Ring Video Doorbell 2: Amazon Devices

Installations on metal, marble, or glass surfaces not included. Ring sends you alerts when anyone comes to your door, so you can see, hear and speak to visitors from anywhere. If you don’t press the button within about 5 seconds of getting a motion alert, you missed your shot and now it’s a past event. Your phone properly notifies you that somebody is at your door, but you’ve got something in your hands, or your phone is in your pocket or any other distraction is going on that takes 5 seconds to finish. My door bell is corner mounted with one vertical wedge to aim the camera more towards the front. It goes off about every 5 minutes (leaving battery life that lasts 3 days), even for things across the street, even though it’s supposed to have a 5’ range (also attached). For what this thing costs you should be able to at least answer an active alert within 30 seconds without it drifting off to the cloud and not being able to view it at all. That’s not such a big deal until you realize what counts as a “recent event”. By the time you hit the notification banner and go into the app, it will take you to a screen that says you need a paid subscription to see past events. I have no problem paying to record everything and be able to pull up events from hours, days or weeks ago, but needing to pay because 5 seconds went by and the app loaded slowly is a rip-off. I can set the radius of sensing somewhere between 6 ft to 30 ft. Try to avoid light sources that might shine directly into the camera if you want highest quality images.

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