affect the durability or construction of your piece. Also keep in mind, grain patterns and coloring of leather will vary from hide to hide and also within the same hide, making leather all the more interesting and unique. Keep leather furniture out of direct sunlight and at least two feet from heat sources to avoid fading and cracking. The ink from these items may be transferred onto the leather. Additionally, leather conditioners provide a barrier to stains and help extend the lif e of your leather. That heat loosens the oil and allows the corn starch to absorb the oil before the leather can. Should you have a “ring” or demarcation from glass condensation from a glass, soak a new sponge with room temperature water; wring sponge as much as possible. Allow moisture to become less and less as you get further from the spot. Use felt backing on lamps and other accessories to prevent scratches and gouges, and rotate accessories so they do not remain in the same spot all the time. These types of crayons and markers are made especially for furniture and work well touching up most flaws. Rub in the same direction as the grain until surface is completely dry. To remove water rings, rub with a mixture of equal parts white vinegar and cooking oil in the same direction of the grain. Be sure to wipe up water as the ice melts to prevent water spots. Do not use abrasive cleaners on glass, which may cause scratches. To clean glass, choose a non-abrasive commercial glass cleaner, or use warm water and a soft, lint-free cloth. Much of the metal you’ll find is powdercoated, resulting in a smooth, even surface. Simply dusting regularly with a clean, dry cloth will generally do the trick. Note: iron or steel frames can rust furniture is exposed to excessive humidity, particularly in saltwater locations. It’s important to place these furnishings out of direct sunlight so the color and vibrancy of the painted finish remains fresh and crisp. Do not use harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners on painted finishes, as they can be quite damaging. Wring the cloth as much as possible to remove excess liquid. Stone surfaces will have pits and fissures that appear as cracks. These characteristics do not impair function or durability; rather they add to the beauty. Do not use alkaline cleaners not specifically formulated for natural stone. Professional refinishing is recommended to remove etch marks and restore the stone’s natural finish. From its classic pedestal base to its scalloped-aproned tabletop with decorative appliques, it brings modern-day opulence full circle. Swiveling faux leather seat positions you comfortably in the flow of conversation. Multiple drawers and storage areas hold a variety of serving and prepping utensils, stemware and bottles, including a rack dedicated to 12 bottled varieties. Wider than most dining seats, the thickly cushioned seat and high back are upholstered in a muted jewel-tone paisley. Wider than most dining seats, the thickly cushioned seat is upholstered in an earthy neutral palette that’s ultra versatile. The tag provides a universal cleaning code indicating best cleaning practices. Blot again with a solution of one teaspoon mild detergent with one teaspoon of white vinegar in a quart of warm water. All leather or “genuine” leather has natural markings, including variations of shade and tone, as well as nicks, scratches and wrinkles—characteristics that distinguish it from manmade materials. Their origin might be anything from healed scars and barbed wire scratches, to skin “stretch marks” and insect bites. Such “imperfections” are your assurance that you have a true leather hide. Leather is very durable; however, it is not accident or damage proof. Do not use abrasives; harsh chemicals; saddle soap; leather cleaners that contain any oils, soaps or detergents; or common household cleaners on leather furniture. Before using any cleaning/conditioning product on leather, test it in an obscure area. Rub corn starch briskly into the stain with your fingers until the heat from the friction is felt. Starting at the spot, dampen the leather and move the sponge to the edges of the cushion. Keep furniture away from heating and air conditioning sources to prevent loss of moisture; and avoid direct sunlight to prevent fading or darkening of wood. Use placemats under plates and hot pads under serving dishes and coasters under beverages. The ink from these items may bleed into the finish and could damage the wood. To remove cloudiness, rub surface with cloth dipped in solution of one tablespoon of vinegar mixed with one quart of water. To remove candle wax or chewing gum, hold an ice cube over the wax or gum for a few seconds so that it will chill and harden. Remove as much of the wax or gum as possible with your fingers and then scrape away the remainder gently using the dull edge of a table knife. Do not clean glass without gently removing excessive dirt and debris first, so as not to scratch the surface. Do not use harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners on metal finishes, as they can be quite damaging. These water spots will dry and could possibly leave permanent marks. From piece to piece, and even on a single quarried slab, there will be certain color variations. They result from immense heat and pressure, which formed the stone eons ago. And while marble, slate and natural stone are certainly quite durable, by no means should be treated as indestructible. Use coasters under glasses, especially if they contain alcohol or citrus juices; use placemats under china, ceramics, silver or other objects that may scratch the stone surface. Do not use cleaners that contain acid such as bathroom cleaners, grout cleaners or tub and tile cleaners. Don’t leave pools of water on marble surface, as this could end up leaving a stain. Spray the area with a marble cleaner or warm water and wipe. Plumes, shells and other classical elements grace the beautifully finished frame. Drinks and appetizers appear more tasteful when presented on beautifully veined marble surface. A choice blend of materials is accented by the most intricate appliques. Four center drawers, two top side drawers and shelved cabinet space behind each door serve your storage needs exceptionally well. Decorative touches, including ornate embossing, nailhead trim and reeded legs, make the most of the classic frame.

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The paper is pre-pasted and printed with various faux paint finishes, such as faux marbleized stone and florentine marble. Unlike regular wallpaper, this paper is made to stick to itself. There’s a textured effect built into the application as a result of overlapping the torn pieces. This easy-care product is also completely washable and a breeze to remove. I have just completed a bathroom in your product and it is awesome. It is much easier to achive than my faux stone paint for the same look. We love it though and have had rave reviews from everyone who has come over. The problem is many people are hesitant to take the plunge because decorating with wallpaper like this is totally new to them. Before you know it, you will have a stunning transformation that will shock & impress all who see it. Based on customer feedback we learned a nicer “display” version of a sample pack/book would be beneficial, so we started producing and distributing spiral-bound sample books. In addition to my personal experiences, one project after another demonstrated all the wonderful things this product could cover. You’ll also get detailed instructions on how to remove the product when the time comes to redecorate again. We’ve provided a simple checklist of all the tools/materials needed to complete your wall covering project from start to finish and where to find them either locally or online.
Match your existing decor when you refer to these actual product samples in the lighting conditions of your own space. See color photos of this product in use to inspire and inform you how the paper appears installed. Simple installation instructions on one sheet for a quick overview. Your friends and family will be wowed by your new faux finish decor and they won’t believe you did it all by yourself! How much money would you need to spend to get an actual product sample of each and every color? You will never be overwhelmed because each step is explained in detail. Having someone with my level of experiece to guide you through the whole process is priceless. You can easily dress these up and add tremendous value to your home without it costing you a fortune. Including walls & doors, ceilings & floors, furniture & fixtures, counter tops & cabinets and even sheet rock & paneling! It is torn into pieces, dipped into water and applied to a surface in an overlapping manner. This is truly the easiest faux finish application, let alone wallpaper application on the planet! Just moisten with warm water and repeat until the pieces peel off. No more listening to the other half when you “ask” for help. Despite the many claims on how easy the product is, they still wonder if it is too good to be true. Still need to hear from more folks on what the product has done for them? Every step needed to carry out your project from inception to completion is simply laid out for you. I put myself out there willing to answer any and all questions that came up. My husband, who is totally blind, was able to help and did at least half of the work. It is the perfect and affordable solution to yucky old paneling. You’ll have step-by-step illustrated instructions on how to apply this product to your walls along with helpful tips to make the process even smoother. You’ll know how to calculate how much product you need for any given project by using either a precise formula or referencing a quick lookup chart. You will know where to start, and have all the encouragement you need to finish. Take a full 90 days to try out all the valuable tips and techniques. You have up to 90 days to use this “no questions asked” guarantee.

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It will cover any flaw making you look at that old object with a glitter in your eyes. You will have the chance to restore old furniture and create a new one. This product is an material that has a decorative surface on one side and a highly adhesive material on the other side. The backing paper will be removed when attaching, it does not interfere with the use of the product. I did the installation myself over a weekend, spending about 4-6 hours on it each day. I started at a corner by peeling off the backing and sticking down just the corner. Would have been easier with 2 people but was definitely fine with 1. Just be sure to always use a pot holder if putting down hot items and always use a cutting board. This is an awesome high quality faux marble countertop! We cleaned our old formica countertop with acetone, then applied. I mean is, if you cut a long piece from the roll, start applying from the short side and work your way down the length of the paper from there). The paper sticks to the desired surface with minimal effort. The first four digits of the model number represent the pattern, and the number after the hyphen represents the color. However, this picture can be expressed differently because of the shooting conditions. This is because it is subdivided into small rolls from large rolls. Since computer screens have chromatic aberration, actual colors may vary slightly. It is important to make sure your countertops are clean- i removed any residue with goo gone, cleaned with soapy water, then finished with 409 to make sure there was no residue. I divided the space into sections no bigger than 26 in x 24 in and measured and pre- cut pieces. I used a squeegee/ scraper to smooth out bubbles and apply as i slowly pulled away the backing. While the paper did cover well for the most part, you could see the spots of off white wood filler through the contact paper.

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I just used leftover paint to mix up three different colors of gray: a very dark gray, a medium gray, and a light gray. Start painting by dipping the sea sponge into the lightest gray paint and dabbing it on to create the light/dark marble variations. Occasionally flip and push the feather (rather than pulling it) to create natural looking veins. Sponge over any of the veins with the lighter colors to soften the vein or create a feeling of depth. Sponging over areas actually works to your advantage, as it makes the veins look deeper and more natural. You don’t want any epoxy build-up on them or the countertop might not fit back into place. Smooth out the mixture as best you can and let it run right off the edges. It will level as it sits, and you have to work quickly to get it spread before it begins to set up. It’s supposed to be very easy to work with and looks very real. However, with magic eraser i’ve been able to wipe it clean every single time! Do you recommend all the same products or have you seen anything for black marble effect? I would plan on doing the sink without the veining (just white) but will the epoxy work on the sink since it is not a flat surface? I suggest painting a couple of sample boards to get comfortable with the technique and learn what look you like. Then lightly dry brush the vein with your cheap bristled brush to soften it. It really does look like natural mineral deposits on your faux marble! Place a good drop cloth beneath the project to catch all the runoff — the resin will not come off anything it comes in contact with. Anything you use to spread it will have to be thrown away, so use something disposable. Be sure to check all the edges and so everything is covered. If this process still makes you a little nervous, we’ve heard really great things about this gray granite/marble contact paper that sticks directly to counter tops. I will sand it down today and add another coat to see how that goes…. We are obsessed with it and so are you, so while we’re working and have nothing to show you of our own projects we show off yours.

DIY Faux Granite Finish For Kitchen Countertops by

Lightly sand off any rough spots with fine (320 grit) sandpaper. I have gray colored cabinets and would like to find that particular color. I did use artist brushes for veins and it does look amazing. The second is spraying the basecoat via paint sprayer to avoid roller marks. I am also thinking about spraying this so that it comes out glossy. Any way to cheaply fill these in without needing to get another kit? I would highly recommend before doing your actual project – take the time to practice the technique on a scrap board first – all the steps (basecoaat, 3 colors paint, topcoat) from start to finish, plus let dry also. Lastly, i am going to sand down the 2nd layer of poly, and apply a 3rd coat- now that its dry in an attempt to give my counter a more glossy sheen. I put on 2 coats, laying each coat carefully, and letting each coat dry a full day. Could be that the sealer was shaken and bubbles were present when you applied it. Don’t overbrush ’cause that will cause bubbles, so will foam brushes. These can be general comments, feedback about the post, questions about the topic, or answers to questions posted by other visitors. In this article alone, you will numerous replies from our staff, as well as responses posted by other visitors to the site. I have the same problem, and would love to hear the solution to this. I went down to my local paint store and got some oil based, clear gloss polyurethane and recoated the counter tops. They’re right about just rolling on once and not going back or it will pick up the shine. I just started using a black felt tipped pen that was permanent to touch up the holes. I felt reluctant about the top coat finish in the beginning and my original instincts were correct. Heat will make it both tacky and or cloudy and leave white rings. It’s tough when everyone is using the kitchen to keep everything off of the counters for days. Does anyone know the number of years that this product will last? I would like to make a countertop out of particle board, router the edges seal it then apply the faux granite. When dry well is as hard and water resistant and shock like a stone. You can create a beautiful blue granite, or yellow and green, or whatever the granit texture you want. For example setting a fork prongs downward a little too hard make 4 wholes through the finish. Can’t be used on shower stall floors, bathtubs, sinks, other surfaces that will be submerged in water. I need to patch it up also and the people that sold us the house did not seal it correct. My counter tops are well used, they are not just pretty to look at. It has held up to heat from coffee pout, messy kids, and husband. I would like to know how to get the one that is like the white diamond with spects in it. I use normal fibre glassresin that you use on cars to do the top coat? The counters have been used daily and cleaned several times a day with any problems. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to change their kitchen area with investing in granite. It’s not a project that a novice can’t handle, it just takes patience. We have a lot of wear around waist height on the edges where we may rub against the counter when doing dishes, cooking, etc. I know some good ole’ boys who do home improvements for a living chargeing 1/2 or less the price of “professional” installers. My only complaint is this: like a few other posters, the topcoating came out real bad. Only at an angle – as the light hits it in just the right way can you tell though, but still annoying after spending so much time making the painting of the counters perfect. It didnt dry even, as it didnt smooth out or lay uniformly after drying. It was rough textured- not glass like smooth like real granite. We sanded and reapplied 3 times, and it still looks bad. I would think that a 2500 or 3000 grit wet sandpaper would be a good choice to sand down those bubbles, then reapply the sealer with a non-foam brush or high density foam roller going only in one direction. I used a high density foam roller for my finish with an automotive clear topcoat and it worked great though. Is it possible to use this in the sink area, as well as the counter, where it will get wet? I remove the edge and resurface and then put the edge back on or resurface over the molding or just leave the molding off all together. Also, what is the best coating to put on to prevent the holes scratches as it seems to not hold out very well even with impeccable care. I think the hardest part was getting the gloss finish right. I got so tired of touching up with the kit paint and then waiting to dry, put top coat, etc. I have used poly urethane on wood furniture, when refinishing and that is not a good option. Is the stone clear coat that people are taking about toxic? I try different sealer andd the best and more durable es an exterior stone sealer. The only thing is to use dark and light colors to highlight textures. First, is better apply a strong sealer and then leave to dry some hours. For more realism in regular granit, use silver better than grey because the granit have mica, feldspar and quartz. Some exotic granites can have multiple colors and fractures or veins. We use our kitchen every day and we were very careful.

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Drink-specific glasses help bartenders serve the right amount to patrons and ensure optimal presentation. A collection might include a set of two or four wine glasses for red and white wines and smaller snifter or old fashioned glasses. Some collections contain high-end glassware while others emphasize quantity and value. Wine glasses have a relatively wide opening, which allows for the different scents in the wine to breathe. Wine-specific glass is especially adapted to let the bold aromas and flavors of that varietal shine through. A wheat beer glass, for instance, allows the full flavors and aromas of wheat-based beers to shine through. Sometimes, everyday glasses are the most practical choice of drinkware. Everyday drinkware is ideal for starting a collection of barware that might require serving a variety of drinks. Everyday glassware comes in assorted shapes and sizes that range from sleek and modern to curved and romantic. Lastly, drink accessories complement your growing bar collection. Since a bar is not complete without a wine bottle opener and a beer bottle opener, this is the ideal time to add them to your list too. Look for a nice set of coasters too, which keeps your counters and tabletops from damage. Some glasses, like wine and champagne glasses, come in small sets of two or four. Tall and fluted or short and compact, glassware enhances special occasions. Collections are ideal for starting your home bar, as they often contain assorted sets of the most common and popular types of drinkware. Some collections also cater to the needs of large events and contain durable glassware that does not chip or break easily. For a basic party style of drinkware, wine glasses are a good choice. They are wider than champagne glasses, however, and usually not as tall. However, they are less practical for parties and large gatherings. Like wine, beer tastes best when poured into a glass specific to the type. These versatile glasses serve water and juice in addition to alcohol. Select a stately glass carafe to serve wine, or get a shaker to make perfect cocktails and mixed drinks. For a drink and appetizers event, get accompanying finger food napkins for guests to snack on.


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