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Occasionally, successful consuls were given the honorary title imperator (commander), and this is the origin of the word emperor (and empire ) since this title (among others) was always bestowed to the early emperors upon their accession. Aurelian (reigned 270–275) brought the empire back from the brink and stabilized it. It held sway over an estimated 70 million people, at that time 21% of the world’s entire population. This legal egalitarianism would have required a far-reaching revision of existing laws that had distinguished between citizens and non-citizens.
Apartment Hack | Diy Rose Gold & Marble Desk, Fur Chair + Vanity| Office Makeover | Duration 7 Minutes 39 Seconds Technically she remained under her father’s legal authority, even though she moved into her husband’s home, but when her father died she became legally emancipated. Although it was a point of pride to be a “one-man woman” (univira) who had married only once, there was little stigma attached to divorce, nor to speedy remarriage after the loss of a husband through death or divorce. Slaves had no right to the form of legal marriage called conubium , but their unions were sometimes recognized, and if both were freed they could marry. Within a household or workplace, a hierarchy of slaves might exist, with one slave in effect acting as the master of other slaves. Since his rule ended a century of civil wars and began an unprecedented period of peace and prosperity, he was so loved that he came to hold the power of a monarch de facto if not de jure. Uprisings in the provinces were infrequent, but put down “mercilessly and swiftly” when they occurred. Diocletian completed the work of fully restoring the empire, but declined the role of princeps and became the first emperor to be addressed regularly as domine , “master” or “lord”. For instance, entire forests were cut down to provide enough wood resources for an expanding empire. Recent demographic studies have argued for a population peak ranging from 70 million to more than 100 million. Today, more than 900 million people are native speakers worldwide. From the perspective of the lower classes, a peak was merely added to the social pyramid. Girls had equal inheritance rights with boys if their father died without leaving a will. Childbearing was encouraged by the state: a woman who had given birth to three children was granted symbolic honours and greater legal freedom (the ius trium liberorum). Agriculture and industry, such as milling and mining, relied on the exploitation of slaves.

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I came up with this recipe, which is hardly any more work than the semi-homemade version. Brush or spoon the remaining glaze over the top and sides of the cake. Whisk together the eggs, egg yolks, rum, vanilla extract and almond extract in a medium bowl. Place the cake flour, brown sugar, granulated sugar, baking powder and salt in the bowl of a heavy-duty mixer fitted with the paddle attachment; mix on low speed for about 30 seconds to combine. Add one-third of the liquid ingredients and mix on low speed until just incorporated. Add another third of the liquid and mix on low speed until just combined. Bake for 65-75 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted halfway between the central tube and side of the pan comes out clean. If the glaze pools on the surface, poke more holes to help it sink in. For easy clean-up, slide a piece of foil or parchment under the rack. Let sit for at least one hour before carefully transferring the cake to a platter for serving. Is there a frosting that would be appropriate for this cake so it can be decorated as a birthday cake? I offered if anybody wanted to bring any desserts home since we also had pumpkin and apple pies beside the cake (they’re homemade from scratch too and they’re excellent). I gave each one three thin slices and we were left with only a quarter of the cake. I think you could add coconut to this- maybe up to 1 cup in the batter. I used silicone basting brush to glaze the cake 6-7 times and still have a bit of glaze leftover. I am to make the rum cake dense like a pound cake, would simply changing the cake flour to all purpose flour do the trick? The alcohol will cook out of the glaze as well, so this is perfectly fine to serve to kids. Add the sugar and water and bring to a boil; then turn the heat down and simmer for 5 minutes until thickened. Add a tablespoon of flour to the pan; rotate and shake the pan until it is evenly coated with flour, then tap out any excess flour over the sink. Add the butter and beat on low speed for about 2 minutes, or until the ingredients are well combined. Increase the speed to medium and beat for 2 minutes, then stop the mixer and scrape down the sides of the bowl with a rubber spatula. Increase the speed to medium and beat for two minutes, then stop the mixer and scrape again. Turn the heat down to medium-low and simmer, stirring frequently, for about 5 minutes, or until slightly thickened. Using a toothpick or thin skewer, poke holes all over the bottom of the cake about 1/2-inch apart, going about 3/4 of the way down (you will feel like you are butchering the cake; don’t worry, it will be fine). Gradually brush the remaining glaze evenly over the top and sides of the cake, letting it soak in as you go. Dust the top of the cake with confectioners’ sugar, if desired.

Flat Earth Nut Mrthriveandsurvive Questions Nasa’S Blue Marble. | Duration 4 Minutes 30 Seconds Could this be made as a 2-layer cake instead of a bundt? You mentioned that the cake started to pill a bit once you added the glaze – what do you mean by pill? Most of the recipes are from cake mix and vanilla pudding mix. I told the family that it might be better the next day to let the glaze soak in but they couldn’t wait. The first slice which was the edge from loaf pan has a very faint rum taste. Thx again for always providing us with great recipes! I could tell after doing all the series of beating that it was going to be light cake as it looked beautiful in the mixing bowl – really puffed up and a nice batter! Question….many of the semi-homemade versions have the nutty mixture on the bottom, which seems pretty awesome. I have tried your boyfriend bait and cranberry bread with gluten free flour with amazing results.

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I have a couple suggestions as you complete your decor! Want the perfect shade of blue for your bedroom or a bold accent wall in yellow for your living room that won’t look too glaring? Each answer comes with details on different options and a personalized shopping list for you. Looking for the perfect sofa that will work in a traditional style room? Art can help transform a space and is one of the hardest things to find.

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Amazon: Milton Greens Stars A6938BK 2 Sophia Adjustable Arc Floor Lamp With Marble Base Black: by

Its beautiful and sturdy marble base makes the perfect elegant and classic component, whereas its sleek metal body takes us to a beautifully drum shade. It is adjustable, which lets you get it to exactly the right spot you want it. It is attractive – the form and colors (black with chrome) looks nice in our space. The plastic insert is just too tight a fit, and when you clip in one side, the other side pops out. Also, the base is supposed to be a black marble look with white marbling. For us it is not a big deal because the base is hidden behind some furniture. That said, for us, we love this lamp and it made a dark corner of our living room into a warm and usable space. I think they failed but it didn’t bother me as you really can’t see it unless you’re bent over looking for it. I turned it on its side on my coffee table and supported the lamp pole on a living room chair and screwed it in that way. The screws, nuts and washers were all attached so there was nothing to lose in a separate bag. It was well protected and heavily enforced with a clear warning for the carrier that the package contained glass and required care. It definitely was a bit of a challenge to put together alone – get help if you can – and while the instructions did try to give all the needed advice, it would have been much clearer with a picture or two. I got the one with the black shade and base, which is perfect for my room. I think as other reviewers mentioned, my base was slightly damaged but since it’s made of black stone, it looks intentional and is still beautiful. Others commented on the cheap shade, and it is, but it looks good. It is stable – the base is heavy enough to make it not a tipping hazard.

Diy Marble Flooring Rent / Apartment Safe | Duration 5 Minutes 16 Seconds The lamp shade was near impossible – to get it to assemble fully. Maybe it was just the particular piece of stone that ours was cut from, but the “marbling” in ours simply looks like dirty finger prints. But something to consider if you are going to have the base in full view. Since we set this lamp up, our family members have been attracted to a space that never got used, and now sees regular family time there. Also, there was a number to call in case something went wrong and the company promised to take care of it no matter where it was purchased. My hardest part was removing the lamp parts from the packaging. The lamp base is next to the wall, and the light hangs over the sofa perfectly. Hardest part was opening the box it came in, but it did protect all the parts.

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Wendy reads novels because she finds them very entertaining. A teacher originally wanted to increase class participation, ans so she positively reinforced question asking with nickels. The teacher decided things were better off when the students didn’t ask so many questions. She could approach the students’ desks and physically remove a nickel from their stacks whenever they ask a question, a process known as __. Buying a scratch-off lottery ticket is reinforced according to a __ schedule. After a number of tone-air puff pairings, what is the conditioned response? In this example, what is the unconditioned stimulus? Pavlov’s dogs were conditioned to salivate to a 1000-hz tone due to its pairing with food. Salivating to the 900-hz tone is an example of __ and not salivating to a 500-hz tone is an example of __. After a few days, students had stacks of nickels on their desks and the class was asking far too many questions. Or, she could simply not give students nickels anymore when they ask questions, a process termed __.

Diy Marble | Bathroom Countertop Makeover | Duration 4 Minutes 50 Seconds In fact, maybe the very next ticket you buy will be a winner.

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Spoon into 8×8 buttered baking dish; sprinkle with crumb mixture. Dust your hands with a little of the confectioners sugar and roll the dough into 1-inch balls. To keep cake from overbrowning, line pan with parchment paper; lightly grease paper. Let stand for 30 minutes or until water cools to room temperature; drain well. Using a wooden spoon, stir in one-third of the flour mixture, then half of the bourbon. Bake about 55 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean. Using a narrow metal spatula, loosen sides of cake from the pan, then invert the cake onto the rack. Can you cut away bad spots on veggies and then cook and eat them? Mix cream cheese spread and wafer crumbs with fork until mixture resembles coarse crumbs. Bake 30-35 minutes or until crumb mixture is lightly browned and apples are tender. In a medium-size bowl, with an electric mixer on high, cream the butter and granulated sugar until light and fluffy. Place 2 inches apart on the baking sheets and bake for 25 minutes or just until light brown. In a medium-size bowl, pour enough boiling water over the raisins to cover. In a medium-size bowl, toss drained r aisins with 1/2 cup of the flour. In a large bowl, with an electric mixer on medium, cream the brown sugar and butter until light and fluffy, scraping side of bowl often. Does anyone have any nut-free dessert recipes that can be made for a lot of people?

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That is why today we will learn how to make marble nails, which will diversify and enhance your look. It is ok to use some alternatives – we list these items so that you know how to make it best. You will see through the tutorial as your nail drawing skills get better and better. Now use a white nail polish and cover the whole nail with it. You may use any techniques and colors you like to diversify the whole picture. Combining it with all black nails makes the result surprisingly interesting and even dignified. This tone is one of the most common marble colorations in nature. Add some white gems to make the manicure even more appealing. Blue and purple color conversionsmake it fabulous and even theurgical. Yellow-orange shades make the whole look of the manicure much more interesting, representing a natural beauty. As you see, a huge variety of colors makes this kind of manicure unique. If you want to do this marble manicure, you will need some special stuff. Then cover it with one or two layers of a white polish, as you like. You ought to make some different shades of grey, so that the pattern looks natural and spontaneous. This way you make lines fade a bit, so your nail does look like a marble. It looks really nice if you draw new lines close to old, faded ones. When you are done and all the paint has dried, cover each nail with a transparent top coat. You have gone through the entire tutorial and now your white marble nails are ready to surprise and impress anyone. It fits perfectly to both cocktail dresses and casual outfits. For example, this black and blue nails look more formal than previous. And if you want something more passionate and provocative, try this one. Whatever marble nails manicure you decide to use, it will always complement your beauty. Whether you are going to attend some party and celebration, or just want to brighten up a drab existence, marble manicure will help you shine anywhere, does not matter what clothes you wear.

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Each of the entrees is a rectangle about four inches square and look exactly alike. Wearing argyle socks with an argyle vest will look too studied. As he does so, a busboy discreetly removes their largely untouched plates. He points to another handsome young man with slicked-back hair and horn-rimmed glasses. As soon as one bathroom door opens, a couple lurches out rubbing their noses while another couple rushes past them and slams the door. Bateman does his morning stretching exercises in the living room wearing the ice pack. Bateman is luxuriating in the shower steam, scrubbing his body, admiring his muscles. He begins selecting bottles jars and brushes, laying them in readiness on the marble counter. Huge white porcelain plates descend on very pale pink linen table cloths. They are all wearing expensively cut suits and suspenders and have slicked-back hair. Trashed-looking girls stare into mirrors repairing their eye make-up or sit on the counter chatting to friends. Bateman stands in front of a massive marble sink applying a gel facial masque. Bateman opens the door of a mirrored cabinet, which is stocked with immaculate rows of skin care products.

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His murders involved rape, dismemberment, necrophilia and cannibalism. Dahmer grew increasingly withdrawn and uncommunicative between the ages of 10 and 15, showing little interest in any hobbies or social interactions. Dahmer did well at first, but he was discharged after two years because of his alcoholism. He played games with his imaginary friends, and scared off his real friends with his strange antics. Jeff was also known to run through the local mall acting like a retard, (which probably explains why he had few friends). Jeff then dragged the body into the crawlspace, under the house where it stayed for a few days. He then put the bags in the bushes behind the house, eventually burying them. Once there he cut up the body, placed the pieces into garbage bags and put it out by the curb with the rest of the days trash. He then stripped the body of all flesh by using acid, then smashed the bones up with a sledgehammer. Dahmer murdered 17 men and boys between 1978 and 1991, with the majority of the murders occurring between 1987 and 1991. He biked around his neighborhood looking for dead animals, which he dissected at home (or in the woods near his home). Dahmer began drinking in his teens and was an alcoholic by the time of his high school graduation. He was arrested twice for indecent exposure, in 1982 and 1986; in his second offense, he masturbated in front of two boys. He was sentenced to five years’ probation and one year in a work release camp. Dahmer was paroled from the work release camp two months early, and he soon moved into a new apartment. Dahmer chased his victim down and tried to take him away, but the women stopped him. Dahmer died of severe head trauma while on his way to the hospital in an ambulance. Plans to convert the site into a memorial garden failed to materialize. Dahmer’s estate was awarded to the families of 11 of his victims who had sued for damages. He was also arrested for flashing his penis at two 12 year old boys in a park and then masturbating. Just six days after the probation ended he started killing again. They chatted with each other for a few hours and eventually left together. Dahmer claims he can’t remember what happened once they got to the hotel, only that he drank alot. Which he then stuffed the body inside, and caught a taxi back to his grandmothers house, (where he lived in the basement). After he wa s satisfied with his work he scattered the bone fragments.

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Cheese should be eaten at room temperature, when it’s at its full flavor and texture. Then fill in the space with the smaller things to add color and texture. No one wants to be the first one to crack open a wheel of something! I also love their jalapeño stuffed olives, sharp mustard, and fog jam to round out the spread! I also bought one of their massive tubs of peanut butter cups and ate the entire thing in like a week. My group of friends all do this, wine and cheese nights are the best! Get the one in fridge section, not the one in a jar on shelf. Their selection includes everything from the classics to wildcards like blueberry goat cheese. When arranging items, start with big things first, like the whole pieces of cheese, bowls of nuts or clusters of grapes. Finally, cut a few slices of cheese to invite guests to dig in. We also like stilton with fruit (changes seasonally). Unexpected cheddar and goat cheese (blueberry or just honey) are favorites here, too. Got them when we got married almost 10 years ago and they have held up wonderfully for everyday use. The fig and olive crisp are far below the good taste of the pomegranate or rosemary flavor crisps. They would run out of the others but not the olive, there are always plenty of the olive. Aldi’s is just as good, maybe even better because they’re selection is more straight-forward. I seriously cannot have this cheese in my house all the time though. She also introduced me to the truffle cheese and dates as a yum combo.

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The earth is actually slightly oblate, that is fatter at the equator than the poles, because it is rotating and the centrifugal force pulls it out at the equator. If it were simply water vapor, it would mix with the air and diffuse about sort of uniformly. Clouds stay aloft for the same reason that dust motes floating around, also heavier than air: air drafts push them around. Is it possible that someday some experiment may not be in accord with the theory? Special relativity is another issue and is generally considered certainly correct since it simply describes the nature of space and time. But that is exactly what the situation would be when the plane entered the car�it would suddenly be at rest relative to the air and drop to the floor. One important example of those building blocks is the quarks. But in the real world, perpetual motion machines are forbidden by the second law of thermodynamics. Light coming straight up from the source hits the surface perpendicularly (zero angle of incidence, relative to the normal to the surface) but light not straight up strikes at some angle of incidence other than zero. Eventually the angle becomes greater than the critical angle and no light can escape. How fast do electrons stay in an unstable orbit before dropping to their basic orbit? The reason why gravity is so weak is one of the great unsolved problems of physics. You might find the statement that it is weak to be surprising since it is the force of which we are all most aware. Here the idea is that the presence of mass actually causes the space around it to warp and this warp of space results in masses wanting to move toward each other. Find a) the magnitude of the force the child must exert on the rope, and b) the magnitude of the force of the incline exerts on the sled. The thermal speed may not be relevant because the coupling is between photons scattering off plasma, rather than what goes on in a gas if the particles are doing the energy exchange. Let’s assume, rather than no air resistance, equal resistance for any direction (perfectly still air). Yet accelerators routinely accelerate particles to near light speed ( 99 percent in some cases) without the particles ever getting anywhere near infinite mass. The roller is a cylinder so its contact with the bar is a line perpendicular to the length direction and parallel to the surface. A practical application for this is the determination of the weight of a roller required to compress bonding tape to stick a bar to a sheet of metal. However, pressure is defined as force/area and since the area of a line is zero, the pressure is infinite! I know that heat is a form of radiation and that the molecules get excited and knock eachother around, but what do the molecules of cold do and how do they do it? What you want to know is what is the difference between something cold and something hot; and you want to understand on a microscopic (atomic) level. Now, temperature (that number we usually use to measure hot or cold) is merely a measure of the average kinetic energy of the molecules in the room. How could a flame go up if there is no direction identifiable as up? Regarding “dangerous”, on earth the “updraft” of the flame allows oxygen to be “sucked in” at the point of combustion making for more efficient burning, so that would likely be a more dangerous situation. The trailer ahead of me was moving at a speed slightly slower than me. This is very puzzling as you note in your question, but it is also very true. To this end, is it possible to have a hotdog-shaped planet, or will rotational and orbital forces (and others?) always collect a planet’s matter into a sphere? Initially, very small stuff (dust size) sticks together by colliding and since this is a random process, is just as likely to stick a little piece on any part of a larger piece with which it collides; therefore the initial “seeds” tend to be roughly spherical. If it were hot dog shaped, gravity would pull harder on the ends than the sides and it would tend back toward spherical shape. You would likely fail because gravity would cause it to collapse under its own weight. What you then do is to imagine two bodies each made up of an infinite number of infinetesmal point masses, find the force between each pair, and add them all up to get the net force (if you know calculus, this process is called integration). In fact, the amount of water vapor in the air is what determines humidity. But, there are some important predictions of the theory, black holes and gravity waves for example, for which we have indirect evidence but not direct evidence. This theory cannot be the final word because nobody has been able to reconcile it with quantum mechanics, one of the other most important theories of nature. If it were a helicopter instead of an airplane, which flys by moving its wings (the rotor) through the air instead of moving the air over the wing, it would hover inside the car. Find the radius of the circle through which the light travels from the water into the air. As you go farther and farther away from the straight up point, the angle gets bigger and bigger. It is one of nature’s four fundamental forces and it is, by far, the weakest force in nature. But consider this: the weight of a pin is the graviational force which the whole earth exerts on it but that force is easily balanced by a small magnet (which uses the electromagnetic force, another of the four). An often-used analogy is to imagine a bowling ball placed in the center of a trampoline which causes there to be a sag in the center; now place a marble on the trampoline and, of course, it rolls toward the bowling ball. Neither of these seem consistent with other aspects of physics in the standard big bang theory. But the expansion of spacetime can go on at faster than the speed of light – something that is recognized also in standard big bang cosmology. To give an example, suppose that you could completely change a pound of something into energy. For starters, for no air resistance the plane could not fly! For a gas, however, if it can change volume it can therefore do work and so only part of the heat (energy) added increases the temperature and part comes out of the system as work. What is the vertical force at each point along the bar due to the weight? A particular pressure is required to cause the adhesive to adhere properly. I would like to know what is happening on the atomic level that makes (we’ll say) air, cold and pass on that coldness. Now, the higher the average speed is, the hotter the gas is. If you want to get more technical, you can talk about the average kinetic energy of the molecules in the room, kinetic energy being mv 2 /2 where m is the mass of the molecule and v is its speed. Regarding the “never goes out” part, a flame is just a chemical reaction and if either the fuel or the oxygen runs out, the flame will stop. I believe that something burns more quickly in gravity for this reason. Your front wheels would have to make a little adjustment because it would be like the road suddenly started moving backward at 2 mph so your wheels would have to start spinning as if you were going 72, but that would probably be no big deal (but your tires might give a short squeal like when you brake or accelerate quickly). They do not appear to be running slow, they are running slow. The trouble is that you have the standard intuitive feeling for time, that there is some ablsolute and correct clock with respect to which all others can be compared. To do that, one or the other would have to accelerate and the theory of special relativity is not applicable to accelerating frames. The best known example of this is an object thrown straight up into the air: the object slows down on the way up and speeds up on the way down, but the acceleration is always the same. The degree to which this is true determines the degree to which it is an inertial frame.


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