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Understanding the benefits (as well as the drawbacks) of a material is, of course, an important element in the decision to purchase and install it. Both stones can vary dramatically in looks depending on where they are taken from, and it is generally personal taste that decides which one is a better fit for a particular situation. Marble kitchen counters are not cheap, and installing marble over every inch of your kitchen counter space can be an extremely pricey endeavor. The only real drawback to installing cultured marble counters is the fact that they are not real marble; though the look is very convincing, the material will not carry the same weight (literally or figuratively) in your kitchen or bathroom. Clean up spills as soon as possible, particularly when the spilled liquid carries a lot of color or is highly acidic. Remember: marble counters can last a lifetime, but if you don’t take care of them, they are extremely expensive to replace! Boasting more than just a pretty face, marble countertops are excellent performers and, in many cases, will be the last counters you will ever need to install. Here are a few things that will help you decide whether marble counter installation is right for your home. When it comes to performance, both granite and marble kitchen counters are at the top of the list; the real difference between the two lies in appearance. Each stone is somewhat porous, and must be sealed to prevent stains; this is particularly important in kitchen spaces, as the likelihood of spilling a staining liquid like juice or wine is high. Many homeowners save money by using this product as a highlight in the home: install it on top of an island, a wet bar, or inset so that you can have all the benefits of the material without all the cost. Installation is a little easier because cultured marble is lighter, and since they’re somewhat synthetic, they’re also more durable against damage and cracking. It may help to think of it as a wood product: it needs lots of protection, prevention, and preservation. Place hot pots and pans on pads or trivets to prevent burns and talk to a professional about applying (or eventually, reapplying) a sealant to reduce damaging the stone.

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Basically means that you need to seal it more often, avoid spills, and be aware that its not scratch proof. But if you really like the look of marble it’s hard if not almost impossible to replicate. But the biggest positives are it’s “lack of brittleness” and the artificial colors that you just can’t get in natural stone. First and foremost being that most soapstone is soft like marble meaning a bit more maintenance a nd care. Sealing is also done a little different and a little more involved. That is due to its durability, uniqueness, cleanliness, and overall functionality. The first thing anyone needs to know when thinking of using marble for a kitchen countertop is “maintance and care”. Its best not to use around a cooking area and while some people like the look of a “aged /slightly scratched surface” it might be a factor that convenes most people to use a different material. The biggest downsides are the lack of “natural look” and not being as heat resistant as granite. While strikingly beautiful it also has it’s disclaimer that you need to know before using it as a kitchen countertop. There are some varieties that are more dense than others but most have the potential of a “aged look” aka scratches over time. However, like marble if you get good advice on how to use and care for it then it’s beauty is worth the extra care.

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Deciding on what type and style of marble to use is not particularly difficult, but there are certain factors that should to be considered. Marble comes in a variety of colors depending on what other minerals are included in the mix. Similarly, sand, clay or iron oxides will result in other colors from red and blue through brown and gray to more exotic varieties such as yellow streaked with violet. It is amazingly resistant to heat and renowned for its outstanding durability. In particular, marble must be properly sealed by professionals after installation to avoid staining. In addition, if you are willing to pay the price, the marble veining can even be bookmatched for a truly stunning effect. One caveat, marble will discolor if heat is directly applied through a hot pot or pan. Usually reserved for the kitchen or bathroom, they can actually add a dramatic aspect to the décor of any room in a house. More specifically, it is a metamorphic rock – meaning that it has been changed (metamorphosized) from its original composition of carbonate materials – usually limestone – through the effects of intense pressure and heat on the substrate and then its subsequent recrystallization. It does, however, require a fair degree of maintenance to retain its superb look and feel. In addition, spills, especially ones involving acidic liquids, should be wiped up as soon as possible. White or gray marble can act as a great backdrop for almost any decor but the blues, greens, dark blacks and uniquely hued pinks and yellows can provide a stunning centerpiece to any kitchen or bathroom. So, have some sense and use oven warmers when you remove those hot plates. Other types of stones are now appreciated but there is no denying that the elegance and warm sophistication of marble still delivers a very special ambiance.

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