RV Skirting Standard Heavy Duty Fastener Hardware

Mounting screws are not provided for the twistlock fasteners. The heat-treated cast aluminum body makes it both lightweight and durable, ensuring you years of trouble free service. The 5″ pocket can be vertically slit open from the bottom with scissors at any point to allow you to insert the weighted item. If using twist lock fasteners, you must determine the proper type of screw or rivet to use for your application. Always cut the vinyl skirting fabric from around heat source areas like the furnace or hot water tank exhaust.The individual, custom vinyl skirting sections are flexible and can easily be cut and folded around steps, hitches, and pipes. The male component of the twist lock fastener sticks out 3/4″. You can insert weighted items through the 5″ pocket hem to help keep the skirting on the ground. If using velcro fasteners, you must apply the sticky back velcro to a clean, smooth, flat surface. Use longer skirting section lengths when possible to minimize openings and reduce splicing. If the slideout space tolerance is minimal, fasteners are not always required to be mounted on the short ends of a slideout.Fabric rolls are approximately12 inches wide x 15 feet long. A zipper splice is also great for adding a zippered door access into 5th wheel nose skirts and storage compartments.

Amazon: 10″ Knee Wall Hidden Granite Bracket Countertop Support Bracket: Home Improvement by amazon.com

When determining length to use: stay away from outer edge of your countertop by 3 inches and add the dimensions of the knee wall or pony wall also. We recommend spacing your brackets 20 inches apart for maximum protection for your granite or stone countertop. I had to adjust the depth of my router to accommodate for the unlevel knee wall. Amazon seems to think its sufficient to pack a 7lb steel plate with a knife edge in their standard cardboard boxes with some air pillows. One note and not deducting any stars the screws supplied although strong would likely the point of failure. Make sure when installed its perfectly flush/level with the top of your cabinets, otherwise there will be shimming involved, which can leave some unsightly gaps. Be careful to shim the brackets as needed and countersink into the top plate while maintaining level. I would have given 5 stars if it included the screws necessary for attaching to the wall.

Amazon: Lord and Hodge 1100 Snap Fastener Kit: Home Improvement by amazon.com

Setting tools and six sets of brass nickel plated snaps are packaged for canvas to cloth. I had the male side of a sleve snap pull apart on my favorite leather jacket. The instructions provided are very clear and, at least for my experience, accurate. You will want a very solid surface to work on since the metal tool included to hold the bottom part could easily damage a nice countertop or finished wood table. Going to put a snap on my motorcycle helmet strap so it spent fly around. The buttons that came on my high vis work vest were garbage. I backed them up with pieces of leather, just to be extra sturdy, so it ended up being kind of thick. The only downside is that this kit only comes with 6 button sets. A big framing hammer would likely over-crush the rivet and a tack hammer might not generate enough force. Even with the thickness of two pieces of leather sandwiching my vest, these buttons are long enough to handle it.
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