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However, if the stain is in one small spot, it is most likely a burn mark, not a stain. Add a squirt of dish liquid and a small amount of water to 1/2 cup of an absorbent powder, such as flour or cornstarch, to make a thick paste. Leave the poultice on the stain for several hours or overnight, then take off the plastic wrap and allow the paste to dry. Soak a cloth with the vinegar and lay the cloth over the stain for several hours. Combine hydrogen peroxide and an absorbent powder, such as flour or cornstarch, to make a paste, then apply the paste over the spot and cover it with plastic wrap. Spread the paste over the area, then cover the area with plastic wrap.

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Refer to the 4 tips below to remove stains from your cultured marble vanity top. But you can remove these deposits from cultured marble vanity tops without unnecessary costs. After spraying this mixture on your hard water marks, allow the water-vinegar solution to sit for awhile (up to an hour). Use a soft, clean cloth or sponge and wipe away the water-vinegar solution and hard water spots. An alternative method is to use a liquid commercial cleaner. Denatured alcohol, paint thinners, or turpentine can often do the job. Always avoid allowing these more harsh materials to come in contact with any plastic surfaces. Scuffed surfaces can be made to shine again by applying a special gel wax. But for most of these surfaces there is a way to clean them and still maintain the natural looking beauty of their clear and unblemished surfaces. You should always be sure the surface of cultured marble is wet before wiping it. This will require a different cleaning method and material than you commonly use to remove the more easy to remove spots. If you do use these products, apply a small amount on a less conspicuous place to be sure it will not mar the surface. This gel finish is highly vulnerable to heat and a few chemicals such as fingernail polish and acetone.

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They also contain hemp, which is rich in essential fatty acids which are lacking in those with dry skin. The products contains no parabens, preservatives or perfumes, they say. After a few weeks of applying the cream daily, she claims she began to see an improvement, and has since seen 80 to 90 per cent of the eczema clear up. She is now calling for greater understanding of the condition to help other mothers whose children are affected. The products contain beeswax, which the manufacturer claims works as a natural antibacterial barrier, protecting the skin from external irritants. Purepotions claims the products replenish dry skin with natural oils and have no known side effects. Tiles are a great way to go if the budget doesn’t allow for slab countertops. The stone feels cold and clean to touch, which is great in our tropical climate. Our granite slabs are laid really close together, so that the seams are barely visible. I have never done anything to my tops and they look like the day they went in. Our outside tiki bar is granite and it goes through countless winter weather beatings (being on the waterfront) for the last ten years and it has not once been sealed. That wouldn’t be my personal choice – but it’s his kitchen and his money. I can say that natural marble sometimes has natural faults – and that it can fracture (based on personal experience). In my case – the marble supplier contract had a “cop out” clause (natural marble can have faults and it can crack when it’s being transported or installed and we’re not responsible for anything once it leaves our warehouse). Which wasn’t so terrific because that ate up a fair amount of his profit on the job – and he kind of lost his enthusiasm for finishing. It was very beautiful – but probably not the right material for the job. They told me there’s a reasonable backlash these days against all of that stainless because it is a pretty high maintenance “look”. You know those arrangements where everything is out in the open – and the pots and pans are hanging on the wall or from the ceiling? But for someone who doesn’t use all of their “stuff” pretty regularly – they’re just dust magnets. Great for people who have tons of great looking stuff that they always arrange very carefully. The under counter mounting of the sinks is not a problem, very easy to clean. I think we will have more fun discussing fixtures and materials – like silver sinks. Well – just about everything in the world can be cleaned (except stains on marble ). Granite, marble and slate come in 12 x 12 x 1/2″ (and sometimes smaller) tiles also. We purchased a new apartment last year and renovated all the rooms. Price of granite has come down substantially over the past 5 years, which makes it very affordable now. The contractor did not mention resealing, told us it will last years and years. Corian has textured looks/colors – but then you’re back where you started (you can’t see if the counter is really really clean). I can’t imagine the kind of person who would come over for a meal and put his butt out on your kitchen counter. Depends how you (or anyone else reading this thread) likes to work in a kitchen – and what your lifestyle is like. Likewise – there are probably people who like not worrying about putting hot pans on kitchen counters. The biggest problem is the german silver sinks, it is amazing how much brasso we go through. Perhaps that doesn’t bother someone else nearly as much as it bothers me. Well they work fine for restaurants – and home kitchens where people are using everything all the time. The biggest problem is the german silver sinks, it is amazing how much brasso we go through. I can live with my conrete counters hiding the dirt and never looking clean. I enjoy them in every other way except for that, it would be stupid to replace them with something that isn’t low-maintenence. If you want to do something interesting and dramatic, you might like their custom soapstone sinks.

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How many “puffs” are in a standard filtered cigarette? Clearly this is an experiment for someone who already smokes, so if you could count how many puffs you take off of your next cigarette while you’re casually browsing reddit and post the results that would be great. I smoked about 4-8 cigarettes a day for about 4 months and just stopped and had no real urge to start again. As a novice smoker (meaning i may not take big drags like chain smokers) i averaged about 20 rips. It doesn’t matter how silly the question is, let another redditor take up the challenge and prove your theory. Even better is if you could keep track of it over a few cigarettes and give me the average. Your original comment is data, so if you want to add more data then we’re off to a good start :). I love to experiment on myself and did an experiment a few years back to see if i would become addicted to smoking tobacco. I just went out on my back porch and smoked another to see how consistent that finding was and it took me 24 puffs, though they were a bit rushed. How many puffs of the e-cig do you smoke in a sitting? Check out the full comments on this post – there have been a couple of other replies that you might find interesting.

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Have pictures of your own and would like to share them and your story? I just want to know what is biting me, and how to kill it! It belongs to the family of synthetic chemicals called pyrethroids and functions as a neurotoxin, affecting neuron membranes by prolonging sodium channel activation. Extreme care must be taken when using products containing permethrin near water courses. Why would they be in 2 such different forms or appearances? Back to these bites, and what is coming off of me now, which is really weird! Other heavy patches that are just thicker/higher skin in a few places. It is believed that this happens in area that are bruised, scratched or damaged in some way; such flare-ups can be caused by venom that still remains underneath the skin. I am assuming that the cortisone has kept the bites from itching. I had a very bad headache, temp up four degrees, very bad ache in my neck and shoulders, really felt bad all over. I had someone come look at them and with a light and magnifying glass, the answer was looks like a spider bite. It had long greenish like legs (like a grandaddy long legs), but the body was different. There’s a small red bump, kind of looks like a mosquito bite, and then it’s surrounded by a circle of red and looks a bit like a target. Every year since then around the summer time it returns in the same place behind the left knee. In the past 3 days there has become a small sore about the size of a pencil eraser top in the center. I also woke up sick last night, have had a slight fever, chills, and headaches. It is constantly extremely itchy and the cream i’ve put on it hasn’t made it less itchy, only a little bit. I keep waking up with little red bumps all over my legs and stomach. I think i was bitten by a spider and i dont know what kind i was wandering if anyone could help i woke up in the middle of the night with my left foot. I would like to find out what it is and whether its serious or not. It didn’t hurt till today when it began to hurt only in the spot where the spider directly bit me where it’s bite marks are. Our doctor told us to use some bentonite clay (we got it at the health food store) and apply it to the bite so it could draw out the poison/pus (that we couldn’t even tell was there). It is said that the microscopic structure of the bentonite draws impurities into it from the digestive system, which are then excreted along with the bentonite. It doesnt seem to bother her too much, but isnt the most pleasant looking thing. Is there a specific type of doctor one should go to for bites? I didn’t feel the bite but itched the area and a small amount of skin came off. Any ideas on what kind of spider may have bitten me? Supposedly, the skin keeps flaking off and it stays red and scaly. This small pale yellow spider likes to hide in flat silk tubes during the day and at night, begins the hunt for prey. If you look very closely you can see two dots in the middle. However, it does drive home the importance of seeking medial attention before it’s too late! Perhaps you would like to see our collection of spider bite photos? I have some kind of bites a year ago that were diagnosed by my dermatologist with a resulting biopsy as “arachnoid bites”-(not specific as to type). Permethrin is a common synthetic chemical, widely used as an insecticide and acaricide and as an insect repellent. I am seeing the tiny black specks everywhere again that no one in the house notices but me! I think that he is away from the house all day, so he is not bitten as much; and he works as a mechanic, so he has lots of scratches to distract him. As to the papules, there are tons around my mouth, and then all over body. I get: red/dark looking spots, newer red looking ones with a clear coating around it and a hair on each end or is one a root? Sometimes there are clearish, mean looking ones/creaturish looking that are not ready for light? He says it doesn’t hurt, but it is red where he was bitten (on his finger). It does not itch or irritate me and the line is faint, but it is there. I got it at my barn, but i have no idea what spider caused it, and if it even is a spider bite. My bite first appeared about 3 years ago, on the back of my left leg behind the knee. I stopped applying the cream, then it started to scab in the center. Now there is a red strike on my leg and ends on top of my shen. Itstings a lot, and i’m feeling increasingly tired since this morning. It looks like a mosquito bite but has two bumps on it that make it seem like a spider bite. I think this is to big to be a mosquito bite, but i’m not sure. It’s about a few mm high, and i have been tired and coughing a lot since it appeared. It doesn’t itch too much at all only hurts where it bit me not arround it, it is swollen, hard under swollen mass, with no change in color. Pascalite is another commercial name for the calcium bentonite clay. I see little ones, skinny ones, fat hairy spiders around the house. It is a sing le bite, like a large pin hole, surrounded by a dark almost bruised colored area. But then it began to swell a day later and now its a big, purple bump on my leg with red spreading around it.

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Luckily we all have reams of solid scientific evidence to tell us just exactly how dangerous, and so we can ignore the hyperbole. That is because not only is the 2006 health act unnecessarily repressive, it is also unjustifiable based on any objective evaluation of the science. There never was an excuse for not providing for the sizeable majority who want to smoke and have a social life. It leads to focusing on the wrong things, for the wrong reasons. You know, first they came for the smokers, and all that. Not because they are gospel, but because they make a point that is inserted into the ongoing debate that is science. Did you not know that “just one drink” can give you cancer now, just as “just one cigarette” can? And as for that awful smell of booze on a person’s breath – well “drinkers are stinkers” is a pretty catchy put-off phrase for wannabe boozers, isn’t it? Why do you think that the “social” cost of smoking in the form of littering has suddenly been headline news? We started down that the moment all those “it won’t affect me” non-smoking drinkers accepted all the reasons given for the ban and let it go through without so much as a whimper of protest. And hypocrisy is never a particularly strong standpoint to argue from. Since he is 70, we can safely assume that perhaps he began smoking before all of the health dangers were widely known. I believe that pubs should have the choice whether they allow smoking or not. However, it does mean that alcohol simply doesn’t play a greatly important part in my daily life. How nice it is, as a smoker, for once to have a choice! I see no problem with licensed smoking premises or smoking rooms provided that genuine provision is made for those who do not want to experience other people’s smoke. In any case, this is something which can safely be left to the market; if enough people don’t like smoky pubs they simply won’t go to them and licensees will have to act accordingly. Now their pleasure is curtailed in the twilight of their years, courtesy of the health fascists. Because the anti-alcohol movement are stealing the anti-smoking movement’s thunder, that’s why! Because what were “good” reasons for the smoking ban can hardly now be argued as not “good” reasons for severe drinking restrictions, can they? Best of luck with your struggle to halt the slide at the point we’re all at now, but just remember, when you’re on a slippery slope you can’t stop part-way down – you have to keep going to the bottom, or you have to fight all the way back to the top. I applaud you though for not resorting to ad-hominem attacks or blatant nut-jobbery like some in this comment stream. If you want to know what choice is, why not make a rule that you only neck your beer outside of a pub and see how long you last or why not ask your fellow drinkers to kneck their beer out side of pubsand see how long they remain your friend. Perhaps you would agree that such moves are totally unjustifiable? A glass or two of champagne at a wedding or half a can of beer shared in the park with a friend on a sunny day are about my limit. These things don’t cause cancer, but we still ask people to wear headphones, clean up after their dog, etc. So we have one study in the smoker’s corner, and how many against? Yes, nearly 50 year old medical knowledge being proudly displayed as proof.

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Despite the sultry summer heat, no girls wearing butt-floss bikinis were shaking it on the school’s beautiful, very private beach. Once he got inside, he hadn’t done anything except enjoy getting away with it. So what if the school had enrolled some t hugs to play soccer a few weeks ago. So what if they targeted him every time he was on the field. He still didn’t know why they said he couldn’t have access to a computer. After his roommates left, he didn’t have friends to talk to, but that was okay. All he knew was that he’d gone from being a student to something else. Lane listened to the relentless surf and told himself that the waves weren’t whispering, prisoner. Lane shut out the sound of the surf and the voices in his memory. It had been years since she’d cared about her husband—newly exhusband—in any way but as the father of her child. She’d worked hard to make the divorce and all the legalities entailed as civilized and adult as possible. Traffic had been heavier than usual, which meant six lanes of stop-and-slow on southbound interstates. Despite the polite words, his glance never got above her breasts. As a teenager, she’d put up with enough macho male crap to last her a lifetime. The customs inspector’s thick black eyebrows rose behind the cover of his sunglasses. The brief, chilling phone conversation kept echoing in her mind. I keep forgetting that you’ve got a phone that gets past the usual blocks. Over the cell connection, it sounded like he was choking on the olive in his second martini. Now it’s been on hold for more than two months, and so has my professional life. Faroe turned toward the officer in the camouflage coveralls. But his cottage was first class and the soccer field was awesome, and with the window open he could hear the surf that broke on the western edge of the campus. At least they hadn’t caught him when he’d hacked into a military computer, or that bank, and five or six other sacred cows. He liked the silence and he didn’t have to hide his computer. So what if the guys looked more like twenty-six than sixteen. Afterward he’d play games on the computer his mother had smuggled past the school’s tight-assed headmaster a few weeks ago. He hadn’t done anything wrong, but suddenly he didn’t have phone privileges and couldn’t use the library computer. Each student cleaned his own quarters and his own clothes and some even did dishes for the whole school. Now that he had a good reason to learn one, he was a whole lot more fluent than anyone guessed. That was the day the two badasses swaggered onto the soccer field and stared at him, silently telling him that he was number one on their hit list. Lane didn’t know what it was, he didn’t know what had caused it. We’re going to sneak into your room, cut off your balls, and make you eat them. And if there was a persistent personal sadness that she’d failed in marriage, well, she’d just have to live with it. Just because he’d kept his legal address as the beach home they’d once shared didn’t mean he actually lived with her. And he hasn’t been here in three weeks, which you damn well should know because you or one of your employees has called every day. The only cars the officials stopped held women worth staring at twice. There was nothing to do about her anxious thoughts except live with them. It’s just that at this level the background checks take a lot longer, and the politics get a good deal more intricate.

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The scar is aboutthe diameter of a cigarette-perfectly round. Learn to identify and prevent bites from summer’s most common pest s. I discovered magical spray that removed wine stains instantly with no rinsing! So basically the magic eraser can remove permanent marker from any glass surface! Take a bit of hand sanitizers and watch it work it’s magic! Let it soak overnight and you’ll see how all the dirt easily lifts up with minimum scrubbing. You can see in the photo above there has a very pronounced ring from a glass that contained lemonade. Metal wouldn’t absorb thechemicals so highly unlikely that anything harmful would remain. A bit of elbow grease and your pans will be clean and stay clean. While you can always line your pans for each use, residual chemicals can release toxic gases & fumes when heated in an oven. Next time you have a stubborn greasy baking pan, try lining it with dryer sheets then adding warm water. A simple way to remove deodorant stains is with a dry magic eraser. Because the marble has a high gloss finish, it is prone to etching if anything acidic touches the stone. All you need is a little water, a cloth and some elbow grease. Ever smelled an old dryer sheet after it lost its perfume scent?


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