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Natural stone countertops are the best way to update your kitchen and improve your homes value! If you need to replace your countertops in your bathroom, this is definitely the most cost effective way to go! Granite is durable enough to be used as a cutting board and because it is a molten rock, your hot pots and pans are no match for this countertop. We have examples of undermounted, drop-in and vessel sinks to give you an idea of how you would like to transform your home! They each have their own unique personality that brings something that the others do not.

Shop Small Bathroom Vanities With Sinks Under 30 Inches by

We have cabinets that are only a bit over a foot wide and offer fully functional sinks and storage space! If the vanity is too big, it can block other elements in the bathroom or reduce the ability to move freely within the room. Measure the width by measuring across the wall where the vanity will go. You can also measure depth by figuring out how far from the wall the vanity can stick. Leave room for these types of activities on the front of your cabinet. The reason it is important to choose according to your personal style is that you want the vanity to match any future changes you might make to decor. When you need to select a smaller vanity, you can still get some good storage options. That will help you decide if you need a single under sink cabinet, a few small drawers or even just some open shelves. You should also make sure they will integrate into your existing plumbing. Many pieces include mirrors that will perfectly match the base style. Counter top choices range from granite to marble in a variety of shades. The styles range from pieces with sleek modern lines to those with a fresh clean country feel. Marble counter tops require a special cleaner that will not damage the surface and it is recommended to seal the surface about two times per year. After the water lines and drain pipes are attached, the sink, countertop and faucets can be put in place. Our small bathroom vanities offer plenty of options for the smallest of rooms. We have provided the buying guide below to help you choose a cabinet that fits your need and space equally well. It is not necessarily important to have a vanity that is large, but it is essential to have a vanity that fits. Only measure space that is free and will not be needed for another item or task. You will want to consider the possibility of opening drawers or doors when you decide on dimensions. Style elements you may be able to choose from will include counter tops, finish, fixtures and hardware. You should make sure the sink, fixtures and cabinet you choose have matching specification. In addition to plumbing, you may also want to check to ensure the cabinet will not block electrical outlets or heating vents. Once the base piece is selected, there are choices for counter top, sink style and fixtures. Shopping from home for these types of functional pieces has never been easier or more convenient. There are many shades of wood finishes as well as those in white tones. The sink is often a focal point in a bathroom and these pieces will make an impressive impact to the look of the room. They are perfect for powder rooms or when a smaller size is desired to not take up much room in the space. The woods are easy to clean with any cleaning product created for wood material such as vegetable oil soap, lemon oil or furniture polish. Some home owners are able to complete the installation, other times it can be easier to hire a handy person or plumber. Proper installation will ensure stability when used and will protect the entire area.


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