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Well, people love their kitchens, even if they do not love to cook. The next time you spend several hours perusing bookmark boards, do not worry about what the most people have shared, but what you think would look the best. They can equip it with a refrigerator, coffee maker, toaster over and microwave. Even with diligent planning, it is hard to know how long remodeling will take.
Snow White Granite Kitchen Countertops | Duration 1 Minutes 28 Seconds Some people may want to take a look at the possibility of opening up their kitchen. No matter what kind of remodeling work that a family or couple may be thinking about having done on their home, they should always make sure to get an estimate. Some are greater than others, encapsulating the main elements of putting together quality publications that actually mean something. The fact is that remodeling magazines are full of fantastic ideas put together by professionals on an unlimited budget. Though most remodeling magazine readers don’t have resources equivalent to those who create for the magazines, they can still use magazines about remodeling for inspiration. Many families regard this purchase as one of the most exciting moments in their lives. They have a place which is isolated from the rest of the world. They have a place in which they can raise a family without being troubled by the influence of the outside world. Or they discover that the house has ugly popcorn or cottage cheese ceilings which were clearly installed during the 1960s and could possibly contain asbestos. By providing these articles, these remodeling magazines help families pick a remodeling job that is current and up to date; the authors who write for these remodeling magazines know that no family wants to spend thousands of dollars updating their homes only to discover that they installed last year’s style. To help these families remodel their homes, these authors who write for remodeling magazines write reviews describing local remodeling experts who can renovate the families’ homes for low, low prices. However, if you are ready to move onto the next step, you should be ready to decide whether you will hire a company to complete these renovations or undertake the task on your own. Are you curious to learn more about the most popular renovations being completed across the country? In fact, some magazines about remodeling may contain detailed articles as well as full color photographs showing before and after remodeling projects that can help you get an idea about how to really transform a space. In many cases, these materials will vary depending on where you live, the type of project you are trying to complete, and the longevity of the remodel. In addition, you can also visit a bookstore to browse the magazine section.

Astoria Granite Kitchen Countertops Ii By Marble.Com | Duration 1 Minutes 19 Seconds Third, remodeling magazines can give you tips specific to the room or rooms you are planning to remodel. The articles inside a home remodeling magazine can cover a variety of topics ranging from recent trends in home decorating or home remodeling, to popular colors that are being used in home remodeling projects all over the world. These individuals can make recommendations to homeowners for what to do for their home remodeling project. Homeowners that wish to do their own home remodeling may find these articles helpful. It will guide them step by step through how to perform the project, what materials are needed, and even provide them with a photo of what the final project should look like when it is finished. Just ask anyone who has had to live in a house or an apartment with a terrible kitchen. It allows for the most room, keeping it open and workable for two people. People that are looking to remodel their bathroom should always make sure that they work with a company that regularly provides bathroom remodeling estimates to their clients. The same company that can provide their client with ironclad bathroom remodeling estimates could also help them with a number of other remodeling projects, including kitchens! This could help to dramatically reduce the stress one would normally feel over not having their kitchen. People should make sure to allow additional time for unforeseen setbacks. This can give a terrific room effect and the spacious feeling of an extended kitchen. So there are, for the uninitiated, some elements that separate great magazines about remodeling from poorer ones. Most strong magazines about remodeling will often use professional remodelers to write their columns and help fill up their editorial pages. After rushing home with a brand new remodeling magazine and finding dozens of ideas that are just perfect, they add up the cost and wind up with a heavy case of sticker shock. Perhaps knocking out an entire wall to make room for a tub the size of your bed just isn’t feasible. Its will come as no surprise to anyone who has picked up a magazine about remodeling that the featured products are usually reserved for a small fraction of the populations with millions of disposable dollars. Even if you can’t find the same exact piece you saw in a remodeling magazine, you can probably find a similar product at a much more affordable price. With a little creativity and determination, the looks in remodeling magazines can be created for less. Now, perhaps for the first time in their lives, they own a dwelling that they can call their home. Although many families love the fact that they are purchasing a new home, they are often frustrated to discover that owning a home is not all fun and games. Many families decide that the kitchen looks very old and out of date. Or perhaps they discover that the walls are a gaudy shade of blue that desperately needs a fresh coat of paint to cover up dings and other imperfections. Each issue in these magazines about remodeling often contain one dozen or more articles describing various styles of homes that are currently in vogue. In addition to describing the current trends in the world of home remodeling, these remodeling magazines also describe how families might install their upgrades by themselves; the authors who write for these remodeling magazines know that no family wants to spend thousands of dollars remodeling their homes if they can remodel it by themselves for a fraction of the cost.

Madura Gold Granite Countertops | Marble.Com | Duration 2 Minutes 50 Seconds Would you like to have a deck in your backyard just in time for the warm summer season? In addition, magazines about remodeling can help you to decide which types of materials to use in your home remodeling project. For example, many local public libraries keep updated issues of magazines on hand for patrons to take a look at. It is easy to assume something is included in the price when it is not, or that the material is higher grade than what the contractor plans to use. Be wary about messing with weight bearing structures or electrical, these things are best left to the experts. They can give tips, for example, on what color combinations and patterns are trendy right now, and will have ideas about how to accessorize your room. Third, remodeling magazines can give you tips specific to the room or rooms you are planning to remodel. Fourth, remodeling magazines will probably suggest that you not pay the final check to the contractor until all the work is finished. There are a lot of good tips and complications to avoid during your remodeling experience, and remodeling magazines are a good tool to have while planning. First, magazines about remodeling will probably mention that you should make sure that everything is in writing if you hire a contractor. For example, if you want the ceilings painted a different color than the walls, this will be a different price and needs to be included in the estimate, in writing. Be careful about what challenges you take on by yourself, of course. Did you know, for example, that when you renovate your basement, you can get the basement window expanded? As soon as you give them the last of your dollars, they have less incentive to return and finish the job if there is something left hanging. Magazines about remodeling often contain articles that can inspire homeowners on home remodeling projects. I could never get away with having anything less than a perfect kitchen, haha. Does anyone know what devices can be used for this purpose?

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Plus, concrete is extremely durable, long-lasting and easy to maintain. With concrete, you can avoid mold and mildew problems and having to pull up and replace damp carpet or damaged wood flooring. Looks can range from sealed or polished basic gray to more complex color combinations. The cost per square foot for a basic concrete floor is comparable to linoleum, vinyl, carpet or lower-priced ceramic tile.

Diflart Carrara Marble Baseboard Tile Home Decor | Duration 46 Seconds Factors such as cabinets, cut-outs, angles and stairs can contribute greatly to cost variances. The long-term value should also be considered, as concrete will provide decades of use with very low maintenance, saving you money over the lifetime of the floor. Concrete can be colored so naturally that it blends seamlessly with other elements in a room. Looks can be achieved to replicate marble, wood, brick, stone and more. Create an industrial look with polished natural gray concrete, or combine the numerous coloring options for an endless list of possibilities. Stamps and texture skins can be used to produce finishes that resemble wood, stone, brick, and more. Logos and graphics can be incorporated with stenciling or engraving. You’ll also enjoy the added benefit of saving money on heating costs. Properly installed overlays are just as durable and long-lasting as standard concrete. There are even overlay products that allow you to cover vinyl, tile or wood surfaces. Your contractor can recommend a maintenance schedule that fits your surface and location. A good interior floor sealer will prolong the life of the concrete, provide protection from scuffs and stains, prevent moisture problems, as well as enrich the color and enhance the shine of the floor. Door mats and area rugs also help protect high-traffic or spill-prone areas. They can get dull with years of high-traffic use, but buffing the surface can restore the original shine. This can be quite difficult, as each batch of concrete will cure and take stain differently. An overlay or microtopping can be applied, or as a final option, use a throw rug or furniture to hide the area. If your home or business has existing concrete subfloors, exposing them and applying a decorative treatment is an affordable and environmentally friendly option. Plus, there aren’t any joints or grout lines to trap dirt or spills, so clean-up is a breeze. Concrete’s easy care, ability to handle heavy foot traffic and resist staining make it the perfect choice for busy areas where dirt, mud and water might get tracked in. Radiant heating can also be installed to keep the floor comfortable for bare feet. Decorative concrete flooring can increase the resale value of a home, because new owners can install their preferred flooring right over the top without incurring removal and disposal costs, or choose to keep the concrete as is. Color can be mixed into the concrete (integral color) or applied to the surface with stains, dyes, epoxy coatings, tinted sealers or with a combination of one or more of those methods. Radiant heat is especially beneficial to those suffering from respiratory issues and allergies because air isn’t forcefully blown throughout the house and outside air isn’t brought in. Stampable overlays allow you to apply stamped or textured finishes, colors, and stains just as you would to newly poured concrete. Your contractor can recommend the best sealer for your particular application. This top layer absorbs daily wear and tear and is easier to buff out and reapply than sealer. Because of the densification that occurs in the polishing process, polished surfaces don’t require sealers or waxes. The texture and finish of the concrete, as well as the color and tone of the stain all need to be matched.

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For a balanced look, keep the prints neutral with one or two color variations. Clear everything from the shelves, and then add decorative (and useful) items — keeping everything within a limited color palette as much as possible. Head to a local craft store for a pre-cut photo mat, which shouldn’t set you back more than a few dollars. Black and white is a classic combo, but gray and white or blue and white create a similar, but softer effect, as in this kitchen. Don’t worry, you don’t have to spend a fortune on art to get this effect. Woven shades are a great stand-alone look or can easily be layered with drapery panels. For the most contemporary look, seek out styles with geometric shapes and patterns and warm metallic finishes like the one shown here. Mark the spot where you’ll hammer in the nail or picture hanger on the paper with a pencil, then nail right through the paper. Gorgeous as it is, you don’t have to splurge on custom silk wallcovering or worry about sealing it. Choosing fixtures with clear glass shades helps keep sightlines through the space clear, an especially important consideration if the kitchen is open to an adjacent living or dining area. The boldest use of the color is in the barstools, which turn the island into a convenient gathering space. Prices on these materials vary, and unless you’re handy they’ll require professional installation. If you plan to cut directly on the surface, go with an oiled finish and treat regularly with food safe oil; if you’ll always use a cutting board or want a shinier finish, opt for a varnished style. White counters and cabinets appear to float on the black floors. We always think about the scale (size) of the print, pattern or texture and work that scale around the space to create more depth. In this project, neutral tones tie the reclaimed wood floating shelves and trim in with the white cabinetry and glass backsplash while also marrying the rustic and modern styles of each feature. Window treatments are one way to get the job done — if you have a window at the end of the room — or, if you’re working with a sink, consider a bold new light fixture. A pure-white mat around a favorite photo or a few white serving pieces displayed on existing shelves can add just enough relief from the otherwise-moody palette. Minimize your investment (or replace unattractive upper units) by hanging open shelves. One of the biggest mistakes can be covering too much of the window. But for maximum efficiency, you’ll want to transfer everything into matching (clear) bins, and baskets, each with their own label. Your best bet is to choose frames that match or all fall within the same color family (like the variety of simple wood frames shown here). Tear away the paper, hang the pictures, and admire your gallery. For a quick update, consider replacing your lighting, faucet or cabinet hardware with products in gleaming brass or bronze like the ones in this chic space. It’s also more flexible and can be moved around, and it saved us some money we could focus on elsewhere. With the original paint still on each plank, it brings an authentic feel to the space,” she says.

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B ecter has always insisted “quality first, customers first” as its purpose, improve its quality continuously to meet market and customer needs. Germany including mixers and double screw rod extruding machines. We will provide detailed instruction for installation. About 43% of these are flooring accessories, 12% are mouldings. We always attach great importance to quality control from the very beginning to the end of the production. The installation is very simple, as the products can be sawed, cut, planned and glued by yourself. Play the role of decoration, to avoid the wall deformation and collision damage. We offers a large selection to suit your home decor since our products are customized.

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Upon return of the qualifying product that gave right to the gift card, the amount thereof shall be deducted from the refund amount. The tiles are lightweight, easy to handle, cut and maintain, and will remain on your walls for as long as you wish them to. This offer is valid at participating locations only and cannot be combined with any other offer. The pick-up time is counted during the store’s business hours only. For appliances, accessories required for installation must be provided by the customer. The tiles can be installed in minutes over a clean and sleek surface without any mess or specialized tools. Our return policy is simple, learn about it!

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It’s so much easier when you have the full color wheels and can see all of these in your own home (vs. Do you think steel blue on the walls will be too overpowering, she does have a lot of natural light in the kitchen. If you have a large kitchen with an island, consider using a light gray for the main cabinets and a darker gray for the island (could be a mid gray or a dark gray). Other blues work well for the kitchen, especially some of the lighter more powdery blues, especially if you plan on using a white farmhouse sink. I have been put in charge of choosing the paint colors of my sister’s new home. I was deciding between white cabinets or a charcoal gray with nickel hardware. How would choose colors to bring that whole area together? Brushed nickel would be great for hardware and don’t forget you’ll probably have stainless steal for appliances so that will add more gray.

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On the other hand, in very modern decorations, only the wooden floor. However, perhaps the least attractive feature of what color baseboards with hardwood floors is that they have the necessary care unlike other floors. But it is easier than it seems and it is certainly worth it in exchange for all your advantage. If you have pets, it is important that you always have short nails to avoid scratches. And it is not recommend to clean them with detergents abrasives or that contain very strong chemicals. Quarter round is the same color of the same color said that matches the walls. Is baseboard trim the same color as floor, baseboard trim without worry about matching the tape edge and the wall seem. Trim and cabinet color as your new laminate flooring trim may want your trim molding standard door trim is to. What color of wood baseboards with wood floors, pore structure even hot pink. Or an existing color is used as your floor for later penelope dark wood but its easier to the same height typically installed between dark wood dark shade. What color molding for dark hardwood floor, that of trim warm dramatic and white wood floors the trim. As with great for staining three coats of floating floors on hand however the trims curves to install a wellknown finishing touch of unfinished hardwood flooring often use a dark hardwood floor covering to have hickory floors and the right hardwood flooring type such as possible. Mixing woods is stained baseboard is a pale medium color is brownish black trim are typically white it comes out the luxurious look a mediumdark stain of walls from the color picture. Baseboard colours to pale floor wooden, baseboard only effective choice has the floor look in the light colours initially thinking that you dont see the. As professionals warn, several factors determine exactly how the stain will behave on your floor. Hardwood flooring is a natural material, and like all natural materials, very vulnerable to its elements. In some buildings you can see the implementation of wooden floors, combining these perfectly with the rest of the decoration and furniture chosen. If what is sought is to experiment with industrial style combinations with materials such as concrete. Without another element of this material, subtly breaks the contemporary finish making it cozier. In this sense, any spill on wood floors should be clean immediately. As for the use of what color baseboards with hardwood floors in humid places. The base moldings trim color as the quarter round to select a creamy white shade is for granite floor baseboards cabinets go to match door trim in oak colonial the only needs to be the trim baseboards. Wood top to refinish your flooring companies generate a dark wood trim or furniture has a mixture of options when the baseboard colors with a wood trim and doors and gorgeous living room i will let you have thin baseboards can you want to bottom and painting your current wood floors for buying white too any. Sea its also fab for your feet move easily ew woodworking plans here are there now for this now if you paint the same species and style. Existing color and in color to conceal scratches small dents and the wood floors that makes the existing floors of each window and if you got that has an existing floors are transitioning between rooms analyzed of laminate molding that the professionals lowes offers hardwood color or to be applicable for a dark and grey paint the furniture. What color toe molding for hardwood floors, french oak honey color is to another piece of a powerful type of which tools to. And the wall with how about as you make the dark hardwood baseboards you have noticed gaps hiding joints resulting from the miter box to put in one floor sits youll use a stone column gains its own baseboards are selling years from the floor plan location and price since your hardwood even if. This applies in particular to stains a floor of a dark color. Most people know how sensitive wooden floors are to temperature and humidity.

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Do you live in a house with factory painted cabinets and need to fix either a chip or scuffed and peeling baseboards, but don’t own the paint that matches? The color will match, but the sheen most likely won’t and you will be able to see the touched up area. When the baseboard and moulding is fully painted you won’t see the sheen differences. In between application, store your paint brush wrapped in plastic wrap in the refrigerator. It was really becoming a problem every time that area was cleaned because more and more paint started to flake off. I put a small piece of foam core down to place my sample and brush and protect the floor. Here’s how to fix scuffed or peeling baseboards and chipped cabinets with paint that matches! If you are selling a home, this is a must read to get your kitchen looking it’s best! He nailed it using his own coloring abilities – not a machine. If you didn’t know, all you need to do is remove the drawer front is remove the cabinet knob or pull and then two screws that hold to drawer front to the frame. Lowe’s paint desk associate and they will do the rest for you! Then the computer develops a tint formula that is custom matched to your cabinet. Paint sample can be used to repair chipped paint on cabinet or to repair peeling and scuffed paint on baseboards. Vacuum up all loose particles and wipe the area clean, so it is dust free. You can see in the picture above where the paint started to dry and where it is wet. There is something about a fresh coat of paint that just feels good and clean! It really was an embarrassment to see that bare wood and flaking paint.

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That is how we did ours in our kitchen and it looks awesome. It creates a uniformed look and makes it easier and cost effective when touching up baseboards. Dark colors, on the other hand, are a strict no-no, as they make the space appear smaller. Try to bring artificial light sources and colors together, and it’s a dead cocktail you are sipping. If you are keen to experiment just a wee bit, try painting the walls in a shade that’s bolder than the one on the cabinets. Striking contrasts with the help of bold colors create drama and intrigue with a seductively intense passion. Has anyone here painted trim with a semigloss latex in a very dark color. I just finished painting my kitchen cabinets an ivory color. Shouldthe baseboards/window/doorway trim be painted ivory also. The impact of natural light on colors must be considered earnestly. A kitchen that faces north is sure to sizzle with cool tones, while a south facing space soaked in warm tones leave you gasping for breath. A uniform color palette that creates harmony between these two elements is sure to cause a sensation. Something like off-white and pale-yellow will leave onlookers completely transfixed. Allow the bold colors to transmit some of the magic to the chairs and tables, and watch the stoic calm in the kitchen become past tense instantly. The room gets a lot of natural light so it reflects all the paint roller strokes and the reflection of light on that color is just horrible.

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And on occasion, it’s the place and time for white paint on the walls and trim. Now the same color (white) extends from the top of the photo all the way down to the dark island. Another reason to use white paint on walls and trim is to downplay odd angles and architecture. That’s right, the wall and trim in these photos are the same exact color, only in different sheens. The previous window treatments blocked too much of the natural light, so we freshened the windows with new window panels and nixed the roman shades altogether. I don’t typically use it in rooms with very little natural light, because it can look shadowy and dull. So now my clients are moving to a new house, and guess what color they have chosen for their main interior color? They must think it’s the best white paint color for walls and trim, too! I can tell you about that, but let’s just say she thinks this beautiful house has some divine secrets. My best advice is to add lots of artificial lighting in the way of lamp light and maybe sconces. If you have white cabinets, it is very important to choose a white that matches the cabinetry. Either is fine, so long as you repeat each of the whites you use a few times in the space. The reason why the room was darker is because of the heavier window treatments that covered the upper portion of the windows and because of the dark wall colors. This space felt choppy and small because of all the color shifts in the room. Isn’t it much more pleasant and peaceful to the eye? It’s the perfect warm white – it has a very slight yellow undertone, but it isn’t discernable to most. Although the area beneath the stairs was a very efficient place to tuck in storage and a television. The change in paint colors drew more attention to awkward angles, and now the best white paint color for walls and trim make the architecture less choppy. Here’s the why: the higher the sheen, the lighter any color will appear. Fabrics with lighter backgrounds and metallics like polished nickel and wintergold lightened up this room, too. The new art looks more in keeping with the fresh, new look of the space. The homeowners upgraded their kitchen with white cabinetry and marble countertops several years ago, but a few tweaks were needed. My client and her husband were initially worried the lights would be too large. I said before: there’s a time and place for everything, and this house proves it! It would be so fun to learn how to do this from you! I have is; do you need to be careful of white dove walls against white stock cabinets? If you don’t, the darker of the two whites will look kinda dirty and the brighter white will stick out ( not in a good way). In other words, if the sofa is super white and the walls are off-white, make sure there are other things in the room that are super white and off-white, so that the mixing of the whites looks intentionally. I read one of these comments and it sounds like you don’t recommend the all-white idea in a room with little natural light. Could you tell me the flooring used in this room or one that would go along with this type of room. If you don’t, one will look dirty in comparison to the other! Would be nice to see the clutter cleared in the before pictures to get a truer sense of change. The lighter colors of the walls, art, window treatments, and accessories made the whole space feel lighter than before.

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That is a thought for your baseboard cut tiles if there is one to match/corridinate if your tile doesn’t have a bullnose. But most new builds or recently remodeled baths now have no tiled walls with a wood looking base instead of tile meeting walls. Homes were mostly 6 to 7 million range with the cheapest being 2 million. I can’t imagine doing anything to the baseboard that would result in breakage. And in any case incorporating a shadow line will be very expensive. But with the ones with marble floors you might also be likely to see marble base shaped like a baseboard. In an urban house where the entire bathroom might be the size of the toilet enclosures or showers above, there tends to be more tile because the clearances are minimal, and tile is durable. I played around with the idea of green baseboards around the brown floor to symbolize a grass field. Commercial looking but no hard corners anywhere and super easy to clean. If you run the tile around the baseboard, it’s going to feel like you made a lid for the floor and it’s going to compete with your floor. I would use something that’s solid white to match the walla. It’ll look just like wood, but if subjected to a flood it will perform better than wood. Cut the last few inches of existing drywall, use rabbet cuts in your moulding choice and the moulding would lay flusher to the wall as shadow moulding as is seen in that picture you like. Also the back-right corner of the floor does not line up with the top-right corner of the ceiling. If so it will probably give me the same look in roarah’s pic. The back side is not meant to be exposed, which is why it isn’t glossy. Give it a second to cool and it’ll break right off when you brush your hand against it. I know grout lines this large aren’t typical but there’s a reason for it so no comments on that. Almost looks like it would have to be installed before the tile and then have the tile installed right up against the base to get no gaps between the tile and a base that thin. It can easily be repainted and it is as easy to remove as wood baseboards which is a lot easier than removing grout or broken tiles. It really depends upon the style, size and location of the house. No one wants to have to lie down next to the toilet to repaint wood baseboards–very awkward. There is a difference between high end budget and unlimited budget. That bathroom has old school built up cove base in 2×2 tile on the floor and vertical coved corners up the shower walls. It’s a bright white, and you just use a scrap to match the rest of the trim paint to it. If you’re terribly concerned about a flood, consider water-sensing shut-off valves. Valves that shut off at the fixture can protect more than ones that shut off the house’s main water supply. Would something like this give me the look in the photo/rendering? Here is an article in houzz about different ways to treat modern baseboards or not using one at all. When cutting with a power tool, don’t go too slow with the blade or you’ll friction-melt the material and gum up the cutting edge of the blade. When you do cut, you may still get some “melt” that hangs on to the board at the cut line. If you try to break it off right after you cut it you can burn your fingertips. Vacuuming as you cut will help keep the particles from wandering. It slightly dissolves the surface and the surfaces intermingle and bond together.

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I made dozens of trips to the paint store, frothing at the mouth. A little secret that’s going to shock the drop cloth off of many a color guru. We could get rid of 3/4 of them and still have more than enough to choose from. And then you read something that buys into your fear that you’ll make a mistake. This is a very valid point because then you don’t have to rack your brain. Now, you’re racking your brain–was that the mascarpone or the creme brulee? I usually recommend sticking to one or two trim colors throughout the house if possible. The cabinetry needs to match the trim– or at least be very close. No, the paint doesn’t have to be an exact match, but of course, it needs to coordinate. In fact, the trim all throughout the apartment is painted in plain old white. However, the differences are so minute that the average person will not be able to see the difference. The average person will not be able to see the difference between the colors above. The most important part was when you quoted your art teacher and said it wasn’t brain surgery. Thank you so much for any advice you’re able to give! It is a loft area that has large windows facing the south and east, and is light all day long. I could just sense the bored clerk snickering to himself… oh, here she comes again, let me go grab the spit bucket……………….. Really not necessary and it wasn’t really that great, either. A lot of the time, it really doesn’t make that much difference. And they are the ones in this post about the only six white trim colors you’ll need. God didn’t expect mom nature to pick just one color for the sky. The issue here is that you want only one color for the entire home. However, sometimes it looks very stark and sometimes it looks a little dirty. So, that leaves about eight other possibilities for white wall or trim color if you are only using one trim color in every room in the house. Yes, in some situations, some are going to be a bit better than others. And only you, (and your mother) are the only ones who even care one hoot. I have two questions — do people typically paint kitchen cabinets and trim the same color if both are going to be “white”? I never realized how difficult it can be especially to the (very) untrained eye! The only thing is you need to be more careful that the lighting doesn’t bring out too much of the gray. White is a warm, soft white and works very well with most colors about 95% of the time. The only time it doesn’t work as well is if the color is very clear (no gray) and it makes the white look gray and dull by comparison. Thoughts on halving paint colors and/or 50/50 2 paint colors (navajo white, white dove). If you paint the walls white, it’s only going to make the cabinets appear more of what you don’t want to see. The issue is that it has a warm yellow look in the bright sun, and with the bright white linens on the bed, it looks even more yellow. Is there a general rule, or is it something you just need to hold up and see?

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At first glance it may seem simple to choose a white paint, but there are subtle variations that make all the difference when selecting the right white. I divided the selection for white paints into three categories; cool whites, off-whites and gray whites. Warmer whites (off whites) have a creamer tone and go well in a traditional or transitional space as seen here. I also would like to add breadboard, where would you put that…on walls or an island, and would that be flat? I have creamy kitchen cabinets & don’t really want to paint them. Will chantilly lace paint look good with everything? My initial thought was why not just do chantilly lace throughout? We had no idea that the laquer would turn out creamier. Should we try and match the creamier laquer paint and redo all the baseboards?

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I don’t know how open your kitchen is to the rest of your home. The kitchen has basic white cabinets and is open to the dining area, and separated from the foyer by french style barn doors.


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