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Room Transformations From The Property Brothers Transformation Before And After

They also pulled up the carpet and replaced it with wood floors. An antique table used as an island is the height of shabby chic. White subway tile is the backdrop for the new tub and rain shower. Four frosted glass uppers add a modern feel that helps open up the room with a reflective surface. The exterior door of the paneled dishwasher blends perfectly with the wood-paneled cabinets and drawers, creating a seamless look.Mid-century side tables and lamps satisfy the buyers’ modern tastes. Two vintage side chairs were reupholstered in a bright color to help break up the space and an old wood coffee table was updated with a darker stain. The combination of these unique pieces gives the room a personal identity, making it feel homey and inviting. Three wicker chairs compliment the table and add texture to the space. The stainless steel wall tile with gold accent tiles create a luxurious feel. The original granite countertops were kept to save money, but the island has a new bamboo top.The opening between the kitchen and the old dining room were closed to create an extra room. A sectional couch and two teal accent chairs add function and a jolt of color. The stainless steel pendants over the island are a modern take on a traditional style. Brand-new stainless steel appliances and the quartz-top breakfast bar give this kitchen a fresh start. The original laminate flooring was kept to keep costs lower. Two new nightstands and a bench that was reupholstered in a kiwi green suede were added alongside the homeowner’s existing wood bed and 6-drawer dresser. The original woodwork was repaired and refinished to give it the charm and warmth the buyers craved. Taking out the walls on the main floor allows light to fill the space and the modern furnishings keep things current. And the claustrophobic kitchen was being contained by low-hanging cabinets. A crystal chandelier hangs above the second-hand dining table and chairs that have been painted bright, solid colors. Worst of all, the refrigerator is tucked away in a side room. Room Transformations From the Property Brothers Transformation Before and After Jonathan brought in stainless steel appliances, a sparkly glass tile backsplash, granite countertops, and a modern sink with a vintage feel. Second-hand furniture has been reupholstered in bright prints. He used the combined space and transformed it into a dreamy bathroom, complete with a gold-leafed tub and chandelier. The unusual corner toilet and bidet were not to the buyers’ liking either. The cabinetry was replaced with dark-toned wood lowers and white uppers. A black quartz countertop was installed, as well as new high-end stainless steel appliances. The large metal storage unit resembles an old set of lockers, which brings a rustic, industrial feel. A square whitewashed wood kitchen table is functional for eating and entertaining. The light fixture (made from a brass birdcage) is a romantic twist. The only part of the bathroom the new owner wanted to hold on to was the old radiator. The bathtub surround was given a soft, earthy 1×1 glass mosaic tile to add glimmer and femininity to the room. The blue wall paint adds a dramatic pop of color and the new black granite sink sits on top of a wooden vanity with a glass top that adds plenty of storage to the room. Steel appliances and countertops infuse the space with an urban rustic vibe. Room Transformations From the Property Brothers Transformation Before and After Replacing the tile with acacia wood flooring added some much-needed warmth. The old island was replaced with a larger one with room for three barstools. A bright backsplash made from ceramic tiles goes well with the existing granite. A soft blue-gray paint was added to the walls to give a fresh feel and the existing carpet was replaced by hardwood floors. The stained maple cabinets are soft and neutral, but also give the room a modern twist. A new white subway tile backsplash keeps the kitchen work area bright. A new rattan pendant replaced the old ceiling fan for a decorative touch. A few shimmery art pieces add a little sparkle around the room offset the earthy, natural feeling in the other pieces. The two-tier island and high-end appliances make it feel modern and luxurious. High-end pieces, like the custom chandelier above the dining room table, add touches of elegance.

Before and After: An Airstream Trailer In Seattle Gets A Complete Makeover by

Before And After Countertop Examples 5 16 14 | Duration 3 Minutes 53 Seconds We loved the alternative way of living, and as our trip started winding down, we began talking about how we could live differently when we returned home. We’re eight months in and we’re about 75% finished at this point. We had been looking for a 31-foot 1970s airstream that was already gutted since we wanted to start from scratch and it would save time not to have to rip everything out. It was moldy and leaking and covered in spray paint and we knew we were taking on a huge job. We waited four hours for a tow truck that could tow both us and our trailer while people honked and yelled and whipped around us. The television cabinet on the left and range cabinet on the right. We also still have an ugly little pipe with a fan in it above the stove where the hood fan used to be. Natasha was able to get so much storage and also build the fridge into the cabinet. It was my first time planting a garden and it was such fun! We were about halfway through our first pass with the rotary buffer at the point this photo was taken and it seriously blew our minds! Did you find any books extremely handy during your project? I feel my role in life now is to support the farmers markets. I was wondering if you had any wall art and how you hung it. After such a transformational trip we didn’t want to simply return to regular life as it was before, as though our amazing journey never happened. We have our garbage underneath the range and sliding baskets for our shoes there as well. I had to wait for months before we could afford to do the backsplash as we were prioritizing things like a toilet and running water, ha. Thanks for a great project write up, and good luck in your new home! Was there much calking, resealing or pulling out of mouse dropping infested insulation.

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