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You can simply collect acceptable waste and food scraps and hand them off to someone else to do the dirty work of converting it into… dirt! This material is transferred to a handful of local sites where it gets converted through an aerobic process into fertile soil to be used at local urban farming and gardening projects. Think about it, instead of mixing food scraps with other garbage and letting it sit for days under the sink or out in the open, they are separated from the rest of your trash and sealed off. By carefully separating food scraps in your home, you will help deter pests as well. You can store it in a tupperware container, reuse your arugula boxes, or fill up the paper bag from last weekend’s groceries and drop it at a local compost site, bag and all.Not only are you diverting waste from overflowing landfills, you’re also reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions produced by rotting materials in landfills, contributing to the production of high-quality fertilizer for local use, and helping create a renewable energy source (biogas from methane at anaerobic digestion facilities). Waste reduction is a really big deal, and incorporating responsible waste management routines, such as composting, into your daily life requires minimal effort. Ok but there’s no convenient way for me to get rid of it! There are more and more local businesses who will take organic waste off your hands for a small fee. We understand, it can get a little complicated! We bet your roommates will thank you for composting! Similarly, in neighborhoods where smelly and easily accessible black trash bags have been replaced with sealed organics collection bins, rats populations have reduced. We are touched that you came to us to learn how to be an urban composter, welcome to the club!

Compost Starters and Dirt At Ace Hardware by

Ace offers some great composters to help get you started on creating your own compost for your yard. These materials must be kept moist and turned regularly with a shovel or rake. Purchasing your composting bins is your first step to get started on composting for your home. Ace offers a selection of compost bins and can help you get started with tips and a step-by-step guide on how to compost. Composting involves combining organic materials, such as yard waste and fruit and vegetable peels, into a compost piles or compost bins. The combination of these organic materials, along with water and oxygen, causes the materials to break down into what eventually becomes a rich soil-like material that can be used to grow and maintain the plants in your yard. These types of composters help to keep your compost in a neat, contained area and protect the material from animals such as mice and raccoons. It is important that these types of bins have openings that allow you to access, turn and remove the compost. Residential Composting in NY Food Composter
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