Samsung Refrigerator Blinking Shirt Display

Now it is 2019, and since last 7 days the refrigerator has been acting up. Cleaned the entire freezer section and restarted refrigerator last night. I wonder if the weird display lines indicate something needs replacement ( keep n mind the weird display were showing last 3 years)? The freezer doesn’t freeze while the reefer seems to work fine. The digital display shows under the freezer side the #2 and a vertical line on top left, vertical line bottom right and on the reefer side a vertical line top right on the left digit.All working but button to alter temp on freezer does not work. I saw where it says to unplug it for 30 seconds so we tried that. Plugged it back in and there is one flashing blue light on panel. I am not sure these two fans are always on when all doors are closed or the temperature drops to a certain level trig the fans. Did that and now the flashing stopped and was able to reset the temps. The images below will show you what each line or dash means.
T Shirt Display Frame | Duration 50 Seconds When the refrigerator is initially plugged in it will go through a self diagnostic check for the various sensors and functions. Unplugged refrigerator and let it natural defrost for 4 hours. Illumination is on the minus line, and vertical line (corresponding to 12 or 5 on second digit per diagnostic codes) on the first digit of the display. The company sent repair men 3 times and fixed it but it continued to mess up. Temp goes down to 0 then shows –0 permanently and freezer just constantly freezing. When plugged in again it went to 59 so we left it alone for a while. I really like this fridge and have never had a problem with it in 10 years. Were you able to get your issue resolved and if so what was the fix? The fridge and freezer cold to coldest dash is scrolling continuously and neither is cooling. Our ice maker hasn’t worked for 2 weeks, repairman out to check and cannot be fixed, do we buy bags of ice now. Read online to hold down the power freeze button and power cool bottom simultaneously until you hear a bell! Samsung Refrigerator Blinking Shirt Display Do not have the ice maker hooked on my refrigerator so that was not a problem! I set the temperature of -18 on freezer and 3 in fridge as recommended, however it reaches the temp and will stay at temp for a few hours.

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