Salvaged Farmhouse Bathroom Makeover With Vintage TrimFunky Junk Interiors Chilliwack B C

I like a mix of so many different things, as well as a sprinkle of salvaged / vintage architecture for good measure. So what better way to get a pro build, teamed up with a little funky junk flair? It was about creating features that until now, only lived in my head and my heart. The floor to ceiling wall solved the lack of towel space we had previously, plus gave the entire room the feel of stepping into a bright and cozy attic styled bathroom. He was professional, personable, and made sure every i was dotted and t crossed.I wanted to love everything this round and worked it! And that’s not something you can say about every bathroom! I love the farmhouse look you have created from the window framing to the ceiling and wall. I liked your funky bathroom before but this new look is really beautiful. Love all the details too like the license plates, gameboards and yardsticks! I nearly used reclaimed wood for the angle brace, but then felt it was too much competition for the other side of the room, so left things white.
Hillcrest Lane Townhomes | Duration 2 Minutes 1 Seconds I really love so much about the whole darned bathroom! We have three of them, so there’s lots of space for you to work your magic! I used pine tongue and groove boards, nailed right over the popcorn ceiling. The doors and drawers are self closing so it’s whisper quiet! We are finishing our master bedroom and then headed to our bathroom next with a rustic appeal. I have the perfect old farmhouse bathroom to do over like this! I always felt a need to ditch the sea of drywall for something else. I had to cover the existing hole in the wall as well as centre it under the window if possible. You can really see that your poured your heart into this bathroom! The boxy lines allowed you to cover it with other things so easily. Everything meshes so well together (and love the license plates on the cabinet doors and the mismatched pulls!)……but really not surprised, because that’s what you do! Guess that gives me license to never clean up again? Not sure where you come up with all of your wonderful ideas, lady! I really want to do this in other parts of the house now too!

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I have to say this whole process has been very unprofessional. Then a few hours later a teenager boy came to help and has used my daughters bathroom twice for over 15. May be cheapest in town but you get what you pay for! If we do such a bad job do you think we would still be in business?


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