Transformations 70 Oz. Onyx Large Countertops Kit 258284 Restoration Rust Oleum

It is an easy-to-use countertop paint in onyx that eliminates the cost and stress of a total countertop replacement.

Under The Sink Organization by

Wait ’til you discover beautiful storage ones for under-the-sink in your bathroom(s)! Why on earth did that idea never come to me? ? ? ? Those stackable square containers are brilliant, the trouble with jars is that they are round so space is always wasted.It’s been great to have at least one space in my house organized! Thank you for sharing and motivating me to get my under the sink areas organized. Great post, thank you for sharing your own organization tips! I would be ashamed to show anyone that area in my house, lol.

IPE Staining Instructions by

Feel free to leave us a comment with pictures and any questions you may have below.The extremely dense wood is naturally resistant to decay and rot and can last for many years. Never apply deck stain to wood without first prepping the wood. All puddles, runs, drips, and excess stain that does not soak into the wood should be wiped up with a dry rag. What do you recommend to remove all the stain off the deck? And after removing the stain, would we just leave it alone at that point, or do we need a clear sealer to protect it? Posting a picture would help determine the best way to prep. Ipe or should i take it down to apply oil and re-install it? What is best process to prepare fence to apply correct stain and what stain is recommended? The salesman said because it is a hard wood we should seal it right away instead of waiting until next spring. What is the best product to use to achieve this look, but also keep it from turning gray? Would it be an option to wait 4-5 years to apply a finish after my daughter has grown up a bit? It is in full exposure to everything – all day sun, rain and snow. Any of the three you mentioned can be cleaned and reapplied as needed. You cannot use varnish on exterior wood decking or railings. Measure the wood surface to be stained to calculate the approximate square footage. Be sure to cover plants, windows, concrete or any areas that you do not want to get the stain on. Make sure to saturate oil rags in water and lay flat to dry outdoors. We kept it up for a few years, but now we would like to just let it turn grey. The moisture is graying the finish before its had a chance to dry. I doomed to have to do the entire process all over again? It took the oil several days to dry and we had to eventually wipe it down in a few spots. Did you let the new wood season for a few months and then clean and brighten for prep? I know it was sanded and cleaned but don’t know about the brighten step. They used some over the counter product that is not a hardwood specific stain. Transformations 70 Oz. Onyx Large Countertops Kit 258284 Restoration Rust Oleum The color when restored looks great but we believe it has not lasted as long as it should given that the porch is covered and shaded by oaks. Would that extends it’s life or would it either be too little too late or too late to apply a finish at all. You have to brighten to neutralize the stripper or you will have issues going forward with the stain. After the month, go over the deck with a deck cleaner and pressure washer. Best to strip and brighten this to give it a more uniform appearance. Defy looks like it water based (that’s what it says on their web site) so that makes me think it won’t work well. After the sanding is done, do a light pressure wash with a deck cleaner for the final prep. They can change the natural colors of ipe and remove some of the resins that make it such a great outdoor wood. If you really want to sand, do it before the cleaning and brightening.
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